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  1. Keep throwing crap at the wall. Eventually something will stick.
  2. LOL. So what you are saying is Darnold is only good with a good O-line. Which is the opposite of a good QB. Gotcha. A good starting QB can find success no matter the condition of the O-line. Saying Darnold is good and just needs a better O-line shows a lot of tunnel vision on your part.
  3. Rhule going down with the ship, huh? I am fine with him being on the team as a backup.
  4. I think Rhule has had only 1 “easy” win and it was this year against the Saints.
  5. You mean playing against prevent and Peterson-less defense? Yeah I wish Darnold could go against that type of defense each week. A defense playing not to lose without its best DB.
  6. Should be: 30 - 10 Panthers Probably will be: 24-21 Giants.
  7. Rhule should be on the hot seat, same as Brady. If someone needs to be the sacrificial lamb it should be Blackburn. We should win, but I have said that before and we come out and somehow make a bad team look good.
  8. Both. Offense stinks, but defense is also to blame. But it is hard for a defense to hold the line if they are constantly on the field. If our offense was even halfway competent we could of helped our defense out. Our defense played well enough to win these last 2 games. But offense failed. Vikings offensive TOP was almost 40 minutes. Defense was gassed.
  9. Tell you what. When the graphic showed we gave up over 500 yards of offense I was amazed. It was the quietest 500+ yards of offense I have ever watched.
  10. Don’t compare me to those fans. I never like Donald to begin with. He was bad with the Jets he’s bad with us. But you keep being a fanboy. And I’ll keep laughing every single time he fails. Darnold is a terrible football player. I never should’ve been traded this team. But I’ll admit. I don’t blame him being traded to us. That’s Rhules and the GMs fault.
  11. Lol. You keep making excuses. Darnold sucks. He won’t get any better.
  12. Guy is obsessed with calling Darnold a rookie. He isn’t. I am so tired of these Darnold fans using it as an excuse.
  13. Stop using that “rookie” excuse. Sam is a damn QB and a vet. Isn’t like he has to learn to write with his left hand. It is now 6 games in if he hasn’t “learned the system” by now he won’t.
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