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  2. Hey, I don't disagree with anything, but if reparations need to be made the Native Americans are first in line, yes? Remember, The Americans didn't build boats for slave trading. I can't blame the mind set of a 17th century man based on 21st century morals. We can all only learn and get better together.
  3. The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    Read that there are reports that mueller is focusing in on trump for obstruction and not collusion/compromisation?
  4. We have a 3 yr window...then we start all over again...Norv Turner
  5. Josh Norris‏Verified account @JoshNorris 10h10 hours ago More When your offseason additions on offense are Torrey Smith and Jarius Wright 17 replies69 retweets270 likes Reply 17 Retweet 69 Like 270
  6. Wide open in highlight video? That's odd.
  7. soon to sign WR Jarius Wright to play slot

    Josh Norris‏Verified account @JoshNorris 10h10 hours ago More Josh Norris Retweeted Jourdan Rodrigue Late to this, but this move makes sense. Veteran option in the slot. Josh Norris added, Jourdan RodrigueVerified account @JourdanRodrigue This from @scott_fowler - who is currently on the road but called in the scoop citing a source - Panthers are expected to soon sign WR Jarius Wright to play in the slot. Most recently with the Vikings. Has experience in Norv Turner's offense. 7
  8. This guy isnt like anybody people keep comparing him to. The Cotchery thing is at least plausible.
  9. Today
  10. Top remaining free agents - Who do ya want?

    Agree. And he would not count against comp pick equation.
  11. Now Wilson, Vaccro and DRC.
  12. Eric Ebron signs with Colts

    Luke Wilson and draft a development project at TE.
  13. Hahahahahahahaha... And Bersin looks like Steve Largent.
  14. Eric Ebron signs with Colts

    Retards are funny lookin'
  15. Me not clicking thread doesn't affect his bad juju and wrong opinions???????????????.. But thanks for your opinion
  16. *Update: Great recent article: https://uproxx.com/dimemag/nba-mock-draft-2018-mikal-bridges-ncaa-tournament/ If he's there at 10, I think he'd be a great pick for us. With how things are stacking up, we'll have one the the bigs as a possibility (Carter Jr.) Sexton or Trae as a new leader of our second unit or Mikal for the 3.
  17. We just need a security blanket .. Just in case the rookie we draft isn't ready to start day 1.. Give me a guy who can spot start a couple games and be a mentor...
  18. we go as far as number 1 can take us. I still believe
  19. Corn Elder ready for his rookie season

    He could be a dark horse for us but I'm not counting on it . He definitely seemed talented in college
  20. Comic book collectors

    Yes the new creative teams are great. Excited about Sentry and it’s the same dude that did Animal Man which was great a couple years ago. I’m pumped Aaron is doing Avengers as well as Thor. It will be interesting to see what Coates does with Cap. I am concerned about my boy Moon Knight, I hope with the relaunch he still gets a solo series.
  21. I can't wait for the days where special teams are the death of us. Again.
  22. Nakamura and Teddy Williams were special teams "aces" He needs to get kalamazoo'd to Sri Lanka on a jet plane.
  23. You guys know you can just Not click a thread????? Wow.
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