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  1. The collective unit is my obvious. I think we'll look back on this draft in a positive light. Literally a lot of potential below... Here's my take: Jaycee Horn: I'm looking at Horn as another 1st round pick in the '22 draft since he only suited up 3 full games last year. The drop off when he left the field was noticeable. Has the ability not only be a Pro bowler but All-Pro at the position. Off the charts athleticism is one thing, the "want to be great" is what will separate him from his peers. Year 2: Lockdown corner. TMJ: Once he becomes confident and we give the man a QB, he will be a problem. If he was the #2 receiver this year, I could see him maxing out at 800 yards. He should have been out primary redzone weapon last season. Still developing but imo his floor is Brandon Lafell and his ceiling is Justin Jefferson (in the right situation). Oddly enough thier all LSU products. Year 2: Around 6 TDs - 300-500 yards. BC: Idunno.. hasn't had enough play for me to form an opinion. That's on the coaching staff. I can say he is miles better than Greg Little at this same point. I'm not a fan of him all over the line though.... In the end, I think he'll turn out as an above average swing tackle or guard depending on placement. Year 2: Average play if placed in the LG spot (NEEDS to get stronger). Tremble: If it took Ian 3 years to be considered "our best blocker" by many people, imagine what Tremble can become. Honestly thought he'd get his shot at being a starter but with the Thomas signing all signs point opposite. If his hands become reliable I think he easily moves up the depth chart. Year 2: Look for improved numbers in every category with McAdoo as the coordinator. Just imagining Tremble helping Ickey and D Brown is wild entertaining for me. Chubba: With an improved line and another year under his belt, Chubba "could" show a lot of what made him a leading rusher a few seasons ago. I think his development will be the most obvious for some reason. Year 2: Hard to call with Christian back and Foreman taking a role. Nixon: Flashed last season will be improved this season. Still amazed we got him in the 5th round. At one point he was being called a potential first rounder. By his contract year I think he'll be a beast. Year 2: Solid rotational peice. **Gem** KT: We already got our value and more from this pick. He really played over my expectations last year. He got burned a couple times but he also held his own as well. We've had a lot of cbs since Norman left but this is one of the guys we needs to continue to develop. If Wilks stays here for a few seasons I have no doubts he'll be a pivotal piece. Year 2: Builds onto last years success. **Gem** Deonte Brown: One pressure, five hurries and a half-sack in his Alabama career...smdh. With what we fielded last season, he should have definitely seen more PT. If you took away the weight issues, I'd say he'd be nightmare next to Ikem, esp with Campen coaching him up. Year 2: Who knows ?? Smith: Might not be on team come week 1. Fletcher: Could have been an UDFA. Hoskins: He flashed a couple times too. I think he makes the roster but Year 2: Impact minimal. I love this class. Results remain to be seen. BUT it is entirely possible that from a skillset standpoint we picked up 4 future starters. And the number could go up to 5-6(overly optimistically speaking). But you cant deny the talent is there. Tbh your lucky for 2-3 starters in a draft. Throwing darts in the dark.
  2. If Sam starts, Robbie will probably have another down season BUT the wildcard is that we've never seen Sam with consistent time to throw in pocket. With an improved line he should be able to get through his progressions a helluva lot more. It also gives Robbie more time to get vertical. He really needs to work on his hands and the focus aspect. With the competition currently in our WR room he's locked into that #2 spot almost automatically. He could be pushed to a #3 role. Not likely but possible Locks: DJ Moore, Anderson ... Realistic competition for #2 spot: Terrance Marshall Jr, Rashard Higgins (sleeper), Shi Smith (If he stays on the team) *biggest threats in bold* I can't give up on my guy just yet though.
  3. He really reminds me of a mixture between Omar Bayless and Devin Funchess. Could be a TE covert...but Robert's should have the return duties on locked down. Higgins might have that ability also but I wouldn't count on it.
  4. Zero unless Sam gets hurts. I honestly think PJ would start first....not because of talent but because of Rhule-ism. He actually didnt look to pleased we picked Corral iirc.
  5. I did too until I saw a couple reps from Senior Bowl practice. Cade Mays also looked bad. He was literally on skates every rep I saw iirc. Far cry from last year when Deonte Brown and the other udfa we had dominated. All that said, Barno has all the tools to develop into a good player. He just needs to get a little bigger and work on his run defense along with adding more moves to get off blocks. We can teach all of that. The speed is what really punched his ticket. Side note: I've seen him do a Burns-esque spin move that was really impressive. Just needs a couple years of NFL strength training, technique coaching and a diet plan to bulk. Cade needs to get stronger. Wouldnt suprise me if ended up a Center in a couple years. All in all, still not a bad choice for where he was selected.
  6. The effect of this pick must not be underappreciated. We indirectly improved 4 positions with 1 pick. Oline got better.. (If Brown ever starts next to this guy ...smdh...defensive players will get mauled in the run game). The Rb's will benefit (The protection and lanes he can produce...I actually think Chubba will really benefit from this.. I wont even mention the Cmc and Foreman combo.) The WR's will benefit..(More time for route development) The Qb's will benefit (Well....*maybe* this will help Sam get his feet in Rhythm without fearing for his life) I'm just glad we got lineman who can play LT and G(only if absolutely needed)...AND Icky has an added plus. Not only is he violent with his hands and pulling in the run game, he is really good at picking up stunts (which we struggled mightily with last season). By the time Campen and Moton get working with this kid we may indeed have an All Pro potential tackle on our hands. He was my top rated offensive player in this draft. And top 2-4 overall on 85% of big boards if I remember correctly. It only took a decade but I finally feel like we've addressed the position for the long term. I'm beyond excited.
  7. I still see DT as a need. The guy we picked up from WAS...is he a true DT? I wouldnt be mad at a KR/PR, maybe a linebacker (Littleton will suffice if he gets back to his form from a couple years ago). Also wouldnt be mad at Robinson Jr. @ rb. Or another WR if we have cutting Shi in our plans. We just need players bro
  8. IF he actually believes that: He's really holding on to the glimpses he saw those first three games of Sam .... That's the ONLY thing I can think of.
  9. Idunno...imo he would have been a first rounder but his health concerns. Every name is an investment during the draft and having 2 surgeries on the same knee does not do him any favors. Especially if he's basically a statue in the pocket. His deep ball and ball placement are A+!!!!!! He has all the intangibles. And he seems to have the mental side down as far as processing the field goes. The knee and his lack of mobility is what I think will hold him until the 3rd-4th round...stranger things have happened but he is an intriguing option. It's the draft so noone really knows. All it takes is one team's medical staff giving them the OK. I will say he's my favorite QB from this particular class.
  10. I've been telling people prepare for 1 of the following: 1. Cross and Howell with a trade up Or 2. Penning with a trade down and Howell Take it from the guy who called the Shaq and Funchess draft on this board. That said, I havent been 100% since lol BUT I damn sure can say I called that draft. I think they like Penning's nastiness and they're banking that if he doesnt pan out at LT they could slide him inside to G and put Christensen at LT(worse case scenario). Tbh after the senior bowl practice I've been down Penning and Pickett also (reports from the day it rained out there). Then again after the 5 year comment from Tepper it could be Willis but something tells me they're really high on Howell.
  11. This is true... just imagine how much of a beast Kenyon Green is going to be in a few years...smh. That's why those picks would have been extremely important.
  12. Wouldnt be suprised if we walked away with Cross and Howell when it's all said and done.
  13. Chinn played 392 in the box as a linebacker or strong safety, 230 snaps at slot cornerback, and 237 snaps at free safety. (Rookie Year) -Pro Football Focus
  14. Didnt he go back to campus to be one of the receivers for Howell at his pro day? Obviously we saw something we liked. Is Howell apart of that vision is the real question.
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