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  1. You heard the coach mention his size. He’s bigger than everyone there and doesn’t look out of place with his agility. That’s impressive.
  2. I feel good about Brown changing your mind on that over the next few years.
  3. It did seem that way when they mentioned that not being the tone they should go for there.
  4. For the record, I was approximately 15% done reading the OP when I realized he was getting tha poo.
  5. WR is not a need is 2021, but could have been one of our biggest if we can’t afford the contract Robbie wants. Better to have a guy who has been in the league a year vs a rookie if Anderson isn’t a Panther in 2022.
  6. Now I’m curious as to the other pick you liked. Personally, I think we just pulled off one of our better drafts.
  7. When you mention the player we “NEEDED,” which player are you referring to?
  8. Oops. Missed that you were talking about 2022.
  9. Three rooks in the starting ol? I’m very excited about the potential of our draft picks, but that seems adventurous.
  10. Unfortunately, your post is too reasonable for a few in this thread to comprehend.
  11. Boom. Some great pickups coming in quick.
  12. I agree. I also think we’re putting ourselves in a great position with our defense and then weapons on offense. Could be enticing to an aging QB that wants to win right away like a Russell Wilson. So we’ll have plenty of cap space and enough in place to compete for top notch free agents or trade, or we could compensate with that cap for losing draft capital to move up. There are certainly many teams in worse positions.
  13. He busts and we have decent draft picks next year to make a move at QB and a TON of cap space to address OL. Defense will be in place.
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