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  1. Before I can have any hope or be bothered to review schedule and think about this in detail, they will need to be above .500.
  2. Chad Powers might fall to us. That would be an upgrade.
  3. Ikey just needs time. I think some of the stuff being out of position, etc... is going to work itself out. There is a referendum on his draft position and potential every game and usually the arguments are not rational. Same garbage for JC "shoulda drafted Fields" Horn.
  4. I would give the panthers a +1 for being able show something on defense and a -1 or -2 for the forward pass to be such a huge liability at this point.
  5. Well he’s a good player and puts in a lot of work. But we need to get other receivers involved. And we need to run the ball because those other teams in the playoffs run the ball and pass the ball too. So I think he needs to take advantage of his opportunities and be prepared to play even tho he’s not gonna get opportunities and we’re not gonna play him. it’s a process and it’s working. Trust me.
  6. I appreciate the huddle taking advantage of this winning streak (1 is a streak, dammit) we are currently on. So glad we are seizing the opportunity.
  7. My only positive takeaway is that despite his confusion and happy feet, he only has one INT. The homer in me hopes that he gets right. The realist in me says this is what we are stuck with this all season and inevitably, the turnovers will start coming in.
  8. Most important part about that play is that it keeps the offense off the field. Nice job defense
  9. Trying to take myself away from a fan perspective. I can see (not agree, just see the personal justification) how Tepper would give Rhule a 3rd year. If he had fired Rhule after two it could look like Tepper is a hot head and doesn't give his guys a chance, potentially negatively impacting the ability to lure top tier coaching talent. That said, we are a couple games in, and anyone can see that this team is in disarray with no signs of the staff being able to overcome the issues that have haunted them since the regime took over. Ten wins and stats say if you score 17 points Carolina lays down. Better line talent, better QB talent, seasoned NFL staff members and the product on the field is basically the same. If (actually when) we continue to struggle, I don't think Tepper should have any misgivings about moving forward with a change. If Tepper is going to be "patient" with Rhule, I think that is likely to be measured based on games rather than seasons.
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