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  1. Very suprised he hasn't been converted back to linebacker. He's still impactful just not as much. He may just need more time in the role. However, I have no idea why he's a FS instead of SS. I understand he's gifted athletically but IMO he'd be best served at SS. So for next year, if I had to force Chinn at safety he'd be planted as an up in the box SS. As for Gilmore going to FS in the future...I'd rather see Donte there with Gilmore and Horn at CB 1 & 2. Bouye at nickle with Hartsfield backing him up. Bring Henderson along slow and him and Taylor would be very solid depth. Not to mention we still dont know what Thomas-Oliver's ceiling is + Pride is still developing.
  2. Real upgrades....you've seen what I've seen the past few weeks. The outcome plants us directly in the bottom 5 in run and pass blocking. My mind just refuses to compute that Daley and/or Miller are better options than Osemele, DeCastro, Fluker, Dahl, Easton, Sweezy or Forrest Lamp. Miller is tricky though, he can play average sometimes but also revert to garbage. And Erving is not an upgrade over Rick Wagner or Schwartz. Hell Okung can't stay healthy but I'm not so sure Erving is any different. We'll see. We could have brought in Dotson...he's old but so was Whitworth. I don't even want to mention Paradis. There is a viable option available for his position also. And an upgrade at that. Sadly we just might have the worst starting center in the league. The last two games esp. I'm just saying, what exactly is the problem with kicking the tires on a couple of these guys?. If any of those names listed above are healthy, it's a no brainer to me. Maybe I'm missing something or they see a bigger picture here. And yea we've tried trading but it's obviously not going to happen or the price is too steep. So if that is indeed the case then the front office should be actively investigating any and every possible upgrade IMO. Like I said earlier, I just don't believe we are fielding the top 5 avialable lineman in football. I could be wrong but should be right.
  3. Another DB...really hope that's a safety. AND Where the hell are the Olineman??????? No way in hell we are fielding the best possible combination of available lineman in the world. We just aren't actively looking. Honestly that whole lineup should have been guards, centers and tackles. Besides Reggie, I liked him lol. Cmc being hurt is hurting and on everything holy God forbid Chubba had a setback. Royce Freeman has been a big disappointment thus far. + Reggie can catch.
  4. Ironically both the guys we drafted this year are known to fight for receptions. They just don't get alot of chances. TMJ and Shi. TMJ is open alot. But either Darnold doesnt have enough time to go through his progessions or he isn't looking his way. I do know BAD things happen whenever we force feed Robby. I might be wrong but I think that's when the interceptions actually started. I wouldnt b suprised if every Darnold to Anderson complete connection that was substantial came while Sam was running for his life or when CMC was pass protecting. Coaching staff is making it a priority for Sam to get it out quick. Thus...he gets the line, snap, holds it 2 seconds then throws it to DJ. Robby is the vertical threat but what's the point if the line can't hold long enough for him to get top speed. For as garbage as Brady can be he does has glimpses of genius ...i.e that 2 point conversion. We could have had Madden calling plays but It wouldn't have mattered if our wr's cant execute. Consistency across the board is indeed a necessity. I really hope every WR we have spend the majority of this week on the Juggs Two 1k receivers but our clutches plays have been made by Ian and Zylstra. The blueprint to shut down our offense: Run stunts with the front four, implement delayed blitzes and just tell the corners to squat on everything underneath. We won't adjust. Blueprint for beating our defense: Limit pressure up the middle. Push our ends out the play..hold 'em since it won't get flagged. Run toward Burns on perceived passing downs and most importantly just do something they haven't seen on our tape this year. We won't adjust.
  5. No we just looked better on Offense with CMC in the game. He requires so much attention it opens up alot of opportunities. The offense hasn't even got its footing yet. We just dont have an identity on O. Add in Pat Elfien being out...caused a domino effect. Middle to left side is looking very overwhelmed. Downhill since the Saints game. + are adjustments are incredibly slow. The defense...technically yes and no. Until we can replace Horn with a player that can excel in man we won't see the dominance we saw earlier. We'll see flashes though. Those blitzes hit home when the Qb has nowhere to throw. That's why we're counting on Gilmore returning to form. Henderson just isn't ready yet but I gotta say Taylor really impressed me vs. Minn. Fan support did... the team not so much. But that's just my opinion.
  6. Well tbh, YGM is your traditional DE. Brown & Fox are very good at run stopping also. That said, we're not close to where we need to be but like I said previously, even when we had traditional players we still had a MASSIVE problem stopping the run at one point. What changed this..... Luke Kuechly. Jermaine Carter is not your ideal starting MLB. He's somewhat adequate but there's a reason we went after Perryman. Also, we just happen to be missing our team leading tackler(iirc), Shaq Thompson.
  7. We need more inside pressure for him to be most effective. He lines up so wide that when he beats his man if the QB steps up he's out the play. No coincidence that spin move inside is so effective. I will say that last miss was an example of horrible tackling.
  8. Season is not over!!!! And wont be for me until we are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. They didn't look defeated, they looked tired. You don't throw in the towel in 6 games into the season with a .500 record. 3-3 is vastly different from 0-6 or 1-5. What's wrong with some of you people???? Lol We DO have to improve in alot of areas but anything is possible in the NFL. You take the good with the bad and keep pushing.
  9. It's just a message board Stephen A. Your too invested into the conversation.
  10. I didnt say include him because of games played..fyi. BUT even if I decided to do that: Take the last three years each played as a Panther. Im pretty damn sure Olsen missed the most playing time. And speaking of laughable, you honestly think Luke, Cam and McCaffrey weren't reliable workhorses for this org compared to Olsen?????? Yeeeeea ok
  11. Ironically I just finished playing. Last game I called for 3 and a possible ...disappointment ...I left wit 2 books. I call that the Hurney.
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