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  2. Yeah that FG would have been huge... this game is on Carroll if they lose
  3. Falcons saw what Washington did against the Aints and said hold my beer again.
  4. Is ATL about to blow another 2nd half lead? Find out on the next episo
  5. First. Can you even remember the last time Cam got a "Kill Shot"? It has to be sometime last year. Because even though the Oline took a while to gel, I don't remember him taking one of those Denver type hits this year. IMO, there are 3 reasons Cam has been beaten up so much this year. 1. Most teams don't head hunt. 2. Our Oline has played better than expected. 3. CmC has gotten Cam to use the check downs. Cam has been Cam for almost 7 years. Even with all that extra crap, he has only missed, what?, 4 games. So I just don't see the urgency for a replacement others seem to need. Lastly, Palardy OFFERED to QB, but never got the chance. And the only reason it even became a problem was because BOTH our backups were ill. It is no where near the dire situation folks are making it out to be.
  6. Just looked at Lions schedule... They could actually be a factor
  8. Keanu Neal with another dirty play
  9. You could call the 32nd pick a early second rounder.
  10. Pete Carroll should probably be investigated for point shaving tonight.
  11. New Orleans, Atlanta, Carolina, Minnesota, Detroit, LA, Seattle, Philly. 8 teams....six spots two good teams will be left at home. Looking at the schedules, I think Seattle fades. They have games against Philly, LA, Jacksonville, and Dallas. They could easily lose those four.
  12. Falcons vs Seahawks Monday Night Thread

    Ehhhh...I wouldn't go as far as to say I respect what they've done. They got a Cowboys teams missing one of the few outstanding OTs in the leagues and one of the best RBs in the game. And now a Seahawks team that has had some crazy bad injury luck. Good on them for handling business they should have handled, but it would take a seriously bad team to lose both those games. But, yes, they definitely still have a shot in the playoffs. This is going to be an interesting end to the season in this division.
  13. Oh God all I had to see was "air raid" offense and I can already tell we're gonna open up a 31-10 lead, open up that prevent defense and then look fuging lost as we hold on for dear life
  14. Could be, but definitely a possibility 3 teams make it.. Philly is going to win East and probably no one else makes it Minnesota is going to win North and probably no one else makes it I think Seattle could fall off bad given their remaining schedule and Rams win the West. If so, both wild cards could be from the South
  15. I'm done

    there's literally no way this is the end of saha. he's just moving on to a new account because his current one has some...baggage. oh and he really cares about pie (lol) and his pie/post ratio is poo.
  16. ATL is crazy if they don't kick this. Gotta make it a two possession game. Can't risk leaving it a one possession game
  17. Regardless you got to respect what Atlanta has done... They certainly still have shot at playoffs. Doesn't mean we don't, but it does put pressure on us to keep winning
  18. The playoff race down the stretch is gonna be fuging nuts in the NFC this year. There's probably gonna be a damn good team left watching from home.
  19. He said it's hard to find any LBs better than those two until you get to Seattle. And while Wright is solid and Wagner is very good, neither is close to Luke or TD.
  20. Falcons vs Seahawks Monday Night Thread

    Also, how much would those 3 points thrown away at the end of the first half and another timeout that was thrown away on a dumb challenge help the Seahawks right now? Pete has some explaining to do after this game.
  21. Falcons have 4 remaining home games. They are very much in the hunt for the nfc south.
  22. Falcons vs Seahawks Monday Night Thread

    He didn't say that. He was complimenting both sets of linebackers.
  23. Not in the 1st. Cam has another decade of good football. But a huge difference between late 1st and late 2nd.
  24. Hornets v Timberwolves 11/20

    Do you expect anything different from the huddle? lol
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