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  1. My expectation for his first year is turbulence as he learns the scheme and speed of the game. If he can keep up with receivers and TE's without too much PI, I could very well see his ceiling as Ramsey during his rookie year. They also in common speed and freakishly long arms for corners. One thing is for certain, he's not Darryl Worley. I expect him to get picked on early and often but his attitude so far tells me he's up for the job. He wants to be great, that's unteachable. Side note: This pick actually upgrades both corner spots. And If Donte has atleast half of the ego I
  2. Ridley - Jackson or Bouye Pitts - Horn Julio - Chinn Ryan - Burns, Reddick, Brown, Jones Honestly, one could apply that exact question to our Offense and add a healthy Cmc and a QB who can throw further than 35 yards.
  3. We do utilize the 3rd WR... but not as much as other teams because we have McCaffrey who is basically another receiver at any time. Which was/is the reason we didnt resign Samuel. We also picked up David Moore this offseason with slot intentions. Marshall imo is a #2...I think he'll contribute immediately but specifically in the redzone since he's 6'4 and that's a problem area. I say next year because that's when Robby Anderson's (our current #2) contract is up. Playing time, they all have a chance at... minus probably the LS. BUT serious playing time this year if I had to guess: M
  4. I thought that also until we signed Dan Arnold who is purely a pass catching TE. Our schemes should evolve based on exploitation. Maybe we're planning on rotating both depending on down. Wish we could combine DA's and Tremble's skillset into the other.
  5. 3rd day made me a little more comfortable with the first 2. Horn I'm warming up to. Would have took Slater in the first. And JOK or Moehrig in the 2nd. OR.. even Slater then doubled down with Jenkins or Randunz. I just dont fully get the logic but it's not my job to. Think we could have went down 3-4 spots and still grabbed our db. I think Jaycee is to offset Pitts. And the Marshall Jr pick is namely for 2022, as of now he's probably 4th on the depth chart. I will say this though, it is ALOT of "future" potential in this haul. The fan in me says we may have walked away with 5-6 future st
  6. I see our new OT already taking player spots.... foreshadowing perhaps... Or OT is in the wrong spot... Either way we find out. Lol, how does this happen.
  7. This dude is disciplined in his technique. The patience is crazy. He's not a ball hawk but he's moldable. Senior bowl coaching coming in handy I see.
  8. JOK.. If we go Safety.. Andre Cisco in the 3rd
  9. Jenkins, Andre Cisco, Freiermuth, Holland.. Round 2: Is screaming DT or FS for some reason... OT is what the majority want
  10. Physically Talented: Cam He was the prototype athlete, he probably could have played any offensive position (minus oline) and excelled imo. QB, RB, TE, and/or WR. Not to mention on a couple spots on a 3-4 defense..maybe not starter level though. As a QB in his prime... his speed, toughness, and elusiveness are miles ahead of Allen. Arm strength might be pretty close though. Fastest: Vick. That speed was basically like having Donte Jackson behind center.
  11. Only thing I'd be "upset" about is anybody else picked if "Sewell, Pitts or Chase" are still available. Sewell: Tackles our Oline problem Pitts: Tackles our redzone problem Chase: If you thought last year was good with DJ, Robbie and Samuel lol. At the same time, whoever picked is apart of the family so that bitterness would only last around 24 hours. Atleast until the 2nd round, where I'd have another chance to experience the same dissatisfaction again.
  12. I just cant wrap my head around it... just a couple of years ago.. Greg Little: In 311 snaps AT LT IN THE SEC allowed only 4 pressures. Had a pass blocking efficiency rating of 97.7 and in his college career has only 32 hurries out of 2,179 snaps. He gets to the Combine and drastically underperforms. Enters the NFL and looks like a worse version of Byron Bell. I think they've tried him at guard also.... and he looked as equally bad. Maybe it clicks in Year 3 ... results so far aren't looking promising. And to think we traded up for this guy. THIS GUY would have been our
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