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  2. I hate saying it but the Colts made the right decision with Luck. After not playing / practicing all preseason the staff should have known not to play Cam until he could make it through a weeks practice without setbacks. He is our franchise and we are just shortening his career year by year. I'm starting to wonder if not sitting him last season and to start this year is because of Ron thinking about his job. He may have been worried about being fired last season and now with a new GM his fate as HC is an unknown and taking loses at the start of a season without your franchise QB isn't going to help you. I feel like Ron is sacrificing Cam for his own personal gain at this point. If he benches Cam until he is healthy and we go on to suck it up and finish with 4 to 6 wins again is there any possible way he keeps his job?
  3. Peppers should read this Harvard study and ask what he’s really protesting. Cops are less likely to shoot blacks than whites. https://www.nytimes.com/2016/07/12/upshot/surprising-new-evidence-shows-bias-in-police-use-of-force-but-not-in-shootings.html
  4. Since when is standing for the flag a republican thing only?
  5. Panthers Trade | TE is needed

    We neee to look for trade options & Seattle is a good partner.
  6. We need to use the 2 TE set in the passing game not just blocking. Also layer the routes
  7. Disappointed In Panthers Organization Today

    Another poster who refuses to see the other side, and believes his feelings are all that matters. It's quite possible the panthers "refusal" to take part or do anything could hurt the team. It could cost the team revenue, because I know for certain there are fans who boycotting due to the NFL & owners making it clear who they're catering too, and it could potentially cause this emotional panthers team to have lost that game yesterday.
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  9. Disappointed In Panthers Organization Today

    DAMNIT! I put the panthers in for my Fantasy Anthem Protest league and left the Steelers on the Bench.
  10. Good reasonable post.
  11. Need to get some more read/O in the game plan. I know the goal is to keep Cam healthy and that's noble. But the guy isn't any good playing as a traditional O QB and Shula sucks at calling plays without Cam's ability to run being in the mix. That style and dominant D got them to 15-1 and the SB....why change after one down year?
  12. Bench Worley ?

    He's terrible. He gets picked on mercilessly. Give Seymour some reps in practice and see what he can do. But Worley was horrendous today unless he was getting a ton of help.
  13. A person who says they're frustrated and doesn't show it, doesn't really care. He's just saying what needs to be said and going through the motions. How many posts do I have to read saying "Cam just missed the open guy" or "he over threw so and so, but that will get fixed" before people realize he just isn't that good of a QB to make into a pure pocket passer. This evolutionized offense will be the end of Cam's career. Canning Shula might be the only save.
  14. Agree. Kaep drew a line in the sand. Incredibly effect protest while remaining untouchably peaceful. in doing so he exposed his opposition. They don't actually care about his method, they just don't care about the issue he's protesting.
  15. For some reason coaches have this mind set that we have to evenly distribute the ball and not go back to plays that work. fug that. Give it to whoever is getting you yards and keep running the same damn play until it doesn't get you positive yards.
  16. Bench Worley ?

    J.No forced offenses to throw to the opposite side of the field making the rest of the defense job much easier. Bradberry got scored on too. He doesn't get his head around.
  17. To be honest, I wouldn't trust Rivera with a QB. Last week in a sack Newton was obviously kneed in the head when he was hurt. Here is what what Rivera is used to with handling QB's:
  18. A lot of us have given the Falcons credit, doesn't mean they aren't getting incredibly lucky bounces again this year. But, that's what happens when you play hard, unlike the Panthers who fuggin quit in the 1st half at home. No doubt falcons still team to beat in NFC South. Looks like y'all will be holding that title for a bit (still don't trust Bucs). And God knows our secondary is gonna get sh*tted on by every other division rival.
  19. McCaffrey's Post Game Quote

    I was watching the game via Stream and it was very choppy but it seemed to me that we went away from CMC for awhile. We should shove him down each teams throat until they do something about it.
  20. I saw the highlights. Over at Twitter. Very strange. Like the first half of Victory. I guess Jerry wants new fans. They gonna wonder who's the Mexican coach
  21. Roster Watch

    Here is a look at the roster as of now, courtesy of Canes Country. TCamp092417.pdf
  22. Roster Watch

    Over the weekend, decisions were made. Nothing big, and most were expected. Training camp is set to begin today for the Charlotte Checkers, so the Hurricanes assigned 7 players to Charlotte so that they can prepare for their camp. These players were: Forwards: Patrick Brown Andrew Miller Julien Gauthier Defense: Brenden Kichton Dennis Robertson Philip Samuelsson Roland McKeown This leaves the Hurricanes roster at 33 players. Jeremy Smith (G) will likely end up cut or assigned, which leaves 9 other decisions to be made before the start of the regular season.
  23. Norman was our soul, Luke our body and TD our heart. Yeah. We suck. But hey all the racist assholez are now jumping ship to us. I keep seeing it. Bette r get ready @Jeremy Igoi Jerry is an old aashole. But, he's our old aashole. Like my grandma. Same age. Nothing will change. Watch him live until 114..
  24. Bench Worley ?

    Honestly our entire secondary is suspect. Where's Coleman? He's been quiet, so has munnerlyn. Where is "thieves Ave". Oh that's right we sent him to the Redskins.
  25. Hey there...

    As a long time Panthers fan I look forward to being mathematically eliminated from playoff contention so I can finally see them play some good football.
  26. Witness. The King thinks he is God Himself. No joke.
  27. Because Andy Reid got the message and is throwing the ball down the field now. He changed their offense.
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