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  2. Welp looks like we got another one

    Celebrities on a USO tour and shenanigans happen? no way!
  3. Does white privilege exist?

    Similar income, credit score, etc. Yet pushed to be subprime. Your response is and I quote "I wonder if there is a pattern with some black folks not paying their loans back? Hmmmmm." Did you enjoy your time working for wells fargo?
  4. Does white privilege exist?

    Sucks, but I wonder if there is a pattern with some black folks not paying their loans back? Hmmmmm. Still not good to sterotype and call names though, although common sense and statistics can make you see why financial institutions might be weary of certain groups of people if they have a past.
  5. Welp looks like we got another one

  6. Potential NFC PLAYOFF TEAMS

    Packers and Cowboys may have a 5-5 record, but at this point, they aren't much of a playoff threat.
  7. A Tip of the Cap to Dickson

    I'll eat crow on this one...I've always been a Dickson hater. Between "Swole Bones" and <Insert random rookie TE>...Dickson has never impressed me. He has impressed me this year. Solid backup and worth whatever money we're paying him. That being said...I want a 1st/2nd round TE in the 2018 draft!!!! JK...Salute to you Mr. Dickson
  8. More likely, it was because he went to a team that threw the ball more than we did. Baltimore had 80 more passing attempts in 2014 than we did in 2013. And in 2013, Steve Smith missed a game, whereas in 2014, he played in all 16.
  9. Exactly... Hardy was the only one I remember who came out and blatantly called him out on his laziness when he was a rookie in 2014, but there were insinuations of it being made all 3 years he was here. He didn't lose his starting job last year because there was some vendetta against him. He was lazy in practice, and it showed during the games. No one ever questioned his ability. He has had a decent year with the Jets. Maybe getting cut by us and the Patriots is what it took- who knows? But I know this... his laziness has cost him the opportunity to ever get a large deal or even a long-term one. And all the "revenge" in the world isn't going to change that.
  10. If hardy couldn't get revenge on us bum ealy won't
  11. Does white privilege exist?

    https://consumerist.com/2009/06/08/affidavits-on-how-wells-fargo-gave-ghetto-loans-to-mud-people/ Here’s the official court filing (PDF) so you can get the full details on how Wells Fargo pushed or even fraudulently placed black borrowers into sub-prime loans, even when those borrowers could afford prime loans, along with an office environment where employees threw around racist slurs, calling black borrowers “mud people” and their mortgages “ghetto loans.” The official statements referenced in the NYT article are in this document in full. The affidavits begin on page 48. Two screenshots inside…
  12. Post a pic, any pic.

    Two things. "I do anal." hahahaha And you are missing "I miss your face." I hate reading that.
  13. 8 NFC TEAMS have 6 or more wins. Cowboys and Packers both are sitting at 5-5 (Packers won against the Cowboys so they hold the head to head tiebreaker) Below is the 5+ win teams and their remaining schedule, plus conference records and any potential head to head tiebreakers against other potential playoff teams. Eagles 9-1 (7-0 conference) Beat Panthers week 6 (Panthers are only 6+ win NFC team Eagles have played) Remaining schedule Vs Bears (3-7) @ Seahawks (6-4) @ RAMS (7-3) @ Giants (2-8) VS Raiders (4-6) VS Cowboys (5-5) Vikings 8-2 (6-1 Conference) Beat saints week 1 @ Lions (6-4) @ Falcons (6-4) @ Panthers (7-3) Vs Bengals (4-6) @ Packers (5-5) vs Bears (3-7) Saints 8-2 (6-1 conference) Lost to Vikings week 1 Remaining Schedule @ La Rams (7-3) VS Panthers (7-3) @ ATLANTA (6-4) VS JETS (4-6) VS FALCONS (6-4) @ BUCS (4-6) RAMS 7-3 (4-3 Conference) Lost to Seahawks week 5 and lost to Vikings week 11 Remaining Schedule VS Saints (8-2) @ Cardinals (4-6) VS Eagles (9-1) @ Seahawks (6-4) @ Titans (6-4) VS NINERS (1-9) VIKINGS (8-2) PANTHERS 7-3 (4-3 Conference) Lost to Saints week 3 and Lost to Eagles week 6 Remaining Schedule @ JETS (4-6) @ Saints (8-2) VS Vikings (8-2) VS Packers (5-5) VS Bucs (4-6) @ Falcons (6-4) Falcons 6-4 (5-1 Conference) Lost to Panthers week 9 Remaining Schedule VS Bucs(4-6) VS Vikings (8-2) VS Saints (8-2) @ Bucs (4-6) @ Saints (8-2) VS Panthers (7-3) Lions 6-4 (5-3 Conference) Lost to Falcons week 3, Lost to Vikings Week 4, Lost to Panthers Week 5, Lost to Packers Week 6 Remaining Schedule VS Vikings (8-2) @ Ravens (5-5) @ Bucs (4-6) VS Bears (3-7) @ Bengals (4-6) VS Packers (5-5) Seahawks 6-4 (4-3 Conference) Lost to packers week 1, Lost to Falcons Week 11, Remaining Schedule @ Niners (1-9) VS Eagles (9-1) @ Jags (7-3) VS Rams (7-3) @ Cowboys (5-5) VS Cardinals (4-6) Packers 5-5 (4-4 Conference) Lost to Faclons Week 2,Lost to Vikings Week 6, Lost to Saints week 7, Lost to Lions Week 9 Remaining Schedule @ Steelers (8-2) Vs Bucs (4-6) @ Browns ( 0-10) vs Panthers (7-3) vs Vikings (8-2) @ Lions (6-4) COWBOYS 5-5 (4-4 Conference) Lost to rams week 4, Lost to packers week 5, Lost to Falcons week 10 Remaining Schedule VS Chargers (4-6) VS Redskins (4-6) @ Giants (1-9) @ Raiders (4-6) VS Seahawks (6-4) @ Eagles (8-1) Most games with teams with above .500 record opponents remaining. RAMS - 5 FALCONS 4 (3, 8 WIN teams *saints twice and 1, 7 wIN Team) PACKERS 4 (2, 8 Win teams, 1, 7 win team and 1, 6 win team SAINTS 4 (2, 7 win teams, and Falcons who are a 6 win team twice) Panthers 3 (2, 8 Win teams, and 1 6 win team) VIKINGS 3 (1, 7 Win team, and 2 win teams) EAGLES 2 COWBOYS 1
  14. Why Are We Helping Saudi Arabia Destroy Yemen?

    60 Minutes did a good 15 minute piece on Yemen this past Sunday. Didn't really point out the US involvement but primarily the humanitarian crisis, specifically all of the starving children which I honestly had no idea about. https://www.cbsnews.com/videos/catastrophe/
  15. Does white privilege exist?

    Redlining? You mean refusing a loan for a financial risk? I call that a business decision. Bwahahahahabahabahaba. OWNED up in this joint again yo lol.
  16. this route then.... So, accusers never lie.... God forbid you have a son that wrongfully finds himself on the end of something like this. His only defense will be if he is a Democrat congressman
  17. Only reason smith had that 1000yd season with baltimore is because he was motivated to prove the panthers wrong. Had he stuck with the panthers, he wdnt have gotten near 1000yds. After he proved hes still a baller during his 1000yd season, he went back into being a 700yd reciever.
  18. Had he done his job he’d still be here. Our players should be the ones who are pissed...for Ealy wasting our time.
  19. I think you type Glass-hon cuz you hate him for some reason and you're mad that he's played so well for the saints. But that's just me
  20. He sucked in Carolina, and in NE, what sort of "revenge" is he looking for? He just got his 15 mins of fame via an interview, sooooo
  21. You can't be lazy like he was either.
  22. Does white privilege exist?

    Lol! We got another one who doesn't know what the H stands for! I'm starting to see why you run from the redlining question.
  23. Does white privilege exist?

    Bwaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahaha! I'm just gonna pick a few at random, bitch slap your (LOL!) facts, & continue to giggle at your cowardly retreat from my question. Hollywood "always" presents me in a positive light? Denzel's crooked cop? Monique's being a horrific abusive mom? Samuel Jackson's Uncle Ruckus in the 19th century? The entire fugging cast of Soul Plane? Etc... Etc... Fug outta here with that poo. There are many reasons people are poor... Redlining helped a lot of black people stay poor. & Maybe the better at sex thing is just you... If you fug like you try to present arguments... Just... Damn... Wait a second! This actually explains a lot about you!
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