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  1. I believe those plays coupled with the loss is what sealed Wilk's fate. We will never know for sure but if I were a betting man I would say that was it.
  2. The problem is the algorithm to trade up to a premium spot is not in line with reality. I was able to swap from 9 to 5 by throwing in a mid and late round pick. Still fun tho
  3. Yes. Just like I'm an uglier, older, shorter, fatter, slower diamond in the rough version of Cam
  4. If the Raiders were willing to eat 85-90% of Carr's contract I would be willing to trade a closet full of XXL Panthers Coaching Smocks for him. Final offer and the clock is ticking. Expecting to hear back from SF anytime now...
  5. Well, if it walks like a duck slaughter machine, and talks....
  6. A few things grabbed my attention. 1. When asked about Indy he said they couldn’t run. Then followed up by saying “that’s on me. I’m the head coach and I’m responsible. 2. “Scott F. Sets the 53 and he decides who is active and who plays but there is collaboration” 3. It’s not a one man show. It’s a team effort. Somehow it feels like there is already a better definition and respect of roles people play within the org with him being here. Cant fully know for certain but looks like a big difference between him and the last regime.
  7. I think the organization made a good move with Reich. Could they have done better? Probably, but time will tell. Good coaching can make this roster better and I really hope the OC/DC can make a big and early impact. Still need to address some key spots but I feel optimistic.
  8. My unsubstantiated prediction which is not based on any rational evidence is that this will fail. Maybe not Siefert fail but it will be similar. If I’m wrong, we’ll, it will be consistent with most things I do, but I hope I’m right.
  9. Maybe unpopular but rationale based on what the QB room currently looks like
  10. I am sure there are legitimate instances of African Americans being passed over because of their race. I am almost as sure that the Wilks/Carolina job is not one of those instances. The attorneys might want to look at the situation and assess whether or not the Carolina job helps or hurts their argument. In my opinion you can easily poke holes in this claim.
  11. Concerned that I didn't hear anything about the process, JZ, or not beating ourselves. Hopefully his wife and family are involved and searching for players with cool names to draft. Seriously though, its a nice departure from the used car sales tactics. No matter whether you like the hire or not, there is an adult in the room.
  12. Wilks is a good coach and seems to be an even better person. He is a strong leader and while I don't believe he is the right coach for this team right now but he definitely has a place in the NFL. Wish him nothing but success.
  13. I regret that Matt Rhule was ever in the position to throwCam or any professional football player under the bus.
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