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  2. Uniforms

    I don’t want anything crazy, just keep it simple.
  3. Uniforms

    yeah, I still see a star...
  4. Uniforms

    black helmets over rated our silver helmets are the best in the league
  5. Are you arguing that paying a guy with his injury history would be the smart financial thing to do?
  6. We already used a top 10 pick on a RB. We don't need another first round RB. How many Super Bowls did we win with Stewart and DWill again?
  7. Do you think comparing them not signing Reid with being desperate for a franchise QB similar? The interesting thing is that the other owners are being made out to be the a-holes in this situation because of this accusation, meanwhile no one is questioning the 9ers.
  8. Getting laid off in july

    HVAC work is pretty lucrative I sent a kid out of high school that direction and he made close to 70 k his first couple of years. There is a lot of up selling in that area.
  9. Uniforms

    Makes too much sense, new owner gets to get a fresh start of sorts and peple will buy them just because their new, so apparel sales will increase. And honestly its time for an updated look. Subtle modern changes like the dolphins, vikings, and lions did would be nice
  10. Hopefully this will many chubbs to come... seriously? Who wouldn't open deli sandwich shop with that name?
  11. Getting laid off in july

    Not HVAC work. You have to have certification to actually work on them, and technicalities can involve electrical certification as well. You could get a job as an "installer", which is just the labor to move units and install ductwork, and then the actual tech hooks everything up. But that pays less than Walmart.
  12. It is because you are a sooner girl, im sorry
  13. Getting laid off in july

    right now? air conditioning.
  14. Today
  15. To play devils advocate, they also made a guy the highest paid player in nfl history after not even starting a full season. They aren’t the smartest with finances over there.
  16. Bleacherreport's latest mock

    Jackson and a safety in the second would be amazing. Is it possible that he could drop to the mid 20s? Maybe but it would be surprising. This is absolutely a best case scenario for me though.
  17. Andrews is good. problem is, he isnt much of a blocker. Goedert is the same way, dude has some of the best hands in the draft, but not a blocker We need someone who can make a impact as a blocker ad well as the #2 TE Best options Hayden Hurst in the 2nd Dalton Schultz- could trade back up in the 4th or move up in the 5th. Schultz was a huge impact as a blocker for Bryce Love and CMC at Stanford. As well has potential to be a solid #2 TE as far as receiving . https://www.nfl.com/prospects/dalton-schultz?id=32462018-0002-5601-11b0-43f775014814
  18. Getting laid off in july

    You can always try to become UPS driver or something similar. Those jobs pay in $70k ranges
  19. Would u want this given the current makeup of our team? Or was this based off us signing a decent CB and S before the draft?
  20. I doubt Reid makes it to our 2nd. If he did, you take him. But id be fine with Rd 1 Jackson Rd 2 offensive weapon. Chubb/TE Rd 3 Kyzir White
  21. Uniforms

    black on black and black helmets.
  22. Uniforms

  23. I'm not sure if this is at me or not, but I'm not mocking metal illness, I am mocking the thought that a guy flipped out on drugs so that makes him mentally ill. shine on you crazy diamond
  24. I lost my edit capability with my old account. To be clear when i use the pronoun 'they' in the 2nd paragraph I'm referring to Kamara and Hunt and the fact that they were drafted in their expected range.
  25. Uniforms

    Jerry Richardson wanted to keep the uniforms the same to establish tradition and I’m sure the new ownership will want to set the tone for a new era.....uniforms incoming 2019?
  26. I would be 100% fine with cutting Ryan Kalil for similar reasons. Missing 19 games over the last three seasons while being one of our most expensive players. Regardless of that, how could you possibly characterize missing that much time and being 32 as being a good option? Unless he is dirt cheap, and even then I would question it.
  27. True. I'm not trying to be a retrospective know it all here. Reading the huddle this time last year so many people had those two as Jags. You might have thought Fournette and CMC were the only RBs worth considering. My point is they weren't overdrafted because of hype. Chubb, freeman, Walton, Scarborough. All good players going rounds 2-5. But the position is deep. If we can get any one of these later by holding our nerve and fill up a position of greater need and less availability earlier it makes more sense. Bottom line i will be happy with Chubb in the 3rd. A little less happy in the 2nd. Very unhappy in the first. If we can get him or an equivalent player later i will be very pleased.
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