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  2. He's intentionally brewing a new storm and laying the groundwork for a spat with athletes of the two most popular sports in the country. You have to think he's near the end of his rope with picking fights. Who's left after the entertainment biz, DC, NYC VCs, and now the sports world? He's isolating this country from the world and meanwhile pissing everyone off within the country. Projecting isolationism at a global level and stirring division within...yeah, this should work swimmingly.
  3. Aints offense

    Well then, why didn't you just say that? lol
  4. How many Panthers / Saints will take a knee tomorrow?

    I read the article and did my own research as well. It is unfortunate that police deaths are on the rise but I did not see anywhere in the article where they cited the rise was due to kneeling or raised fists or any other form of peaceful protesting. BLM and other movements respect the police and would never condone violence. What I gathered from the article you provided was that both sides need some understanding. This was a great statement made by David Klinger, “If people understand why the police are wary, they might be more likely to be less confrontational toward the police,” he tells the Monitor. On the other hand, for citizens alarmed by police violence, exemplified by recent shootings of African-American men in Louisiana and Minnesota, “perhaps officers will be alert to this heightened concern and manage to avoid getting into situations where they use force." Also, I found this in another article, "Baltimore County Police Chief James W. Johnson told us last year that the risk to officers is magnified by “the amount of guns that are out on our streets today, possessed by those who unlawfully are carrying them.” and this "Similarly, Craig W. Floyd, president and chief executive of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, pointed to the “deadly mix” of mentally ill people accessing firearms as one factor in the uptick in gun deaths. He also said there were dangers posed by anti-government extremists looking for a uniformed symbol of the government, as well as people with extensive criminal records who may view police as the enemy." https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2016/12/29/ambushes-and-fatal-shootings-fuel-increase-in-police-death-toll-this-year/?utm_term=.e71d98696319 Seems like you're trying to discredit the peaceful movements instead of understanding why they're taking place.
  5. I wouldn't expect a public JR statement right now. Not really his style. Don't think he wants his team being political (regardless of the issue at play). I might be wrong....but despite being an old fart I think JR is more down than people actually believe. His business is what it is. Dude has always quietly behind the scenes had his players backs.
  6. How many Panthers / Saints will take a knee tomorrow?

    Fyi, for those wondering why Trump said this...it’s all to keep his base ginned up. That’s literally the only reason. He doesn’t believe anything he says. He only says things if they benefit Donald Trump, and this does. Trump’s base is the leverage he holds over the GOP. Without his base, Trump is George W Bush in 2008, a lame duck. But with his base, he keeps the GOP in check, because one slip up and Trump will turn that rabid, angry white base against them. Paul Ryan doesn’t want that. McConnell doesn’t want that. So that’s trump’s strategy here. No real convictions at all. He’s just doubling down with all he has left, the base.
  7. Aints offense

    I don't care who you are. That right there is funny.
  8. Aints offense

    He's fired up, and neg repping everyone who disagreed with his first post. Clearly a recipe for success.
  9. but Ben Sasse really nailed Trump's mindset on twitter. what Trump wants to see is division. Sunday he wants a league full of players kneeling. It puts him and the flag on the same side. NFL should make a stand. But it might be wise to keep in mind what Trump wants out of the deal.
  10. nope. but it won't matter. he's powerless to stop it, if players decide to act.
  11. Aints offense

    Um...ok. I know I am old and all that, and you kids nowadays have your own way of...expressing...yourselves. But, I have no idea what this means.
  12. The problem is that opposing players, coaches, and coordinators are apparently predicting our calls with regularity. A few have, on occasion, said as much, and it's compounded by our staff saying that we don't game plan our offense. It's no wonder some guys can predict a play or two. If we don't game plan, then it goes without saying that the chances of predicting what the calls will be goes up exponentially.
  13. fug TRUMP. Seriously. I hope the earth shakes tomorrow when everyone takes a knee. He has awaken a sleeping giant. He has handed Kaepernick moral ground (not thst he lacked any). Kaepernick won.
  14. Aints offense

    Idc about grammar i got dropped out of the 8th grade never even went to high school school a scam I got a better education from the streets of walterboro den ney school can teach
  15. Stepping back: There's a sport that has captivated a country. Tens of thousands go to the venue and the athlete's place of work to watch them battle it out. Millions watch from home through digital screens. Before these events, everyone stands in silence as a B to C list celebrity sings the theme song of the country. They cheer afterwards and military planes fly overhead. The said country is in a weird time and some of the guys are kneeling in protest of bad incidents occuring throughout the land. Some fans are now mad because they don't want this at their events. Others don't care. Now we have a guy in office who instigated it further. Some fans don't care, others are now saying they'll go cold turkey and walk out if they respond further. It's just all so overly dramatic and stupid on every side. It shows who the real "snowflakes" are.
  16. 48hrs since my last cigarette...

    I tried to quit but was to cray towards people had more anger so I went back to smoking fug it we all going to die one day I'll rather enjoy myself
  17. How many Panthers / Saints will take a knee tomorrow?

    Sadly, when the identity of a people, especially a newly-formed "people" who had little in common up until that point, has been built upon a concept of unity-through-supremacy and oppression, any attempt to fight that supremacy or that oppression will be seen as a hatred of that people. I deeply wish we could do it all over from the start, but we can't. Sometimes I'm really at a loss for what should come next.
  18. How many Panthers / Saints will take a knee tomorrow?

    That's a really really shitty thing to say dude. Not remotely acceptable. 100% uncool.
  19. Aints offense

    Enthusiasm + 'Revenge Poo' = Going places
  20. All owner are fire back at Dump... I would love to see Big Cat stand up for his players..
  21. I also think you will see some planned out things with teams that don't involve the knee. As mad as Trump just made the NFL. The knee is still tricky for tons of black athletes and that isn't because they are afraid of being benched, being fired, or losing sponsorships. Goes back to a basic that Google JBC can't acknowledge. Plenty of black athletes won't take a knee for the anthem because of what it means to them. They have voiced that.
  22. Shula Bashing Weeks 3 thru 17

    I hate him but I root for him to do good don't wanna see him fail I hope he makes some good play calls . He had some good play calling 2015 but he's too hard headed to go with what's working you know
  23. Who has the best Panthers Man Cave?

    Came in here knowing thebigcat would be all over this
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