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  2. Which Panthers UFA do we re-sign?

    You know damn well we're going to re-sign Bersin.
  3. Cap at 178 Plus

    Thats up 10 mil from last year Putting us at 30 million in cap space
  4. Which Panthers UFA do we re-sign?

    I'd like to keep Peppers, Star, Gano and Norwell. The rest I wouldn't even extend an offer to until down the road if we find ourselves needing them for depth. It seems unlikely we can keep Both Star and Norwell but one of them should be doable and I am thinking Star is the more affordable option. I would love it if we made Allen Robinson a priority in free agency. Other primary players of interest would be Sammy Watkins and Eric Reid.
  5. There is actually one place where this whole thing is most likely going to hit Richardson pretty hard. His legacy. Jonathan Jones and others have all pointed out that Richardson is "obsessed" (their word) with being remembered as a great man. The team was meant to be a living monument to that. Instead, he could wind up being remembered as a dirty old racist. General consensus is that when he agreed to sell the team, it was with the implied understanding that the NFL wouldn't bother to investigate him because, as mentioned, what else could they do to him? But now the league that used to revere him, the league whose cause he championed in CBA negotiations, the league whose logo he left at the center of the Panthers field out of loyalty, is likely to put a nasty smear on his memory. It's legitimately tempting to feel bad about that, but the ultimate reality is that all this is nobody's fault but his own. I hate to see things end this way, but turning a blind eye to it isn't an option.
  6. Mike White WKU

    Found another nice video of Mike and this one includes Riley Ferguson and Anthony Miller... https://2tubenow.com/video/4_MxJjM6VR0/2016-boca-raton-bowl-highlights-western-kentucky-51-memphis-31.html
  7. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    holy poo
  8. Post your view from work

    No wonder there were so many insurance salesmen everywhere!
  9. 5 wide

    Agreed that Byrd is fine as a 4th or 5th WR. We gotta hope that Samuel can be a legit slot receiver and that we acquire another legit starter this offseason. I actually think we're not THAT far off as a whole. Another legit starter and a little luck with injuries and I think we have a chance to have a pretty decent WR corps.
  10. Post your view from work

    I’d post my view but then everyone will know where I work.
  11. Which Panthers UFA do we re-sign?

    Pep, spend the money on Norwell (tag if you must), let the rest go if they wont sign minimum or near-minimum deals. DA fuging blows, Gano will get overpaid for playing decently this year and we can get a K late in the draft, the rest are JAGs at best.
  12. UEFA Champions League

    Rough injury for Neymar just before the second leg vs Real, though it would have been very difficult for them to progress regardless.
  13. 5 wide

    I don't think anyone thinks he is a star. But he showed enough promise to get a good shot at the 4th or 5th receiver spot. In reality, he has shown more than any receiver currently on the roster other than Funchess. Which is why I hope we get another receiver in free agency. We need someone who knows what he is doing to combine with funchess while we give Byrd and Samuel a chance to show what they can do. Well, mainly to show that they can say on the field enough to make them worth a roster spot.
  14. 5 wide

    I think that the hit may have had something to do with the drop.
  15. Which Panthers UFA do we re-sign?

    I'd like use to resign Peppers because at 37 he made a bigger impact than almost every other DE on the team. Star because of his impact on the d-line, freeing up LB's Norwell obviously because of his ability to Cam upright and Gano obviously because of kicking accuracy this past season, but only if we don't think that we can find another Butkner and I'd also like another look at Gachkar, in camp
  16. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    wow.. WOW
  17. Today
  18. this is real, JR being punished is fake news
  19. 5 wide

    Not sure if you are talking about me, but anyone who thinks Shepard and Clay are better than Byrd in any way are insane. Byrd was barely healthy last year, but looked way better than either of them in just the few games he played. I wouldn't say he's a star or that he's got a higher ceiling than Samuel, but the post I just replied to might be the first one where any Panthers fan has had anything good to say about Clay and Shepard as WRs. They were terrible last year and Clay in particular cost us in the playoffs. I'd take Samuel and Byrd all day behind Funchess. I'd like to add more, but there's not a single other WR on our team last year that I'd want to count on this year. Samuel and Byrd need health, but they showed that they could get open and actually catch the ball. Honestly, as far as hands go, Byrd was a bit better than Samuel. Samuel ended his season due to a drop.
  20. Shoot, man, my Internet is down right now. That's one reason I've been on the site more than usual today. I know that it has to be them, but won't find out until the man arrives tomorrow. For all the money they get, you'd think that they'd be perfect. They go down too much, and their maintenance annoys me. I could go with Century Link (and still might), but I've heard horror stories about them too. I'm waiting on Google Fiber to make it's way here too.
  21. Cap at 178 Plus

    Just imagine how good Amini Silatolu will be when he's paid $10 million a year! It will prove Hurney wasn't wrong.
  22. Poll be honest...

    Sales/Consulting Probably face to face about 15
  23. 5 wide

    Nope. Anyone who thinks Clay and Shepard are better WRs than Byrd are delusional. I know Byrd was hurt for most of the year, but he made catches when he was targeted, Clay and Shepard dropped more catchable balls than anyone on the team. They were awful. Remember the loss to NO in the playoffs? Remember all the blame on Gano for missing the chip shot? What happened one play before? An easy TD catch on a ball that went right through Clay's arms.
  24. How about those Cheating Dookies

    There will be corruption no matter what they do, that I am sure of.
  25. Post your view from work

    Rain seems to have flooded your parking lot
  26. Yeah same boat with Spectrum no other high speed provider around me worth switching. If Goole fiber or another one moves in Im switching immediately.
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