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  2. Norwell & Star

    Damn I don’t like the sound of this. I’d much rather we make Norwell the priority and let Star walk and increase Butler’s role and draft a NT replacement. Moton should be groomed for LT so we can cut Matt after the year and have an answer there. Draft C relatively early this year as well and extend Daryl and our line would be set.
  3. Bucs hire Buckner

    Buckner was the master of defensive holding. On just about every play he'd have a jersey in each hand.
  4. Norwell & Star

    LT is so important that DG let the franchise one go and then precede to ignore it for 5 years. Get real, Panthers value the interior OL similar philosophy to the Saints. Watch some football and you might learn something Bevis ...
  5. Hi there

    I just need to stop drinking before sex.
  6. I've been saying since training camp last year that JStew would be retiring this year. I still think it is a possibility that he retires rather than gets cut. He's still in relatively sound shape, has a new baby and a young wife, has apparently been good with his money and should be set for life and a return to the West Coast if he wants it. He's had a longer and better career than a lot of 1st Round draft pick RBs but he's at the age and stage of his career where I don't think there are going to be many opportunities for him to keep going. He has been a perfect example of a good team player and outstanding community member. Hate to see him go, but this season really made it look like it is time to get while the getting is good.
  7. Norwell & Star

    Adams played significantly better than Coleman, dont cut him
  8. Matt Kalil's wife in SI Swimsuit issue

    You could hit it from the blind side.
  9. Norwell & Star

    Everyone bitches about the team being down every other year but this is why. Loser owners and GMs play this game.
  10. Restaraunt Help- North Charlotte

    Nice dinner places in the UNCC area, maybe headed toward Concord Mills. North of downtown, anyway? Gracias, mi amigos!
  11. True, I'm just taking it to the next level for added effect. To veer slightly OT: This is a weird year though, I really am in the dark on most prospects and may not really be following the pre-draft shenanigans. They don't seem that solid of a group so getting at least 1 proven FA is critical here. Not another Shepard/Hackett/etc.
  12. Norwell & Star

    Technically we would not be paying anyone. Well unless you are counting Ryan and Thomas Davis huge cap numbers.
  13. It's probably time. If he goes I wish him well, through it all Stew has remained the same dude overall. As far as RB1, if you can tell yourself that you are not concerned, you must not have watched much Panthers football last year. You guys flip flop back and forth between wanting to tout CMC's rushing or receiving numbers, but if we want to be successful next year, he's going to need to be a threat in the run game. 400 yards isn't going to cut it.
  14. Rae Carruth Letter - breaking the silence

    He set up the murder of his wife and injured every part of his child's brain... The guy is a monster and I hope he rots in hell. I don't understand how anyone can forgive that and I wouldn't let Chancellor near this pig.
  15. One thing I can say about Hurney is that he likes to lock up home grown talent. Expect the tag.
  16. Shoulder injuries/surgery will do that to you!
  17. The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    Not to mention Law Firm A.
  18. Panthers expected to cut Jonathan Stewart

    Christian McCaffrey. 1,086 yards.
  19. another indictment today. Person A mentioned in indictment likely is having a bad day. I wonder who Person A could be.....and who Person A's family is that keeps coming up.
  20. As someone who actually knew Cherica and wanted the WORST for Carruth, I have to forgive him for Chancellor. I ran into him and his grandma whom I would see time to time back in the day and the light that comes from this child and his energy is amazing. I've grieved over the death of my friend for a long time but he needs that boy and that boy needs him. He still deserves a kick in the nuts though.
  21. If Norwell exits, enter Moton?

    I've been thinking about it. Moton, Butler, Hall and Samuel should be expected to step up in a big way this year, so maybe our holes really aren't as big as some think.
  22. If Norwell exits, enter Moton?

    I’d be for it. Slide trai over to the left to help Matt and insert Moton into RG next to Daryl. Cut Matt after this season and give some of that to Daryl. Draft a tackle in the first or second in this upcoming draft, or be active but not Santa Claus in next years FA market.
  23. Panthers expected to cut Jonathan Stewart

    Every time I see this, I ask for an explanation. How come when Cam can't get a pass off, it's the line not doing their job. But if a RB doesn't pick up 7 yards a carry, it has nothing to do with the line?
  24. I just want him on the field. He seems to have the “it” factor you look for in an offensive lineman. Size, smarts, and athleticism. We will see where he fits...would be nice if he was a solid LT, but would rather him be at the position he thrives at...so I’d settle for a pro bowl LG over an average LT I suppose.
  25. Panthers can’t afford Norwell. I’d rather them bolster the roster elsewhere. Moton seems intelligent and has the physical makeup to be a solid player anywhere on the OL
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