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  2. would make a lot of sense. Norris saying Mills was very impressive last year when he coached at Shrine Game.
  3. NFL.com Daniel Jeremiah's mock draft 1.0

    Do not want Ridley. He's a decent enough prospect, but he seems to me like one of those good college receivers who can't hang with NFL defenses. I keep hearing how he has All-Pro potential, but all I see is another Laquon Treadwell, Kevin White, or - at best - Jordan Matthews. In any event, I don't see a player worth a 1st round pick, but that's just my opinion. I agree with those who said they'd rather get a starting WR in free agency or via trade than early in the draft. I'm not at all enamored with this year's crop of 1st/2nd round WR's. I'd much rather make a trade or spend a little on a free agent and then take a WR with one of our 3rd rounders. Honestly, there doesn't seem to be THAT much of a gap between the guys I'm seeing projected in the 1st/early 2nd round and the players being projected in the 3rd/4th rounds.
  4. It's Fake. Oh Well, Mine is Real.

    Looks good to me except he really could have shot that clerk easily.
  5. Panthers OL coach leaving with Wilks

    We now have ties to 3 NFL teams. Pretty impressive. The Bills, Giants and Cardinals will be taking a close look at our UFA.
  6. I wouldn't count on the front four staying the same as it currently is. There will be new faces, it has to if they want to be competitive next season. They need youth and fast. Someone has to step up at DE. Johnson is as good as gone, Pep is good for another 10 or so sacks as a part-timer. Addison and the gang are wildcards.
  7. How did the Jaguars lose?

    Their youth and inexperience.
  8. Good, him and Washington mean a lot to these players. I'm glad they are both staying and getting the chance to move up.
  9. we suck at drafting WR....so we're bound to hit it this time...
  10. the trade war has begun

    we needed to invest heavily in this technology a decade ago with government subsidies, the same as with any high tech endeavor, to have a shot against Asia but hey we needed more bombs so now lets just shoot ourselves in the foot and see bout gettin them coal jobs back
  11. Turner discusses plans for Newton

    Please don't get me started on our current CBA, that overly protects the Divas, and yet injuries keep getting worse.
  12. the trade war has begun

    wow he really loves him some america doesn't he
  13. yes, you are. Well at least you were about a year ago when everyone was wondering if Roy Cooper was gonna pull it out. You may have become a changed man since then.
  14. Well, he's logical and makes sense. Already a step up from Shula.
  15. Our front four are fearsome AGAIN we need to ride this wave for as long as Pep wants to go. This was like getting Smitty back. I’m so glad for him, he really seems happy.
  16. We are a bit old on the D side of the ball but as long as those guys continue to play at a high level, it's OK.
  17. Years ago I made a thread on this here site asking if Pep could come home. Never thought it would happen when he signed with GB but he did. So glad, and I knew he’d be a 10 sack guy at DE again especially with KK and Star.
  18. Which by the way is a bs rule. I'm all for not making it mandatory but if the players want to call up the coach and talk shop I don't see the issue with it.
  19. Thing is, there isn't really a safety or DE worth picking at 24. CB or WR in the first is much better value in this draft. Ridley, Kirk, or DJ Moore in the first gives Cam a weapon at WR that he hasn't had since smitty. If they arent available, Josh Jackson is a really nice CB i wouldn't mind getting in the first.
  20. I’m good with that—- by the way back when Harrison was cut from Steelers and some jackasses started he’s old Bla bla bla— i said it would be funny if James came back and make plays with the patriots beating the Steelers for SB appearance. where are those guys at now? Steelers suck, Jags killed them, and then Harrison really contributed in the 4th quarter putting Bortles down,... where are those guys now? So yeh,.. Peppers,.. come on Back for 2-3 more seasons.
  21. Would probably rather add a starting WR in FA since we have 2 young developmental guys (Samuel & Byrd). That way we could concentrate on beefing up DE, DB, RB, and OL through the draft. Then we could take a stab at WR late (6th, 7th Rd, or undrafted FA) to round out the rotation there and compete with Clay for the last spot.
  22. Well this is supposed to be TDs last year coming up too. I'm just fearing that theres too much change happening for a SB and it sounds more likely to happen in 2019 season . New owner, new DC, new OC, new QB coach, most likely new faces at WR and RB
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