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  1. I love a good story about family. This is great. I had forgotten about his grandfather and the ties to the area. Mom and GPa have doctorates. Family full of achievers. Good for him.
  2. Interesting factoid, when he played for the Panthers many referred to him as Samuels and then the wrath of the internet was laid upon them. Now that he is no longer a Panther everyone gets the name right. Confusing but entertaining nonetheless.
  3. Huddle anticipating camp. Huddle after Darnold throws one incomplete pass
  4. You are way too judgmental on furniture delivery guys. Those dudes are hard working. Other than that, I think we are aligned.
  5. I don’t think Darnold is going to be complete ass but he will not be all world. Dudes gut instinct is to get the snap, count to one then either run for his life or anticipate a car wreck. Hard to unlearn that in one training camp, one game or maybe one season. That said, I expect improvement but a year from now I suspect some of these same threads to be popping up. Hopefully a lot less but there will be some for sure. I trust Rhule’s process and Fit because a. I am a Panther fan, they are in charge and I have no other choice b. I think Field’s is a better QB than Darnold but I also believe the Jaycee Horn pick will turn out very well. c. There will be other chances to upgrade a QB if we need to. This is likely not going to be a playoff year for us so if Darnold is a mistake it is a correctable error and I don’t think it will set us back nearly as much as some other folks d. I think his team over performed last year. The talent exhibited from last years class of rookies was a refreshing change from previous years. e. This year’s draft value shows they are doing more than just throwing darts after the first round That said, I choose to be somewhat optimistic about the future of our team.
  6. My hope is the OL will simply hold up. I think some of the young guys might work out but there will be growing pains. Not going to be instantly outstanding. That said I am choosing to be slightly optimistic.
  7. I think the answer to questions 4 and 5 is that you develop the backup RB (maybe Hubbard) and a reliable threat at TE to give DArnold a release valve in addition to CMC.
  8. I wouldn’t expect for him to say anything else at this point. Got to have the back of your QB going into the season. It’s a wait and see game now. I don’t expect Sam to be elite but I don’t expect him to be Jets bad either. I optimistically see him moving in the right direction this year and hopefully positioning the team to be in playoff conversations in the latter part of the season.
  9. Agree with everything here. Daley is fine as a rotational guy but is not a long term (and by long term I mean anything more than a game or two) answer. Just want to also add as a PSA that Daley was a sixth round pick and thrown into a mess in his rookie season. He played admirably and in my mind above his draft position. Too bad Hurney didn’t pick up a guy earlier in that dra…. Um, nevermind
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