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  1. Wow. Two guys know each other so it means we are getting Watson. This means nothing. Man, these stories are GRASPING at straws.
  2. No surprise no one wants Bridgewater. They saw what we saw last season. What a terrible signing.
  3. Feel like a lot of our team next season are going to be one year deals.
  4. I mean it never stopped happening. It is going to continue to happen till it stops happening. That said this means nothing and Houston still has no plans to trade Watson.
  5. QB or bust. Yes, I would be upset if we didn’t get a QB this offseason. Next years QB crop looks bad to meh. I would say this team has no chance to get the maybe one good QB in next years draft but if Teddy starts for us again and we are still young on offense and defense we could actually draft in the top 5 or 10 next year.
  6. Don’t understand why people think he takes care of the ball. He averages 10 Interceptions a season and combine that with him throwing 15 TDs a seasons. If he was a 25 to 30 TD QB with only 10 INTs, yeah, I’d say he takes care of the ball.
  7. We could have signed Teddy for less years and/or money. Like 2 years 30, no guarantees or 1 year 15 million, no guarantees. I hate the guaranteed money we gave him. He didn’t deserve it. But if the guaranteed money was the reason why he signed with us and he wouldn’t of signed with us if we didn’t give him guaranteed money. I would have preferred not signing him. No guaranteed money we could of released him this year with no dead cap.
  8. Just more opinion pieces. Not big news. These things are getting as bad as mock draft articles.
  9. Lol. Garfunkel wasn’t the reason the 49ers went to the Super Bowl. He had 75 yards in the NFC Championship and had one of the best running games and defenses. Teddy Bridgewater could of made the Super Bowl with that team.
  10. This isn’t the first time Asswater has used a burner account. I remember he argued with Panthers fans during the offseason he was signed. I think it was on a burner account or on his main account.
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