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  1. #420, #69 and #8008 are my top choices.
  2. Be sure to hide Willie Roaf's sons wife, don't want that repeat.
  3. Donate Christiansen's arms to Levine since they would fit a toddler apparently.
  4. Little known fact, he's the brother of Jay Leno.
  5. Saw this earlier today, loved when he used to come on huddle. Seems like a genuine guy who knows football, hopefully he continues to be successful.
  6. Luke Kuechly has resigned from the Panthers scouting staff...to come back to the Panthers to play MLB again!
  7. Watch David Moore at the Senior Bowl, so underrated.
  8. Also, what is with Long Snappers coming from Phoenix? Both he and JJ are from Phoenix.
  9. Holy s**t! We got our guy! We literally just won the Superb Owl!
  10. Smith because of health concerns, heard Nixon might be an off the field incident (unconfirmed).
  11. I knew we'd see several senior bowl players on our radar. At this point it's throwing darts at the board.
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