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  1. Don’t sign anyone else and use that money to front load DJ Moore and Moton’s contracts. Move on to 2022 and secure a QB through free agency or draft.
  2. Speaking of bold not working out well.... Signing Bridgewater to his deal after he just found success with a rival was bold. Imagine if he had come in and proven he was our QB for the next 6+ years.
  3. You’re conflating athletic performance and peak physical fitness. Peak fitness levels aid in athletic performance but are not a requirement to perform well. I never said Mac Jones will not be able to perform based on the photo, but I can conclude that he isn’t at his peak strength and explosiveness as you mentioned. There are countless examples of athletes shy of their peak fitness levels that are still able to perform well. That photo may actually be a good thing for those wanting to draft Mac. What might he play like if he adapted a McCaffery type fitness regimen (quarte
  4. I’ve read enough of your posts to be completely comfortable with you thinking mine are stupid. Just further validates my opinion. At QB, you’re correct that a pocket passer doesn’t need to be a physical specimen. That can be true while also realizing Jones hasn’t put in the effort to be in peak physical condition.
  5. His appearance shows an athlete who hasn’t put in the effort to be in peak physical condition.
  6. I can’t believe Trubisky signed for less than 3 mil this year and it wasn’t with the Panthers.
  7. Idk, I’d offer them Bridgewater, a 5th, and Aquameni for him right now.
  8. We’ll see how many of the ‘Tepper sucks’ crowd is still howling in 2022 when we have lots of money to throw around, a new QB, and our young talent on D is ready to make a run. Anyone already throwing shade at Tepper who inherited a QB and cap that were not in ideal form is either ignorant about building a franchise or impatient. I’m thinking/hoping it’s mostly the latter.
  9. I was thinking a 6th for him.
  10. I think that becomes easier when the player in question just chose not to play for your team the prior year. lol
  11. If you’re referring to the Charles Johnson tweet, I edited that out of my post after realizing it was from 2020. Still, knowing that Gurley wanted to be a Panther is a good sign he may sign a team-friendly deal. Especially coming off injury.
  12. Not sure. I’m assuming he clears medical. If so, I’d love it as long as it’s a super cheap deal to bring Gurley back close to home.
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