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  2. Arm GM and Coach Time

    Isn't Gano a Free Agent? Doubtful we sign him for what someone will pay so free agency or draft for a kicker? Also Palardy is an Exclusive Rights Free Agent so he will cost some money too.
  3. Titans have confirmed they're letting all but maybe one assistant go, so Russ Grimm will be officially unemployed. Dear Norv, please talk to Ron about this.
  4. CMC is our starting running back for 2018. We might draft a guy in the mid to late rounds, but CMC will be the feature back.
  5. Arm GM and Coach Time

    My draft knowlege is completely limited to highlight videos. Goedert is tall, athletic, and can catch. He's also got the whole hey-he-used-to-play-basketball-one-time story line to keep area sports writers busy.
  6. I definitely think they “nudge” the games. That’s all it really takes when both teams have some of the best athletes in the world and the room for error is so small.
  7. Yeah I agree. I think he will be overpriced for us.
  8. Conference call tweets

    Norv is exactly what Cam and the WRs needed. Just wonder who staying and going
  9. Arm GM and Coach Time

    I can dig it. LJ Scott could be a good back for us in the draft. Ronnie Harrison is really good. With Washington being our new DC and Norv being the new OC I see either DL early and a WR/TE early. I do not know much about Dallas Goedert, I saw some of his body work (not just highlights) but did not dig further. Miller is interesting.
  10. I feel Hyde’s price tag will be more than we would be willing to pay off name alone.
  11. Turner ran a successful offense in Washington based around Terry Allen, a guy with two surgically rebuilt knees.
  12. NFL tinkering with the outcomes of a game?

    Yes. We had to give Peyton Manning his walk-off Superbowl so he could ride off into the sunset
  13. Agreed. I think any player in Cincy outside of maybe AJ Green is hard to gauge, but I would think if there was any bit of success there, it can be elevated in most other destinations. His strength is being used the way Blount, Bell and Ingram are used... between the tackles and don't try to impose a finesse game on him. He is also surprisingly decent as a receiving option at times too. Another veteran option that fits the style of RB we need to bring in to replace J Stew. I think his pricetag could be a little higher than Hill, but def an option if the market keeps these guys in check.
  14. Analyzing... If you weren't or aren't excited about how our offense could potentially look next year, you should be.
  15. Arm GM and Coach Time

    I agree that Norwell and Peppers are musts, which, in turn, probabyl means Star is gone. I like the idea of Kyle Williams coming in to provide some experience and beef at DT and probably at a good value I'm getting rid of Stew along with the others you mentioned. I really want Allen Robinson but I bet he gets tagged or is just plain pricey. Landry will probably get paid, too. I'd go after Marquise Lee to start with Funch and then hope Byrd, Samuel, or Draftee can deliver as WR3. Sign Lemarcus Joyner at FS. Draft: 1 Ronnie Harrison SS 2 Anthony Miller WR 3 Dallas Goedert TE 3 LJ Scott RB
  16. Arm GM and Coach Time

    DE depth DE1: Addison, Maurice DE2: Horton, Hall Situational Pass Rush DE: Peppers, Obada 1st String DTs: KK, Butler 2nd String DTs: Love, K Williams Situationl Pass Rush DT: Maurice
  17. I’d bring him in as a low buy option. I would still draft a RB and not hand the job over to Hill. Outside of his rookie season his numbers are pretty pedestrian. But he’s young and worth a look if the money is right. If anything he can be a goal line/short yardage back. One thing is for sure. JStew needs to be cut. Old, expensive, injury prone and his better days are behind him. Some on here are emotionally attached and it’s time to move on.
  18. How valuable is Cody Zeller?

    prolly trade him for a new washing machine
  19. If you can get the right guy, just know we won’t be keeping guys like Norwell and Star. If we can get a guy at a decent price, say Moncrief, I’d be all for it. Value for our team wanting to be a better running team (Stew’s done) could be a lot better if a guy like Hill or Hyde pan out. You will be paying double for Marqise Lee who hasn’t even been close to as impressive as KB even playing one more year.
  20. the trade war has begun

    The coal industry employs fewer people than Arby's. Less than the bowling industry. And there are fewer inherent safety and health risks associated with working in a bowling alley. But instead of moving to a more efficient, less costly energy source, let's threaten the jobs of 260,000 people in the solar industry to save 50,000 in the coal industry. Makes perfect sense... if you're a simpleton like Trump.
  21. I’d be all for it. He’s a good receiver as well. Having him and CMC in the backfield means the D can’t key on anything. See my post above about FA RBs.
  22. Id rather spend FA money on WRs
  23. I was high on Hill coming out. Think he's been misused a bit in Cincy.
  24. Money wise you aren’t correct. Hill’s probably in line for a $3 million per year. Marqise Lee who’s done a whole lot less than Hill is likely going to get $7 million per year. RB is actually a position where the difference been a 2nd rounder and a FA is very little but a 2nd round WR and a FA WR is a lot more. That said maybe you don’t like the FA WRs, but 14 WRs make over $10M (soon to be more) and one RB does. Freeman and McCoy the 2nd and 3rd most paid RBs make Marvin Jones money. Desean Jackson the 12th highest paid WR makes almost 3 times the 12th highest paid RB (Lynch).
  25. Conference call tweets

  26. How valuable is Cody Zeller?

    Cody doesn't have much value. Just the painful truth.
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