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  1. being a doctor and diagnosing issues is not always an exact science, a lot of times they are asking questions and making guesses to the most likely cause of the issue. this is why people get second opinions.
  2. it doesnt tell the whole story and you know it. these teams are more than a collection of numbers, if your offense is putting you in bad situation over and over no defense is going to look good but you knew that already, you just talking to talk.
  3. I said what I said, the offense needs to do more. No NFL is going to hold up when the offense is putting them on the field over and over.
  4. fug what the number say the Defense did their job, the offense put them on the field over and over again and they did a decent job against a very good offense in a piss poor situation.
  5. How the hell did we lose to this team, the eagles are a mess
  6. its like they get a name in their head and they never let it go. do this team even watch him coach??
  7. This will pass for sports journalism nowadays you don’t have any actual news to report so just make poo up. Tepper could do a lot of things.
  8. I think the line getting there ass handed too the can be a good thing if it creates change but I don’t think it will
  9. the line is clearly a problem and they just ignore it every fuging year and once again this holding us back
  10. The Cowboys are good, Dak is a very polished passer has no problem passing 50 times with limited running game and that's part of their issue they are quick to move away from their running game. Their line is not near as good as it was but Dak mobility makes up for that a bit.
  11. he must have been way way better than expected, I bet Thomas and Tremble both were better than expected
  12. I will say this Scott doesnt fug around, its impressive. I wish he was this aggressive about the Offensive line
  13. this is a fuging steal, I gets Tommy and Thomas are better than they expected
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