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  1. Why is it that when some on here hope that Corral has success in this league that we are consider Corral lovers? Lets be real here for a minute: I was one of the few supporters of Corral on this forum but mainly because a bunch of you believe he is a bust after, what? Two preseason games? It really isn't enough to actually label him a bust and in fact, I am fairly certain that Fitterer even said he was a project QB. That said, I will support which ever QB has the most success with this team and if anything, I hope Corral develops into a decent back-up for the future behind Young because I do not foresee Dalton being the long term solution to our back-up QB position. We will see though. I just hope they do give Corral some time with the 2nd string at least during pre-season.
  2. I wish we could keep one of them to groom as a future HC for this team... I mean, Reich isn't exactly young.
  3. Now the Jersey controversy begins .... Will Corral give up #9? I honestly think Bryce Young might start fresh with a new # .... Maybe bring back #5 from his high school days??
  4. I did a little research (and forgive me if this has been posted) but Young did wear #5 at one point in high school so it is plausible that he could switch it up in the NFL.
  5. I suspect that might be the reason for the black helmets last season... To test the waters, per day.
  6. If Corral gets traded, that means #9 will be available.... And guess who wore #9 in college.... Bryce "freakin" Young! It's happening y'all! .... In all seriousness, it likely means that Jacob Eason was favored over Corral due to the fact that Reich drafted Eason in Indy so it makes sense.
  7. I wouldn't hate the idea as long as he lowers his expectations and realizes he is just a bridge QB to a rookie.. The deal would have to be cheap... I just don't see it happening though
  8. Matt Corral may not amount to anything but to label him a bust after just two preseason games is a bit ridiculous. Not all rookie QBs will be successful in day 1 and it's been said multiple times that he is a developmental QB.
  9. Something interesting caught my eye last night and I might be reading too much into this but this was from the introductory press conference for Thomas Brown From the Thomas Brown Presser regarding what he looks for in a QB: “A really good one,” he said with asmile. “I think it’s a lot of guys that kinda come in all shapes and sizes. But to me, it’s an ongoing conversation. We had some great dialogue the last couple days. It’s about who fits into this system, but also having a point guard mentality. Being able to distribute the ball to your playmakers and on third down, red zone, two-minute, go play Superman.” Now, I went back and watched Josh McCown's analysis on Bryce Young and here is just a small clip on his skill set: https://youtube.com/clip/Ugkxl-95Cm67McEl4Ls7TUdsr7hxi7roPkjv Now, again, maybe reading too much into this but the fact that Brown mentioning that he wants a QB with a point guard mentality and McCown (who is now the QB coach with Carolina) saying Bryce Young is a point guard and then factor in the intangibles Brown wants... Just seems to scream Young. Not my ideal choice, considering his size but I can't deny that he is a really good QB... The draft can't get here soon enough.
  10. So just watched Eric Bienemy's introductory pressers and I have to ask... Is Rivera planning on taking a step back from the HC position soon??? Because awfully felt like they were introducing their next HC, instead of OC/AHC....
  11. This... I do not want this to become a Tampa Bay situation
  12. I have a bold prediction too.... Josh McCown or Duce Staley will eventually succeed Reich as Head Coach. Given Reich's age, I do expect him to be here for several years but I think either were brought in as a contingency plan for the future if all goes well.
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