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  2. Black Panther

    Agreed on Killminger. First time I’ve felt somewhat sympathy for the bad guy. A hero is only as good as his villains.
  3. Snowflakes want The View cancelled

    He was a 19 year old kid who knows nothing of anything in life and his political views are 100% irrelevant.
  4. Snowflakes want The View cancelled

    their parents were paid actors, and now so are their kids. 2012 was 6 years ago. it's not rocket science. and given how stupid society is, they don't even take the time to look at some of these faces and see how they've randomly popped up as victims or eye witness reporters for these various false flag events. just do a little youtube search and you'll find the truth.
  5. Snowflakes want The View cancelled

    No, you haven't seen them. You've seen kids that look like them. Every time I go into an audition in NYC or Chicago there's several people who look like me. At any rate that doesn't explain why the government that was ballsy enough to do this would expect all of these people to keep quiet forever for what in the grand scheme of things isn't a lot of money. I agree that the cover up has been debunked though, just not in the way you think. I mean your strongest evidence is "this doesn't look right", or "this looks like the same kid". At least you let go of the FBI not mentioning the shooting.
  6. What ever happened to Gary Barnidge?
  7. Snowflakes want The View cancelled

    You mean shade. You are proving that you will always be incompetent. That’s about it.
  8. Things that trump says

    There's that do nothing and didn't have enough Executive Orders NoBama alongside our MAGA President who is working so hard to bring cheer to some of Parklands distraught neighbors.
  9. Snowflakes want The View cancelled

    So having every facet of his conspiracy theory debunked we have devolved into stating that he has seen them pop up on random fuging television commercials. Because obviously the best way to hide children that you've fake killed is to have them doing soap commercials. No proof necessary of course. I'm totally shocked by this turn of events.
  10. Snowflakes want The View cancelled

    agreed, but sandy hook was one of them. i'm not saying every thing reported by the MSM is a massive conspiracy, but some of these mass shootings have been, and i'm just shedding some light on them.
  11. Snowflakes want The View cancelled

    lol bro i said the truth is out there. millions of people know the truth. I've seen many of those kids pop up in so many different mediums since their supposed deaths. the truthers are there. there's so much evidence proving these kids never died. sandy hook is one of the most debunked mass shooting cover ups in our history. people just don't talk about it anymore b/c it's stale news. hell, mandalay bay happened recently and i don't hear a peep about it anymore. that's how our government is able to get away with their BS. people are so consumed with their daily lives and are so quick to forget which is why you see these false flags happen over and over again.
  12. Snowflakes want The View cancelled

    That's not it at all. I'm fully aware of the awful things our government is capable of. But all you're doing by lending Credence to these types of conspiracy theories is muddying the water and making it impossible to actually combat the atrocities that our government is capable of producing. There are real conspiracies and then there's bullshit meant to distract. You're falling for what you claim to be awake for.
  13. Hi there

    Please change the home page so I wont keep seeing that aints vs panthers playoff prediction article :-(
  14. Black Panther the movie

    Watched it today and LOVED it Erik Killmonger was the best Marvel villain maybe ever and definitely best since Loki. The character was the most complex and sympathetic villain to date in the MCU. And Michael B Jordan is one of the best actors in Hollywood today. Also, Letitia Wright stole the movie as Black Panther's sister.
  15. Snowflakes want The View cancelled

    look man, we can go back in forth. I know the truth ... and I guess you think you know the truth. we're never going to come to any common ground here, at least not right now. I understand you're a family man and maybe you look at life a little differently than I do. You try to give the benefit of the doubt whenever you can b/c you're bringing up a daughter in this world and it frightens you to think our government is capable of doing something like this. I get it. You want to believe you're raising your daughter in a society where our government is transparent and has her best interests at heart. well truth is, they don't, and i'm sorry to say that. the future for our kids is very grim unless there's some massive awakening and/or revolution. in the meantime, keep believing what's being fed to you. like i said, we're living in some very scary times right now, and to them, ignorance is strength.
  16. Snowflakes want The View cancelled

    Ok, so the families got $285,000 apiece, all of the local cops, EMTs, etc... got paid off too. Then there's the people who know the families, Dr's, nurses, barbers, babysitters, etc... Oh! people who knew the teachers who were killed, college classmates, friends from other cities, etc... & the kids who were killed's friends/siblings! That one is hard ya know, getting 5-6 year olds to keep the secret that their friends/classmates/siblings never existed. I mean my wife & I gave up on surprises for each other because if the boy finds out it's all over. Then there would have to be the amazing luck of ALL of these people they approached agreeing to do this! I mean it would be odd if a MiB approached someone with this plan and an offer of $300k, They said no, it happened then they kept quiet for free huh? I wonder how many people that is? Anyway, thousands of these people willing to go along with this horrible lie for $300k give or take... Forever... Never having a change of heart, some removing themselves from their friends & families' lives to pretend to be dead, not a single one of them ever saying to themselves hey, this is wrong... for $300k. Wow... How much would it cost for someone to get you to do something like this?
  17. Rae Carruth Letter - breaking the silence

    God's Love, Grace, Mercy, and yes, even Forgiveness can never be earned. Deserve has got nothing to do with it. It is already given to all.
  18. Maybe move it back to Winthrop in Rock Hill where the first camp was held. Might even boost Winthrop's will to get a football team.
  19. Hurney says we don’t need no stinking rb... gonna sign Stew to a 10 year billion dollar deal
  20. Wofford's weren't up to par, either, until JR's money started kicking in around the 1999 season and improvements began.
  21. If Bill France is involved I can see it moving to Charlotte Motor SpeedWay... dem deadly left turns
  22. Snowflakes want The View cancelled

    sounds like its jealously - eCat just needs a kid to be killed by a mass shooting and maybe he can get a 250,000 payout!
  23. Snowflakes want The View cancelled

    So you're telling me that these false flags are just talent factories for more false flag actors? Do you understand how fuging stupid that sounds? Of course you don't......
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