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  1. That means nothing. Many teams have overpayed for non-elite players. Burns is fine, not elite. Insulting my football knowledge is dumb.
  2. Elite? Elite players don’t disappear. Like Burns did multiple times last season alone.
  3. Heart: 12-5 Head: 7-10 Nightmare: Bryce suffers a season ending injury and doesn’t like that good before it. We win 2 games and realize we would have had a chance at a QB this season. Not a Bryce hater, just FYI. We just need win enough to put us out of the top 5.
  4. Still remember liking him during 2015. Then after the Super Bowl he turned on the Panther, mostly Cam, and I haven’t liked him ever since.
  5. Saw some people saying we should rebuild. Maybe we should or at least a major retooling.
  6. Panthers will get swept by the Knights. I want to type some angry diatribe but really what is the point. 5 straight years of this crap and I am left wondering if next year is the year we inevitably stake a step back. New Jersey isn't getting any worse.
  7. I like Rod and think he is the reason we make the playoffs, but I feel like this team has peaked and unless something drastic happens this offseason we will keep repeating the same song and dance year after year.
  8. Honestly if I was Rod I would leave the first chance I get a better opportunity with a better franchise.
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