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  2. Oh really? Show me where 8 is accurate
  3. Matt Kalil's wife in SI Swimsuit issue

    Matt couldn't protect Cam with a Ak47 but he can sure pick him a lady.
  4. Ruh roh - indictments

    If Trump personally goes down it will be in his actions AFTER her knew or should have known what was happening. It will be the cover up not the crime itself. Richard Nixon did not order or know about the Watergate break in. It was his actions after the fact that got him impeached
  5. Scott Turner: No need to change Cam

    Yeah let's make Cam a better QB. Start by giving him something other than poo for a LT and some WR who don't drop touchdowns in playoff games.
  6. Ownership options so far

    Included Diddy last, and wrote nothing positive about him. Why even include him in this topic OP?
  7. Ownership options so far

    Yo man the team is going to be sold for over $2 Billion, The owner could be a MJ group or Bezos of Amazon.
  8. Multiple Fatalities Reported at Florida School Shooting

    http://www.cnn.com/2018/02/16/us/exclusive-school-shooter-instagram-group/index.html Just to be clear the shooter hates jews ni**ers gays and liberals. Funny how Trump has mentioned the shooter.
  9. Another School Shooting- Let's Review Latest Gun Legislation

    it's really, really hard to reason with somebody who has the infowars brain parasite poo i went to college with people who now work for various three-letters. none of them are shape-shifting demons who make a zillion dollars per year concocting eeeeeeeviiiil plans in windowless black buildings, at least as far as i know.
  10. Ruh roh - indictments

    Russia is winning. They have the POTUS backing Russian positions and opting to ignore what they are doing to western democracies....and thanks to Trump we continue to ignore what Russia is doing to us (and it ain’t just elections and division of the country). Trump literally adopted Russian active measures in the last campaign. and now we have Americans trying to take down Americans institutions. for a reality TV troll who they all actually know deep down is guilty. Russia for now....is winning
  11. Ownership options so far

    It's been speculated that Richardson might try to get 3 billion for the team. Yeah, anything is possible, but I really don't see that happening. The NFL does, in this case, have an option for stepping in. With the Bills, the owner had died. In our case, the owner is being investigated for misconduct. That gives the league an option to basically take the team away from him if they need to.
  12. Giants hire Mike Shula as OC

    I think he's probably trying really hard not to stir anything up because McAdoo left a real s--t show there. Plus he's dealing with New York media. I have no idea how good Shurmur is going to be as a head coach, but I can get where he'd have to tread lightly.
  13. Ownership options so far

    Yeah but I worry about the price tag driving people away and possibly the hurdle of JR to get over. I just wish all this nonsense was over with. Without the GM and ownership being settled, I am extremely fearful that this offseason ends up being a complete disaster.
  14. Giants hire Mike Shula as OC

    I'm just saying it doesn't sound like Shurmur knows from one minute to the next if he's coming or going
  15. Ownership options so far

    I won't deny the possibility. The Panthers have had more success in the last few years than the Bills did leading up to their sale. That's a positive.
  16. Ownership options so far

    Well, we HOPE that is the case. Hard to say at the moment because it might end up being just as big of a shitshow as their sale was.
  17. Ownership options so far

    Well to be honest, this was always going to be a small sample. There's not a huge list of people that have a few billion dollars to throw around. Even if one or two don't wind up making bids, we'll still have more options than the Bills did.
  18. So you are telling me, a memeber of the FBI who makes between 45-130K(senior) a year - who takes home on average 43K is going to send two kids to a private school that costs at least 20,000 dollars a year? And have about 3 grand left over? Is that really what you are trying to tell me.
  19. Giants hire Mike Shula as OC

    I'm just saying you either didn't read the very next paragraph or ignored it.
  20. Ownership options so far

    That's actually kind of a sorry list to pick from. Navarro over DeBartolo/Fertitta, IMO. I don't really want any part of the rest of that group.
  21. Predicting the Tag

    If they want to pay him that much money, zero reason not to let him go.
  22. I have a source telling me the icing on the cake that lead to the fallout between Ron and Dave and eventually his "firing" was his unwavering loyalty to Mike Shula. Obviously tensions were already present due to the botched handling of the Josh Norman situation and the subsequent draft. Rivera wanted him gone after the disappointing 2016 season. Of course publicly he wasn't going to say it but behind closed doors he'd "had enough". Dave on the other hand wasn't so keen on changing things up. Afterall, we were only a season removed from a SB appearance. Dave had the mindset that we were only another "player or two away" from seeing Shula's system really blossom into a juggernaut. Eventually tensions boiled over to the point Ron presented Richardson with a "It's me or him" ultimatum. Jerry called a meeting with Dave in a last ditch effort to smooth things over. Long story short Gettleman refused to budge on the issue and immediately resigned from his position. Jerry being Jerry wanted the story coming out to be that he had been fired (you know how his ego is) and now here we are. Shula would have been relieved of his duties at the same time Gettleman was but Norv had informed Ron that he wasn't quite ready to get back into it but would definitely be ready at the conclusion of the 2017 season. Make no mistake about it, the Norv hiring was a year in the making. Initially I was hesitant to believe it but after hearing the stories coming out of New York about how Shula is "one of Gettlemans guys" I've changed my tune. I hate what a mess he left this team in and you really have to question his judgment after this. But on a personal level you have to be happy for him that he got his guy back.
  23. It'd be a lateral move for Raye. The Texans allowed him to interview but that was for the GM position. Unclear how they'd feel about him taking the same position with another team. Most teams would say no, and the Texans have had a little bit of upheaval with the GM spot recently, so who knows? For both Dawson and Mayhew, Assistant GM would be a promotion. And while it's possible the 49ers might block such a move, Dawson's current boss is Brandon Beane. Dawson has described Beane as being supportive of his interviewing here, so I think it's less likely that Beane would block him from taking this job, even if it's not the one he originally interviewed for.
  24. Predicting the Tag

    IMO, one of Ryan Kalil or Norwell has to go. Norwell is going to be the easiest guy to replace in the draft because it seems to be a pretty strong interior lineman draft. Ryan will be harder to replace but keep in mind he barely played at all last season, so the justification for $10 million in salary is pretty weak. In my ideal scenario, we get rid of them both, are able to get a high caliber draft pick to replace NorwelI(which we should not have to trade up to get), and can land a serviceable replacement for Ryan Kalil in free agency. It would be nice to get a replacement for Matt Kalil as well. I don't think there are too many WORSE options in the draft or free agency but I realize it might be hard to justify one of the highest paid OL in the league being a back up. It is going to be difficult moving forward to have four highly paid OL next season(both Kalil's, Norwell and Turner). That means you probably have to let Daryl Williams walk next offseason because we can't easily get out from under Matt Kalil's contract until the 2019 free agency(if memory serves). This is why Matt Kalil's contract was such an amazing horrific blunder. We don't have much flexibility with the rest of our grossly overpaid line.
  25. ... .... ....what the fug, are you talking about?
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