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  1. I hope we actually use him. CMC needs to split rep if he is going to remain healthy.
  2. If we can get 6 starters out of this draft class I consider it mission accomplished.
  3. It should be the Jets. The NFL knows this so it will likely be the Jets. Should be a fun game.
  4. Gonna be really disappointed if we aren’t at least in the hunt in December.
  5. This pick should assuage fears of Tepper meddling. Tepper apparently is just talk when it comes to getting a franchise QB.
  6. I am so sick of the “raw deal” excuse for Teddy. So what, that he did my have CMC. If he was any good he would have rose above losing him. Teddy has plenty of chances to show he can elevate the team and he failed all 8 times. Darnold will likely suck, but he’s potential ceiling is way higher than Teddy Treadwater.
  7. I really don’t like how Seattle builds their team and I sure as hell don’t want the Panthers to model themselves after them. Seattle may have acquired tons of picks out most of them end up busts. If it wasn’t for Wilson that team would be bad. Every year they rattle off 10 straight wins because of Wilson. Then Struggle to win the last 6 and then are knocked out in the first round. I prefer the philosophy: Get some high picks and build around them. Not Seattle philosophy of throwing crap at the board and seeing what sticks.
  8. Saints won’t be about to sign draft picks. With there current amount. Lol
  9. We are cutting him or trading him. You don’t understand simple business. You don’t do your job you get fired. Teddy sucks. Therefore he is going to be cut or traded.
  10. We’re not going to keep him on the team. He is useless and would just be a distraction. No fan wants him on the team. I understand one simple thing Bridgewater will be cut or traded. Despite what people like you seem to think. Bridgewater sucks and the team will lose fans if he is on the team come September. I could give a damn about math or the freaking cap. Get Bridgewater off my freaking team and good riddance to that freaking, overpaid hack.
  11. He won’t be on the team next season. So we will either trade or cut him. Tanking dead cap is fine if it means getting that hack off the team.
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