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Community Answers

  1. One of these guys is a murderer and the other was a running back for the Buffalo Bills.
  2. Jaycee Horn at Panther’s practice suffers a devastating…. Loss of a turkey leg after it slips off his Thanksgiving plate.
  3. I could see Moton as well due to his contract and overall lack of good tackles in the league.
  4. To be fair Cam stole this from Jesus when he came busting out of his tomb after the third day.
  5. Oh ok, that’s awesome. Hopefully we can keep it up, would love for us to flip stadiums one day.
  6. Lol, it was literally Boston a week ago. So many a holes with iced Dunkin Doughnut coffee.
  7. Heard they were suiting up a tackling dummy at LT, which should be a slight improvement.
  8. Then we realize that Matt Barkley is actually 99 overall.
  9. Such is nature, one must return from whence they came to perish.
  10. Someone’s getting a crème pie in this thread!
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