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  1. Not getting Aiyuk in return for CMC was a terrible mistake.
  2. If you read the Texans fans’ reactions, this is a good pick up. Most of them were surprised by the cut and thought he performed well this season.
  3. I know you’re just relaying what you heard so this isn’t directed at you, but lol at a chef from the dining hall having that level of info.
  4. Professionally, I’m sure they weren’t. What could have been fun about performance reviews after what we’ve done on the field?
  5. Maybe, despite what you think, Reich did enjoy Tepper on a personal level.
  6. I’m here for it. He’s probably better suited for GM at this point, but I’d support him.
  7. Chark had a one on one and was smothered. No WR on our team can make something happen after the catch except maybe Shenault.
  8. Do you know how screen plays work?
  9. He took half a mile to slow down to attempt the catch on the sideline.
  10. Bryce has zero chance playing with this trash dump roster.
  11. Watch Josh Palmer when he comes back Week 13ish for the Chargers. Next year is the last of his rookie contract and the Chargers have Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, and Quentin Johnson under contract next year. They’ll likely move on from one of Williams or Palmer. Palmer is 25 and would be an upgrade to our WR room. ~6 to 7 mil per year would give us a solid #2 for the foreseeable future. Bring in Evans or Higgins and then we’re cooking with WR1 Evans/Higgins, WR2 Palmer, and Slot Thielen.
  12. Tough. Get will soon, big man.
  13. What looked like a solid contract just became a potential liability.
  14. I looked at it. If he doesn’t sail that pass, it’s probably another INT as the DB was undercutting Tremble who created no separation.
  15. Keep correcting yourself when your assessments are incorrect.
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