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  2. That was the game. 3rd and inches was easy.
  3. That's part of the game, boss. You got a gift when Julio dropped a ball he catches 99 out of 100 times.
  4. I'm done

    I'm soooo hurt, I'm done guyz. Alex Jones 360!
  5. NFL Week 11 Games Thread

    i’m not watching the game but if Barnett beat Byron Bell I’ll have to put an * beside the sack
  6. I'm done

    *waiting for the faux hook, line, turn-it-around face f*ck for self propping
  7. NFL Week 11 Games Thread

    I feel justified and sick at the same time.
  8. You got the “gift” when Gruden didn’t sneak cousins on the third and one to end the game.
  9. I'll be completelt honest, in my years of watching football, had no idea that pressure had to be present lol. I can take that L. Anyways, bad call. Didn't end the game though.
  10. Dude was an average player with a bad attitude. Average players with good attitudes stick. Good players with bad attitudes are tolerated. Nobody cares about mediocrity with delusions of grandeur.
  11. That play was so ugly they couldve called unsportsman like conduct. They earned that loss IMO. Their defense was attrocious to finish the game.
  12. NFL Week 11 Games Thread

    people really werent respecting the fact that this dude beat reggie white's college sack record
  13. Was a pretty clear miscommunication between qb and receiver. If you are going to flag that, you can literally throw multiple flags a game on every qb for balls not being close to receivers.
  14. It was pretty clear it was a QB-WR miscommunication...well.....anyhoo...lol
  15. NFL Week 11 Games Thread

    Barnett is a future superstar. Been EVERYWHERE tonight. Motor never stops.
  16. I'm done

  17. no pressure at all. if there was pressure, then it would be intentional grounding. but that was clearly a designed quick pass that was miscommunicated.
  18. Saints had Ill gotten a free win because of Washington getting a false penalty thrown on them and no that call was not right either. The 2009 SB win was a sympathy win for Saints to.
  19. stop. there was no pressure on that play and it was a clear miscommunication between the qb and receiver. it was absolutely not intentional grounding. don't kid yourself into that delusion. admit you got lucky and had help from the refs. because that's exactly what happened.
  20. I'm done

    I think I heard a queef
  21. Nope There is no violation when the passer is not about to be tackled but the receiver simply fails to run the route the quarterback expects.
  22. I'm done

    I'm done. You may have your safe space back now. I hope the few remaining centrists and libertarians here enjoy being the new nazis as the board tacks hard left. to anyone I've ever offended here, I'll quote a great man: "id like to take this opportunity to apologize to no one. The champ does what the fug he wants." mods work your magic.
  23. NFL Week 11 Games Thread

    amazing catch by Jeffrey
  24. NFL will give an actual report, and it won't be from "sources". It was grounding. Miscommunication or not, he threw the ball in the area of no one from inside the pocket. Both receivers looked like they were blocking for a screen. It was the right call, and didn't end regulation anyway lol. He was sacked on the next play. Give me a break with the "gift".
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