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  1. So is it just me or would "Be Elite" be an awesome theme for our corner backs lol... Like can you you imagine Gilmore, Jackson, Bouye, or whomever getting a interception and the theme song just plays with them doing the Young Bucks dance lol
  2. What the hell was even the point of the draft? Half of the people that were drafted didn't even change brands... Kind of a waste to me. It's not it will matter much anyways because they will find ways to have wrestlers show up on different shows each week. And please, for the love God, WWE, stop using Oldberg as an attraction for your shows... No one cares for Goldberg anymore.
  3. I just literally saw a commercial for Monday Night Raw and the Draft on TNT during Dynamite.... I guess WWE is getting revenge for AEW airing a promo on USA Network during RAW lol
  4. Just a quick glance at their forum and already getting a head of themselves by thinking they are Superbowl contenders lol. I really do hope Carolina slaps them back to reality this Sunday.
  5. I admit the 2015's offensive line was good (with the exception of Remmers) but that season started with question marks because we didn't know what Oher had left and Norwell was a undrafted free agent. Plus, it didn't hurt having one of the most athletic QBs at the time. 03's offensive line was serviceable at best. The only star was Jordan Gross and the rest were a 6 round pick and veterans. I hope this year's line will surprise us but we won't know until we face some top tier defenses.
  6. The last two times the Panthers went 3-0, they ended up in the Superbowl.... Now I don't want to get hopes up but if this team can keep on the pedal and improve (especially on the offensive line) I can see a deep playoff run. I know it sucks losing CMC (and hopefully it's just for a few games) but we still have Robbie and DJ and I have high hopes for Marshall as well as the Arnold/Tremble TE combo. Let's prove these doubters wrong!
  7. I personally don't want the attention, I rather we play under dogs... That said, cautiously optimistic.
  8. Question: Do they have Carl's Jr or Hardee's? And before anyone asks, I really don't know why this question is relevant to the topic at hand.
  9. I know it's early but duuuuude... if we can somehow maintain this momentum and The Bucs suck from here on out, can you imagine the Nutting you guys will do over winning the south???
  10. I am cautiously optimistic about Darnold but I will reserve any praise until after he faces stiffer competition. I do hope Carolina continues to have that underdog mentality because I believe they play better knowing there is doubters.
  11. I honestly didn't think of Corral when I made the original post but not because I didn't think he was a bad QB or anything, I just forgot to add him to the list. If Sam Darnold continues to play well, I agree, we won't need a QB and I being cautiously optimistic about him. I made the post before the season started.
  12. That Jack Coan kid from Notre Dame actually looks decent. I wouldn't mind him as a late round pick if he decides to declare for the draft. I feel like this year's class feels a bit underwhelming but then, haven't watched too many games outside of Georgia.
  13. So I am loving AEW and what they are becoming however, am I the only one that gets annoyed by so many stables??? I mean, I get why AEW is doing it because they want to get the talent out in the ring but damn.... I feel like there is too many. To me, I find Team Taz to be the cheesiest of the group. Taz, to me, just feels like he trying to be too much like a Paul Heyman type of manager. I do love The Elite because they remind me of the Kliq with HBK, HHH, Nash, Hall, and Six Pacc. I am not all against stables but let's slow down on the number of them.
  14. I am reserving this thought until I see him play against more of the big teams
  15. Yeah sorry.... I meant to put Spencer but my mind was thinking Sam lol
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