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  2. If we draft a FS first round, do you let Adams and Searcy fight it out for SS?
  3. I did not see him play (West coast). the measurables were incredible. I think we will end up with Penny.
  4. Getting laid off in july

    @juliosantos Little late to the party here. From someone who has hired 12 jr programmers over the last year look at this https://www.bloc.io/learn-to-code/coding-bootcamps/states/north-carolina Ive hired several guys straight out of bootcamps based on their previous work history + their recent training and havent regretted a single one of those hires. If youve got the head for programming these places can be a real jump start for a second career. Im in Denver so I cant vouch for any of those in that link but Im sure if you asked around you could get the info to make a good decision.
  5. Hey, if you want to throw a later round pick at a SS. Be my guest. As long as I get my FS off the top. If we are going to go FS, might as well get the best on on the board. It is too important of a position not to.
  6. Breaking down Cockrell as a Zone CB

    For sure its a knock on the SB as an assessment tool. Also a small sample size. I just want to see these guys showing their actual ability in a new set-up. Drafting on measureables Apke from Penn state would be R1-2 S. He will likely be 6-7 or UDFA. I read an article saying the fitness guy from Penn did an amazing job raising his guys draft profile.
  7. Our Visits so far. Who do you want?

    Bolded are the players I see the Panthers drafting-- Nick Chubb, RB, Georgia (PRI) Mike Gesicki, TE, Penn State (SR%) DaeSean Hamilton, WR, Penn State (EW) Nyheim Hines, RB, N.C. State (PRO) Jalyn Holmes, DE, Ohio State (PRO) Micah Kiser, ILB, Virginia (SR) Quenton Meeks, CB, Stanford (PRO) Sony Michel, RB, Georgia (COM) Kolton Miller, OT, UCLA (PRO) Da'Ron Payne, DT/NT, Alabama (PRI) Rashaad Penny^, RB, San Diego State (PRI, PRO) Justin Reid, S, Stanford (PRI) Calvin Ridley, WR, Alabama (PRO) Jaylen Samuels, RB, N.C. State (PRO) Deadrin Senat, DT/NT, South Florida (EW) Kentavius Street, DE, N.C. State (PRO) Chandon Sullivan, CB, Georgia State (PRO) Josh Sweat, DE/3-4OLB, Florida State (COM) Chad Thomas, DE/3-4OLB, Miami (PRI) David Wells, TE, San Diego State (EW)
  8. Our Visits so far. Who do you want?

    Ridley's age is iffy and I don't think he's got #1 potential, but he walks in Day 1 and helps Wish I saw more names on the TE list. NEED a TE in the first three rounds. Reid is my pick at S, at probably at 24. The lack of secondary meetings in general is odd. RBs galore on that list, which shows our hand there. Jaylen Samuels from State...he's a guy Norv could do a lot with. Also wouldn't mind somebody from State's DL. Met with Street, but either of our DTs (Hill or Jones) would be interesting picks in the later rounds.
  9. Our Visits so far. Who do you want?

    Reid Chubb or Michel Hamilton in the third would be good value he had a very good SR Bowl I have to think we have at least one G or T on the radar. Or Billy Price if he slides far enough.
  10. Breaking down Cockrell as a Zone CB

    Ballage isn't a very good RB. I wouldn't want him until the late rounds if at all.
  11. I still dont get the DE in the 1st love based on how our DL is more set this year than anything else. If we do we are passing up a much better player at a bigger need position. I get that Peppers is done after this year but Hall and Cox will have another year of experience and we can go DE nuts next year when the class looks better. We have the same need at C with Kalil and S with Adams and TE with Olsen and still have a current FS and LG hole.
  12. That lines up pretty much to my way of thinking. So I could get on board with it. As a Big Ten guy, I like Gesicki. He killed MSU, so he has that going for him. All in all, I like your draft. Simple, fills all the holes. I am in.
  13. Dont think adding a RB is a priority at all, if i go by the defiition of a priority. Get a big pounder back mid to late to COMPLIMENT CMC dont need a starter or even a guy guy to take on half the load PERIOD!!
  14. Do we have a rating on how many of those running backs can also pass block and pick up blitz? stewarts true value was that. Norvs offense traditionally with those downfield throws require someone to block effectively. thats who we are looking at, narrow those down. so I agree with the tightend FS, but a draft full of running back prospects has how many that can block like Stewart did?
  15. I'm sorry. But this is not the year to throw high draft picks at the lines. You can get quality G play almost anywhere in the draft. Plus we have other options as well. We need skill position players, especially at DB. You can probably throw in TE, and RB. When you need athletes as badly as we do. You have to get them higher in the draft. Now, if Hurndog happens to bring in a FS that can solidify our backfield. Then you can have your guard. Otherwise, you are going to have to get him later in the draft. In most years, I would be with you. This just happens to be one of those years that bucks the trend.
  16. I think we are looking for both a FS and SS--Searcy and Adams are not exactly cornerstones. CB? We are better. Bradberry disappointed last year, but we should be in a better situation last year. When you blitz nearly every down, you put zone CBs at a disadvantage. Bradberry was usually locked on the #1 WR. Tough sledding.
  17. The production at Penn St was there. Not sure the Senior bowl provides enough chemistry between QB and TE/WR to judge either, but I see your point.
  18. We have two solid CBs. Can you say the same about that S position? So even though we may still need to take a chance on a CB, we defiantly need to look at the S position. Do you trust Cap? If not, we need to also look at RB. Throw in TE as well. That is four positions. And we have 4 of the top 100 picks. I am just glad I don't have to figure out how to go about getting this done.
  19. When should we give up on Monk?

    Giving up on Monk in his first three years would be dumb let alone in less than a year. Give the guy time. He is not going to be Kobe or nothing. He is a great shooter in the mold of a Jamaal Crawford. Relax and step away from the ledge. There are a lot more pressing issues with this franchise than Monk. I am not worried about Monk or Bacon or WHG. That is a good young core. Just need to add some more to that core. I would consider trading Kemba this offseason, and getting a top 7 pick for him. Same with Howard, minus getting a top 7 pick. Get young and let a young core grow together. It is what it is though.
  20. Our Visits so far. Who do you want?

    Out of all those guys, Reid. Hopefully we meet with Davenport I really like him.
  21. When should we give up on Monk?

    I prefer looking at the positives of a 19yr old rookie. He actually plays the PG position a lot better than I expected. He has great passing out of the pick and roll. He seems to set up WHG and Howard quite well. He needs to work on his floater when the roller is covered. Obviously he also needs to work on his defense and shot selection but that is something I feel will come with experience. Let's look objectively, Kemba, Howard and Batum all have shot selection issues and they are vets. Monk is a young rookie playing in a position that he didn't even play in college. Also look at the lineup that he gets to play with. Early in the year and now as well the lineup is Monk, Bacon, Graham, Frank, WHG. I feel like if Lamb was in the lineup then that second unit would be a lot more in sync but the only time he has played it is due to a Batum and MCW injury so that makes him the 1st option with the 2nd unit. This exact same thing happened Kemba's first couple of years. He was the 1st option and was thought of a horrible chucker. When other players were put around him then he got a lot better. I think that will be the same with Monk.
  22. So, although Hurndog tried to screw up by overpaying Breeland. Because that deal fell through, and he got lucky and got Cockrell on a fair deal. He went from almost stinking the place up, to smelling like a rose. Maybe this is the start of one of those years where everything seems to go our way? A year where for some odd reason, things still manage to work out for the best. Even though ol' Hurndog may not have planned it out that way.
  23. One More Notable Signing?

    Don’t be surprised if we use next year’s picks. As much as it scares me, we’ve got 2 extra thirds (2018/2019) so we’ve got some extra capital to move up. I’m fine as long as we aren’t doing something stupid like giving up next year’s first for just an above average prospect.
  24. Nice. I would love either scenario. Do you think Landry will be there, if not what about Davenport?
  25. #MarchForOurLives

    Wonder when dotard is gonna tweet that the crowd wasn't that large...?
  26. Breaking down Cockrell as a Zone CB

    I'm not excited by the combine but each to their own. I enjoy the senior bowl more- last year Hunt and Kamara excelled there and were promptly ignored. Gesicki was completely anonymous there while Goedart looked impressive and Gesicki's performance strikes me as a red flag. I have Gesicki pegged as a mirage.
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