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  1. https://www.hogshaven.com/2023/2/1/23581489/washington-commanders-oc-search-where-will-ron-rivera-look-next-for-scott-turners-replacement-nfl So I was checking in on a old friend of ours to see who he is looking at for OC for the Commanders and noticed towards the bottom a list of who the teams have looked at and noticed they have Jim Bob Cooter listed (which we knew about) and Todd Monken... Not sure if they were meaning to put him down or if this legit because I havent seen any our team insiders say anything on Twitter... So take it with a grain of salt.
  2. Who is we?? Because last I checked people haven't moved on from this and let's face facts here... Some are still are not going to let it go until we start winning. Furthermore (and as I stated to someone else)... This is coming from a former player... Which means that the media is still talking about it too...
  3. I just thought it was interesting hearing a former player's perspective... That was simply it... And for the record, most Wilks supporters cannot let it go either
  4. (At the 50:00 mark) My apologies if this has been posted and I know many are tired of this debate but Smitty gets it...
  5. I think it is unfair to say that until we see results... It is quite possible that he could learn from his mistakes and actually produce a good team here. I am not too worried what Colts fans think.
  6. My best bet would be that they will go after Carr or even Aaron Rodgers
  7. Because at the end of the day, they know it is a business and they are getting paid to play to game, not to tell management who they should hire as head coach... It's call being professional
  8. I could be wrong on this but I think the only guys Carolina has looked at for the DC position have primarily worked with 4-3 defenses with the exception of Fangio so it is plausible we may stay 4-3
  9. So I am assuming Marquand Manuel or Kris Richard for DC?
  10. So bringing in coaches from past generations: Vic Fangio and John Fox... A little nostalgia there
  11. https://pantherswire.usatoday.com/2023/01/27/panthers-hc-frank-reich-interview-cardinals/ Apparently he was in "high demand"
  12. I just don't see Reich picking up a vet at QB except to be be a bridge until the rookie QB is ready. And from everything I am reading about Reich, he tends to like QBs with size so a guy like Bryce Young or a Brock Purdy like QB may be out of question. Something screams Levis as a guy Reich would like to have.
  13. Really? When was that said? I must of missed it
  14. I wonder when Reich's introductory presser will be
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