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  1. Or he gets released and goes to the Saints.
  2. Just build it over 85 and create an endless loop of gridlock traffic.
  3. I know it's early but their nickname should be double penetration.
  4. What if the Darnold trade was all just a smokescreen for how good PJ really is?
  5. I remember him being in the 225-235 lbs range but it blew my mind people thought he couldn't bulk up on that 6'5" frame. Burns was just starting to scrape his potential at FSU and growing into his frame. He had bend, speed, youth and growth potential. Ferrell to me had almost maxed out and even then underperformed considering the wealth of talent on that defensive line at Clemson.
  6. Still have no clue why the Raiders drafted Ferrell over him, I remember I mocked Burns to the Raiders at #4.
  7. Goody, I needed to make a trip down to Spartanburg to get a colon cleansing from Beacon.
  8. What's crazy is how underrated of a passer he was. Should've been wearing a # 1-19 jersey considering how he was basically our 3rd string QB.
  9. After reading this I am now also Chuba.
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