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  1. Fd_-XcgXEAA_tlT.jfif It's ok. He has trouble putting his fingers on things too. Fd_-XcgXEAA_tlT.jfif
  2. I've already pointed it out and addressed it I believe. Beyond that, I'm not sure I can help you further without being an ass, and I prefer not to go that route.
  3. He won't last until the 5th round. Too many qb-needy teams.
  4. "somewhat" Size, no. But as far as skills, yes. I didn't say he was Cam. Don't make stuff up please.
  5. Richardson will bust if he does not go to a team that has the capability and resources to develop him correctly. He is not NFL-ready, and sticking him out there immediately or close to it is going to have a negative effect. A somewhat Cam qb that would be a good 2nd round pick is DTR at UCLA.
  6. First chance I've had to see Levis in something more than a clip package of highlights. If he's struggling with injuries as I've heard, then why is he out there playing? Can't just be used as a convenient excuse for poor play and questionable decisions. With that kind of in mind, I don't know how he would be a very high pick. Sure, there is lots of potential, but does he make his teammates better? Does he elevate the team? Those are the real checkmarks for a franchise player.
  7. I'm not sure what you are trying to communicate here. Burrow was regarded as the best of that qb class and so far has proven that standing. My apologies if I am misunderstanding your message.
  8. Disagree, and that's fine. If the organization was sound, utilized it's resources, scouted thoroughly, went into the draft with a plan, and was generally well-run, then it was not an impossible task. To contrast, this is a good bit of why the Bengals were terrible for so long. So, to that extent, rookie wage scales have mitigated a good portion of the penalty of draft busts, and I think we agree on that at least.
  9. Price did not make it more difficult. You can argue price made it more risky or raised the stakes on higher picks, but the difficulty level was no different.
  10. From 1998 with Peyton Manning, to 2010 with Sam Bradford, 10 qbs were selected #1 overall. Bradford was the last under the old contract process. Three non qbs were taken over this period. Bradford was not worth the top pick, but for teams that found themselves at that spot the position had to align with the expanding value of the contract. The non qbs taken were 2 de and a t. Premium contract meant for premium positions. It wasn't necessarily more difficult to build through the draft, so long as a team didn't get back broken over a top contract for a bust pick. I'm not picking on Bradford so don't get all in a funk about ROY and injuries. Busts happen for a number of reasons.
  11. It certainly is but they look miles and miles away from being a contender again. Maybe it's better to take that medicine and be done with it. Atlanta had something like 50+ million in dead money and they are having a better season for whatever that is worth.
  12. yeah, it really looks like that marriage between him and the Packers is over, and staying together for the kids isn't working for either side.
  13. I doubt they would do this, and this is not all his fault, but Rodgers probably should sit and put Love out there and decide if he's worth keeping or not. They aren't making the playoffs.
  14. Young has a frame like that of a high school player. The coach would be on him every day about lifting weights and eating right. Alabama this season is not the typical Alabama team, but they are still better stocked than 95% of the competition. Young will not have that advantage at the next level. If I was making the pick at the top of the draft, I'm not spending that pick on Young. I don't care if someone wants to argue he's a Kyler Murray-type. Murray has not developed any at this level, and is not one of the top qbs. Stroud is criticized for being a system qb. He's surrounded by top talent. They do a great job of scheming players open and then it's just pitch and catch. Not SEC level of competition. One read qb. Not mobile. Hasn't looked great every game. OSU curse. Is he worth the top pick? Probably not. I guess the funny thing is, unless the qb is named Manning or Elway, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of evidence that a qb, as one of the top couple of picks in the draft, has met the moment. It just seems like some of these prospects may be more Bradford than Burrow, and there is more depth with this qb class and less shine.
  15. My thought on his next stop would be something that didn't have high expectations, and that would allow him to kind of weave his underdog turnaround plan that he feels comfortable with doing. Nebraska, while it's been an eternity since relevance, isn't really that low expectations kind of program. But again, my opinion matters means nothing on this. Maybe he does ok there, maybe he gets beat down every season by the real powers in the Big10.
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