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  1. The travesty is that the 2023 Panthers is an historically awful team (maybe not the worst ever but definitely in the conversation). That said, IMO this historically awful Panther's team is the main contributor to the historically awful NFC South.
  2. Unfortunately, Jerry Reed is dead so you are likely gonna get the same energy level as you had with Frank. RIP Snowman
  3. Cant imagine a Belichick/Tepper marriage lasting long but it should be a real hoot for us fans.
  4. Spot on, but the sad thing is, your post will not age well. It will likely get darker and colder unless something changes at the top.
  5. Good point. I think it actually extended further than his rookie season and he wore the bust moniker until he didnt.
  6. Agreed. Gotta try and see what you have even if it is ugly.
  7. Sorry to be a killjoy but its likely that the official GM/HC list consists of Scott Fitterer and Frank Reich. Happy Thanksgiving??
  8. Makes sense what Greg is saying and what some have said all along. I have concerns about Bryce that grow weekly but agree with him completely.
  9. I respect the desire for change and the need to fire Frank but I think the only personnel decision Tepper needs to make is bringing on a person that understands football operations. Tepper has made many decisions that were not thought through carefully and this would just be another one. It would likely create another cycle of the same thing we've witnessed thus far under his ownership.
  10. I thought this thread was going to be about Dave and Nicole's wedding reception...
  11. With the Tepper's controlling things, the Carolina Panther's franchise must be the world's most expensive Lego set.
  12. I don't want to say it but I have to. Yes. It would be considered dead money.
  13. I don't think you have to be a "league source" to describe this offense as boring, predictable and lifeless although most folks will simply refer to it as historically shitty. Anyone who has watched more than one drive this season is frustrated with the offense.
  14. I think the line looked a bit better as a whole.
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