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  2. all I know is our scouts responsible for looking at WRs better be working double time. Hopefully we can get one of the top WRs in the draft but if not we need to be able to find a gem in the mid to late rounds that everyone else over looked
  3. Seeing reports of medical red flags with him.
  4. I agree! But it also makes me wonder if he didn't either see the writing on the wall regarding Shula, or if Rivera didn't make some casual comments while they were socializing. It sounded to me like he was watching us as a possible destination if he came back...something must have given him that impression.
  5. i'd cry tears of joy if we got ridley but he's probably a top 15 pick
  6. Whether you like it or not, Rivera has a philosophy about his defense. Why bring in someone else when you have a Good Coach (in Washington) who has been on your staff for many years? Someone who knows and understands your philosophy. Knows the personnel on the team and has a better understanding of what is needed to improve the entire defense not only the DL. There are some good candidates out there who are good DCs but they can't match the knowledge of the team that Washington can. I will say this. This time last year when McDermott left for Buffalo we were all excited about Wilks so I guess as they say. Be careful what you ask for. Good Luck Coach Washington
  7. Midget wrestling is cool until they gang bang your girl friend in the ring during intermission
  8. Maybe Ron doesn't want anybody with new ideas or thinking.
  9. the trade war has begun

    yeah they're not https://www.solarpowerworldonline.com/2018/01/imported-solar-cells-panels-hit-30-tariff/ the bolded part is important. only a fraction of the US solar industry actually manufactures panels. this, like most trump economic policies, doesn't seem particularly well thought-out. i mean even if you don't even want to consider that, keep in mind that most of the jobs in US solar are in installation, not manufacturing. a sudden price hike will have a chilling effect on demand, which means less demand for installation, which means less demand for products. so both manufacturers and installers get fuged which is why the industry by and large opposes (well, opposed) new tariffs. i mean hell let's follow this line of thought to its logical conclusion and slap a new 30% tariff on chinese electronics too. now the USA can just pick up the slack and make zillions of dollars and put hundreds of thousands of people to work because these companies can just flip a switch and start blasting out product. i wonder why nobody thought of this before?
  10. To all you conspiracy guys, when the Panthers win games, and other fans say the refs are screwing that team over, how do you respond to those people? Yes, it probably happens in every game the Panthers win. A fan on that team's board will cry foul or rigged or BS. Do you still agree with them then? If you agree with them ... carry on. If you think they're paranoid ... shut up.
  11. I can understand that. There are definitely outside choices I wouldn't mind looking at for some spots. I'm pretty much okay with Washington though.
  12. idk seems pretty automated to me how we’re not running any searches for these openings
  13. Over or Under 7 wins next year?!

    Hurney’s first offseason without any meddling from JR. I faith he learned from his mistakes and badly wants to have the interim label removed. He was really starting to trend up when we pulled the plug on him last time. So count me in as a believer that we finally have back to back winning seasons!
  14. RIP Tom Petty

    Got to see him with Steve Winwood right here in Charlotte in 2006, he was a great showman, and its always a good show when you know all the words to all the songs LOL
  15. I'd run to the podium if Ridley is available. He is just the type of deep threat we need.
  16. Propaganda Buries Facts & Manipulates Emotions

    Thanks for posting this. I saw it on YT. Chris Hedges is a national treasure.
  17. Today
  18. Thank You Trump!!

  19. Any season ticket holders here?

    I agree that's why it makes it so hard to invest for whole season. Now we go when we can an buy good seats but we spend about $2500 a year or so for a handful of games. We say behind the pistons bench once on 3rd row, and sat in same area during clippers game. Hard to commit to be honest.
  20. Zion Williamson to Duke!!!!

    lol @JakeDel5674, sucks to suck bitch
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