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  2. So, who is at fault

    Couldn't possibly look any more pathetic than a party that tried repeatedly to take healthcare away from the poorest and sickest people in the country and failing ( after talking about it for 7 years ) or putting our country another 2 trillions dollars in debt so they can give a hugely huge tax break to the richest 1% of Americans and corporations on bill that NO Democrats voted for.
  3. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    that defense is super gross and i've seen several variants of it here on these very forums. dudes using the pictures of black women they posted in igo's "lovely ladies" softcore porn forum as a shield. and "how could i be racist? my wife is from the philippines." it's just the same old "some of my best friends are black" but somehow more insulting and fetishistic
  4. Shinn level stupidity..

    No, we traded him. Got Glen Rice from that trade if I remember correctly.
  5. 2017-2018 Carolina Hurricanes Season

    After going 2-5 in January this team desperately needs a win and they are going to have to do it without Aho who will be out for a whole with a knee injury and a concussion.

    Not only that. Go back and look at the free agent tackle class the year we franchised Hardy and moved Byron Bell to LT instead. Gettleman was a joke and I’ll never understand why the majority of this forum thought so highly of him

    You obviously didn't pay attention to during the time Dave was here.
  8. Why can't the Canes get more love here?

    Dude has been working for less than a month and yet this is a factual statement.
  9. So, who is at fault

    right, because Trump and the GOP broke the deal and pushed a caustic hyper-partisan bill instead of the agreed upon bipartisan deals. Republicans cannot govern. Period. this proves that fact for the thousandth time. they can't even keep the fuging government open when they control the White House, Senate, House, and Supreme Court. do you have any idea how pathetic that looks to American citizens?
  10. Perhaps he would have. As for the other part, I sure would have liked to have had Jordan Gross in the Super Bowl...either him or Steve Smith. It may have made all the difference in the world.
  11. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    The fact that she’s from New Jersey but said she felt comfortable showing her true colors, because she was in the “south,” as she says, speaks volumes. Trump has emboldened her ilk, and we saw that during the primaries, but yep, let’s still continue on and vote for him. Main reason I don’t trust a Trump voter or supporter at all. They knew what he was doing, yet they proved to me that racism wasn’t a concern of theres. Not all of those who voted for him are stupid and naive; they knew. She’s apologizing, talking about she’s fugged black football players, as if that makes her any less racist. Also, said some of her family members were racist as well. Dude who exposed her was saying she’s done and finished, but that’s far from the truth. She was clearly drunk, but a drunk mind speaks sober thoughts. I’ve seen folks trying to excuse her behavior as a young kid just having too much liquor. Like I said, those same folks in here and abroad who said they were going to still stand by JR and support him even though he used a racial slur towards a black man, won’t hold this against that young girl. She’ll be just fine.
  12. Shinn level stupidity..

    We didn't trade mourning. Refuses to negotiate with him. Traded lj I think.
  13. So, who is at fault

    Please read the vote register. The Dems killed the deal.
  14. Michael Jordan is a Terrible Owner

    Could have a really good young team if mj and cho weren't awful decision makers. Instead we have 250 million locked up in Williams, mkg, and batum

  16. So, who is at fault

    Actually it is currently funded through March 2018
  17. Olindo Mare is right there in the thick of that list too. What's your point? How many kickers on that list were held back from attempting kicks beyond 45 yards? That skews things just a tad. If you can't trust your guy, you get someone else. If we had no issue handing Kasay his walking papers, why should Gano be any different?
  18. for those hating on gano, he's 35th all time in FG%. Rank Player FG% Years Tm 1 Justin Tucker 90.179% 2012-2017 rav 2 Dan Bailey 88.152% 2011-2017 dal 3 Stephen Gostkowski 87.629% 2006-2017 nwe 4 Steven Hauschka 87.302% 2008-2017 4TM 5 Robbie Gould 86.898% 2005-2017 3TM 6 Mike Vanderjagt 86.466% 1998-2006 2TM 7 Nate Kaeding 86.190% 2004-2012 2TM 8 Kai Forbath 85.926% 2012-2017 3TM 9 Matt Bryant 85.781% 2002-2017 5TM 10 Rob Bironas 85.663% 2005-2013 oti 11 Shayne Graham 85.494% 2001-2015 10T 12 Chandler Catanzaro 84.426% 2014-2017 2TM 13 Adam Vinatieri 84.314% 1996-2017 2TM 14 Phil Dawson 84.170% 1999-2017 3TM 15 Cairo Santos 84.112% 2014-2017 2TM 16 Shaun Suisham 84.064% 2005-2014 3TM 17 Dan Carpenter 83.986% 2008-2016 2TM 18 Josh Brown 83.947% 2003-2016 4TM 19 Matt Stover 83.659% 1991-2009 3TM 20 Matt Prater 83.390% 2007-2017 3TM 21 Ryan Succop 83.267% 2009-2017 2TM 22 Ryan Longwell 83.180% 1997-2012 3TM 23 Greg Zuerlein 82.873% 2012-2017 ram 24 Randy Bullock 82.787% 2012-2017 5TM 25 Connor Barth 82.759% 2008-2017 4TM 26 Jay Feely 82.587% 2001-2014 6TM 27 John Carney 82.414% 1988-2010 7TM 28 Jason Hanson 82.363% 1992-2012 det 29 Blair Walsh 82.353% 2012-2017 2TM 30 Jeff Reed 82.239% 2002-2010 2TM 31 Nick Novak 81.982% 2005-2017 5TM 32 John Kasay 81.883% 1991-2011 3TM 33 Jeff Wilkins 81.867% 1994-2007 3TM 34 Garrett Hartley 81.731% 2008-2014 2TM 35 Graham Gano 81.712% 2009-2017 2TM 36 Lawrence Tynes 81.545% 2004-2012 2TM 37 Rian Lindell 81.167% 2000-2013 3TM 38 Olindo Mare 81.093% 1997-2012 5TM 39 Caleb Sturgis 81.022% 2013-2017 2TM 40 Mike Nugent 80.984% 2005-2017 6TM 41 David Akers 80.922% 1998-2013 4TM 42 Jason Elam 80.741% 1993-2009 2TM 43 Brandon McManus 80.702% 2014-2017 den 44 Sebastian Janikowski 80.388% 2000-2016 rai 45 Nick Folk 80.328% 2007-2017 3TM 46 Mason Crosby 80.290% 2007-2017 gnb 47 Joe Nedney 80.251% 1996-2010 7TM 48 Doug Brien 80.233% 1994-2005 7TM 49 Josh Scobee 80.066% 2004-2015 2TM 50 Gary Anderson 80.060% 1982-
  19. So, who is at fault

    Trump promised that he would sign a bipartisan deal. Congress agreed on a bipartisan deal, and enough Dems agreed to vote for the bipartisan deal. Then Trump and the GOP broke the deal and shut down the government because they couldn't make the taxpayers waste dozens of billions on a useless wall that they promised the taxpayers wouldn't have to pay for.
  20. So, who is at fault

  21. So, who is at fault

  22. Now, don't act like you can just draft kickers in the 7th round and they can play the same year. Or just take one off of a practice squad.
  23. So, who is at fault

    Trump declined that exact deal which is why this happened. They want to kill DACA at all cost
  24. So, who is at fault

    it's a wall thing, the Prez wants the wall for DACA...something about Mexico paying for it but they need seed money first.

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