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  2. This video is interesting as well. I would guess that Washington did not use Pryor on slants as this dude suggested. He really can be a jump ball God and deadly in the end zone.
  3. I think it would be more than a money situation... In fact I dont think he would do it ...
  4. Hurney on WFNZ

    That sounds like a quote from someone who doesn't think they'll be able to keep a guy they want.
  5. what is the official tinderbox opinion on cryptocurrency?

    It is considered increasingly scarce in that new bitcoins have to be data-mined with exponentially more complicated algorithms. At this time, it almost cost more in power to run the dedicated server farms to get a single bitcoin... hence the ROI for such ventures are increasingly less. The two primary drivers beyond this were touched on elegantly by you. Will Bitcoin become widely accepted as currency? Will its competitors eat into that market?
  6. This isn't even hyperbole.
  7. Albert Breer‏Verified account @AlbertBreer 3h3 hours ago As the Lions did earlier, the Colts have made calls the last couple days to candidates to tell them they've been eliminated, ahead of the expected hire of Josh McDaniels. We have more on McDaniels in my coaching roundup. That would be to candidates that didn't already eliminate themselves from the running. The coaching carousel is coming down to its last few spins.
  8. Kalil looked good. I think he was learning scheme n stuff. New team. There are a myriad of reasons for Kalil underperforming early.
  9. Hurney on WFNZ

    Franchise tag is way too much. Probably around $15M. There’s no difference on OL position so it’s the same as Ts. Let’s see what the price is.
  10. Kalil made me miss Remmers at times this year. Remmers of course is now on the team in the conference championship. I know Kalil has upside potential, he better reach it fast next year. He can't spend half the year sucking because we have a modified scheme. Otherwise he'll be gone. This Kalil discussion deserves its own thread.
  11. If you heart wasn't pumping after a close playoff loss, how are you even a fan?
  12. definition of a #1 receiver

    Do you contribute to any threads or do you just criticize posts while sitting on your lard @$$? Beating your meat to women that wouldn't even allow you to eat their sh*t
  13. doing what she did... it sounds like she was already living her own hell this is why we need to take care of our own, and others, mental health
  14. Because he graded out higher on PFF for rookies hahahahaha. Bradberry confidence also looked shot towards the end of the year
  15. It sounds too dumb to be true. Yes we were running zone a lot, but not entirely. Our offense appeared awesome in 2015 because of short fields...many produced by interceptions. Then we let go nearly the entire secondary. We drafted corners that year because we had to. Worely and Bradberry are serviceable, that is about it. We must invest here. We underestimated the secondary loss. Even Gettleman talked about teams in SB with rookie corners. Those days are gone in the pass focused NFL.
  16. Why Conservatives Suck

    My 401k hasn't sucked this past year.
  17. Hurney on WFNZ

    Any more insight on this? Did it sound like they were going to make a effort to sign or franchise him? If you look around the league a dozen teams could use/want Norwell. Resigning him is job one.
  18. jeebus you had to mention that. every time I think of that I go into a depression for 4 months.
  19. Since we're into videos, watch the versatility.
  20. I'd rather have an above average player than a rookie who is bound to be extremely raw. Kalil has already improved. He sucked early, but picked it up after.
  21. Hurney on WFNZ

    Hurney wants to improve roster, but not take away from strengths. Marty Hurney would like to add some speed to the Panthers' receiving corps and talent to the secondary, but not if it means taking away from the consistency in the trenches. I just hope he don't go contract crazy he has done before and put us back into cap hell.
  22. So you are thinking Kalil will get better and use Moton at Norwell’s spot? Kalil makes me nervous, and I think Moton needs to get worked in somewhere.
  23. definition of a #1 receiver

    Smitty in 2011, 2012 and 2013.
  24. Preferring one receiver to another based upon fit, needs, cap reasons and/or measurables does not make one a hypocrite. Stop being stupid.
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