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  2. What makes you think these individuals kneel and "do nothing else"?
  3. Trump calls black NFL players son of a bitch

    You're racist and you need to stfu . I bet you don't do poo for black lives matter so best you keep your mouth shut before a black man shuts it for your racist ass ! fug you real talk !
  4. Trump calls black NFL players son of a bitch

    i don't judge players who don't participate. there's a lot to lose. he can do whatever he wants for whatever stupid reason he wants, idc. the difference here is that he didn't use his own feelings to criticize kaepernick. he stated his opinion and that was that. probably because he knows that the reason for kaepernick's protest is far more important than his feelings about some shitty flag. you on the other hand called his protest ineffective and used your dumbass feelings as the foundation of your argument. you can use whatever dumb shitty logic you want, idc. keep it to yourself and don't try to undermine a guy who's actually putting in work while you pretend to care.
  5. Why don't you respect symbols that represent our nation? Money is just paper. Maybe every player that doesn't like whats going on should give that "just paper" to a cause like abused children or disabled veterans. Not being lazy and kneeling and doing nothing else. How about that?
  6. you must be in a raisin bran commercial because you're trying to see what's going on with the kids in the frosted flakes commercial on the next set over
  7. All you loyal fans poo pooing the fact that Cam is consistently injured and is the biggest question mark on our team, in terms of how far we go, are delusional. We are relying on a HEALTHY Cam, and he just isn't.
  8. If he does I'm done with the Panthers this year. That will be my protest. You don't disrespect our flag. fug the Falcons any they are a bitch team anyway.
  9. how is that a gotcha question? lol pretty sure he explained why he wouldn't kneel in his quote. He viewed it as disrespectful to the black, white and purple people who have given their lives for us. So you are cool with him not being down with Kapernick's method? Just not huddlers who used the same logic? It wasn't a gotcha question. A direct one. One you did your best not to answer by pretending his quote didn't provide his reasoning.
  10. Trump calls black NFL players son of a bitch

    What you expect he's a typical white male . Racist as fug it's in their blood to be racist and hate the black man because they jealous! They have no damn culture only thing white men do is steal others culture and ideas and make it their own . Im not even bothered but trump racist remarks because I already knew he was racist . I'll be mad if no one on our team takes the knee we have to have atleast one player to stand up against the racist bigots
  11. Just maybe you should respect what the flag represents instead of a piece of cloth
  12. He seems to acknowledge their is a line with his "protest". He isn't on a water cooler away from his teammates and sitting out the national anthem entirely.
  13. Trump calls black NFL players son of a bitch

    i think he should explain why it's disrespectful if he's critiquing kaepernick's protest. if he's simply speaking for himself then i don't give a poo, he can think what he wants and conduct himself however he pleases. if he's using his own feelings as a bludgeon against the valid, peaceful protest against the very real existence of racism and police brutality in america then he's going to have to show his work. sorry if your clumsy "gotcha" question didn't really work out. better luck next time.
  14. Engagement ring advice? (looking for custom ring)

    I wish you would ...
  15. fug that kneeling poo. You want to do something stop bending a knee and do something. Disrespecting our flag isn't going to change a damn thing.
  16. Engagement ring advice? (looking for custom ring)

    What she ain't know won't hurt her why not save bread n still get a dope ring ?
  17. I must be in a Raisin Bran commercial because I see two scoops of fruit.
  18. Aints offense

    Or what ?
  19. Is our offense predictable or not?

    Shula a dick head that's why
  20. guess y'all gonna stop watching baseball too lol
  21. Is our offense predictable or not?

    Anything before the present is history which may or not be relevant to now. I say let's see you are convinced nothing has changed without looking. And no offense but would you even know enough to judge if it had changed or not. And again I was at the Superbowl, I sure as hell remember it in vivid detail. That was a great lesson learned. Honestly who didn't think we were going to roll Denver outside of Colorado. We thought we were unbeatable and found out differently. The fact Gettleman spent a second rounder this offseason and 50 million on Kalil is evidence we needed much better tackles. If I remember Correctly Denver got their butt handed to them 2 years earlier after leading the league with a ridiculously good offense. It happens to lots of folks at some point. You move on except folks like you who keep rehashing it endlessly.
  22. Kneeling is disrespecting our flag and nation. People have died defending it and it's discusting. A bunch of people who would never conced one cent to help a vet would think they have the right to disrespect what they fought for. The NFL will lose a ton of money disrespecting Vets and our nation.
  23. Is our offense predictable or not?

    If you act in real life like you do on this forum, someone at that tailgate is probably gonna put some of your teeth down your throat.
  24. We know what’s going on in this world. There’s a lot of sad situations. Some people, we talk about it. But at the same time we just stand for our national anthem,” “There’s a lot of people in the military that’s fought for our rights for that, fought for a lot of things. With the things that are going on in the world, we just can’t disrespect them,” he added. “That’s how I feel about the situation. It would be disrespecting the people who really fought hard for this country.” what do you think of someone who says this? So he is against CK? Or is he racist? Or just someone who doesn't agree with the kneeling....but isn't your whole argument anyone who uses this angle is hiding something?
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