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  2. Inmates who clapped for cop-killer may face reprisals

    i know. glad we got that cleared up. now please stop filling up my notifications with your stupid posts.
  3. jarvis landry being bad at football is apparently the worst post? at the very least bring up my russell shepard takes. those are far worse lol.
  4. 2018 Roster turnover

    It's called talent evaluation.. You have too be able to rotate talent out for cheaper talent because you Can't pay everybody ... Sorry this isn't madden...
  5. this is the worst post ever made on this forum, congrats
  6. Inmates who clapped for cop-killer may face reprisals

    I wasn't making an argument, goofball. I was making fun of you. Have fun at your next Antifa meeting though!
  7. jarvis landry is an overglorified scatback trying to play slot receiver and inflating his stats with excessive targets while giving poor output in the yards per target range alongside being a meaningful impact player on a consistent basis. his third down conversion rate nearly makes the lottery a better gamble.
  8. I'd say a guy who says stuff like this... ...probably doesn't really care if people think negatively of him. Heck, from that article, it sounds like he enjoys it. Keeping a pair of brass testicles on your desk also doesn't really scream "worried about people's opinions". But that said, he's also a legitimate philanthropist. From his Wikipedia page...
  9. Daryl Williams

    It will be fine...draft a LT...extend Williams ...Moton moves inside...
  10. He and A Rob are the two prizes of the WR FA class, no? Someone was going to greatly overpay.
  11. Technically, Richardson doesn't control the timetable. The firms he hired to handle the sale do. From The Observer... So until the final bids are made and presented to Richardson for him to make his choice, everything is in the hands of these guys.
  12. How does being frugal equate to being a douche? You don't accumulate wealth by squandering it. Beside if you had 11 billion dollars you wouldn't give a crap what anyone thought either.
  13. What was our cap figure after the preseason?
  14. A player IS worth whatever a team will pay for him. I didn't expect any team (including--maybe especially--the Dolphins) to think Landry is worth $16M for a year (more than Julio...). I was wrong, of course.
  15. Ruh roh - indictments

    NYT now spreading Cruz was sponsored by NRA shooting team because last narrative bout being a white supremacist failed Posted by fake NY times Shooting Suspect Was on School Rifle Team That Got NRA Grant Rang I thought he trainedbat white supremacist group which story will they make up next that's right Paid actor last Name Hogg 5 months ago was at another shooting interview
  16. Inmates who clapped for cop-killer may face reprisals

    That's why I find this an interesting first amendment case, because I don't recall those cops getting in any trouble.
  17. this is like giving fozzy whittaker 16 million dollars. this is hilarious.
  18. He certainly comes across as a giant douche in the select quotes.
  19. Inmates who clapped for cop-killer may face reprisals

    stirs, all tinderbox banter aside, your meme game is the worst I've ever seen anywhere on the internet.
  20. Realistically speaking, if he wanted a new stadium, he could pay for a pretty big chunk of it himself. But then there's this: Uuuuhhh...yeah. So if he did want a new stadium, it sounds like he'd look for as much as he could get from the community.
  21. I wonder if this will speed the process up or will Richardson drag it out. Hopefully potential buyers are aware of the NFL calendar.
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