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  2. New to Soccer

    I wish they'd stop fuging singing or digitally remove it. It's tough to hear the commentators
  3. yeah, but that was game planning not tendencies, so it can be overlooked.
  4. On the Menu

    Ban OP
  5. Trump is the POTUS. It isn't "cool" for him to routinely stick his nose in what specific private businesses are doing. Again, Trump continues to be the most unAmerican POTUS in history. And yeah, Trumpers will get blinded by the flag being in the topic and miss the point more than anything it is just an unpopular POTUS playing to his racist fan base. And no; everyone against the kneeling isn't a racist....but Trump is playing to his base here
  6. Is our offense predictable or not?

    The first play of the first game of the season was a carry by Stewart up the middle. I knew it was hopeless to change
  7. So me and my family (family of 4) are (knock on wood) healthy and NEVER go to the doctor, on top of that, BOTH of our families have no history of illness and are in good health. Well, open enrollment just started at my job and I got the new rates.. It is now $411 per month for me and my family with a $6000 deductible! INSANE. So, I have made the decision to completely "cut the cord" on health insurance and I refuse to buy it. There has to be millions more like me out there.. So my question is, if all these healthy people drop out, and the only ones signing up for health insurance are sick people, surely this will lead to a huge collapse right?! Much like the 2008 financial crisis. I dont get why catastrophic plans dont exist.. There should be plans with like a $25,000 deductiblw for like $75.00 per month, why dont these exist?! I REFUSE to pay the price of a Mercedes car payment for inaurance when we all have a completely clean bill of health
  8. Is our offense predictable or not?

    I did break it down. if you want more of a breakdown just look at the site I referenced. There is everything you could want to find and more. The problem is that with only 2 games in the books there isnt that enough of any one situation to get too specific as the n is pretty low.
  9. okay, nothing has nothing to do with nothing.
  10. Is our offense predictable or not?

    As long as we win it doesnt matter by how much. You dont get extra points for reaching certain point or yard goals
  11. Is our offense predictable or not?

    I think a lot of the calls are more questionable than predictable. Like if a team is getting constant pressure up the middle with some really good DTs he will try to run it up the middle with CMC, or call a long developing play when Cam is getting sacked constantly, or call a qb bootleg a few plays after Cam hurt his ankle. I just feel like he has plays he is going to run no matter what is happening during the game. I didn't see many attempts at making adjustments until he called those quick passes down the field during our last drive that actually worked. So the play calling may not be predictable, but seems questionable to me. Hopefully he will correct this as the season goes on.
  12. My football hatin wife can predict Shula's playcallings, that should tell you something. Btw that is a poor stat to use pass vs rush %. How about 1st down 2nd down 3rd down breakdown?
  13. if we don't get 300 yards offence and 25 points, and win the game against the Saints, we can all check out for the season.
  14. Is our offense predictable or not?

    I dont even know what that means? Each game is about matchups. What happened with Buffalo has no bearing on this week or the future other than Olsen got hurt.
  15. On the Menu

    This best not fug poo up.
  16. yeah, 9-3 says we did nothing for future games. play today or play for next year....
  17. Several weeks ago, I remember when I created a thread delving into the differences between Steve Wilks and Sean McDermott, and how that may impact the defense. I mainly concluded (from some of the players own words) that there was a difference in Intensity, energy and expectation---a raising of the bar. There may have been a couple of huddlers that basically sneered at the thoughts as just "boilerplate." I am not going to mention any names, but here is the thread: Well, I doubt anyone is laughing now at the thought of this Wilks-coached defense being anything but more intense and energetic, as well as more expectant of pure excellence than in years past. People in the know are taking note, and one of those people is one of my personal favorites, NFL analyst Bucky Brooks. Brooks was already interested in the Panthers defense as evidenced by his blurb in an article last week, but when Julius Peppers said that this unit was the "best" that he had ever played on, Brooks' interest was piqued, and he went to see what exactly was happening for himself. So there you have it. Wilks is channeling his spirit of aggression through a clearinghouse of sorts, Luke Kuechly and Thomas Davis, radiating it throughout the entire defense which has the football smarts, athleticism and speed as a unit and individually to do more than just sit back in a zone and wait to react while opposing offenses comfortably carry out their game plans. Wilks has the personnel to dictate to the opposition, so he is going to ratchet up the pressure to maximize efficiency, while balancing sustainability through the express expectation that good and great players will be able to handle their business at all times. There will be no lack of energy, intensity, expectation, or communication. He realizes and fully understands that he has the ingredients of a special defense, and is going to optimize it to the best of his ability. Call it a window if you like, but the mix of smart and young upstarts, and experienced older---yet capable---veterans is not going to last forever, and Wilks is primed to take advantage of this opportunity. The defense is not going to just spectate and react, but dictate and dominate. I suggest that you also read what Brooks has to say about Dez Bryant. I couldn't help but think of our receivers and how they will fare once they hit their prime, and whether or not they are or will be known individually as a "jump-ball god" (as Aqib Talib referred to Dez). Are our receivers seemingly part of the problem of our offensive woes like with Big Blue, or are our offensive woes more about coaching, QB decisions and play, as well as a lack of O-line play (but not just about O-line play) as is the case with the Giants? Brooks makes the case that it is a combination of questionable play calling, QB decision or indecision, the inability of receivers to separate, basically no running game, and bad offensive line play that are at issue with the Giants. As for the Panthers...I'll just say that I don't think that the receivers or the running backs are the main issues, per se, so far this year... http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000849394/article/dez-bryant-no-longer-elite-a-giant-problem-panthers-d-is-back
  18. Is our offense predictable or not?

    And your post tells me you don't have a clue about gameplanning week to week.. When you change your gameplan, you cant just throw out the playbook or totally install a new one. You dont just install a new system or change up everything. So of course McDermott will know a lot about us. that doesnt mean we didnt change things up or gameplan for them.
  19. and this post tells me you are an asshole. I was actually agreeing with you, asshole. The playbook was out since 50 and McD added to it, asshole.
  20. Is our offense predictable or not?

    And I predicted some newbies would come in the thread and make nonsensical meaningless posts. Meanwhile, other more established posters will come in and post the same drivel about Shula and wont even bother to look at the numbers.
  21. Is our offense predictable or not?

    No it proved that the defensive coordinator who played against our offense every day for 5 years had a good idea of what we are going to do. Apparently we did the same thing to them. That game actually tells you very little.
  22. Is our offense predictable or not?

    I really want to see Samuel catch something aside from his two bubble screen catches a game with 3 guys in his face...
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