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  1. There aren’t many options on our roster worthy of a franchise tag in 2025. Dionte is the most likely tag option if he balls out this year.
  2. Shadeur probably struggled pre and post snap which made his OL look worse.
  3. If you watched the video, they discussed how Bryce was constantly in retreat on his drops. I bet the "time to throw" stats would look a lot different if he didn't retreat. We all watched last year. If you want to argue our IOL play was average, go right ahead. I wont be joining you.
  4. Our IOL play last season was about as bad as you’ll see in the NFL.
  5. James Williams should be our next pick. Big hitter that can make up for losing Luvu
  6. I watched highlights of Theo Johnson and I’d take Jared Wiley over him. My top 5 TEs were: 1. Brock Bowers 2. Ben Sinnott 3A/3B. J Sanders/Jared Wiley 5. Jaheim Bell I like the Sanders pick!
  7. I view BC as viable at any OL position. Hopefully he’s our backup C if we don’t draft one.
  8. 4th- WR Troy Franklin, WR Tez Walker, C Ced Van Pran, any of top remaining CBs (James, Tampa, Carson) After that, players I’d like to see as Panthers: TE Jared Wiley TE Jaheim Bell WR Johnny Wilson WR Malik Washington WR Jacob Cowing C Beaux Limmer LB James Willams (put him in Luvu’s role and let him wreak havoc)
  9. Brooks was clearly our target based on reports earlier today we were looking at RB. We picked RB1 off the board. Some posters would rather us select Brooks at #39 instead of trading down and acquiring an additional 2025 2nd while making the same pick.
  10. He brings good info/takes from X though. A lot that I would never see otherwise.
  11. Been established it’s a board software issue. Juan, along with myself and others, could wait forever but the link will not embed.
  12. A man in his twenties/thirties punching a man who could receive Medicare bc he touched his hat is a bum.
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