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  1. What if the trade is TMJ and a 4th for Hopkins and Cards take some of the salary hit in 2023?
  2. And he believes in himself. That doesn’t always work out, but I like the mentality.
  3. The transition tag for a WR this off-season was $17,991,000. If Chark shows he’s capable of being a WR1 and we can’t strike a long term deal, he seems a perfect candidate for the transition tag. If someone gives him a contract offer we don’t want to match, we receive two 1sts for a one year rental with a significant injury history.
  4. They deserve everything coming their way. They will have to watch our QB1 thrive while figuring out that Fields will never develop into a top tier NFL QB.
  5. From everything I’ve heard from Reich about what he looks for in a QB, elite processing sounds like it’s close to the top along with playmaking ability. Measurables were downplayed by him. I guess we’ll find out soon, but I think there’s a good chance it’s Young.
  6. I think he’s just running with Reich likes Stroud bc he’s always had bigger QBs. He doesn’t know who Reich actually prefers. I don’t think he truly knows who any of them like most.
  7. 185 won’t be his actual playing weight as a grown man. He’s 21 years old and has already shown he can weigh 204 fairly easy.
  8. He was the furthest off of the three I mentioned for sure. Still think Young will end up playing around 215.
  9. You do realize you’re trying to justify not picking a player because you think he drank 15 bottles of water before his weigh in and then pissed it out the next day?
  10. You didn’t watch him throw. Clearly. The poster was misleading with his description of Bryce’s throws. A couple were outright drops and two others hit the roof. That equates to Bryce struggled with the deep ball?? lol no and do better
  11. Yea, that seems too good to be true. Looking at other trades (Waller, Cooks, E Moore), I guess it’s possible the Cards would demand less to get him off their books.
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