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  1. I read somewhere (espn?) he might be available. Know nothing about him other than his name is not Daley or Paradis.
  2. Please stop interrupting with logic. We are trying to have an irrational conversation.
  3. I think you are breaking the rules as I believe the overall objective is to poo on the current coaching staff. I agree with your point though. Brady is trying to make chicken salad out of chicken poo and he lacks the experience in this. I am still concerned just how good he can be but that is TBD from my point of view. I suppose we/I simply lack the wisdom others have. They seem to be able to make snap judgements on just about everything.
  4. Fug ghosts. That’s iddy biddy baby poo. Those are demons and they had hold of every Panther trying to catch a ball at BOA today.
  5. Agree. Not sure how an injured sixth rounder that was obviously being brought along slowly to begin with, tanks your draft class.
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