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  1. Sadly predictable. Was hoping for something different but it seems to be the same Canes hockey every year. Hey, so what if we never make the Stanley Cup at least we'll be in the playoff every year. Now that that is vented out. Still 2 more periods.
  2. So Legette is either a boom or bust no in between from the impressions I am getting from the media. Kinda makes me more wary of him. But if he is the definitive BPA at 33 then it is fine by me.
  3. Hey I saw a score! It was an empty net but I’ll take way I can get.
  4. It is becoming a playoff tradition at this point. I step away and they score. I have yet to see a score. LOL
  5. Only reason John put Burns on a pedestal was because of Burns’ annoying hypeman brother. One positive no one mentions from getting rid of Burns. His brother is gone.
  6. I will forever beat the BPA drum. So if Coleman is the BPA I will be happy.
  7. I do wonder what would have happened if we hired Harbaugh in 2011 or fired Ron after the 2012 season. Maybe Cam would have had longer career.
  8. LoL, somewhat. When I was working during High School I had a few girls who wanted to, and these are their words, corrupt me, when they found out I was a PK. My sheltered self didn’t know how to deal with it.
  9. I bet they are, for some reason, still including interim HC. If we don’t he has only fired 3 HC. Ron, who was past his time being here and was never going to work out. Rhule, who stayed far longer than he should have. Riech, who was a bad hired and not right for the direction the team needed to go in. I don’t want to defend Tepper but he hasn’t been that fire happy on the NFL side at least. I think if we had of shown some improvement Reich would have been given a longer leash. Some would say he has had a little too much patience on the NFL side. Now on the soccer side, yeah, he has been a little fire-happy.
  10. I am a pastor kid and at 38 years old I still get my parents asking me if I went to church on Sunday. Still makes me feel guilty if I didn’t.
  11. And that Pastor that makes you feel guilty for missing church ONE TIME!
  12. Means he is young and enthusiastic. But if it goes downhill that enthusiasm can get annoying real quick.
  13. His energy reminds me of the Supervisor we just hired at my job.
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