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  2. Seriously... If not for a couple of great plays by the Bills safety, we would be talking about how Cam threaded the needle on TD passes to KB and Shep after orchestrating great time consuming drives. Funny how we only remember the bad throws (2) after he started to take a beating. We struggle adjusting to what the defense is doing - Cam and Shula are guilty here, and we can't seem to force/exploit mismatches - more Shula here. The team needs better blocking or better play calling.
  3. Shula unrest

    In other words, you want a pendantic argument. No. You're not getting it. Other teams strategies: Put pressure from the edges on Cam. Anyone who should be a quick outlet will be used in max pro. Then you will have 4 defensive players covering 3 offensive players deep down field, and only Olsen needed to be doubled, if he's not in protection. You want to argue terminology? Go argue it somewhere else. This thread is about how every team knows to beat us by following the preceding paragraph. How many times has this strategy been used against us? How many times have we tried to make that strategy not work against us?
  4. No excuses.

    I'm glad that Igo actually said it. Must have been a spiked latte. I've been pounding that drum for the last day. Not only is excuse time up against a Saints team that is historically bad on defense, excuse time is up period! Cam, Stew, CMC, Benjamin, Samuel and Funchess. Not to mention the O-line. That's a whole lotta draft stock right there. Don't be the pansies that can't score on one of the most inept defenses that has ever been assembled on an NFL gridiron!
  5. Ton rivers shoyld be offesnive codnatitor
  6. No excuses.

    i agree, but i also thought the same thing about KB going out a couple years ago. olsen > than KB, but with that said cam has shown a tendency to rely on those two guys almost too much. olsen being out might help cam spread the ball out even more. of course then it could be he just throws to KB more. i don't know. i'm hoping that with armah coming in to help protect cam we'll be better off and that we'll start seeing that we've got some other decent targets worth throwing to.
  7. Today
  8. No excuses.

    Well I just did an interview with Cam's shoulder. It says it's not feeling well and we're going to score like 13 points.
  9. i think he wants to prove it will still work. fox did the same thing. i think to a large degree, shula's failing is rivera's failing and vice versa. i don't know who it is that is making the decision to change nothing, but right now i don't get the sense that this evolution was anything more than dreams without either the true intention or ability to make it happen.
  10. 2 adjustments should always be made. 1) to your available personnel, their strength and weaknesses. build to strengths. work around weaknesses. for example, OT has been a weakness of cam for a while so...quit putting him in situations where he has to rely on them for so long. i don't care what your philosophy or grand master plan is or how brilliant you are. if you can't do the above, you shouldn't have your job. chud was never aware of even who was on the field in any situation. he threw plays out there regardless of whether they fit the personnel on the field or not and making the assumption that they all should be capable of the same things might be ideal, but it's unrealistic naive. 2) to your opponents. one thing that fox was horrible about was looking at the opponents strengths and planning to ram heads with their strengths rather than go after a weakness. if a team was great at stopping the run, we focused on running the ball. might show you've got balls, but so does a 6'2 120lb drunk russian kid taking on a 2400lb bull. I dont think shula is that bad, but i don't think that he makes adjustments. when you see that some team is beating you like crazy on the edges and getting to your QB regularly on your long drawn out pass plays, stop doing it. its that simple. find an alternate plan that gives you a chance of success. the manager that puts 100% of their trust in their plan going into a venture and sticks to it come hell or high water is destined for one thing, failure.
  11. No excuses.

    This will be the first legit offense we've faced, so yeah, I don't think the defense will look AS great. I don't see us holding the Saints to single digits and I definitely don't think we win this game on Gano's leg but I do think we can hold them to under 20. I mean, they aren't exactly setting the world on fire scoring 19 and 20 points in their first two games. We're averaging 16ppg to their 19.5ppg but they're giving up 32.5ppg to our 4.5ppg. Offenses are fairly similar with a huge discrepancy in our defenses.
  12. This. It wasn't until the fourth quarter of the Seattle game when our O started clicking (the Houston game wasn't too bad). We started out slow then and we are starting out slow now.
  13. I'm honestly starting to wonder if potentially pushing Ron to make a change at OC didn't play a role in Gettleman's firing. I'm sure veteran contract issues played a huge role in that, but was putting pressure on Ron the icing on the cake? I mean, Gettleman was essentially forced into keeping Ron as a condition of taking the job. I'm not one of the Gettlman nuthuggers here who thinks the guy walked on water, but I do think that trying to actually act like a REAL GM was his undoing. JR has "his people" and by god if you fug with those people your goose is cooked. Evidently even tanking the franchise and getting shitcanned for it doesn't exclude you from being one of his people.
  14. Cam Newton is still Elite.

    I posted this more than 24 hrs ago
  15. No excuses.

    Brees is probably pissed and fed up with already having 2 strait losses and he's probably going to come out guns blazing. Not saying we'll lose but I bet the defense isn't going to look anywhere near as great. Brees always seems to know how to shred us through the middle of the field . I expect the Saints to at least score 20 ish points , we won't win this game without touchdowns.
  16. I don't recall which program I was watching but they had a segment on undefeated teams and of course we were the lowest ranked. 39% change of making playoffs. Same thing in 2015. We would be the first 3-0 to lose, 4-0 to lose, 5-0 to lose....down the line. Most every team has had an injury so to put the sole reason we won't go to the playoffs because of Greg is dumb. Ed Dickson has been a 50+ reception receiver. He can fill the role and he has GO to help him along.
  17. Don't get me wrong, given the right offensive system, I'd be excited as hell about the combo of CMC and Samuel but we have Shula. We are still essentially an offense that bases everything off of establishing a power running threat. We won't to pound the rock on the ground and throw it deep. Other than Samuel's pure speed, I honestly fail to see how these guys fit into Shula's system. And there's more to being a deep threat than just running really fast in a straight line. Tracking the deep ball and reeling it in isn't as simple as it seems. Just ask Ted Ginn who we all saw many a ball bounce off his brick hands. I think we have a lot of intriguing pieces on offense, but I think we're trying to fit a square peg into a round hole with Shula. I think Gettleman knew this and after he saw the "changes" that Shula was implementing, he let his frustrations show in that post-draft presser where he really pumped the brakes on Shula's offensive "evolution". I really think Gettleman was trying to force Shula's hand, probably based on conversations he'd had with both Rivera and Shula, so he drafted guys who would really thrive in an offense designed to get the ball out of the QB's hands quicker and take the pressure off of Cam and then he actually saw what Shula had planned and went... really??? WTF??!!!
  18. Cam's clearly not completely recovered from the shoulder surgery, its looking like it might end up lingering on through the season if he's still getting sore before game 3 and especially if he's off again on Sunday.
  19. It's why I didn't care for the Samuel pick at the time. I thought we basically picked the same player in the 1st and 2nd rounds. Samuel is basically a faster, but less polished version of CMC. I wanted DeMarcus Walker (DE) or Obi Melifonwu (S) there.
  20. lmao if the 1st round pick isnt racking up 100 yards from scrimmage in his 1st 2 games he must be a bust... Huddle logic
  21. Looking at him play in pads next to other players he def looks skinny especially in the upper body, he looks more like a WR out there. I know its not his style but I think he needs to add at least some kind of respectable power element to his run game. If defenses aren't respecting his power at all they'll just keep swarming him from a variety of angles and neutralizing his running efficiency. He's being pushed around/going down so easily b/c the LBs/Dlineman he's playing against are anywhere between 30 to 100 lbs heavier than he is and are alot faster/alot more athletic than the dudes he played in college. This is something I mentioned when everyone was posting all those videos about CMC crossing people up in one on one situations , and I said its going to be way different in actual game with defenders everywhere on the field in front of him and are just as fast as he is and much stronger. He can't literally outjuke everyone like Barry Sanders. If anything he looks like he's trying a little too hard to be elusive as I see him dancing around alot in the backfield when he gets swarmed by defenders . I think he's last listed at 205 before the season started, putting on 10 - 15 lbs of muscle on that upper body could do him wonders I think. Not sure if he'll actually do that, but he did gain about 3 lbs from the draft weigh in to the season starting. I think he could actually learn alot from Stew if he wanted to make him a much more complete RB , Stew's been one of the best blocking and power backs in the league for a good while when healthy. If McCaffrey could somehow maintain his speed and elusivness and get up to about 215-220 by the start of his 2nd season and take part of this season and 2018 summer learning from Stew how to outpower dudes that could be a sight to see. As he is now, he's a pretty damn good slot receiver and probably best used as one b/c of the space he's in after catching a pass he's already past all the clutter of the dline and those heavy mofos knocking him down like a bowling pin and can just rely on his speed/elusivness to shred it up. Its possible the Panthers may be better served to use him more like Tyreek Hill , have him in on special runs /sweeps but mostly have him either in slot or out wide. His receiving skills are undeniable even this early.
  22. Clements/Meeks/Capers 2018 We win life. ..Also lifetime supplies of del taco burgers
  23. sensational game, enjoyed it from start to finish.
  24. White people get in here

    I'm avoiding the Freeways so they can protest in peace.
  25. Wade Phillips exposed the poo out of Mike Shula that night. Shula still hasn't recovered from that sonning. It's like he doubled down on his problem areas since that experience instead of learning from that utter decimation.
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