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  1. I love Jake don’t get me wrong. I know what he was doing he is always a positive guy. And when you put Jake aside, there nothing else there. The whole thing was that it was a weak take.
  2. 32 teams, you don’t get much slack. I bet the 30-50 slots have a lot of yearly turnover. edit: well at least the team knew who to invest in between the two (Burns, Brown).
  3. All you have to do is look at Bryce on the field next to people. He should never be compared to Cam as a quarterback except by results. They are opposites. otherwise, almost. Look at how big the mic looks compared to his big head lol. And his hands, wow, huge.
  4. I get it. This is the action before admitting failure. Due diligence, whatever. You have to make sure. Canales’ 1st job I’d say. You put him to work. With Young I can see a path to .... something better than last year. How much is the question and it totally hinges on backing the defense off and making them defend more square yards. I should have said ‘primarily’ not totally. bearhands, that has always been the story. He doesn’t physically translate to the NFL, JMO. There are no above average physical traits and you have to have something that puts you in the game with these athletic freaks. I probably mark too much off for where he was selected.... but it pretty much stands.
  5. I don’t know how it will turn out but.. If the guy can’t shine, and they won’t move to replace him that would be a deal breaker for me. I didn’t agree to be a chump for 5 years over a deal I hated to begin with.
  6. We would need to have patience in the QB hunt. Thinking you could just buy your way out of it is pretty questionable thinking. No top 5 trade ups that cripple your next several seasons just to get that 'high hope’ harvest of one player from that year’s crop. Accept your draft position and be smart about it. One thing that would help is remembering you have hired, hopefully (that word again), people that can maximize QB talent. Maybe find someone he thinks he can unlock.
  7. Oh good. So we are 6 years in. I think that going one by one through their turnarounds would be educational. Some of those teams had decades of culture they had to reverse.
  8. Definitely don’t want to do anything that risks slowing his healing and mending, but when he’s healed it is important to get him in and get him through the period of mental healing and learning to trust the repair. Which seems to take a year for many of these rehabbed athletes.
  9. I am gonna be real disappointed if people rationalize themselves to satisfied with a top 25 player from all what we spent. Or at all.
  10. Looks like the reporter called Shocker 154 times.
  11. I don’t think I’ve seen a worse half of football by a QB than Mayfield had to open 2022. Listened to Person. Whatever. I didn’t hear a lot of hype, he said the team loved him personality and character wise (I am paraphrasing). Said number 1 in high school, 1 in college, the team expected him to do the same in the NFL. He said thye press was okay with giving Young a pass for last year, mentioned Troy Aikman’s rookie year and kept that honest by adding some guys have had bad rookie years and never had a good year. Stopped a little short of saying it was a make or break year for Young. Said they wanted to see improvement. ------- I say no telling the future for sure, but he has room to improve and still not be the guy. That’s how bad it was. He has to drastically improve and it has to show up in the chunk play department, and in the W-L department.
  12. Nothing that Jake said really supported what he was saying. Whether you agree or not, Verge did that. Jake is like, well Geno did great with Canales so Bryce will too. It ignores the experience advantage Smith has, and ignores his deep ball reputation. https://atozsports.com/nfl/seattle-seahawks-news/seahawks-geno-smith-named-best-deep-passer-for-the-2022-season-nfl-news/ PLEASE note I am not saying that doesn’t mean Young won’t improve but it’s a lazy job by Jake; the only real commonality is Canales. And Jake works for the team media so what do you think he is going to say, no comment? Haven’t watched Person yet.
  13. Let's just sticky that replay. So people can live in their happy place.
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