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  2. ...over Jimmy Clausen.
  3. I don't really have a problem with it. Everyone always said Chase was a super smart, hard working player. And he's been the assistant ST coach the last few years. We'll see how he does.
  4. I don't like the sound of that.
  5. Arm GM and Coach Time

    We drafted one last year, Hurney got dis.
  6. I don't know if it's quantifiable how much difference an assistant special teams coach makes. The guy he's replacing just got the full time job.
  7. You think he would be an upgrade?
  8. ACAB is the only rhyme scheme

    just a bad apple
  9. Nickel coach Jeff Imamura was an assistant linebacker coach when Farwell played linebacker for the Vikes. Might be how they heard of him.
  10. The Vikings can't be in the superbowl and host the superbowl. The NFL want to bring different markets to the host city. The Vikings beat the Saints because that causes increased fan support. The kind of support to help fill that $billion plus stadium next year.
  11. Arm GM and Coach Time

    Cut: Kaelin Clay, Mike Adams, J. Stewart. Extend: Greg Olsen and Shaq Thompson RD 1: Sam Hubbard Ohio St. DE . He's a 6ft 5 pass rusher who can hold down his gap but also get to the QB. Isn't seen as a blazing fast end but he has a motor and is in on every play practically. He's really active with his hands and is strong he can alter or redirect linemen. Could be a Joey Bosa 2.0, and seems like a good character guy which means he's coachable. He's not going to be seen as overly flashy but I think he'd provide some younger blood at the end/ pass rusher position. He's a guy who can play every down and isn't going to come out he's got the so called "dog" in him. He's one of those guys who can go no where but up. RD 2: Deshon Elliott Texas Safety. Carolina's weak link is certainly the secondary. They were ranked dead last in the last few weeks. Elliot is a physical guy at 6ft-2 210 pds, he can get in the back field and can get to the QB which is a plus for a safety. Does well at disrupting timing routes he's got solid instincts. He had 6 ints this year which was 4th in the nation, he's a ball hawk. He can play over the top and even step into the box and be a hybrid. Also, I love he's got a cockiness about him he doesn't back down. As a DB you got to have short term memory and move on to the next down. He's going to come at you all 4 quarters. RD 3: Herculeus Mata'afa Wash. St. DE/LB. This guy is really seen as a project and his stock is rising but he can straight up get to the passer. May not have a whole lot of fancy moves but he goes full on Braveheart when rushing the QB, dude is simply a Football Guy. He's "undersized" at 6ft 2 to play defensive end and is seen as more of a outside LB. But I think his upside is great don't see this guy being a bust unless he has injury/ off field issues. I love his tenacity and he has the quickness to beat any tackle in the league. If they put him in the right position he'll be a beast. Melvin Ingram, who I think he's comparable to is a DE/LB who is 6 foot, the whole size thing is overrated you can ball or you can't. He was a 2017 consensus all american, held the record for 22.5 TFL in a season at Wash. St, and had the 4th most sacks in WSU history (Only a Jr.). Free agency: I think they get even more versatile and speedy at running back and give a 2 year deal to Darren Sproles. Him and McCaffrey would be a absolute headache for coordinators because of their versatility. My philosophy is speed kills and we have to get faster on offense, we looked like one of the slower teams in the NFC. Oh yeah and he's reunited with old HC Norv Turner who was the master at getting the best out of "swiss army knife" Sproles. This maybe the worst draft for receivers I've seen in a while, so FA is critical. I think someone with speed and who can separate is just what Cam needs. Jordan Matthews is a player who could revitalize his career here. He showed bright spots early on with the Eagles and then went to Buffalo to die. He's got 4.4 speed and he's got size at 6ft 3, he can high point the ball in the end zone as well. I really feel like he's versatile and can run any route on the route tree. He'd be a affordable acquisition as well.
  12. No disrespect to Wilks but he can take Ron's old college buddy with him. I won't say his name because it's like saying Beetlejuice one too many times. I'm intrigued by the story about the interview with Seattle's assistant special teams coach. Don't know anything about him.
  13. Yeah, looks like we might be losing more assistants to the Cards. I wonder if Wilks will hire our ex-QB coach Ken Dorsey
  14. And now this... One, it means guys like Buckner (if he's one of them) will be free to look for jobs. It also means Wilks may be looking to try and poach more of our staff. Connections: Secondary coach Kevin Ross worked two years under Norv early in his coaching career, but again, not a position we're looking to fill. Assistant special teams coach (a position we apparently are planning to fill) Steve Heiden played for Norv in San Diego in 2001. Linebacker coach Bob Sanders spent a year with Norv in Miami, but as connections go John Pagano has a better shot at that job.
  15. Transcript from Media CC with Norv Turner

    Lmao that was funny.....ole shula
  16. Conference call tweets

    I'm guessing that most of you that are warming up to Norv never really knew much about the man in the first place. Norv knows this system. He is the last Jedi of the Coryell style of offense so to speak. If you are going to run it there's no better out there that has mastered it. If the players buy in and truly take his coaching to heart this offense could be better than 2015. My concerns are with who will be getting him the parts he needs to finish out the roster at the moment. But my optimism is growing a bit that he will be able to make chicken salad out of the chicken poo Shula left behind.
  17. Wanted to follow up on which of our current coaches had a history with Norv... Ray Brown had the most connection. He played a couple of years under Norv in Washington. Pete Hoener was on the 49ers coaching staff in 2006 when Turner was OC there. Had a cople of near misses. Jim Skipper joined the staff at Oregon a year the same year Turner left for USC. Likewise, nickel coach Jeff Imamura left the Vikings staff just before Turner came aboard. And of course, Cam turner is his nephew, but they've never actually worked together till now.
  18. If the NFL was tinkering with storylines and thought Patriots vs Eagles was a more compelling one than Patriots vs Vikings, or Patriots vs Saints, they are high on some poo that I want to get ahold of.
  19. seems a lot of you guys are talking about the bad calls these refs MAKE...you need to look at what calls they DO NOT MAKE...we seen it when Denver headed hunted Cam in the SB and we seen it with the Pats/Jags. The "no calls" have just as much...if not more...bearing on a game than the blatantly bad calls. Plus, easier to cover up as..."guess they did not see it in real time" excuses.
  20. Panthers met with Josh Allen

    We get it. You're pissed your uncle Mike got canned. You'll live. .
  21. Conference call tweets

    Jourdan Rodrigue's writeup Joe Person's writeup David Newton's writeup
  22. Panthers met with Josh Allen

    See there you go again. You take everything so defensively no one can have a reasonable discussion without you jumping in making excuses. Let's be real here, it wasn't just this season, he has dropped off from his MVP form of 2015 last year and this. The general consensus is that there are multiple reasons for his decline with injury being a major one. Coaching and personnel are 2 more. But his mechanics are poor and he makes lots of mistakes reading coverages and fails to take what the defense is giving him. After 7 years there are still throws he can't make consistently. And those have little to do with injuries or our personnel or other common excuses. He struggled with consistency plain and simple and this is nothing new. And what separates Newton from elite quarterbacks is not his talent or ability but his ability to be consistent week in and week out. That is why mechanics are so important. You have to do the same thing every time until it becomes natural and you don't have to think about it.
  23. Panthers met with Josh Allen

    This will be the year we draft a QB, as a backup to Cam.
  24. Today
  25. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

  26. Panthers met with Josh Allen

    so Carolina will be trading Cam to the Browns for picks?
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