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  1. Im going to complain about how its not "real" football but we all know im going to watch it anyway
  2. Watson is a predator and has been enabled his entire football life. he is not going to stop and at some point he is going to do something that is going to get him some real consequences, till then he aint my issue
  3. Pat McAfee is such a bro, its almost impossible to watch his show.
  4. even the Panthers know the competition is a joke
  5. the optics on this are so bad, you only settle this early if you are guilty as poo and have a lot to hide.
  6. I thought he played more than one season with the Panthers but it was really just 2000 - 01 and he was suspended for 02
  7. I dont understand why I should care what he thinks
  8. one part of my is like who the hell cares, the other part is like im kinda impressed
  9. Did you wanna watch another year of Sam at QB?
  10. Is he better than Sam? Absolutely then that's the only thing that matters
  11. yay?? am I happy? I dont know I mean Baker is better than Sam and I will enjoy watching the Browns drown in their own poo
  12. That feels like the right move or as close to the right move as the NFL gets
  13. I hate it when these podcast hosts wont let their guest talk, let the man finish his thought and shut the hell up.
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