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  1. Playing big nickel he will have a huge role. I think we are making to much of the need for another linebacker who won't see the field much regardless https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stat-analysis/2022/2021-defensive-personnel-cowboys-and-bills-abandon-base We saw a new high-water mark for nickel defense in 2021, with defenses coming out with five defensive backs on 61.4% of all snaps. Base defenses are now used on less than a quarter of all plays,
  2. We have the idea it's one of two good candidates.
  3. He hasn't done it with anyone else why expect it now?
  4. He had Hurney and Gentleman and was never expected to be a personnel guy. Hurney and Gentleman are equally terrible. Ron was never even rumored to have been in control of the roster to where we could say he sabotaged it with defense. In reality Gettlemen just screwed the pooch in every hole when everything was looking good.
  5. Losing record and questionable work ethic and attitude. Diminishing production. You really want to prop up Kyler Murray to promote Young?
  6. All have been labeled press conference on YouTube and they are answering questions from the press
  7. All the coaches are giving them I suppose. Last few days has been a sequence of them. All on YouTube
  8. They will differentiate themselves during the private visits. If you listen to Fitterer
  9. The Bryce Young alts aren't the brightest bulbs and are unfortunately doing the guy a disservice. Hopefully Panther fans aren't so put off by them they hold it against him. It's not his fault.
  10. I'd error on the side of offensive line. Make sure whoever we pick never has to worry about the line.
  11. Cap wise we're committed to a draft picks salary at QB now
  12. That would make him epic moron as well. Why trade up if you can mold any QB?
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