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  2. No the cost we spend is real. The cost of single payer is close but can vary due to what it covers. So yes I said about a lot. Specifics are need to nail things down more. But the overall story is sound. Single payer costs less.
  3. wait....almost done now.
  4. historically gvt programs are not more cost effective so forgive me if i'm a little skeptical...put up or shut up ...if its a better plan you should be able to show that very easily. but if it is a political fantasy you are in love with then it will only get more frustrating for you.
  5. screw you for not showing me the plan if you do that maybe we have something so far it's you off the top of your head with some numbers that are way less than what the proponents of single payer said...WaPo says 3.2 trillion...demonstrate it is more cost effective...
  6. i dont think you're wrong ive written about this at length, but he's just got too many factors working against him. from a schematic point, they can't recreate the 2015 offense without getting him killed since the nfl would be complicit in his death shula isn't capable of devising an offense that doesn't sacrifice the qb to bring a safety in the box. from a physical standpoint, throwing a football kinesthetically is about four points on your body: foot, hip, shoulder, wrist/hand. Half of that is compromised for cam. He'll never be able to throw consistently.
  7. I'm on a truth jag...you got any? are these numbers off the top of you head?
  8. Rams playing now, ck out Whitworth their LT. Also ck out what a new OC has done to their pitiful offense from last year.
  9. Shula unrest

    This is a perfect example of what I was talking about earlier. We see the same things but come to very different conclusions based on knowledge. For example you say we had the same gameplan for 11 games last year. That is ridiculous and no one who knew even a modicum of how teams prepare for another would say we didnt change our gameplan for each opponent. Hours and hours of film work lead to hours of matching plays to other teams tendencies and looks in certain down and distances. They aren't just pulling plays out of the air. Everything is scripted and yet fluid based on what you are setting up for later, what is working, and where you can exploit mismatches. It is a chess game that is constantly changing. So please stop with the amateurish complaint he doesn't adjust and get more specific by saying his adjustments to outside wide 9 pressure are ineffective. And then tell what he did wrong. Then I will give you some credence and we can have a discussion. Otherwise stop the parroted complaints that have no root in any substance.
  10. A really good video about how to debate Nazis

    If we're entertaining that people that support freedom of speech are de facto nazi sympathizers: we'll just go ahead and assume that all people that are pro-choice are de facto pro-abortion Ergo, pro-choice people support the murder of 51 million innocents and counting in the United States alone... scoreboard. amidoingitright?
  11. I'm shocked that PU actually came back into the thread and replied. He usually just starts these crazy rants and disappears.. Never to be seen again
  12. 100 percent!!!!! We should have kept him out as we did Luke BUT according to Ron "he wouldn't let us take him out, he's a competitor". Interesting enough, the same coaching staff benched him for not wearing a fugging tie in primetime. As for the OP, chill out. Cam is still Cam. To be honest, he needs a speedy/shifty receiver as his first read if this line can't hold. Rookie Year: Smith (Broke rookie passing record) 2nd Year: Smith (Playoffs 12-4) 3rd Year: KB (7-9) 4th Year: Ginn (15-1 MVP) 5th year: KB (6-10) 6th: KB ... (this thread is created) Now I LOVE KB, but for Cam to put up his MVP stats we need speed at that first read IMHO.
  13. You missed the point. It's about effort not drafting a franchise LT. It does not take a franchise LT to upgrade Kalil or Bell or Remmers or that DT we moved to LT (lol) forgot his name. You'll never find an answer if you don't look, are comfortable and don't take chances.
  14. We've had low scoring affairs against the Saints before. If anyone remembers the 2013 game that sealed the NFC South for us, I think that's what we're getting.
  15. A really good video about how to debate Nazis

    /me rubs hands like birdman /me settles back to watch this idiot divert the thread into abortion = nazis argument
  16. dotard

    Kim Jong-Un just clapped back against 'rocket man' with this. noun noun: dotard; plural noun: dotards an old person, especially one who has become weak or senile. who won the toddler name calling?
  17. A really good video about how to debate Nazis

    Are you Pro-Choice?
  18. I guess that sounds good but in all honesty, now we're getting to where we can make a stat out of anything.
  19. Impressive, one of your better troll threads. Well done.
  20. I once dated this girl, well... never mind.
  21. @mjligon be like huddlers on this thread.
  22. Petition to "Heal" The T box

    didn't read a single one of them
  23. White people get in here

    i'm doing 2 major things that i feel like are helping. 1. i'm denying that there's a problem. and 2. i'm fighting tooth and nail to keep confederate statues up. i feel like if we keep at these two major steps we will get the blacks off the democrat plantation.
  24. If you look at Matt Kalil's grade for week 1 he was one of the better tackles lmao. IIRC he was around the 80s. I take PFF grades for o-linemen with a grain of salt. EDIT: 76.1
  25. More like his handle would-be Betty Crocker.
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