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  1. Haven’t gotten all the way thru but it’s pretty good. in summary:
  2. This guy comes to mind. Not sure if it adds up to more $$ but he was a big name and waste of money
  3. I think our entire TE room sucks with an optimistic and hopeful exception given to our recent draft pick
  4. I think the act of spotting the ball will still be done by a person as there was no mention of that. The spot is where you would find the vast amount of judgement and mistakes imo. I think you have a valid point though.
  5. I think that signing would signal that the team desperately wants to return to mediocrity. If that was the intent then why bother moving on from Rivera and company in the first place? He would have been able to manage mediocrity with a sniff of the playoffs here and there.
  6. I haven’t kept up much with the background of our draft picks. I knew he lost his father but was not aware his mother had passed also. That along with Transitioning to college and the position switch makes the late break thru more understandable. Basically a kid and was able to overcome so much and now he’s a first round draft pick. He’s gonna be an easy guy to root for.
  7. Seems to appreciate guys and be a guy that the players will like playing for. Also built a staff that is aligned rather than a brain trust. The coach speak is still coach speak but comes across like he gives you more insight. So yes, I think a different vibe. That said, they still need to execute and the moment there is a sighting of a DBO sign all bets are off.
  8. I pie this post not because I agree with it but because I appreciate the optimism I pie this post not because I like it but because I think this is quite a likely scenario unfortunately. Thanks for posting these without dragging down people that disagree in the process.
  9. It’s hard to be objective on such a polarizing topic. Half the time I want to stick up for Bryce cause he’s being relentlessly flogged and beaten like a drum . Then half the time I want to hate on him because people are making him out to be a victim like he’s a mistreated blind puppy with a Sarah McLachlan song playing in the background. The other half of the time I just say fug it.
  10. I think this is a subtle short joke. If not, apologies for misinterpreting but I’m amused nonetheless.
  11. Cant wait to see Tepper toss one of those liters of beer on a drunk Giants fans. Let’s take the debauchery global.
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