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  1. You can't trade him unless he accepts an offer.
  2. I was responding to him saying he was the best player in Free Agency. He's likely 3rd edge
  3. Agree. Reward the guys like Brown and Luvu and set the tone for expecting toughness
  4. Josh Allen from Jax is way ahead of Burns. He had 17.5 sacks, 2x as many qb pressures and is a good run defender. Chris Jones is also a FA and Hunter. Burns isn't the top FA
  5. You don’t make decisions to save face of a fired GM. That would really be embarassing.
  6. On top of that if you've seen him at camp he sits off to himself doing the drills alone whenever possible. He needs not a leader.
  7. Because trading more than a 1st and paying premier player salary for a one dimensional pass rusher who isn't premier isn't smart for any team. He's been here long enough to see he doesn't really move the needle
  8. I wanted Stoud too. But facts are facts and these clowns attempting to change Youngs height and revisionist history is pathetic given we already know otherwise
  9. Kind of difficult when he's not available at your pick Everyone and their mother knew they wanted Bryce. The entire storyline here was that they wouldn't pick Stroud because of his agent. Does everyone have amnesia all of a sudden for the sake of this debate?
  10. For anyone who forgot how to do a web search just type "texans bears trade" you will get a plethora if results on this topic. The Bears took the Panthers offer because of Moore https://www.si.com/nfl/texans/news/houston-texans-nfl-draft-bryce-young-cj-stroud-chicago-bears-trade
  11. I hope I'm wrong but anyone trading for Burns and a contract he wants seems unlikely
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