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  2. Who's going to evolve in 2018 ? Norv or Cam ?

    To me it has to be both. Obvious reasons with Cam because there will be some changes in Turner's playbook compared to Shula's crayon book. Though the concepts will be similar. Turner will have to evolve too. Cam is a once in a lifetime athlete. I think part of the challenge/excitement for Turner is working with Cam. Getting him into position to cause some serious damage. I know I am excited to see the true outcome of this match.
  3. Hornets vs Wizards Center court

  4. i agree about norv being the best...not sure i agree about haley. i mean haley's good, but trouble/drama follows him and i think the idea behind this thread would be a lot more relevant and outcome potentially a lot more disastrous than what it would be with norv. haley i think would be a personality more likely to clash with cam. i don't know if it would be as bad as it is with big ben because i think ben is pretty drama prone himself and a bit more of a diva than cam as far as the "it's my way or the highway" mindset goes. i think norv very well could be about the most perfect guy to work with cam and help him grow without issues coming up. he won't be cam's buddy, but he also won't be cam's adversary. i see him more in a mentor role.
  5. Other than Todd Haley I really don't think we could have done much better. Norv is the best OC we have had in franchise history.
  6. Playstation vue

    I don’t post much but I have been looking on this site daily for many years and thought maybe you fine people could help me make a decision. I have heard a lot of good things about Playstation Vue and direct tv now but have also heard that some of the panthers games are blacked out. I have cable service but my family and I don’t really watch enough tv to justify paying the hefty price. Do any of you guys have PS Vue or direct tv now? If you do then did you get to watch all the panther games? Thanks in advance.
  7. Wilks to get second interview with Cardinals

    Well three Avenues to follow. In house with Bettcher who I know nothing about. Offensive minded John DeFilippo who really did a good job with Wentz and they are expected to target Lamar Jackson and this would be a good marriage. I personally think Jackson is going to be another The Golden Calf of Bristol/Manziel/RGIII failure but with a rookie QB they will need a good offensive minded coach. Defensive minded in Wilks. Not much experience as a DC but is well respected among the players and would probably be a good head coach. The Cardinals need some work on Defense and the offense needs overhaul but his defense might keep them afloat while they fix the offense. Bruce was an offensive minded coach so management might be leaning for another offensive coach so I think DeFilippo will be their #1 target.
  8. Daeshon Hall

    Call her, get laid tonight. Switching four lanes, got payed tonight. I hit the highway. Making money the fly way. But there's got to be a betta way...
  9. I'm not in favor off losing Wilks. I'd like to see his growth, his print on our defense.
  10. Daeshon Hall

    Does he have 20" blades on his Impala?
  11. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    good website (trayvon martin allegedly said he was being followed by a "creepy ass cracker" to his friend on the phone moments before he was murdered by george zimmerman)
  12. this. and still so much better than anyone else from the nfcs or the pats or the steelers or the seahawks winning it. would be great to see some other team pull it off. i wish it was us and we've had our chances, but there's more annoying teams who could be winning it.
  13. I watched almost the whole game on TV at home up until MN got their last FG. Then I drove to my GF's house and sat in my car and listened on SIRIUS to NO get their go-ahead FG. Turned it off and went inside. Checked phone for some reason about 15 minutes later, saw the final score, and did the biggest facepalm I've ever done in my life. I missed that poo.
  14. Haley fired

    But that's bullshit. It's 14 field goals! ~Shula, probably
  15. Your ideal 2018 Super Bowl

    screw the Pats and screw the NFCE So would like Vikings-Jags with Vikings coming out on top - one of my favorite non-Panthers fanbases to interact with and a a team with a great story this year.
  16. We had two chances to win a SB. We blew it both times.
  17. They need to get someone with actual DC experience, not try to "promote from within".
  18. Olga bitches. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2NGqI6FqeQ
  19. I think that was the day the Cardiac Cats name came to be. I was so pissed that they scored and we were going to lose that game.
  20. Survive and Advance is also the best 30 for 30. Absolutely epic. Nothing will come close to that moment.
  21. Offseason NFL News

    Speculation that Hue Jackson may hire Ben McAdoo to be the browns new OC. (because of course)
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