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  2. Moderate conservative cnn watcher so angry at liberal posting! Silly lib and Washington post make crap up! Please mock me more because I am calling the same piece. I referenced and sourced before a lying one. Heel a bit to far conservatives usually are this lame. Good acting though.
  3. Double Trouble l At the same damn time

    I don't know why I keep seeing statements like this when it has been pointed out on a number of occasions that the helmet radio cuts out at 15 seconds. I suspect it has more to do with being slow getting out of the huddle or the center calling out blocking assignments. You could also argue that Shula shouldn't use all 15 secs. But that is the latest the QB could have the play call.
  4. No excuses.

    I hope you did not truly mean that. Things might be boiling around here about Shula but I remember this board totally exploded over Chud and his lack of game planning and adjustments along with gimmicky plays that did not work and often put Cam in position to get pounded. He couldn't be gone fast enough in most minds, mine included.
  5. Dodgers 2017

  6. Is this @RetiredCollegeCoach alt just trying to win a bet.
  7. Cigar thread reborn

  8. Oh look a competent coaching staff that knows how to use the talent on the roster? Rams look like a completely different team. That was a really fun game and the polar opposite of our game. Bunch of turnovers and almost all offense.
  9. No excuses.

    I think Cam is a few weeks away. He WILL be back. In the meantime, CMC + Defense leads to a 21 -6 victory
  10. Lol...another nothing burger...
  11. Cam has been awful and yet his completion percentage is up and he only has one turnover that was a glorified punt. My god people. Every qb misses throws believe it or not. He could be better, but we're 2-0 and our scheme and play calling is a much bigger issue.
  12. White people get in here

    you are in competition with yourself...so if you do what you want to do then you win...
  13. Today
  14. To be clear I am mainly CNN ,not a fox news watcher...you are a good lib making up crap to fit your narrative...just like your little article...
  15. No excuses.

    I'm sure RRs ready to make excuses already because Kalils out. I don't think they realize that the excuses really show just how Incompetent they are As bad as I can't stand him. Belicheat lost his best LB plus all kind of other injuries Got emabarrased at home and came back and beat the crap out of NO. Good coaches have excuses cued up and ready to use. Great coaches deal with it and game plan around such
  16. Yes it is a lying liberal opinion piece...nothing you said changes that...the point is you were all hopped up about me using a conservative opinion piece and you turn around and use a liberal opinion piece... hypocritical at best...at best they just cancel each other out...there isn't anything to show yours was right except your belief...so until there us some authoritative word given one is just as valid as the other...theatre indeed...you ask for a standard then turn around and violate the same standard...
  17. If he don't hav a gould gaym it's dumm owe my gawd fukkin
  18. We have the 5th highest rush percentage in the NFL and are 30th in yards per carry. We were 7th in rush percentage last year and 20th in yards per carry when our OL was an absolute hot mess. Honestly, I think DCs are just figuring out Shula and his tendencies. If us fans sitting at home can oftentimes guess the play call, it's probably safe to say that actual professional defensive coordinators who study film religiously are probably pegging it a lot more often than we are. We end up running into stacked boxes a helluva lot. The defense knows we're likely to run then the play call comes in too late for an audible at the line. The result is usually three yards and a cloud of dust - IF we're lucky. When the opposing D knows what you're doing, you're forced on trying to out-execute them at every position. That might work in short yardage situations where a win is a yard or two, but it's a tough row to hoe all game long.
  19. To do list

    I'd like to see more 2 TE sets as it gives you two extra blockers at the line. I hope we finally start calling quick plays rather than a bunch of 7 step drops so our slow WR's can run fly routes while Cam gets blasted.
  20. White people get in here

  21. To do list

    Exactly! It is time to address our prptections and short quick throws then stretch the D out for the KO. A version of NE offensive playcalling. I expect CMC and Curtis possibly Byrd to make some noise. KB will get his. Fun might surprise. This will be an attack pass first then pound the rock later game.
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