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  2. Can a true atheist be moral?

    Is the Christian God moral?
  3. Dez Bryant

    Since reality doesn't matter we should go get Antonio Brown.
  4. When should we give up on Monk?

    LOL this is an awful idea
  5. Dez Bryant

    Wow someone who understands the voice of reason.
  6. Dez Bryant

    lets see what other team he goes to and who that team cuts at WR first.
  7. No, I am defiantly happy with my verbiage usage. It's like SuperB owl. It is a Huddleism that tickles me every time I use it.
  8. Dez Bryant

    Bring him to charlotte
  9. Can’t see him ever being a #1 based on his measurables. Doesn’t have the arm length or 3-cone agility to be a solid press corner. Pretty much the opposite of Breeland tbh.
  10. Duh. Passing on Josh Jackson is like passing on Lattimore tbh. As much as I love CMC and what he brings, I’d take a Kamara and Lattimore over him given a second chance.
  11. First Pick Mock

    Your score is: 23256 (GRADE: A+) Your Picks: Round 2 Pick 4 (IND): Hernandez, Will, OG, Texas-El Paso (B+) Round 2 Pick 23: Jackson, Josh, CB, Iowa (A+) Round 2 Pick 31 (N.E.): Michel, Sony, RB, Georgia (A) Round 3 Pick 3 (IND): Harrison, Ronnie, SS, Alabama (A+) Round 3 Pick 24: Christian, Geron, OT, Louisville (A) Round 3 Pick 27 (N.O.): Gallup, Michael, WR, Colorado State (A) Round 4 Pick 11 (LAR): Thomas, Chad, DE, Miami (FL) (A+) Round 4 Pick 25 (TENN): Norton, Kendrick, DT, Miami (FL) (A) Round 4 Pick 27 (N.O.): McFadden, Tarvarus, CB, Florida State (A+) Round 5 Pick 24: Thomas, Jordan, TE, Mississippi State (A) Round 6 Pick 23: Watts, Armani, FS, Texas AM (A+) Round 7 Pick 16: Flowers, Dimitri, FB, Oklahoma (A+) Round 7 Pick 24: Johnson, Taron, CB, Weber State (A+)
  12. Trump slaps China with $50bn in tariffs

    Is there ever a truly “free” market? It’s probably one of those republican slogans that’s made up to deceive their base. Anyone who has followed my posts on here can tell I’m pretty much a liberal.
  13. One More Notable Signing?

    Swap Lewis, Gates, Niklas, or Celek in place of Shepard's contract makes perfect sense to me.
  14. Dez Bryant

    Gee, we had a little over 6 million in cap space before we signed Cockrell, Searcy, Sirles and Wright. I'm sure the dollar three ninety eight we have left wouldn't get him here if we wanted him (and I for one don't)
  15. @ncfan lmao it’s not that deep. I just posted some stats in zone coverage. I expect him to be a solid #2 Corner, but that’s more his ceiling. He can’t play man as well as he does zone, mainly because of measurables. Also, “small sample size” is pretty interesting, considering he did play for the steelers all those years and graded out nice throughout such. Only time he struggled was when forced to play man all the time, something that’s clearly not his forte. Anyways, don’t take any of my statistic drops that serious lol
  16. Dez Bryant

    Well he's a legit #1 option and one of the best red-zone guys in the league (huge issue for us against the Aints). He just never really connected well with Prescott and was definitely overpaid. Would all depend on cost but he fits the Vincent Jackson role better than anyone for Norv Turner here, and nobody could complain about weapons for Cam any more.
  17. Dez Bryant

    You all realize there is a salary cap right? And Hurney already spent all the money,
  18. Dez Bryant

    At this point, we need that Smiths first season in Baltimore is still better than our current guys
  19. Dez Bryant

    Maybe, but he is still much more explosive than KB. Especially after the knee inuries KB has had. Nice read above via pff, shows he still has the ability. Plus there was a quote from one of his teammates I believe Beasley who talked how Drz relyed his whole career just on his athletic ability. So working on his routes now, he can still be a threat, especially on a team that needs recieving threats
  20. Dez Bryant

    I'm glad some can see he's a bigger ego shorter version of KB at this point
  21. Dez Bryant

    He'd have the same season that Steve Smith had with the Ravens
  22. Dez Bryant

    Nice read from a few months back https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-is-dez-bryant-still-a-no-1-wr
  23. Dez Bryant

    Like rod Woodson stated, he’s a little late in his career to be working on his routes etc, he’s lost a step, wouldn’t be any better than kB at this point. 3 route specialist, fade, slant and hitch
  24. I think you're looking for definite or definitely, but I'm not perfect and I know what you mint.
  25. Dez Bryant

    Take him away from Jerry Reality Show Jones. Playing with a chip on his shoulder, playing with Cam. Win for us
  26. The rich get....

    Wondering how this topic, like most nowadays, turns into a black and white issue. People can be poo regardless of skin color.
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