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  1. Wait, so this is all about Canales saying Brooks has a "little bit a ways to go" they will "progresss them in to camp"? No poo....he had an ACL injury 7 months and 1 day ago. Revovery is typically 9 to 12 months so this is obvious.
  2. Dont waste your breath. You are talking to a guy who posts the same thing nearly 24/7
  3. This possibility should have been obvious but hey, lets freak out about that . The people saying he would be the the top rusher on the team were not paying attention.
  4. I think the media asks boring unoriginal questions and these guys are forced to talk generic media poo.
  5. We don't know that. We know the decision makers were terrible. The stories have regularly been the GM going against scouts.
  6. It's a thread about under appreciated players and you made the argument for him being under appreciated while disagreeing?
  7. You have to say some pretty absurd things to stick out here. That's all this is about.
  8. Who's the worse owner, Tepper or Igo? This was fixed nearly a year ago just needs to be updated. https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/475092-twitter-vs-x-oembed-url/
  9. I should have said it has to be the first thing on the form....with twitter link......hit return and it will load......then you can add other text
  10. You can't have text after it
  11. NFL players who got their teammates back over basement dwellers? Shocking.
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