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  2. Hi there

    ...lol Is a dude with a cat weird?
  3. Chris Rock is a fuging moron

    MLK would be rolling over in his grave if he knew how much blacks want segregation now...all black beauty pageants, black history month, all black tv channels, etc...shame on you...
  4. Chris Rock is a fuging moron

    So quit whining, snowflake, and get out and protest. Be the white change you want to see in this white world. But until you can actually explain how White History Month would be different from any other month, you're just another inbred, Rufus.
  5. Hi there

    Just saw that Eagles fan eat poop, so there's that.
  6. Chris Rock is a fuging moron

    True, they don't have one, MLK was against this same thing of segregation, everybody equal, guess you are a MLK hater...
  7. Chris Rock is a fuging moron

    at least kobe knows how much of a tool chris rock is
  8. Please no me me me players in Carolina.
  9. Hi there

    Working on my Batchelors degree, collage is grate. Started a few troll farm social media pages, its fun. Work.
  10. Chris Rock is a fuging moron

  11. Chris Rock is a fuging moron

    You're not fooling anyone, Rufus. We can all tell that you dropped out of 8th grade to go work at Dairy Queen so you could barely afford shitty tattoos.
  12. Chris Rock is a fuging moron

    High school education proving you wrong time and time again...lol..this is hilarious..,I'm actually enjoying it...lol
  13. Oscar Nominations

    I really loved Get Out, but the fact that it got an Oscar nom says a whole lot about the state of the industry today. I'm super happy for Jordan Peele though. I haven't seen Shape of Water, but I suspect it is similar. Hollywood plays it too safe with this poo.
  14. Chris Rock is a fuging moron

    No your just stupid that Obama dropped 26,171 bombs during his Presidency....killed many women and children...Obama was at war longer than any other President in US history...war monger Obama...what else ya got?
  15. Chris Rock is a fuging moron

    I don't even think I'm talking to someone with a high school education.
  16. Chris Rock is a fuging moron

    Spinless bootlicker...such powerful words, you learn those from your mommy? lol
  17. Predicting the Tag

    If he gets cut he won't get anything. The $2.8m is dead money from a prorated bonus that would was paid in a previous year. He has already received that. That cap hit is going to be there regardless if he plays or not. According to www.spotrac.com this is what he can make this year: Salary - $4.5m Roster Bonus - $1.5m per game bonuses - $1.25m Total that could be earned in 2018: $7.25m When talking about a pay cut the easiest way to think about it is you cut the player and resign him at a new price. At that point it is about leverage. If we were to cut Kalil how much would he get on the open market? Between age and injury history last year I would think around $3-4m maybe? You have to be careful because the lower limit he might decide its not worth playing anymore and just retire. Personally I could see them offering him around a $3m salary and keep the $1.25m in per game bonuses and lose the roster bonus. That means the most he could earn would be $4.75m which would save the team $3m in cap space or even more if he doesn't play all 16 games. Or they could cut him and save a lot more. I keep thinking though if we let Norwell walk the coaches might want to keep Kalil for another year, but if we resign Norwell we might cut Kalil just to help offset some of the extra cap for Norwell.
  18. Chris Rock is a fuging moron

    https://www.globalresearch.ca/us-has-killed-more-than-20-million-people-in-37-victim-nations-since-world-war-ii/5492051 No, you're just too stupid to realize how ignorant you are.
  19. Chris Rock is a fuging moron

    Makes sense that you would love this kind of poo since you're such a spineless bootlicker.
  20. Chris Rock is a fuging moron

    You mean Botswana, Morocco, Namibia, Tunisia, Algeria, Ghana, Rwanda, and Senegal? But hey, at least you got the racist part right, but you forgot to add ignorant. That's some serious white privilege to assume any country where the majority is black is a "shithole".
  21. Chris Rock is a fuging moron

    chris rock used to be a great comedian, but clearly he's been paid off by his handlers and now he's pushing the stupid liberal agenda. what ever happened to gems like this? you know, great comedy while also spitting the truth!
  22. Chris Rock is a fuging moron

    http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/ct-chicago-violence-first-six-months-met-20170630-story.html Oops, you lose again...lol...I love winning with your comments...try another...lol
  23. Marty Hurney Has Been Reinstated

    I just remember the Ryne Robinson’s, Armanti Edwards, Dwayne Jarrett, Eric Sheldon, McClain, Fua, and I believe the list keeps going
  24. Chris Rock is a fuging moron

    The rest of the world disagrees.
  25. Chris Rock is a fuging moron

    Name a successful all black country...oops, lol...I might be racist for saying that,..lol
  26. This. Dak too scurred to throw up the 50/50. Cam is used to it and would have no problem. Dez is talented enough to come down with it or break it up the vast majority of the time too. I'm all for Dez at the right price honestly.
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