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  2. That probably took an hour max, so it's not a big deal.....
  3. Mike Gesicki (3 rd) better long term prospect Mark Andrews will go before we can ever draft him. 1) Harrison, S 2) Watts, S (or Wynn, OL) 3) Ragnow, C 3) Gesicki, TE 5) BJ Hill, DT Sign RB Crowell, WR Moncrief Resign JP (SB farewell), Norwell Cut JStew (if he took a paycut then do not cut and not sign Crowell) Cut Fozzy Cut Russell Sheppard Extend Funchess, Shaq, Daryl Williams QB - Cam, Gilbert RB - Crowell, CMC, CAP FB - Armah TE - Olsen, Gesicki, Manhertz WR - Funchess, Moncrief, Samuel, Byrd, Bersin, (Clay as return specialist) T - Kalil, Williams, Moton G - Turner, Norwell, Larsen, Van Roten C - Kalil, Ragnow DE - JP, Horton, Addison, Hall, Obada, Cox Jr DT - KK, Love, Butler, Hill LB - Keuchly, TD, Shaq, Mayo, Jacobs S - Coleman, Harrison, Watts, Adams, Jones CB - Bradberry, Worley, Corn, Captain, Seymour, Gunter LS - Jansen K - OhNo P - Palardy
  4. DNA Kits

    took one a few years back. i knew where my family was from as far as ethnicity was concerned, but i was looking for more detailed information as to exactly where and if these ancestors had records. so it turned out that i had a third cousin who also took the 23andme test that i matched with. i never met her, but she ended up being my great grandfather’s sister’s granddaughter. she told me a lot about her grandmother’s background and sent me a bunch of pics including the one my great grandfather grew up in and a picture of her grandmother with my great grandmother. oddly enough, i look a lot like my great grandmother. same eyes and lips lol. it’s freaky but awesome at the same time. she also told me what village he was from and from there i kept doing research. it ended up being razed during world war II and it was rebuilt afterward. there’s a church with a memorial on the wall with all these names on it of civilians and soldiers that died in WWII and a lot of them have my last name. there’s also another memorial for residents who were lost during WWI, but that one takes up a lot less space. overall the information about that village is the most intriguing and i hope to visit it someday, but it’s kind of off the beaten path and not a destination attraction, so i’m going to have to figure out how i’m going to get around. then i got an ancestry membership for a short while and started looking at documented records of some of my ancestors. the men were bricklayers, carpenters, tailors, and the women went to work as seamtresses or cigar makers on an assembly line if they weren’t casalingas (homemakers). it’s my belief that ancestry is something that everybody should look into to get a better grasp of their family’s history and some of the history of the united states and wherever other country they are from. i mean one of my great great grandparents couldn’t read or write and here i am with a university degree 100 years later bc she decided to come over here.
  5. Case Keenum is having himself an MVP conversation year, obviously spreads the ball around and makes some really good throws. Hes not established but hes doing great. Bortles-- Bortles gets a lot of flak, deservedly so, but hes not having a bad year either. Foles did not throw a bad game either, cant say too much considering he started all of like 2 games before the playoffs-- again though he has guys around him that really help. These guys are surrounded by great defenses first, then offenses with guys who really help their quarterbacks. So maybe these guys havent been long term franchise quarterbacks, but they are playing good NOW. Now is all that matters really.
  6. You may not need an elite QB, but the team with the elite defense with a good QB who doesn’t turn the ball over is usually the team who win. People forget that Brady for a long time always had a defense. Guys like Harrison, Law, McGinest, Vrabel, Wilfork, Seymour, Bruschi, Samuel, Milloy, Hightower, Mayo, McCourty, Revis, Jamie, Collins, Chandler Jones, Talib, Seau, Adalius Thomas, etc Just dating back to 2000, these were some very damn good to great defenses that won the SB: 2000 Baltimore #2 2003 #7, 2004 #9 New England 2002 Tampa #1 2005 #4, 2008 #1 Pittsburgh 2007 #7, 2011 New York 2010 Green Bay # 5 2014 Seattle #1 2015 Denver #1 And then there are still the SB losers who garnered top defenses: 2015 Carolina 2014 Denver 2012 SF 2010 Pittsburgh 2006 Chicago 2000 NYG Now, 3 of the last 4 teams that are playing this weekend all have top 4 defenses: Minny 1 Jacksonville 2 Philly 4 NE 29
  7. He looks better with the ball in his hands than CMC I say.
  8. Today
  9. yes it is...our youth is expendable if we can upgrade that youth...
  10. A personal friend of a player's family and a fraternity brother who used to be a Panther. Both tell the same story. It's not "I can't stand you" hate but it is "I don't like that guy's style" hate. No one turns down an interview to make millions but he doesn't like Dave. I have no reason to lie JS.
  11. Lol...Me being passive aggressive? You are a trip Red. I actually like you mostly because you entertain me. That was probably passive aggressive also.
  12. Hurney on WFNZ

    Get your grocery store's earliest pre- combine 1st edition NFL draft guides to see Marty's final draft board. It is eerie how clos it has been in the past. The Everette Brown & Duke Robinson draft only made sense from one of those. Was Joe Adams in that class too?
  13. CBS Sports Mock Draft (this week 16 Jan)

    If I was making a safe pick, then it would be Kirk. Just because he’s bigger and played in the SEC. However, Miller might be the better player. He can do it, is more explosive and has much better hands. If Miller was bigger and played at a bigger school, he would be probably be a lock in the 1st.
  14. CBS Sports Mock Draft (this week 16 Jan)

    I dont see the Jarvis Landry comparison at all. Landry is a possession reciever who moves the chain. Miller is an explosive, can do it all and deep threat. Reminds me more of Tyreke Hill than Landry.
  15. Hey, you ever noticed how those that know the least talk the most?
  16. Well that's your opinion.. We already have enough youth at that position.. We don't have to draft a WR every year..
  17. Speaking of stormy days

    Garbage human
  18. Offseason NFL News

    I chuckled.
  19. And we are to take your word for this just because, what?
  20. CBS Sports Mock Draft (this week 16 Jan)

    I Just got done watching some cut ups of Miller. I am impressed. Other than his size, Miller has some amazing hands. Might be the best hands out of the top known projected receivers. I see some a lot of Brandin Cooks, AB and Tyreke Hill. I would be happy with Miller at 24.
  21. Don’t need a #1 WR, bigger need is a 2nd TE like Troy Fumgali who is basically a #1 WR and OT.
  22. If it's a Hurney second round pick I second this. For once we just might get something out of it. Ryan Kalil not with standing. Hurney sucks at second round picks you know this.
  23. It's hard to think he dislikes him that much if he agreed to interview with the Giants while declining the Colts.
  24. what is the official tinderbox opinion on cryptocurrency?

    whatever your feelings on bitcoin/cryptocurrency, blockchain tech will lead to some cool stuff in the near future
  25. Offseason NFL News

    He's not going anywhere.
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