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  3. Karma is real

    From the article "that smug, spineless, human colostomy bag..." Couldn't have said it better.
  4. Drunk and Bored Here Ya Go

    DILLY DILLY You are a true friend to the Crown.
  5. Drunk and Bored Here Ya Go

    I LOVE IT!!! CARLY IS QWEEN AND NORV MAY BE THE NEW KING ❤️~~~~ sean payton is a rapist
  6. Are we in a Window situation?

    no matter what we rebuild in 2- 3 years
  7. Hill is an amazing player but I am not ready to say Samuel is worse or better. Hopefully he trains well in the off season and gets himself in shape for next year. If he is ready for OTAs, minicamps and preseason I think he'll be a surprise to many. Samuel made some plays before getting hurt. Just enough to tease us. Can't wait to see what Turner does with Samuel and CMC on the field at the same time.
  8. CBS Sports Mock Draft (this week 16 Jan)

    Id love to have Miller...
  9. CBS Sports Mock Draft (this week 16 Jan)

    Those that compare him to Steve Smith don't do the kid any justice. You're talking about a potential HOFer. S. Smith was not only a great receiver he was one helleva athlete. For his size he had the most amazing vertical leap I have ever seen and was strong as an ox. We could go on and on about how strong he was. That said, if they think he plays like SS. I certainly wouldn't bypass him just because of his size.
  10. CBS Sports Mock Draft (this week 16 Jan)

    Miller is pretty dang good...dont want to dare make a comparison on who he looks like...
  11. And the draft picks used wouldn’t come close to the value of the #11 overall pick. There is a reason he blows our guys out of the water. He should.
  12. CBS Sports Mock Draft (this week 16 Jan)

    This is the first mock I've seen with Miller in the 1st round. Most have him in 2/3. That being said, I'd be okay with it. He has everything - route running, hands, aggressively fights for the ball, fast (albeit not as fast as steve smith), and ridiculous production. I think there's a solid chance he'll be the best WR in this draft in 2-3 years. The comparisons I've seen thrown around are Steve Smith/Antonio Brown. Not to say he'll actually be that good, but that's the mold he fits most. Anthony Miller and Deshon Elliot in the first and second would make me very happy.
  13. CBS Sports Mock Draft (this week 16 Jan)

    What's kinda interesting IMO, is that we essentially are ending up with 2 rookie classes because of how much young talent got IR'd last year. We had 7 picks, 3 of them got IR'd and 1 is a pro bowler on another team (I'm not salty about that at all....). Corn Elder, Curtis Samuel, and Daeshon Hall all essentially got redshirted, so it's gonna be up to them how they advance in the offseason, but basically next year they come in as rookies as well. Also, still got Armah and Moton who neither got any significant playing time.
  14. I miss the days when only geeks were on the internet and the idiots just told you what they thought at the bar
  15. Karma is real

    Watched the whole video. It was worth it to watch that little prick DIE at the end. LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!
  16. show me the leaders in this draft then? really? the draft is a best guess scenario. I'm sure Hurney will be great past 1.
  17. CBS Sports Mock Draft (this week 16 Jan)

    Too many good de's and SS's in the draft to not take a 1st rounder
  18. Karma is real

    I saw video of him scalping tickets
  19. Are we in a Window situation?

    You did not need money to draft young leaders. You needed to keep from giving up a ton of draft picks for 5 picks per season while wasting multiple picks on players like Benwikere, Funchess, Worley and Williams.
  20. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/2018-nfl-mock-draft-buccaneers-pick-chubb-cardinals-gamble-on-lamar-jackson/ Last week they had Ridley falling to us. This week we take a SS type of player. Thoughts Players I found of interest taken after us. Mark Anderson TE Oklahoma (slotted for Jacksonville) Denzel Ward CB Ohio State (Slotted for Philly) Chukwama Okorafor OT Western Mich (Slotted for Minnesota) I think any of these could be as good as a WR. Anderson is a big guy and could really bring the two TE set that was so effective with Chudzinski.
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