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  1. Unless CMC gets injured again. I would like to have a QB that doesn’t rely on CMC and just uses him as another weapon when it is needed.
  2. I think that reason lost all meaning last year with Bridgewater.
  3. It doesn’t he sucked. He wasn’t the reason we won. He threw two bad interceptions. He isn’t an NFL QB and he definitely isn’t a starter. He was out of the league before the XFL and playing against sub-par talent made people like you think that he was good. He was never good and he will never be a starting NFL QB. Out with the annoying Bridgewater fans in with the annoying PJ Walker fans. He sucks.
  4. Never gonna happen. PJ sucks and the only reason we won against the Lions is because they sucked more and our defense played lights out. He wasn’t that good against the Lion and he definitely wasn’t good against the Saints. He isn’t an NFL starting QB. He is barely an okay backup.
  5. Isn’t this one of the reasons why we got rid of Treadwater? We need more than a game manager.
  6. Yeah as great as Horn may be he won’t win us games and can easily be negated by smart Defensive Coordinators.
  7. Yep. Seems to be a trend under Rod. I love the guy but this is slowly becoming like the Bengals with Marvin Lewis. Great season that gives the fanbase hope until the playoffs and we choke or are outmatched. You are right this season was a waste.
  8. I rewatched the game recently, because I am a masochist. We really had plenty of opportunities to score and win. But it seems like every time we crossed the 50 someone screwed up. We had several potential scoring drives ruined by turnovers and also, as good as our defense was, we missed some easy interceptions and also the offense couldn’t capitalize on the turnovers we got. It was a classic bye-week Ron game. Team just didn’t look prepared at all.
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