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  1. I'm in Southeast Asia for most of the season typically. Primetime games I will stream during breakfast. This year not going until after Christmas so I get to watch most of the season live. Where in Vietnam?
  2. I've watched several Superbowls in Vietnam. A sports bar in Hanoi and just streaming from a guesthouse in the Delta. Think that was Eagles/Patriots
  3. Mind bowing. People who spend their lives online discussing a team give up watching the games after 2 games with a rookie QB.... but still live on the message board
  4. Of course they can. Hall of Fame QBs have rough starts. https://www.nfl.com/news/troy-aikman-peyton-manning-among-qbs-with-bad-first-starts-0ap3000000445192
  5. You were the biggest Bryce Young fanboy in the internet. Have you given up on him after his first 2 games?
  6. We always knew Stroud was the better passer
  7. Now everyone who argued for Bryce is turning on him after 2 games Huddle
  8. You have money. If other people's accomplishments are that important to your self worth them get some different jerseys and have your tailgate trailer redone.
  9. He's looking like one. And I'm lifelong UNC hater
  10. csx


    Fans deserve it? What the fug are you saying?
  11. Really should have drafted Howell. He was there for the taking and we would still have all those picks and Moore.
  12. csx

    Puka Nacua

    He was projected in 6th or 7th
  13. csx

    Puka Nacua

    Along with all the other teams scouts
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