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  1. I don't know.... The name I hear a lot that is popping in camp is Zylstra.. Seems like he is a popular target for both Mayfield and Darnold. I think the team really likes him.
  2. I mean.... The last QB to wear #9 in the NFC South did fairly well so I am optimistic lol
  3. Makes sense because 1+1=2... His college jersey was #2 which is being held by Moore so it all adds up.... But I am predicting #9
  4. Fun fact for you: Matt Corral is dating Raine Michaels, daughter of.... Yep you guessed it, rockstar Brett Michaels
  5. #3 just came available... Matt Corral jersey # maybe? Oh the irony if that is the case.. Considering Fitterer was in the draft room when another QB was selected in the third round and also wore #3.... His name is Russell Wilson
  6. It still would not shock me at all if he, at the very least, ends up being our interim head coach this coming season (probably at the midway point) I am not sold on the 5 year plan
  7. I wonder what number Walker took?
  8. I know this may sound weird but I really don't want him to wear #9 or #2 because Brees wore #9 and Ryan and Winston both wore #2 so I honestly just want him to wear a number that is his own identity in the NFC South. I highly doubt he goes with a double digits but sometimes they will surprise me. By the way, #3 is taken by a kicker but who knows if he will be on the team long enough to keep the number.
  9. I'm thinking #4 or #9 because of how close they are to #2.... Personally, I would like to see him wear #4
  10. It's been a while since I lived (or even visited) Brunswick County but from all that I gathered from my friends from high school and family that lives down there is that it is booming. I could totally see Colbert buying a beach house on Holden Beach or Ocean Isle Beach
  11. Why do I have the gut feeling that Ben MacAdoo and/or Steve Wilks weren't just brought in to be oc/secondary coach but possibly to be Rhule's successor?
  12. If I am not mistaken (and someone can clarify this) but I am pretty certain Nick Foles worked with Ben Macadoo in Jacksonville so there is some level of familiarity there.
  13. I am just asking, for God's sake, give the man an opportunity and don't piss on him if he isn't successful right away. Too many of you give up on a player in their rookie year.
  14. Sooo... What jersey # do you think he will choose? Lol DJ Moore already owns #2 so I doubt he'll give that up. I think #4 and #9 are available. Also, if both Corral and Ridder actually pan out and become starters, we could potentially have the future of the NFL South in their hands for years to come. Last thought: The whole irony in all this? Matt Corral played for Ole Miss, So did Eli Manning.. and who was Manning's OC/HC in NY.... Ben Macadoo....
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