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  1. I would be ok with Retirement-ready Shockey to start out. Maybe even Kris "Hands of Stone" Mangum. Just be able to move on from Ian Thomas.
  2. Per PFT, Atlanta was trying to swing a trade with the Jets for the 10th pick, after selecting Penix at #8.
  3. They've needed a pass rusher for a while now.
  4. It's like an abusive spouse. Maybe if they just loved them a little more next time they wouldn't get beaten up so bad.
  5. They have more fans at the draft party then they have show up for games. Most people think ATL is an abbreviation for Atlanta. The truth is it stands for All-Time Losers, and the Falcons are required by law to have ATL displayed on their uniforms. Truth in advertising.
  6. That's another cupboard that is mostly empty. I do anticipate us being worst in the NFC. Maybe a reasonable goal should be to finish with a better record than Giants, Commies and Cards.
  7. Denver is a possibility. Tough division, not much on the roster, AFC gauntlet. The worst part about it is we could double our wins and still be at or near the top of the draft.
  8. Someone could have a breakout year and be in the conversation, but as of now it seems limited. Conversely, Young could have a breakout year, and the conversation changes too. At this time, I do not share your confidence in being the 5-9 range.
  9. 2025 may not be the best year to need a QB. Sanders and Ewers might be the top 2.
  10. C I like that we put some resources towards TE. Ian Thomas is a waste of payroll. I'm not as enthusiastic about spending a high pick on a RB again. Seems like we are the only team in the NFL that consistently does that. Biakabatuka, Foster, Shelton, Williams, Stewart, McCaffery and now Brooks. The value just isn't there. McCaffery had a 1000/1000 season with us, and we won 5 games that season. No OL being drafted is a bit of mystery. Maybe it will work out. My confidence in this franchise is low.
  11. We have been terrible drafting recently. We've never been great, but we would at least hit on a 1st rounder, and every so often we'd have a later round guy stick around a few seasons. We usually don't have much depth, and that's a good indicator of bad drafting. Once camp starts we can all "Ohh and Aw" about guys catching balls. Maybe it will be different this time around.
  12. Just pointing out that you are advocating the same thing that we mocked a rival for doing. I'm glad you already know how it will all work out. I apologize for upsetting you. Maybe you don't even need to watch anymore then.
  13. All good points. Very fair. I think there is some ho-hum about it being a rb in the 2nd round. The trend has been to find them later. We did need a rb though.
  14. There is something to be said for that, but also we all laughed at the Falcons last night.
  15. It's a good trade. It gives us an extra chance to pick a not-as-terrible player to replace a worse player on the team.
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