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  2. Things that trump says

  3. Panthers expected to cut Jonathan Stewart

    Name me the last Carolina Rookie Running back to have any impact in Carolina. I am talking anything close to 1000 yds.
  4. Ruh roh - indictments

    Oh I don't know, maybe the premise put forth by the entire left and the media that for someone like Trump to work with foreign agents to influence an election was just so wrong, then, we find out this is exactly what Clinton and the DNC did. Hypocrisy is what I call out here more so than an endorsement of the clown
  5. Panthers expected to cut Jonathan Stewart

    Because the two back up centers can't carry Ryan Kalil's jock strap. There is a huge drop off in talent. Ryan is a multi-Pro Bowler. The others are barely adequate. If you are looking to put a body in a position just bring back Remmers and all is solved.
  6. This will be a good sign to really see if Hurney learned how to take loyalty out of running a football team..
  7. Norwell & Star

    Ppl really need to get prepared For reality. We cannot afford these 2 players And upgrade the roster.. Plain and simple..
  8. Norwell & Star

    Turner regressed big time last year (after getting paid ) kinda wish we had spent that money on Norwell instead.
  9. Rae Carruth Letter - breaking the silence

    I read some of the letter to Cherica’s mother, but had to stop. Painting himself as a victim in this saga was not a good way to endear himself to anyone. If he were truly sorry, he’d show just that; instead, he just dug a deeper hole for himself, at least in my eyes. Narcissism and anger disguised as self-pity is a bad look, and one that won’t garner my support. Good luck Rae, but I don’t imagine your letter of false redemption will play well with anyone involved, and certainly not me.
  10. 2018 Roster turnover

    They are gone .. Seriously you need to prepare yourself for this reality.. Kk and Trai or the core players in those positions..
  11. Ruh roh - indictments

    He's talking about the disparate standards of treason being applied with respect to the Trump investigation and what's already been uncovered by many of the same actors used by the DNC.
  12. 2018 Roster turnover

    The team was going for a title they didn't trust a rookie sorry.. Gano had a great year and won some games for the team.. We can move on with another kicker or draft one but signing Gano back should be a option as well..
  13. Norwell & Star

    I feel it’s been this way with Star for awhile now. And I’m good with giving Moton a chance even though Norwell is a beast and both will be missed. Can’t pay everyone...
  14. Snowflakes want The View cancelled

    I'm offended that people are watching TV in the middle of the day. Go do something productive.
  15. Norwell & Star

    ugh...I tried to watch that Norwell highlight video and was really into it...but after about 4 plays, I found myself just watching M. Kalil get destroyed on almost every play and it became really depressing.
  16. Ruh roh - indictments

    I had to step the thread through remedial math. If it is to that point, I'm not taking it to pictures with arrows pointing to try and have civil discourse. Perhaps you're correct. The level of willful ignorance continues to bloat way past what I thought it would. If honest discussion is to be had, it seems to have fled this place long ago
  17. Norwell & Star

    And yeah definitely- Moton at center. Brilliant.
  18. Norwell & Star

    The “Gross Kalil” combo is completely different, genius. A LT is far more important than a LG. Norwell is gone due to signing a max contract elsewhere. Star is gone because he doesn’t even want to be a Panther. Go research two TE sets and Fred Ross...leave the free agency talk to the big boys
  19. Norwell & Star

    Hmm..KK did the same both sides will "Huddle" again and come to decent "term" Norwell is not gone as well, he will get a contract to pair with Turner remeber the Gross-Kalil combo we just will get a new version of it. The other "old Vets" will be cut regardless and that cap space will be spent on keeping players worth dollars instead of aquiring 4 qtrs like Shepard & Adams. P.S. Moton should be looked as the future Center his IQ, size & athleticism allows him to take on DT & NT on 1:1 majority of times allowing Norwell & Start to pull or take on down hill blocks. Reason Saints, Pittsburgh, ATL can run so efficiently with 2 HBs.
  20. Norwell & Star

    Folks are going to over pay Norwell. Star will cash in. Both would be foolish not to get the money. This is their first real shot to set themselves up for life, especially Norwell being a RFA. It's up to the Panthers to ensure they can replace these guys while they carry our other big time contracts.
  21. Ruh roh - indictments

    TBH most people probably don’t read your responses or links anymore. You’ve proven time and time again that your opinion is dildos, so you’ve kinda lost that whole credibility battle before you even start typing your responses. I personally skim over every third post of yours now, mainly because they are too mind numbingly retarded at this point. Maybe you’re bringing up good points these days. I don’t care though. @Fryfan would be wise to let you fade away like some of the other TB “independents” who no one takes seriously.
  22. Norwell & Star

    What you’re telling us is sanjay is completely off base with his asssessment?
  23. Snowflakes want The View cancelled

    So the conservative argument is that it's all a liberal biased agenda? That's the problem we face. Take climate change or vaccines for instance. Science says a lot of things about the cause and effect relationship between human interaction and biological/ecological results. Conservatives tend to say they are biased lies because scientists are liberally biased. The thing is, it has a lot less to do with any type of political bias as it as to do with who is paying the bills for that news source. A lot of these conservative news sources, or our favorite the "alt-news" sources, are funded by people who make their money off of conservative media, old energy, and/or have some kind of radical religious beliefs. It's only about winning for them, nothing else matters. Trump is canker sore of the worst of American society which has emerged from hiding the past few years. They were upset with a black president, now they are upset that their "special-ness" is being eroded by multiculturalism. Trump doesn't play that game, and is just as dumb as they are. The sooner they are proven to be wrong (by their own experience, you can't teach anyone anything), the better. Just change the channel and don't watch The View. Better yet, get a job and be productive instead of sitting on your butt watching TV. Seems like some people are just too lazy to help themselves and use those God given bootstraps.
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