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  1. I think the idea of trading #33 hinges on teams wanting to overpay for it after mulling over the first round leftovers. Especially if a QB drops. Also, I see no problem in picking up a 2025 2nd in the process. I know we’re all feeling impatient, but we’re not competing for a Super Bowl in 2024. Trade back 10 or so picks, add a 2025 2nd (equivalent of a 2024 3rd) + a 2024 4th. That’d be worth it to me if someone we love isn’t sitting there.
  2. I don’t think we can come out of this draft without one legit WR, at minimum. I’d rather take two swings at it with athletic freaks who had strong years. Both of them can take a short completion and make something more of it. Both of them can win downfield so hopefully DBs aren’t sitting on everything short.
  3. If the draft was true to his rankings, here’s my wish: #33 - trade down to mid/late 2nd (acquire an additional 2025 2nd + 2024 4th) #39 - WR Xavier Worthy Newly acquired 2nd - CB TJ Tampa #65 - WR Xavier Legette #101 - TE Ben Sinnott Newly acquired 4th - LB Cedric Gray #141 - EDGE Eric Watts #142 - LB James Williams #240 - RB Jawhar Jordan
  4. Xavier’s x 2 Worthy & Leggette in whatever order We’d have our X and our Theilen replacement. If they show out to be studs as rookies, ship off DJ & AT at the trade deadline for picks or secondary help.
  5. Sharing this because it made me laugh, sad, and pumped all at the same time. *language*
  6. I think that’s a solid comp. Not the most athletic tight ends in the game, but good football players that will consistently make plays. He’s also going to do well blocking.
  7. This leaves Dionte as our only realistic franchise tag player at the end of the year. Gives us some flexibility there.
  8. I chose Worthy for our first pick. Dionte is getting older and no guarantee he or Theilen are Panthers beyond 2024. Those two are good WRs to watch and learn from for a slot guy like Worthy. I think there will still be some good X options after round 2. Also wouldn’t mind XLegette early paired with Jacob Cowing or Malik Washington in later rounds.
  9. Or strong feelings for multiple players available at your pick. Don’t drop back far and make sure you get one of them. Teams give up some stupid hauls when you hold a valuable pick.
  10. I hope the Chargers draft Nabers or Harrison Jr and we can pick up Palmer for cheap. Palmer is a solid WR2 option at only 24 yo, and I think his market value would be cheap for the production he'd bring.
  11. He has no guaranteed $ in his contract beyond 2024, so why not if you're the Texans and think you can make a run next year.
  12. Re: LBs… I hope NFL draft rooms sleep on James Williams from Miami like mock drafts I’ve seen. Get this guy in the 3rd/4th and put him in Luvu’s role. I don’t know what kind of person he is, but on the field he’s a bully.
  13. That’s your version of what’s being implied. Mine is he’s working with a second year QB he’s never worked with before, so he’s going to throw a lot at him to see what he does best. He’s getting to know his new QB. Nothing more, nothing less.
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