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    There has been some chatter about a possible Josh Norman holdout this year. As someone who has spent a good amount of time speaking with Josh over the past year, I thought I would chime in with my two cents. Josh has not signed his tender, does that mean he is holding out? No, it means he has not signed his tender. He has until July 15 to sign. Why would he not sign his tender? Signing the tender would all but erase any leverage he currently has in negotiations for a long term contract. Will Josh miss Offseason Team Activities (OTAs) Very possible, although the first weeks of OTAs are not mandatory to begin with. The Panthers have had 100% full voluntary participation for several seasons now (except for rookies finishing school who were not permitted to attend). Josh could very well end that streak. If he misses OTA's, isn't that a holdout? Technically, no. As Josh has not signed his tender he is not under contract. You cannot holdout from a contract that does not exist. OK, so when will we know if Josh is holding out? You will know at the start of training camp. Long time Panthers fans remember the panic surrounding Jon Beason and his brief holdout. It happens. But hasn't Josh promised not to hold out? I have heard this said, but I have seen no quotations on him saying it. It looks like it all stems from this good Jonathan Jones piece in the observer. Jones says... but there is no Josh Norman quotation given from what I could find. So language becomes a big factor here. Did Josh Norman say he had no plans on holding out? Well, plans change. That is not a promise. Did Norman simply say "a holdout would do nothing for my contract situation or my team"? Well, thats not a promise either. That is a really nice PC answer that would not create more tension in contract negotiations between parties. OK, Igo, enough with the talk. Do you feel Josh will holdout? Yes, it could happen. Best case scenario is Josh and the Panthers come to a long term agreement. This is unlikely as they have been worlds apart on numbers starting last season. Worst case scenerio? No deal is reached, Norman holds out into the season. Again, unlikely as this will hurt both parties involved. So, what we have here is an old fashioned staring contest, Gettleman vs Norman. You know how competitive and "win at all cost" Josh Norman is on the field, well, that applies to every aspect of his life as well. Therefore, some sort of holdout into training camp is a definite possibility. I have spoken in depth with Josh over what this next contract means to him. You cannot overstate how important he feels it is, and I can see where he is coming from. I honestly would not blame him for doing anything he can possibly do to land an acceptable long term deal. This is why the business side of football is not televised... it isn't enjoyable to watch. View full article
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    Law dont work round here Mr Law DAWWG!
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    This season with so few holes to fill in creating a Superbowl contending team, Dave Gettleman can concentrate no truly grabbing the best players available for the Panthers scheme. Without further ado, my Carolina Panthers mock draft rounds 1 - 3. Round 1 Hunter Henry TE - Arkansas - 6'5 250 Henry is by far the best tight end in the draft, and he is projected to be selected from the late first round to the early second round. Henry is a complete tight end. What makes Henry too much of a bargain for Gettleman to pass up is his blocking ability. Henry is a monster when it comes to run blocking, something desperately needed at the tight end position. In two tight end sets playing opposite Greg Olsen, suddenly the Panthers have twice as many play choices at their disposal. This is not to say run blocking is his only skill, Henry had 51 catches in 2015 with zero drops. He can run every route on the field, too big for linebackers to cover and too shifty for defensive ends. Grabbing this kid now to learn behind Greg Olsen, especially when it comes to work ethic and what it means to be a professional, it is a win - win - win. Sign him up, Dave. Round 2 Shaq Lawson DE - Clemson - 6'3 - 269 What? Shaq Lawson in the second round? Yep. But not in the late second round. Dave Gettleman will once again trade up, costing the Panthers their third round pick (surprise!). Lawson is the 4th highest rated DE in the draft, and fellow Clemson DE Kevin Dodd will be a first rounder. Lawson will last into the first few selections of round two and Gettleman won't be able to resist. Just like in 2015, he will trade up to grab a player he feels is a first round talent. Many places are saying Lawson will go to a 3-4 team to play outside linebacker, but they underestimate the creativity of Ron Rivera in placing "hard to define" players in positions to succeed (see Shaq Thompson). Lawson will allow the Panthers to sneak in and disguise some of those 3-4 looks that they are so fond of doing from time to time. Lawson isn't a huge defensive end, but he is bigger than Charles Johnson as a rookie. In fact, if you read some of the scouting reports positives and negatives, it seems like you could be reading Johnson's bio. BTW, since Lawson won't be able to be called Shaq on the defense (name is taken), I already have a nice nickname for him. Law Dog View full article
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    http://www.axonpotential.com/athletes-and-age-of-peak-performance/ This gives you some idea why you need to be cautious about signing a 28-year old athlete to a long-term deal. Marty did the same thing with D. Williams and rarely do you get your money's worth. Norman is peaking---and he wants the Panthers to bet that he will play at the highest level for 3-5 more seasons. He is probably at his ceiling, and wants to be paid as one of the best for a longer period of time than he has been one of the best. Note in the link that speed athletes (athletes that use speed to compete) across many sports start sloping downward at the same age--27. Most athletes that play into their 30s do so by making up for the waning physical prowess with veteran intelligence. Does Norman have the same intelligence as a Darren Woodson? Jerry Rice? even a Peanut Tillman? I do not see it, but I do not know. I can assure you that Gettlemen has an idea.
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    That 14th pick would net us a nice player...hmmm. IF a trade were to go down for the Raiders 1st 14th pick - Best DE/OT/Treadwell 30th pick - Eli Apple/Kendall Fuller 5th year options on both players selected, and the saved cap space right now. Or even trade up into the Top 10. Vs. "Possibly" only one more year of Norman. A trade for a 1st is beyond a longshot...but I know which scenario I'm choosing.
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    The way this is going, I hope we send him to the Raiders. He is going to be a disruption here.
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    Direct responses to your discourse above in bold: Your last point is the most valid, but reconstructing deals prolongs the inevitable and never saves the team money--it usually costs the team more. I would give him top 5 money--but guarantee less than 50% and make it front loaded. Norman probably wants top dollar, guaranteed at 60% or higher. Gettlemen is not stupid, and he is not going to sell the farm for a position that, in the current system, can be replaced. It is about asset allocation. Fundamentally, we will pay for certain positions, but will not be held hostage by a CB. I want him re-signed, but an athlete that relies on speed peaks at 27. Norman will be 28. He is playing great right now, but it is not predicting the future to realize that his athleticism will diminish. That is certain. No crystal ball needed. No psychic reading. It happens to every single athlete. All of them. So YOU are predicting that it will not happen to him in the next 4 years--that he will defy the odds like a very few exceptions have. THAT is predicting the future. Would you put $50 million on the fact that his skills will not diminish and he will not be worse in 3-4 years than he is now? I would not. He wants 4 years of top $$$. Again, trust Gettlemen. He is not going to regret a deal in 2018 he made in 2016.
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    There is simply no chance any NFL team will sign Norman at the cost of two #1 picks. Post rookie salary cap agreement #1s are just too valuable based on potential production versus cost in the salary cap era. There is also no chance we pay Josh Norman like a top tier QB. Reminds back in the Julius Peppers hysteria when I tried to post a thread on the what ifs. Google/Huddle search rocks. Here's what Gettelman must do: Leave the FT contract on the table with a hard date Josh knows when it's pulled. Continue to negotiate with Josh on a fair/reasonable contract for both parties. If by a predetermined date Norman is not under a signed contract then he must be released and we will wait for the 3rd round compensatory pick next year. We cannot be held hostage deep into the Draft and Free Agency not knowing where Norman's potential cap dollars will be used. If unlike Charles Johnson Josh Norman does not want to be a Panther. This is a business.
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    I agree. If he holds out into training camp I would bench him and keep him away from the locker room for the season. I'd basically make him take a Greg Hardy leave of absence for the season and let him dry up on his own. Even if he comes back, it would (1) be a distraction to the team and potentially stir the pot with other players who may want more money or a new deal, (2) missing TC means he missed valuable time with the team building chemistry and getting into game shape-- look at Kam Chancellor last year. I also think if a player wants to take it to the brink then we should really take him to the brink and let his ass sit out alone. I recently watched the 85 Bears doc on Netflix and the aftermath of that season has me worried for us-- it happens to every successful team. In this case it isn't Ron pulling a Ditka (though he is getting a lot of awards and speaking engagements), but how many times have we seen Josh Norman on TV doing little interviews? Why is he even on there? It's just marketing and me first and unrealistic expectations of how much money he should make. Same way Hardy came on here with his coat drive around the time he wanted a new deal. Whether you want to admit it or not and whether you know Josh and think he's a good person-- to some degree it still has to do with marketing and making yourself seem like a huge part of the team and fan base. Hold outs suck and I want no part of that on our team. I hope they negotiate up until the day before camp and then if there isn't a deal, Josh signs and is on time to camp, where they can still work on a deal.
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    If a player holds out, I would let him go. A hold out tells me he isn't interested in playing for the team. I think a player should be paid his due, but holding out isn't acceptable, in my opinion.
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    No one on planet earth makes what they think they are worth.
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    KSpan, that compairsion just doesn`t work. We can not pretend that an NFL contract is the same as a "regular" job`s contract. JNo is well off for the rest of his life, simply by signing his tender. He earns even more money with endorsements. He has the best possible healthcare and docs while playing - for free and he can easily pay for insurance for the rest of his life after football no matter what. There are no student loans to pay back, because he had his college degree for free. Compairing his situation with a regular job is not the right thing. And to answer your questions, yes, I would play CB for the Panthers for 7 Mill. per year, even for 5 Mill, or say 3 or 1. I would still see my few years in the NFL and being with one of the best organisations/owners as a blessing. I would not care if Mr. X or Mr. Y makes this or that. I would be fine with the huge overpayment that I get for playing sports. I am playing sports and make big dollars, not working my butt off day in day out just to pay my bills. I would be fine with that. I would not be an arrogant, money hunting ahole like most of the players are. But I don`t even really blame them, they don`t know better, because their agents and surrounding spoil(ed) them. And I don`t blame anyone supporting their standpoint. I just think todays money hunger eats a lot of basic, human values, and this disgusts me.
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    I don't blame Josh for wanting to get his contract. I do blame him for his outrageous opinion of himself (Top 5 All-Time? Come on, Norman.) I don't blame the Panthers for not wanting to give him big money long-term. He's a CB, who has proven himself for 1.5 seasons, "aging", has a bit of diva in him, and frankly we've won with a no name secondary before. Obviously I'd love a strong secondary, and Norman to stay long term, but I've never seen it happening. KK and Star are more important hands down. Hell, Kony could prove to be more important. If anything, give him monster numbers for 2 years or so if the team thinks he's that important....take it or leave it. My money is on Getts in this showdown, no matter the outcome.
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    JPP actually gained money by not signing the tag. Had he signed it prior to his fireworks accident then the Giants could have put him on the non-football injury list for the entire year and not paid him a dime. The reason he waited so long after the accident to sign was so that he could force the Giants to clear him physically before signing so they couldn't do that and thus guarantee that he would get paid.
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    Would anyone here be satisfied if someone else signed him to a long-term deal and we settled for the two first round picks? Edit: I should answer my own question, I guess. If Josh could get the money he wants and we could get two firsts, I think I'd be okay with it. Tough to lose a talent like him, but that's life. And he won't get franchised again. I'd rather get something for him than just a potential compensatory pick.
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