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  1. I want to take my family to the Falcons game on Dec. 12. It will be the first Panthers game for all of us. Where is the best place to look for tickets? The usual places like seatgeek or stubhub?
  2. Owner change Coaching change GM change MVP QB injuries/play declined Surprise retirement from one of the all-time best defensive players and heart of the team Injuries to one of the top offensive weapons in the NFL Why are you shocked we’ve struggled?
  3. The game would have been much closer if CMC wasn’t active, but I’d give it to Cam for the sentiment and to build morale for a strong finish to the season.
  4. A few posters in here complaining that Rhule, Fitt, and Tepper just keep bringing in QBs until they find one that fits. That’s exactly what I want. Of course it would be nice to hit on the first option, but at least we’re not treading water with a long term dud. They’ll find one.
  5. Not really. He doesn’t run hard into contact. He runs slow and slips tackles to avoid big hits. I agree he won’t break as many in the NFL. He will, however, have more than one capable WR to throw to.
  6. 320 yards of total offense, 3 TDs, and led his team to victory. I’ll take it.
  7. 2 games out of 9 and one of those he scored 3 TDs and threw for over 300. Yes, the fumbles against GT were terrible but the oline needs to take some of the blame there with 8 sacks.
  8. Sam Howell has not been very up and down this year. He’s having a strong year. Again.
  9. Can someone explain to me what Darnold’s cap hit would be if he was waived pre-June?
  10. We’re not going to opt out on our most valuable player which he still will be after next season.
  11. Y’all want to trade the guy who had us talking playoffs and thinking we stole a franchise QB from the Jets. He went out and look where we are now. You don’t trade CMC unless he has mentally checked out. I don’t think that’s the case yet.
  12. That’s not how I remember Turnstile. He’s an improvement. Not because he doesn’t let people through. He does, but only one at a time. That’s certainly better than some of our current OL.
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