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  2. I hope so, definitely not kosher at all. Especially since they went hard at Crabtree. Complete buyer's remorse and if he passes multiple other physicals, they used that to get out of it. I hope the NFLPA gets all over it because it's absolutely a player issue when a team can just flub the physical because of another player getting released.
  3. We don't need more WRs? What about the future? Do you want to pay Funchess $10M+ per year? Because that's what it's going to take.
  4. We don't need more WR. Smith was more than enough currently. Byrd, Clay, Funchess, Sheppard and Bersin. Barring injury it will be fine. Getting Olsen back from his injury is huge. Maybe getting Wilson or Ebron (which I think is overrated but whatever) would add another weapon. Cam can only spread the ball around so much. If we do add another WR it should only be through The draft. We need S and CB. I'd say take a look at Ried or Vacarro even Boston. As far as CB Gaines is a good option. Or trade for one. This draft has to have OL, DLine and DB help. With maybe one weapon for Cam. Wide out or Tight end. It's time to address the needs and quit this BPA bs. Draft what you need to replace. If he fits your system and upgrades or replaces a player, good.
  5. +/- Game

    Pass offense: +WR, -interior OL Rush offense: +RB (sorry, Stew is addition by subtraction at this point), -interior OL Pass Defense: +secondary (Worley and Coleman are additions by subtraction, Seymour is roughly equal to Worley even if we don't upgrade and honestly I'd rather have Colin Jones out there than the Coleman we saw last year and I don't think we're done by a long shot with our secondary changes), +DT (Poe is a better pass rusher than Star), +DE (CJ is addition by subtraction at this point and Horton should've been taking even more of his snaps last year, hopefully Hall looks much better after a de facto redshirt season) Rush Defense: roughly the same, Poe roughly equal to Star as a run stuffer. Honestly, if we're going to miss Worley anywhere it's here. He's a lot more physical at stepping up to help against the run than Seymour.
  6. Speaking of failed physicals..

    I could see the Ravens having to pay Ryan Grant some money.
  7. i would be severely disappointed in all of these, in large part bc you never drafted a wr
  8. Sign a starting caliber FS. Likely a former Panther. Either roll the dice on Boston as the long-term answer or bring back Parker or Mitchell as a stop gap. I'm not sure if I see even a stop gap starting caliber CB left on the market. Sign Eric Ebron as #2 TE and potential successor to Olsen. Sign a veteran OG who can fill in as a starter if need be, but hopefully serve as a backup. Ideally come out of the first three rounds with a CB, S, WR, and interior OL. Look to add a RB later. Look for a potential developmental backup QB in the later rounds. A project TE wouldn't be a bad idea either. The wildcard in this equation is DE. We don't have an immediate need, but we have a huge need for future talent. If the right guy is there, DE is on the table at any point in the draft including #24. Our defensive philosophy is absolutely reliant on being strong at DE.
  9. +/- Game

    i like the tags
  10. step 1: trade butler step2: Draft a DB&WR in the 1st 2 rounds step 3: waste zero resources on a rb
  11. It is what it is, best laid plans, blah blah blah.. What do we do now?? IMO.. We make 3 to 4 more FA signings.. Ebron, Safety (Boston, Reid, or Vaccaro) and a WR (Kendal Wright, Jarius Wright, or Maclin) maybe a older CB (DRC, Sacndrick, or Breaux).. In the Draft .. We Go Safety/ CB combo 1st 2 rounds.. 3rd round Wr/RB/OG-C .. 5th Round RB/OG/ WR/DE 6th round QB/ DE/ LB 7th round Oline men..
  12. Speaking of failed physicals..

    Got a pretty good feeling the NFLPA gets involved in this story at some point.
  13. NCAA Tournament

    But....free Little Ceasars on April 2nd !!
  14. Speaking of failed physicals..

    The Ravens with Grant? Crabtree wasn't available when they agreed to terms with Grant. It's definitely suspicious.
  15. Speaking of failed physicals..

    This. I thought it was weird that he didn't show to sign on Wednesday but I didn't think much into it. But based on what happened yesterday, I think he was 100% stalling.
  16. Speaking of failed physicals..

    They wouldn't have brought him in if they didn't want him. He obviously failed their criteria.
  17. Tidbits from my source

    man Samuel might not ever be the same.... poo sucks.
  18. Today
  19. "Stands as a solid last day pick". What are the odds of last day picks becoming all-pro or at least starters? Very small, that should say enough for this thread. I'm rooting for him and hope he does well.
  20. Velma considers capitalism a sin.
  21. Free Agency Notes and Speculation

    Sickening, maybe or maybe not, this is where we find ourselves.
  22. And? Haven’t read the thread all the way thru but if someone’s wealth was legally acquired then why does it matter if they pass it to their offspring? Just basing this reply off that post... wil read thread over when sober.
  23. Might as well forfeit the season
  24. The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    https://www.cnn.com/2018/03/17/politics/john-brennan-donald-trump-mccabe-firing/index.html watch the video. he is fuging scared, he knows trump is destroying his party. This is unbelievable. Except it is.
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