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  2. HarambeLivesOn

    I'm bac ksuckers rodeo and I'm going keep making name's

    so is anyone who is not a card carrying communist member.... going to get banned from the site?
  3. top dawg

    It is camp week. Rejoice.

    Esketit, old man!
  4. And, the point is, if an RB is considered to be worth that top 10 draft pick, then he deserves the money worthy of a top 10 draft pick. It's that simple. Furthermore, if he lives up to the hype and value of that draft pick, or even surpasses the value, then he deserves to get paid regardless of a belief by many that he isn't worth the money.
  5. I only wish rodeo had more power around here.
  6. Joke’s on you, this board is actually so right wing that it appears left to the untrained eye.
  7. without having access to his medical records it is pointless to speculate on what was or was not done. chest pain is a very common complaint. not everyone has heart attacks right after. I'm sure they did an ekg, cxr, and ran troponins unless they were the dumbest doctors on the planet. they might have even offered him a stress test then or scheduled one for monday. who knows? It's entirely possible sparano didn't want further testing. sad situation
  8. rodeo

    Build the Wall

    still no wall. womp womp.
  9. WarHeel

    Fan Fest

    Good evening, all! I submitted for 4 tickets for next Friday and ticket exchange only spit out 3. Two of the tickets are next to each other and the third is a few rows down. The extra seat is in section 103 row 2. Wanted to post here first as I don’t have any single buddies in town to pass the extra off to. Sure “it’s only fan fest” but the seats are phenomenal. First come first serve if anyone is interested.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Yep.... it sucks having the best RB in the NFL. Still trying to work through it.
  12. Great game! Over 55k people showed up. Charlotte continues to deliver as soccer hub of the USA. Reports are that the city and David Tepper will push for MLS team in Charlotte in very near future.
  13. Billy Love

    It is camp week. Rejoice.

    Rejoice, rejoice, we have no other choice!
  14. As a Steelers fan, he is your problem and you can have him
  15. ARSEN

    It is camp week. Rejoice.

    Beginning of camp always scares me
  16. As a Steelers fan also, I don’t have a problem with Bell trying to get all he can. He made it clear from day one that he was going to try and “reset” the market for RBs. And even though it isn’t an ideal situation for the team, I respect him for it. Someone needed to. And honestly, I’d rather pay him 14M this year and be done with it rather than be committed long-term for that every year. Now turning down 5/70M seems selfish, but the word was there was less than 20M guaranteed, so like many contracts, the total numbers don’t tell the whole story.
  17. Same happened to my uncle, he was 49. Doctors missed a huge blood cloth and he died while taking a hot shower after being released from the hospital.
  18. We made it. This week begins non stop Panthers until February. Lets get it.
  19. Jaxel

    Pulisic is awesome

    Great story but... come on parents, don't let your kids run onto the field... that is not very responsible.
  20. Bell is an egotistical greedy idiot
  21. Just great story about a rising world soccer start that happens to play for the US national team. Today, at Bank of America stadium was European soccer match between Liverpool and Dortmund. Dortmund won 3-1 with Pulisic scoring 2 and providing an assist for 3rd goal. After the game, a young kid, no older than 9 years old jumped on to the field and ran toward Pulisic... An old, fat security man grabbed the kid and took him down and tried to drag him off the field... instead of celebrating with the team in fan corner, Pulisic ran toward the security guy holding the young boy down and look like he got into physical confrontation with security to let the boy go. Once security let him go, Pulisic got down on his knee, give the kid a hug and chat with him. The boy was filled with the tears of joy as crowd was cheering the boy as he walked of the field with police escort, wiping his tears.
  22. Because neither the team nor the player negotiated anything but a slight increase from the 2nd overall pick in 2017. Which is set as part of the CBA. Players and agents know exactly who their comps would be in negotiations. And it’s not draft picks. You think Aaron Rodgers is bringing up Baker Mayfields contract? No. Because they are completely different situations. What part of this are you not understanding?
  23. micnificent28

    Former HC Tony Sparano just dropped dead

    Terrible choice for a title dude... just seems insensitive.
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