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  2. If TO and Moose had a baby, it would be a baby Funch.
  3. Falcons cut Jalen Collins

    Can he play offensive coordinator?
  4. How does anyone believe the Jaguars are a better team than us?
  5. Savagery

    The Bus ... lol, I am dying here
  6. Ask me after the Saints game. I'm excited, but refusing to totally get on any hype train until that game is in the books. That Superdome showdown will say a lot.
  7. Trump: I should have left the basketball players in jail

    Privileges like breathable ice silk boxers...
  8. “Praising “ them? Lol like they reallly care what you think ...I know you think you’re like hot poo here because Igo throws you a bone every now and then and puts one of your “ articles “ on the main page ..but I can’t tell you how sick of your self righteous poo I am .I literally cringe when I look at the forums and see you have created another 10 million threads that nobody cares about .
  9. Yes, we are. I’m tired of this fan base always questioning our talent. It seems every week we here the same thing here on the Huddle. Stop freaking out and enjoy the damn ride.
  10. Trump: I should have left the basketball players in jail

    Yes, celebrity affords you certain priveleges that the rest of us don't have like get out of jail free cards and the ability to make bail, but if you don't see how the president is using his Twitter to dogwhistle at "ungrateful" black people (maybe to distract from dismantling net neutrality and his shitty wealth transfer tax bill, and to score points with the racists who voted for him) and how that should be more concerning than these idiot UCLA players then you're kinda, I guess, missing the point?
  11. Does white privilege exist?

    lmao look at this retarded cracker.
  12. Does white privilege exist?

    New racist troll wants you to answer his baby sealion question so he can reply with a dumbass comment
  13. Does white privilege exist?

    yeah speako da english compadre? wait wrong racism
  14. 21st & Prime

    Agree. He actually has a lot of love for Cam and the Panthers but yeah, he is a former Saint.
  15. Sky Penis

  16. Falcons cut Jalen Collins

    No way will Panthers even consider this guy because of his numerous failed drug tests starting in college till now. Only 1 team likes picking up guys like this named Patriots.
  17. we get consistent and dont shoot ourselves in the leg...we can beat anybody...i really believe that. ... the right calls at the right time would be tremendous....
  18. Falcons cut Jalen Collins

    Worth the gamble, if he can play like he did last year
  19. Does white privilege exist?

    it's a simple question! answer the man! Don't you black and (have) a masters degree?
  20. THAT’S MY QB

    You must not know very many people under the age of 30. Either that or you hang out with the guys from Big Bang Theory.
  21. Does white privilege exist?

    ... What?
  22. Does white privilege exist?

    I didn't post my sources because you didn't post yours. It's funny as hell you want the black guy to work harder for the same result though! Anyway, I do know there's problems in the black community. That's why my wife & I work with some police officers in Chicago & Milwaukee for a mentorship program. They help us build sets, costumes, props, etc... Sometimes they perform. Oh! & I brought up redlining for a reason.
  23. 21st & Prime

    He's not a hater persay. More like he's a Homer for the teams he played for. Plus he's full of nonsense
  24. We are getting together Sat night at 8p at Amity Hall in the Village.
  25. THAT’S MY QB

    I hate when people use the wrong words. There grammar makes them look like their total buffoons. They're really is no excuse
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