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  1. Yep all the cap space in the world won’t get FA to sign with us if we end the year as sorry as we have been the last 4 years.
  2. I don’t think I have ever seen a team trade up to number one only to tank, unintentionally, the following season and get another team the number one or top 5 pick. But we are gonna see it this year. What a horribly run team.
  3. 22 out of 33 completions and only 153 yards. Like WTF? Reich needs to do something because this offense isn’t working.
  4. I haven’t sat down and watched a game, like gave it my full attention, in 4 years. So I will have it on but it will be more background noise and the occasional check in.
  5. Reich did say that he likes QBs to be in the 6 foot range during off-season interviews before the draft but Bryce is special.
  6. Because he’s obsessed with being the most negative person on this board. Really I wish there was someway to make it, so I never had to see posts from a particular person, even if it was reply to.
  7. Yeah good luck thinking Reich will be like them.
  8. But the Panthers are dysfunctional. I don’t give a poo about going to the playoffs. I never expected to. My prediction was 6-7 wins and hoping to not look embarrassing. So far I think we will be lucky to win 2 -4 games. I have nothing against Bryce. But Reich, Reich never should have been hired. Hate retreads.
  9. Never like retread anything. Retread HC, retread QBs. It may end better. Lotta times it won’t.
  10. No but there is usually a light at the end of the tunnel. I see a Bear with a high draft pick that should have been ours.
  11. So you are saying the Broncos should have kept Hackett?
  12. I am actually think of the Broncos last year. I am say if it is obvious that it isn’t working out. Not advocating Reich’s firing just saying him being fired year one could happen.
  13. They got Burrow for their trouble. We don’t have that luxury.
  14. But it could happen. Especially if we only win 1 or 2 games this year. Not saying it will but it could.
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