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  2. TEAM Stats through 10 games

    Keep in mind that we've stopped opponents 6 times on 4th down. Almost as good as a turnover.
  3. We are a really good, if flawed, team. Definitely seem to be trending in the right direction at the right time, though.
  4. Lets see - Donald Trump and the GOP plan was/is to cut taxes drastically and repeal obamacare. A plan that is raise deficit spending Now we see the plans in released we see the heavy weight to the wealthy the tax cut will give and the hurt to the lower middle class repeal of obamacare. Clinton tax plan made the marginal rates slightly more progressive and enacted the "buffet rule". The plan was expected to lower the deficit by about 1/2 a trillion over the next decade. This is a 2 trillion swing from Trump and GOP's Clinton was also favorable to raising the federal minimum wage. So yes - if I was looking to vote for reforms that would at least slow, stop or perhaps slightly decrease the gap Clinton was the VERY VERY VERY obvious choice. If Bernie was on the ticket in the general he would have been the VERY VERY VERY obvious choice over Trump on this issue also. To say she would do the same things as we are watching Trump and the GOP put out direct bills that will increase this gap significantly that no democrats support is a flat out lie.
  5. Welp looks like we got another one

    I think it is what it is. She gave him permission to kiss her. He went all in. He then took a "funny" picture of a passed out "hot chick". They aren't the crimes of the century. She isn't claiming they are. Both are examples of shitty things guys do because they think they can. I got no real beef w/ someone in media calling out a personal experience like this. She has accepted his apology and hasn't asked for him to resign. I mean, we can debate motivation. She have may some additional motivation for it all... but this doesn't help w/ Moore. I mean even if Leann was encouraged by right wing freaks to share.....there is nothing wrong with sharing and she at this point seems pretty credible and not part of the show.
  6. Big Ben

  7. Both poo you shouldn't do to another human
  8. Welp looks like we got another one

    Let’s see, fake grabbing Titties of someone asleep probably as a joke because she was passed out Versus... Pedophilia and Statutory Rape. ...Yep exactly the same thing.
  9. Cam would be crucified already if this were him
  10. Big Ben

    Dex likes to poo on everything he must actually be poo
  11. Trump Org worth a fraction of what Trump claims

    At least PT Barnum kept us entertained and not disgusted.
  12. TEAM Stats through 10 games

    The fact we're 7-3 with a negative turnover differential is shocking.
  13. TEAM Stats through 10 games

    Were getting into our offensive grove and peaking at the right time. We will have the #1 D as well as a top 5 offense.
  14. There was another stat that shows we're 2nd in the league in total first downs. We've really been shooting ourselves in the foot with turnovers and sacks.
  15. Big Ben

    It is after you drink it!
  16. Welp looks like we got another one

    It is starting to seem more and more like this was just something waiting to be brought out to try and save Moore. I'd imagine that if I were a famous comedian on a USO tour with a supermodel I would probably make a pass at her, but I sure can't imagine myself going to the mall to cruise for high school girls when in my 30s. The idea that these events are comparable is just a bit silly.
  17. The Richest 1% Now Own More Than 50% of the World’s Wealth

    And you think Hilary would have done anything to address it or close the gap? She was bought and and paid for by the big banks. She would be doing the same thing
  18. People who like Lemon Pepper seasoning also drive Pontiac Aztecs, wear Z Cavaricchis and their favorite color is any shade of beige.
  19. Yes. That's why i said "on this board." The notion that people get excited over above average white players just because they're white is wrong... The same people are excited over Armah. What do all three players have in common? Jeremy hyped up all 3.
  20. TEAM Stats through 10 games

    Only one game has been played this week. Most teams have only played 9 games. These numbers are likely to shift in either direction by Tuesday.
  21. If the Panthers can build on what they did offensively to the Dolphins we have a very good chance of winning. Wilks Payton matchup will be fun. I'm sure he hasn't forgotten the ass woopen Payton gave him last time.
  22. Welp looks like we got another one

    I thought he was in by then. Ya he done gone. They look like they are on a ship, judging by button placement. This doesn’t make any sense to me, sounds like Hannity/Brietbart/Fox/Trump trying to spin something out of nothing. I’m to the point of wondering how much they paid her to make these allegations. Moore is going down, they know that. They know they are about to lose the house and the senate. And essentially be screwed in 2020.
  23. Work place drug test question

    Depends on the company. If you're talking about your typical fast chain like Applebee's or Olive Garden, not a chance in hell. Some of the higher end restaurants or high end caterers might depending on clientele. Also, if rumors have been whispered of someone dealing on site, it might be a plausible thing to do. I've had to do tests for that reason in other businesses. If you're not using, nothing to worry about unless it just feels like an invasion of privacy.
  24. Big Ben

    To The Pit of Misery you go, Titans!
  25. Welp looks like we got another one

    Franken wasn't a Senator. Just some comedian/writer. Pretty sure the dude beside Leann is passed out too.
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