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  1. if the stuff about Watson is even half true, people like that don't just stop. he is going to continue to prey on women and I wouldn't want someone like that any where never my organization no matter his talent level.
  2. all that work for a player no one was picking that high but them? when they traded up to 3, Lance was a in the early teens. They are the ones that hyped him and Mac Jones up. it feels like they played themselves but it worked out
  3. this is the only pathway forward for both sides, they want to get paid and Watson wants this over. I still dont think we see Watson this season.
  4. Oh NO, one stadium was privately funded. So 93 percent of stadiums will continue to expect public tax pay money and will continue to get it.
  5. he could but he wont because there is no precedent for it, the tax payers have always footed the bill and owners are going to continue to expect it
  6. Cherry Coke because its the weekend, I dont drink I really have never drank
  7. this story is so nuts because its my understanding that Delany was unable to swim and still attempted to help those kids. he is a damn hero
  8. Im not mad at a blocking TE, I think its a great pick
  9. Espn has gone to commercial before or after every single Panther pick
  10. It’s poo like this is why we wasted Cam.
  11. All this complaining and surtian gets picked right after Horn. We don’t know poo
  12. countryboi


    man this movie was soooo bad the best parts of the movie are the fight scenes between sub zero and scorpion and Kano being a dick. they just wasted Goro like he was nothing
  13. The worse part about Falcon and the Winter Soldier is how weak the Flagsmashers were, it feels like falcon kicking the little guy thats already been kicked around my the GRC, we dont get to see the GRC radicalizing the Flagsmashers by driving them out of their homes. apparently the pandemic force them to change the story alot reshoot all of the early episodes, I guess that explains why the show is so weird
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