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  1. I just read that it's not just for throwback jerseys.... It's also for alternate jerseys too. So maybe all black uniform and helmet combo later this year? Or maybe a combo of black helmet with blue uniform and black pants?
  2. I agree, I always thought Szoke should've just taken over when Bill left but really scratched my head when they hired Mick. Hopefully Szoke gets his long overdue chance.
  3. It's all good, we might had hit it at the same timing... Mods are more than welcome to delete mine.
  4. https://www.panthers.com/news/long-walk-into-the-sunset Honestly, hate to sound blunt but it's loooooong over due. I will be curious to see who takes over the voice of Panthers
  5. I can see ourselves being in the same mold of the Buffalo Bills. It took time for them to build but slowly getting a foundation in place to take over as the top dog in the AFC East.
  6. Also, it was on Madden's soundtrack a few years ago. Probably one of my favorite soundtracks the Madden series has put out.
  7. https://www.si.com/nfl/2021/04/08/nfl-allow-jersey-number-changes-2021-season
  8. The fact that Jamie Newman was available as a UDFA QB was a bit shocking to me though and now he is going to sit behind Fields...
  9. https://www.panthers.com/news/2021-draft-day-3-transcripts What is the confidence level in Sam Darnold and the Panthers quarterback situation? Rhule: "We brought Sam here because we believe that he can win for us. When we look at him over his last three years, we see a guy with tons of potential. We see a guy that we think in our situation, in our offense is going to do really good things. And we have a lot of faith in PJ Walker, we have a lot of faith in Will Grier, so we think we have a really healthy quarterback situation. It should be fun from here. All I want Sam to do is just take it one day at a time. Everything for him doesn't have to be a referendum on whether he's a great quarterback or not. He just needs to come into the building and work every day. I believe the quarterback position is really, really important, but I also believe great teams win. I think Sam is going to be as good as the guys around him, and we've tried to put a lot of really good players around him. I'm excited to have him." It may just be coach speak but the fact that they didn't draft one single QB, in any round speaks volumes to how they feel about the current QB Situation. I think I am starting to believe they actually think more highly of Grier more than I thought. Thoughts?
  10. Really wanted Big Ben Cleveland, he grew up and played high school here in the town I am living in, my wife's hometown of Toccoa, GA! Very rare we have a Stephens County native in the NFL... Kind of cool man!
  11. Don't we have Ian Thomas and Dan Arnold to fill that receiving TE role?
  12. Good pick! Kind of makes up for lack of a guard selected (which we may still get ) but not really a passing the but great with blocking which is perfect for CMC. Dan Arnold will be our passing te.. Makes me wonder if we will double dip ND players and go with Ian Book lol
  13. I agree... We could wait and use one of our 6 rounders or just wait till we get udfa
  14. Amari Rodgers, Perkins, Melifunwu, Cox, meinerz, wyatt Davis, Brown all still on the board
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