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  1. I only caught on after reading a couple draft reviews and noticed. I think “Terance’s” name will unknowingly be butchered like Curtis “Samuels,” and folks on here will get bent out of shape before long.
  2. He should have gotten rushing credit for the last 3 yards. Trucked the entire pile.
  3. I think this is very noteworthy. I haven’t seen the highlights but it sounds like he handled our first round starting DT pretty well when they matched up. There is definitely skill there. Previous regime would have probably traded up to the 2nd to get but with a sixth rounder and it is worth the perceived risk. At his worst he will be a special package short yardage guy and most likely be very worthy of the invite pick. If he is able to scale back some weight and get on an NFL conditioning program he could be an absolute steal.
  4. I think 9-8 or 10-7. But we split with N.O and sweep ATL. Caveat on this is I know absolutely nothing Tampa L Tampa L Atl W Atl. W NO W NO L Jets W giants W Philly. L Dallas Pick NE W AZ L Bills L Mia L Wash. W Minn W Hou W
  5. I heard this from one guy. Raised my eyebrows and dismissed it but when several things of the them come to the same conclusion it makes me think our FO and scouting department might be doing something other than surfing the google all day. Makes me less likely to excoriate them for taking a LS in the sixth instead of the 350 lb center from Bumfug State U dancing on roller skates in the tik tok video I saw.
  6. Isn’t this the same guy we should have picked in the fifth sixth and seventh round? If only we had reached for him with one of those picks our draft grades would have been better. Hindsight’s a bitch.
  7. And edge of your seat drama. and reassurance the huddle server is a gem so the first time Darnold throws a pick in a preseason game you can rest assured this place won’t go dark despite the load.
  8. Need a safety I think. Haven’t looked at the roster lately so Center may be a question mark also.
  9. I think anything other than an OL and QB centric draft focused on specific YouTube highlights = sucks for lots of folks. Just my 02 but I think it was a good draft. Lots of positional diversity and value picks including needs on a team that has lots of them.
  10. If this guy shows up at the 346 he is currently at (per article). I think it is something the staff can help manage. Dude has loads of potential.
  11. Great analysis. 8 picks in 3-6 is a huge plus and several of these guys should get solid reps on Sundays. I think this is a very good draft.
  12. 20 pounds would translate to skipping lunch. Big is an understatement
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