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    after they lose, I wonder what their reasons will be for what went wrong. Doubt any of them will include things like, "they're better than we are" or "Carolina out executed us on both sides of the ball" or "man, they just came in here and beat on us for 60 minutes"
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    Some of them are starting to go full retard now...
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    Same dribble every week. Here, I'm just going to make a list of what opposing fans will say to save us time in these threads. 1. Keep Cam in the pocket and we win. (which Cam has proven over and over that he can kill you from the pocket) 2. Hit Cam in the mouth and he will get frustrated. Cam hates adversity. (Even though Cam plays his best when teams try to rough him up) 3. All we have to do is double cover Olsen. (Like teams haven't tried this already. General NFL fans don't understand that our passing game isn't just Olsen. Go ahead and double Olsen while Ginn and Brown take the top off of your defense) 4. I'm not worried about their offense (Even though we are 4th in the league in PPG and #1 in rushing)
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    Hey guys, just thought I'd join up and offer a Titan fan perspective (aside from the delusional ones in the OP). Our team is better than our record indicates IMO. Whisenhunt is a terrible HC and was absolutely holding this team back with his absurd schemes and playcalling. Mularkey is certainly no Belichick but based on what we saw last Sunday he at least seems willing to shape his gameplan according to his players strengths, which is a total 180 from Whisenhunt. He made several minor, but very necessary adjustments and lineup changes. Overall though Carolina is clearly the better team, however I do think we match up pretty well with you guys. Our defense is legit. And don't sleep on Mariota. He does struggle with the deep ball at times but defending him isn't as simple as taking away the slant as a poster above said. We're finally utilizing his legs with bootlegs and designed runs. That was something Whisenhunt really wasn't doing which was absolute insanity. My biggest concern for us is the OL, which is average at absolute best, versus your front 7. It could be a long day for Mariota if the OL can't handle the rush. This is easily one of our toughest tests of the season. Yes, we've been destroyed by some bad teams but I think you do have to look at this as a somewhat different team with Whisenhunt gone and Mariota back and healthy. I'm expecting the Titans to take the L in this one but I do believe we at least have a legitimate shot. I've been saying all season that people are sleeping on the Panthers. And I'm definitely in the minority in my neck of the woods but I'm a Cam fan. He's just fun as hell to watch. Hoping for a Titans win on Sunday but I'm rooting for you guys to go the distance this year. Tired of seeing the same old teams in the Super Bowl.
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    They are better than their record (Mariota missed two games) and this reeks of a let down gane after 4 big games. If we slip or dont take them seriously, they will beat us
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    Aaron Rodgers is dead. ...metaphorically speaking, of course. Prior to last Sunday the best quarterback in the league has been waved around at Panthers fans like bikers aim mace at stray dogs. "Who've y'all played?" has been the common refrain when discussing records - particularly undefeated records - and it's been made clear by everyone who cares to give an opinion that Rodgers and the Packers are the measuring stick for success. Naysayers from Bristol, Connecticut to Greenville, South Carolina predicted losses to the first winning team Carolina has faced since week 10 of the 2014 season (a horrific loss to the Eagles.) The Panthers responded anyway, hanging 37 on their defense despite leaving 17 points on the field (two wide-open touchdowns and a missed field goal) and shut Rodgers down for three full quarters, stymying his furious fourth-quarter rally once and for all with a Thomas Davis interception for a win reminiscent of Jon Beason's game-ending grab against him in 2008. But the Panthers were a hair's breadth away from 7-1 and a deflating loss despite being up 37-14 at one point in the fourth quarter. How could that Carolina defense have been so dominant for so many quarters and then fall apart so spectacularly in such a short amount of time? The answer is simple: Carolina played man coverage and got creative on the defensive line. In other words, they ripped off Wade Phillips's gameplan and executed it to near perfection. Take a look at this play: The Packers offense thrives on isolation routes. They rely on an excellent, heavily-invested-in receiving core to beat man coverage. Aaron Rodgers's diagnostic abilities are the quickest in the league, and Edgar Bennett's route combos are designed to let him quickly scan the field and immediately hit the guy that's beating his man. It's simple, incredibly efficient, and maddening for pass rushers. The above play is a Packers archetype: two receivers running go routes on the outside, two inside receivers running routes into the middle of the field at different levels. But look what happens: No one open, no one open, no one open, sack. This play sums up the first half for the Packers, whose receivers, offensive line, and quarterback were stifled by Sean McDermott's defense from their first snap. One of the reasons the Packers are a perennially elite offense is because they know how to make adjustments. Two plays into the second half they broke this one out of the playbook: Look at the routes at the bottom of your screen. They don't cross, but they're not isolation routes, either; they're designed to slow down the corners (Tillman at the bottom, Benwikere in the slot.) On the outside Davante Adams is running a three-step slant while Cobb, in the slot, runs a wheel route. What what happens: Benwikere follows Cobb to the sideline, covering the flat and watching the quarterback's eyes for a hit on that slant. But Cobb simply beats him to the edge of the flat, vacated by Tillman, and when he turns upfield it's too late for Benwikere to catch up. Rodgers throws a perfect ball, hits his receiver in stride, and it's a sorely-needed touchdown for the Packers. In light of this play, Carolina switched to a zone defense for most of the fourth quarter. They consistently saw plays like this one: I don't watch a lot of Packers games, but it's my understanding that Bennett's offense doesn't use bunch formations very often. They do here, part of an attempt to run crossing routes, misdirections, and pick plays to exploit holes in the soft cover three the Panthers were showing for most of that fourth quarter. This particular play wasn't successful, but it's indicative of the type of play-calling the Packers used to get back into the game. Thankfully it didn't matter. Like the ancient Titans to the swords of their children the Packers fell, gods no more, Mount Othrys a desecrated wasteland. Aaron Rodgers bent to Kawaan Short's lashing blows like Uranus to the emasculating sickle of Kronos. New god-kings claimed the heavens - Zeus and Artemis and Poseidon and Hermes, Davis and Keuchly and Norman and Ealy - Olympians in heart and spirit. But vanquishing a titan is no small feat, and the Panthers have plenty more to face, starting Sunday in Tennessee. Atlas may shrug, but Cam and Shula can't: Tennessee is only allowing 217 passing yards per game over the course of the season, third best in the league. They are a dangerous team with Mariota back and a defensive line stacked with pass rushers. They have weaknesses: on Monday new head coach Mike Mularky announced a lineup change in the heretofore atrocious offensive line, shifting guard Byron Bell to right tackle, their right tackle to right guard, and inserting a center somehow named "Looney" into the lineup. Offensive coordinator Jason Michaels runs more staggered, multi-level crossing routes than the Packers, but the Panthers can at least use a similar strategy on the defensive line if not the coverage calls: lots and lots of stunts. They will have every opportunity to feast on an inexperienced and talentless trench unit. On offense the Panthers have a challenge against a defensive secondary that's unremarkable as a unit, but bolstered by a quality pass rush. The good news is they've allowed the 7th most yards in the league to tight ends. Greg Olsen is licking his chops. With starting CB2 Jason McCourty questionable for Sunday, expect to see plays like the following: The strong safety (bracketed in red) is the target here. The outside corner at the bottom of your screen is turned, trying to route his man (Philly Brown) inside. Fine. Run him inside on a drag five yards upfield, occupying the OLB and making him release the tight end (or get burnt by brown.) This is a pretty simple way to get one-on-one coverage, especially when the other side of the field is forcing the free safety to roll out to protect Ginn's deep route along the sideline. Cam is money throwing up the seam and this is a matchup Olsen wins all day. Easy touchdown. On a final note: Cam Newton transcended his position at quarterback by becoming both the police, a cultural hero, and the patron saint of Bank of America Stadium. Moved to artistry, I painted this rendition of Cam stealing those Packers fans' banner and running off with it. Picture quality is poor due to my camera's lack of a flash. I call it Solidarity's Genesis. 13x17 oil on canvas, $300 Here's to titans falling.
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    "You score alot of points off turnovers! You suck." No we just force a lot of turnovers. Which is really the most valued attribute in the nfl.
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    Re: those comments about our drive summaries... yes, in some games we've not had long drives. In some games too we've relied heavily on a few big plays to get us in scoring position. But then there were those 4 80 yard drives against Seattle. Or the 3 10+ plays / 5+ minute drives against JAX. We don't have just one way to move the ball and to score. We can do quick deep strike. We can do ground & pound. It depends on the context. And of course 61 of our points have been scored off of turnovers. We're doing really well on sudden change offense and defense.
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    I really hope Panthers win the Super Bowl this season to shut these dildos up!
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    I'm not at all saying I agree with this fella. Our longest pass was the 59 yarder last game so I don't get the "insane amount of big plays" comment. But since when is this a bad thing? And I guess they don't really want to delve into the reasons for the short field lol. That would be too scary to confront. All you need to know, Titan fans is, we're coming. The entire team.
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    Most of those fans over their are out in left field for their hatred mostly of cam newton. I guess that is expected outside of the carolinas but damn they were even saying Mariota is already better than Cam lmao. Some were sensible though.
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    What I tell ya? Same regurgitated zero thought out crap. Had me a good laugh. The delusion is real.
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    wow there seems to be a large crowd that thinks mariota is better than cam. these guys are as delusional as NFC East fans.
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    Lol. I was going to create an account and say hey, but then I saw 90% of them agree that MM is better than Cam and we don't have an offense. We're averaging 29 points a game. 4th highest in the league. Lol. They're honestly worse than Falcon fans. I would say they're on the level of SaintsReport delusional.
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    Titans fans have lost their minds with the MM > Cam talk. The kid is good, but it's honestly not close.
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    Bell was playing LG for them until last week. New HC shuffled the line. Their rookie Poutasi was getting pwned at RT, so him and Bell got switched. Titans think it worked well, but that was against the Taints and Kikaha was inactive.
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    even the Titans aren't crazy enough to play Bell at T.
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    Falcons couldn't overcome Blaine Gabbert.
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    Trying not to be tooooo positive. We are riding a dangerous wave of optimism.
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    Not sleeping on Tennessee. They either show up or they lay down. But, if they thought they've seen a tough game this year, I feel sorry for them.
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    For some reason I'm reminded of this: Can they win sure? It's not likely. I have no doubt that the team will come out angry as they search for that complete game.
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