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  2. Who would be the 1st and 2nd team ahead of us? Steelers and Eagles? I
  3. its the bye week, we had sole coverage for 2 days last week because we played on monday night and wrecked it. I heard Dan Patrick mention that "dont forget that they beat the patriots in Foxboro" when someone on his show talked about the Panthers not having a Signature win when talking about the Playoff race in the NFC. dude shut up after that.
  4. Things that trump says

    All these ^^^ are great topics for this thread. Saying three Americans should have been left in China to be held accountable for their criminal behavior is not.
  5. Well we are currently on our bye right now. Not much to discuss. I really don’t buy into that flying under the radar stuff. If we good, we will show it. If not, well, you know. I’m excited about getting Olsen back and possibly Ryan. Teams don’t care if they are under the radar or not. They just focus on the team and task at hand that week. Everything else is great story lines
  6. Things that trump says

    https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2016/01/28/upshot/donald-trump-twitter-insults.html The 394 People, Places and Things Donald Trump Has Insulted on Twitter: A Complete List Some examples:
  7. lol. Sure.Because the way our run defense, offensive line, pass rush and running game played were on track to win that game. It was an all around bad day for the team. Not just dropped balls. I'd be willing to label Greg Olsen as a receiver on this team. Considering majority of his snaps were at WR. We just seem to overlook it. Give the man credit where credit is do. http://pantherswire.usatoday.com/2017/06/05/panthers-2016-snap-counts-greg-olsens-versatility-on-display/
  8. You are a piece of poo, stop race baiting people

    may be the greatest/worst thing i've ever seen
  9. Things that trump says

    it is almost like if he talks about Big Baller Brand's Dad and Marshawn Lynch....people overlook.... - his Admin just told voters to Bama to vote for Moore - more than half of Puerto Rico is without power still - Kushner, Trump's lawyer, etc all have dates with Mueller this week - he still hasn't enforced the Russian sanctions - and there is always the standard stuff of having made zero ground on trade policy, healthcare, etc.
  10. Does white privilege exist?

    Off track is right Yes African Slavery in the US was the evil white devils fault. I'll bet "blacks" from the Middle East are more knowlegeable about the slave trade in the Middle East, since it's kind of still going on.
  11. We won't be taken seriously unless we beat the Saints or the Vikings in December. If we beat either of them we'll be getting more than enough attention. If we sweep them then we'll probably be in the top 5 in Power Rankings that following Tuesday after the Vikings game. Right now it looks like Patriots, Eagles, Steelers, Vikings, and Saints are all solid top 5 teams. We might be in the discussion for 3rd best team in the league if we beat both of them emphatically.
  12. Things that trump says

    Yeah, I realize that. Calling out ignorant and criminal behavior regardless of its source is unusual these days, in the Tinderbox and in our society in general. We've become so polarized, so tribal in our thinking, that people are unwilling to condemn criminal activity by "their side" even when the culprits are caught red handed and admit their guilt. Some here go so far as to defend ignorant comments like those of Mr. Ball:
  13. you and I are discussing two different points apparently. Olsen's short-term absence does not remove him from the "top receiver on our team" conversation. He isn't a "ragtag" WR (neither is funchess).
  14. Things that trump says

    All this debacle has done is illustrate that Trump is on the same emotional and intellectual level of a guy who thinks his kid shoplifting is no big deal and can't see how lucky he is that his kid was on the UCLA basketball team, and Trump wanted to accomplish something, anything that would get his ass kissed a bit.
  15. Does white privilege exist?

    He doesn’t. That whole post was hogwash.
  16. Mike McCoy (OC, Denver) fired

    I don't care if we win every game by a single point. I'm sick of the boneheaded play calls, wasted timeouts, and inability to adjust to anything that the defense is doing. If you believe Hurney, we traded away KB so we could get more speed on the field. An OC that constantly calls deep routes with the 2 slowest guys on the team has issues. As well as running into a stacked box over and over again when we're getting 0-2 yards per attempt. Cam should audible out of some of the stuff, but if he's going to have to call all the plays via audible, just let him call the whole damn game. One of my favorite Far Side comics seems so appropriate here with regards to Shula.
  17. Trump: I should have left the basketball players in jail

    It’s funny. Trump and LaVar are really one in the same, but people have actually taken up for Trump but you see how theyll come at LaVar Ball. The same ones who voted for Trump think LaVar Ball is the most horrible individual on this earth lol. It’s why I say they hold everyone but their politicians to a higher standard. One is a common man, and the other is the president of the United States!
  18. Does white privilege exist?

    I sincerely hope you understand the difference between a brutal leader expanding his ruling area through war and the age of colonialism and imperialism that included the "history of Jamaica" and the"white mans burden".
  19. Why would you want him? I'm perfectly happy with Wilks. Zero reason to being in help when he is doing fantastic on his own. Only way I think about bringing McD back is if Wilks takes a HC job somewhere else.
  20. Things that trump says

    Ball actually is suppose to be on CNN today to share his thoughts. I do feel there are actually to valid points that can be made. 1. You need to be thankful for the US Government (which includes) Trump regardless of the reasoning....for saving the rear ends of 3 stupid kids. 2. I do think there is a fine line of being grateful and still being able to recognize what Trump is choosing to do with this topic......and disagreeing with playing into it. But I don't think Ball is the type that can walk that fine line. I don't think there is much to Ball outside of the me me me me showman clown. He and Trump actually are alike in many ways.
  21. Things that trump says

    You and many others might excuse Trumps behavior, play along with it, and not get upset because he’s a “man child,” but that doesn’t mean the rest of us have to. If Trump didn’t want to face the ire of LaVar Ball, then he shouldn’t have made the tweet he made before LaVar Ball even spoke and made his “who” comments. LaVar is obviously prideful man, and Trump basically goaded him into kissing his ass. Sorry, he’s not going to do that. Lavar didn’t make the situation worse, as the boys were already free and had expressed their gratitude before he even responded to Trump. Just because you’d choose to keep your mouth shut, doesn’t mean that everyone else will. Maybe you should’ve been suggesting that’s Trump keep his mouth shut and do his good deed without expecting anything in return, like good individuals do. Trump made this worse, not LaVar Ball but you and others give Trump that out because his bar is set low. Forget that.
  22. Mike McCoy (OC, Denver) fired

    Could get Sean McDermott back pretty quickly at this rate too.
  23. As others have alluded to already, I'm absolutely fine w/ "flying under the radar". Historically, it's when we perform the best.
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