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  1. I do love brett kollmann but I feel like we can get by with mediocre corners if we get better upfront.
  2. I dont know if I like Aaron Rodgers as a guest host, but he cant be any better or worse than doctor Oz
  3. man you raced to post this didnt you? on a serious note this is trash
  4. I have been kinda enjoying his rise, mostly because it keeps us from taking him. Let him fail for someone else
  5. its a reason why analyst love dual threat QBs, their running ability shortens the learning curve of playing QB in the NFL. The bust rate of pure passes in this league is insanely high and teams need to be doing everything to prevent it
  6. We could be that desperate but I dont see any reason to move at this point the fins are running out of teams that could leap us for a QB that are reasonable close to the top of the first. Looking at the new order the only team I can see Denver at 9 and a few maybes in the Pats at 15 or Wash at 19 and that's a long way from 6.
  7. this feels like bull, but the texans are so unpredictable who knows.
  8. he is a local boy from Goldsboro, so im always going to root for him
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