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  1. If you think about the starters + the rotation and role players ....we have the chance to be dominate..literally. One could argue our depth even have that overacheiving potential. In fact, one could argue a mix of our second and third string would outperform our 2011 starters... Johnson(9 sacks)-Mcclain-Fua-Applewhite/Hardy(4) Vs.. Haynes/Miller-Daviyon-Braviyon-YGM/Fox Am I crazy???..Maybe its the optimism ... but I do know our backups haven't been this good in a while. 2011 was all CJ...this was before Hardy became the double digit Hardy and Applewhite played great 1 game then turned into Weatherly. Mcclain got somewhat better when he left here and Fua was trash. Haynes is on an incline(look for him to make a name this year). Fox is Fox, inside & outside dependable, Daviyon was the 3rd best DT out of college this year IMO and our biggest steal of the draft. YGM has a very high ceiling, something alot of fans forget. And Miller is your wildcard...but a wildcard that probably has the 2nd or 3rd best bend around the corner on the team.
  2. Smdh, reading that gave me hope for Little lol..until I realized he plays like his last name. It just blows my mind how one could be damn near #1 in high school and college but well below average in NFL. What was he getting by on?Athletism??????..the combine says otherwise. Technique??? ...his game tape says otherwise. It almost had to be pure strength just due to the process of elimination. Put it this way, Brown and Moore will make this team before Little imo. Unless a drastic offseason has occured. In my mind: Daley/Scott-Miller-Paradis-Christensen-Moton If Christensen is a RT, they'll probably keep him on that right side and switch Miller to the left. Brown and Moore just need more time to develop. I think Moore could play G in a pinch though. Maybe Brown on a snap count. Brown has to trim more to keep up with faster lineman, improve his speed and shore up his late game stamina. Moore will be impressive imo as the season goes on. If history repeats itself this would be Norwell again. Erving will ultimately be our backup guard at both spots with the ability to fill in at LT if something catastrophic were to occur. Elfein is better at center than guard. Ok at both spots but I wouldnt settle. Paradis is on an incline since his first year but is probably gone next year unless he seriously balls out or we cant find upgrade.
  3. One could argue last year the combo of DJ, Robbie, Cmc and Curtis orchestrated by Brady looks more dangerous on paper. Adding in Bridgewater you'd think we'd be damn near unstoppable going off his play in NO. We all just knew he'd be throwing TD's all over the field but ignored that 14 career high. He did manage to throw 15. We went down because of 3 reasons imo. A. TDs/Redzone: our "3" combined for 13 Tds last season. Take away Mccaffrey's (who only played 3 games) and that becomes 7. We accumulated alot of yardage but we didnt get into the endzone as much as we could/should have. B. They dont totally know what we have as a collective yet. Alot of college stars/NFL unknowns are behind DJ, Robbie and Cmc. Outside of David Moore and Arnold. C. Darnold. The one who will be distributing the ball to our star players. Only played 12 games last season but that was probably the worse season he's had. Pretty close to Cam's actually. I'm expecting a bounce back from both of them boys. Moreso Darnold who should now have every tool to win at his disposal. If Cmc stays healthy thats probably an automatic minimum of 10+ receiving TDs. Robby's in a contract year. DJ Moore hasnt peaked yet. Marshall and Bayless should help our redzone problems. His WRs, Rbs, TEs, QB coach, coordinator, HC and protection have all been upgraded. The sleeper imo is Dan Arnold. Not to mention a defense with top 10 potential. All That said, Im almost positive we will be a problem for coordinators on both sides. Alot of stars haven't been introduced to the general consensus yet. I think we now have enough to reverse a few of those one score loses. Then again, I say that every season.
  4. How important was this move.. look at the list below of next year's probable starters and remove Moton's name. LT: (High draft pick or high end FA as in whoever we acquire next season. Assuming noone fills the role this season and solidies it) LG: Daley/Erving/David Moore Center: Elfein/David Moore RG: Christensen/Deonte Brown RT: Moton I need to see our draft picks perform before actually coming to any kind of opinion. It may look lackluster to some but looks can also be deceiving.
  5. A second year Brown next to Jones is going to be hard to handle...fandom aside. Now add in Burns and Reddick. I havent been this excited for the defense since Hardy and Johnson were starting.
  6. Yea and if you add all that going back into college its more like 1k+ with 10 different QB's. That's crazy.
  7. Damn, I would have lost money betting he had more career INT's. Lol, In one game Luke had two of 'em in about a 5 minute span iirc (vs Romo). Then again, Luke isn't the guy you want to compare against. Shaq isn't a bad player either he's actually slightly above average but keeping in mimd his draft spot and current contract, I am and have been expecting more. Stats dont always show the full impact a player can make on the field but five pass breakups, one interception 5 years ago seasons, 0 sacks last season ...70+ completion rate when targeted...damn near Whitehead numbers. To his credit he did have two forced fumbles, 100+ tackles and prior to last season was halfway decent when he was called to blitz. I personally like him because he's athletic and physical. Maybe he's playing out of position. All that said, I still think Snow has something to work with. Hopefully the additions we've added this offseason will be to his benefit.
  8. Hands down: DaQuan Jones. The more suprising pick would be: Jermaine Carter Jr ..if he gets enough playing time.
  9. First if all, it's too early for this imo but I am glad to see our players getting recognition. This is just one guy's take on what should have happened that night but I thought it was interesting. Our FO did a great job on early returns and hopefully the 2021 holds the same success. I honestly didn't expect to see YGM up there as I thought he flew under the radar last season. Pretty sure you could guess the other two. http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/redrafting-the-2020-nfl-draft-justin-herbert-picked-by-bengals-justin-jefferson-lands-with-lions/
  10. This. I said a while back, Paradis is almost at the end of his Panthers stint. First thought when we signed Pat was depth/fringe starter at G with upside and flexibility to become Paradis insurance. Rimington award winner, Outland finalist, etc.. I think Moore has nothing but upside at the center position. Still have no idea how he wasnt drafted. P.S. I'm thinking Little is all but cut unless he shows up to camp playing like the second coming of Oher.
  11. If he can continue to bulk up while maintaining speed..smdh. A bullrush paired with that would almost be impossible to contain. To think, I didn't want us to touch him because of Everrette Brown and his 1k spins. I wanted Sweat or Gary at the time iirc...glad I was wrong. Dude has swiftly became my favorite player on this defense since Luke left.
  12. I wouldn't forget about Omar Bayless either. From the articles of camp last year I pretty much figured he was a lock to make the team before his injury. That said, his college production was insane too and at one point dude was #1 in receiving yards and tied for the most touchdowns in the NCAA. Mind you, this is the same year of the Chase, Jefferson, and Marshall show at LSU. Difference in competition but he dominated the Sun-Belt .. yet ... he still went undrafted. Here it's a numbers game. I'm just glad we got the comp & depth. We've come along way from Funchess and Philly Brown. I do think Shi makes it over Micah Simon (who reminds me of Samuel btw). But I think we could stash him on the practice squad.
  13. Serious Question for anybody... Is Moton better than prime-Darryl WIlliams on the right side? I can't even remember how good Williams was before his injury. Opinions anyone?
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