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  1. Before Brady, Tampa had 9 losing seasons out of 10. They call it the Decade of Depression, and being anchored in Buccaneer Bay. We can come up with our little name for ours too. Maybe the Den of Desperation?
  2. They've all been equally bad. The little moments of good are overwhelmed. Hurney did well in the 1st round. Awful in all other rounds. Gave out ridiculous contracts. Gettleman badly mismanaged the few star players we have had. Fitterer likes to wheel and deal and work that draft board, but it's really more just spinning wheels and betting on prospects like he's playing with house money.
  3. I'm ok. I'm sure they are working very diligently. Anyone that does not know this franchise takes you right up to the very pinnacle, just to break your heart and let you down, hasn't been a fan very long. They do it over and over and over. It helps when you can get away from the Charlotte area, and the constant Panther material isn't on tv, and radio and around town. You can get out from under that oppressive feeling of the team that just doesn't win. Rebuilding. Maybe. I do recall in the summer hype video the talk about they always wanted to build a team and then drop a qb into it. So maybe it's a rebuild, when it's convenient. If Young isn't the qb then no need to throw good money after bad. Take the lumps and try again. It's a small sample size, only 2 games, but some fans are ready for that. Realistically, there's not a bunch of patience left when it's several consecutive losing seasons. There's always next year.
  4. Not too different than the Hornets tanking for the prize of MKG. Hornets are absolutely a cursed franchise. Panthers certainly looking like it as well.
  5. I'm not at home watching. I do apologize if that list is out of date. It was valid for the preseason games, and previously for MNF and Pre-Amazon TNF. I do not know if it is on here in Charleston.
  6. I'm antenna as well. I get it great on 1 tv, and hardly at all on the other. Makes no sense, same antenna on both.
  7. The game tonight is ESPN. However, these are the local affiliates in the Panther tv network, and the over-the-air broadcast should be on these channels. Disregard the day and time columns.
  8. https://www.nbcsports.com/nfl/profootballtalk/rumor-mill/news/abc-will-air-monday-night-football-all-season-as-a-result-of-hollywood-strikes
  9. I don't like our secondary at all right now. What we have at corner should be abused all game long. I don't like our offense right now either. It's 1 dimensional at best, and that's being generous. But, that Saints oline did not look like a NFL line last week. We just might have something there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbVMXZsDBRQ
  10. I think he has to win the division to make the playoffs, and I think if he misses the playoffs, he is out. New ownership, they didn't hire him, underwhelming record, new day, it all adds up.
  11. Salt in the wound with the Cards being the team pitching today's shutout as well.
  12. It is too bad that the only thing he can be counted on is to go out with injury.
  13. Burns is on the list by the way, you have to click on the tweet to see the big picture. There is a good chance that there could be lots of effective pressure on Carr. Saints LT Penning was absolutely awful vs Titans, especially in the 1st half.
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