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  1. You can’t convince me Rhule isn’t trying to get fired on purpose.
  2. Sign that tree, big time improvement opposite Burns.
  3. I was 5 at my first game during our inaugural season at Clemson. I think once they start showing interest in football and aren’t sensitive to loud sounds they are ready.
  4. In Japan, heart surgeon. Number one. Steady hand. One day, Yakuza boss need new heart. I do operation. But, mistake! Yakuza boss die! Yakuza very mad. I hide in fishing boat, come to America. No english, no food, no money. David Tepper give me job. Now I have house, American car, and new woman. David Tepper save life. My big secret: I kill yakuza boss on purpose. I good surgeon. The best! -Matt Rhule
  5. To be fair Carolina has always had Winston’s number even when he was in Tampa. Dude will look like a borderline pro bowl QB till he faces us, then he’s like Darnold seeing Ghosts.
  6. Straight swap of Darnold for Jackson.
  7. They should do a lottery from the Huddle and the winner gets to be coach the rest of the season.
  8. We should just switch coaches since we’re in the same stadium and all…
  9. I’m not confident we could even win this game if the Giants plane got rerouted to Iceland and we had to play the Little Giants from the kids movie.
  10. I’m a masochist so being a Panthers fan fuels my jollies.
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