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  1. All the positive, and some even pro-Rhule, stuff I have been reading this week is very predictable. I knew that if we won people would all of a sudden change their tune.
  2. So does this stop the myth that a good o-line makes a good QB?
  3. Offense is barely watchable with him out there. If he misses the game this week we better hope the Cardinals beat themselves cause the offense isn’t gonna do it.
  4. It is amazing that OC still don’t know how to properly use him.
  5. I expect a lot of jokes making fun of the MCU.
  6. Sad fact is this should be our year, with a better coach I think it could be, because after this year it will be time to pay the piper. 20 million in the hole.
  7. This is the year we need to sell the farm to get a rookie QB if Rhule remains here. No more of this reclamation crap. Only downside is our cap situation is terrible thanks to Fitterer.
  8. They don’t fire coaches because their coaches, at least their last two, have continued success. Even if that success is 8-8. If Tomlin was have multiple 5 wins seasons even the stubborn owner of the Steelers would fire him.
  9. Cardinals is probably a win because Kingsbury can’t beat Rhule. Niners is likely a loss. But it’ll likely be 9-6 or some weird score. Rams are still way better than us even if they are having a down year Ravens will likely be our first blowout of the year
  10. Problem is the AFC has so many elite QBs and teams and the NFC looks so week by comparison. Maybe we’ll get on a win streak and surprise a few teams. But that is not a bet I would take.
  11. You’re not a Panther fan. Will love it when you Baker apologists leave. Player fans are pathetic.
  12. Threads like this are very predictable after a win. I said before the game that if we won a lot of people would all of a sudden start thinking we turned a corner even though all we did was get very lucky, as you said. Very predictable.
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