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  1. Only 3? I thought it had been longer than that. My bad
  2. This would be the ideal scenario. Dislike for Mayfield aside, he is probably a below average/marginal starter in this league(with lots of limitations). Unfortunately for us, Sam is not.
  3. Not sure about the option. Apologies I took the post as literal.
  4. It will also send a message that the FO is stupider than we think. Cut a Starting DT on a rookie salary because he isn’t progressing like we think he should. Backfill him with someone that plays about the same but costs more.
  5. Logically the panthers should be interested in any QB better who is better than anyone on the current roster. Interested doesn’t mean the terms and conditions are favorable. Personally would not care for this but not getting too lathered up yet.
  6. That's just 6 huddlers with a poo ton of alts. One of the most obvious reasons Elon's deal is on hold.
  7. Party too much and didn't study. Put it together and righted the ship. Sounds extremely familiar. Doesn't need to be the week one starter. If he turns out to be a gem then great. If he ends up being a competent backup, you got your third round value. Verdict is still out but I think it is a positive and rational step in upgrading the position that desperately needs to be upgraded.
  8. I think before doing this they might want to see A bit more of Corral. If they see the body of work and deem it worth getting a non Sam QB then maybe they pull the trigger on a competent mentor. Otherwise just ride it out with Sam.
  9. Taking unforeseen injuries out of the equation, I think the odds of Winston pooing the bed are much higher than Brady morphing into a turd.
  10. This was based on failing a physical. He was an end of roster guy when fully healthy. I understand why they cut him, just hope he gets healthy and catches on somewhere. It’s a tough league.
  11. I think I can agree with you that there is a strong possibility that he will have his best year ever. Even with that I don’t think that means he is a legitimate starter in this league. It might not 100% his fault as I think he is conditioned to go 1, 2 I’m about to get killed if I don’t make a play. He had these tendencies when drafted and his experience with the Jets and Panthers only reinforced that. I think having more confidence in the line may marginally improve this but not enough for redemption. I hope I’m off base and would love it if you can post an “I told you so” rebuttal after next season.
  12. I think they have to try because there is the appeal factor that pulls ratings. Aikman is coming to mind as being decent behind the microphone. When you get down to it I dont see anything particularly special about him other than he just has a matter of fact oh shucks type approach that people seem to accept. I dont see charisma but it comes across as genuine. Brees never connected.
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