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  1. Pit Bull at 33 Australian Shepherd at 39
  2. Will probably get the electric chair from what I’m hearing.
  3. Better value than what we got for Matt Corral.
  4. This team is a joke, they have no real direction. I have no confidence the new regime is any less beholden to Tepper’s “judgement” and I honestly don’t care anymore. The Panthers I loved watching as a kid are dead and all we’re left with is a billionaire weak man who’s too insecure to have his opinion questioned.
  5. Morgan proceeds to sign an Australian Shepherd and Goldendoodle to 3 year deals.
  6. The rules are different if you’re rich. Just make sure you don’t commit a crime against your fellow wealthy citizens.
  7. Build a Time Machine and make David Tepper’s dad wear a condom.
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