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  1. While we are waiting on training camp, I am curious to hear what your thoughts are on who will be a darkhorse breakout player... On offense, I think Ihmir-Smith Marsette will be a secret weapon for us. I just think he needs some playing time this coming season He definitely is shifty and can get that YAC. Defensively, I am going with DJ Johnson. This dude is quick and just needed to time to adjust to the system but I have a feeling he will be good.
  2. Sorry for the obsession with the Wyatt Sicks but Bray was one of my favorite characters when he was alive... Definitely had a lot of that Undertaker/Mankind vibes going.... That said, love the direction of the Wyatt Sicks. Slowly introduce the background of each character and how they got to that point. After tonight's vignette, looks like they are going to continue the split personality story like Bray had with the Fiend but just replacing them with Bo Dallas and Uncle Howdy. I was kind of hoping the whole reason Pat McAfee was not at RAW was due to the involvement of the Wyatt Sicks hacking his show. We'll see how this all plays out but looks promising.
  3. I will put it this way.... When I use to live in Clemson and traveled to the nearby town of Anderson and go to places like Kohls, Hibbett, etc... there was more Falcons gear than Panthers gear...
  4. I know a lot of you are probably not happy about Fan Fest being at Clemson but I for one am because I am only 30 minutes away from the campus just crossed the border in GA. Btw, it sucks being the lone Panther fan in my town here in Georgia... I get so much grief from Falcon fans... Uggggh
  5. I figured it has been a while since anyone posted in the WWE thread but duuude, Monday Night RAW was EPIC with Uncle Howdy and the Wyatt 6 coming back/debuting... As soon as I heard that single piano key on repeat, tears began to shed because I know this was Bray's creation come to life... He would be so proud of his brother and this group for continuing his legacy.
  6. I actually love that no one is giving us love... Hopefully it sinks in on the team and they will prove doubters wrong. I do feel we will be improved but obviously a long ways to go from a playoff caliber team. Me thinks 5-6 wins with some very close losses.
  7. Even if Young does not succeed this season, I don't foresee Carolina struggling enough to be #1 again. I feel at some point that they might put Andy Dalton in to win us enough games to barely miss the playoffs, which, would give Canales time to find his QB, if that is the worst case scenario. I do feel that Bryce will be improved. I think he is motivated enough to try to prove the doubters wrong and welcomes a chip on his shoulder. Time will tell though.
  8. Makes me wonder what round Coker would've went in had he gone to a bigger school
  9. Quick update: We are getting a Bernedoodle pup next Friday!
  10. I got a Kubota zero turn and it's been awesome!
  11. DT or 3-4 DE? Newton is still on the board but is a bit undersized for the DT position.
  12. Part of me thinks that The Rock is pretending to be heel and will screw Reigns at WrestleMania... Also, not really WrestleMania related but has anyone watched the documentary on Bray Wyatt??? Supposedly there is a teaser for something big happening in the future at the end of the program. I do not have Peacock but might be interested in it because of WrestleMania and that documentary.
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