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    Hey there, how are you? If you haven't heard, the Panthers laid an egg today. If you are a new Panthers fan, they do it every single year. Even their Superbowl year in Atlanta. So, things are not great. Far from it. However, we are 2-1 in a long NFL season and it is very possible the Panthers can improve and become a playoff caliber team. Here on the Huddle we take 24 hours to lick our wounds. Come Tuesday, we will be focused on defeating New England. As crazy as that sounds right now, it could very well happen. Now here is a topcat picture to help make you feel better. Love, Mgmnt
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    I, as your leader, hereby proclaim the time of self loathing is over! Now is the time to come together as brethren, joined together for a common purpose. And you will know that purpose when he takes the field. And you will feel that purpose with every throw. And you will come to fear that purpose as you are filled with awe and wonderment as you witness what will surely transpire. And when he strikes upon the Saints from New Orleans with a frenzied despotism never before imagined, you will know his name is Cameron Jerrell Newton. So it is written, so it shall transpire.
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    If you weren't man enough to register before the game, you don't deserve to now. Next time, be less of a ....
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    The truth is that he's always been the same Rivera and Shula has always been Shula. We've won in spite of them with Cam and Luke.
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    This is so stupid, Trump is a Reaction to the disrespectful childlessness of Sports Athletes today. The NFL needs to clean up its own disrespectful house, Trump is simply saying what much of the NFL fan base is thinking which is why he did it on a stump speech.
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    Getting beat by a more talented team is one thing. Continually getting out coached week in and out is unacceptable. We've got two duds in Rivera and Shula. They should be fired immediately. We have a large enough sample size to know who these guys are and what they're going to do. To let the garbage ass saints come into our stadium and butt fug us on all sides of the ball is a testament to how shiteating garbage our coaching staff is. What will it take to get these two bozo's out of our organization? Can you imagine belicheck right now? He could literally take the whole week off and beat our shitty team 30-0. Is it too much to ask for competence?
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    Today I am filling my cargo pockets with romaine lettuce that I will allow to marinate in my own sweaty juices until half time. I will then consume the lettuce as I ponder how much more ethical I am than all of you.
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    Good game fellas. Hoping KB injury isn't serious. Looked pretty nasty. And hoping your team, in general, gets healthy. I'm not going to talk any smack. Still a below .500 team. You guys are always good to me anyway. Nice to finally get up on a team and put them away. Can't remember the last time we had a game like that. Who Dat!
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    When 50,000 plus are boo'ing the decision...it wasn't about momentum...it was about your lack of balls
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    See what happens when we take control away from Shula and OPEN UP THE fuging OFFENSE??? And y'all wanna keep shitting on Cam? GTFO. Hes the solution, not the problem. This fuging pussified coaching staff and spineless organization is the issue.
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    Screw a field goal, its 4th and 5 and you are down 18 points. Grow a fuging pair and go for it.
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    Bengals fired their offensive coordinator after their offense started off about as bad as ours and now they are up 21-7 against Greenbay.
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    Only decent saints fan is saints4lifeagain. The rest of them can get fuged
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    Kind of a moot point because we know our HC won't do that... unless he forgets to wear a tie.
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    How is kneeling disrespect? It is not as if they are being loud and obnoxious during the anthem. They are still kneeling and observing a moment of introspection, which is still respectful to the country and military. They are making peaceful statement for what they believe in while being respectful. I used to be on the other side of the argument, but there is no reason that these athletes should be attacked for what they are doing. Yes, they are rich athletes so I know there are comments like "they aren't underprivileged" or "they have nothing to be upset about", but they are not only being a voice for themselves but for others that aren't as privileged. I hope every single player kneels today.
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    http://www.carolinahuddle.com/2017/09/24/carolina-panthers-ron-rivera-3/ Dear Ron Rivera, On paper, the Carolina Panthers are 2-1. In reality, they look 0-3. This isn’t the Panthers team you guys have been hyping up over the off-season, talking about, evolution, speed, and dominance. This is a continuation of 2016. Only this team may be worse. First, you can’t expect to keep running the ball and kicking field goals against a team like the Saints. Don’t you understand Sean Payton will make you pay with Drew Brees and their offense? In fact, they may be some of the best in the NFL at exploiting zone coverages. I mean running center 80% of plays, don’t you think the Saints will obviously exploit that? Trying to maintain a “ball-control offense” with a “smash-mouth defense” may have worked during your era, but the NFL has changed. Panthers may have owned the time of possession, but the results show that statistic is worthless. Yes, the Carolina Panthers offensive tackles were bad. Yes, Cam Newton had a very bad game today (more specifically decision-making.) Indeed, lots of things did not go our way against the Saints. However, that does not excuse the overall terrible product seen on the field. You guys were preaching evolution, yet we get predictability and poor management. Against the worst defense in the NFL, with three starting DBs out, the Panthers should’ve been able to do something. Yet, they never did. Secondly, don’t you think that we should be using our speed guys a bit more? I mean go ahead and pull back that Curtis Samuel jet sweep. Go back to week one where Curtis Samuel ran a nice route and found himself wide open. Go and look at his speed on some of his returns today. Why is Devin Funchess for the most part running our only deep routes? Sure, I get that Curtis Samuel didn’t have much time over training camp to practice. However, you have to understand he’s a huge weapon. He was one of our most explosive play-makers today. The fact we’re barely passing and not using our offensive personnel to their full potential is criminal. Whether it’s Shula or your fault, something needs to change – and fast. Lastly, the biggest issue – where did “Riverboat” go? Every game, you appear stoic and scared. No longer are you the one who’ll gamble and reap its rewards. Rather, you remain conservative and make very costly decisions by not having that “riverboat” personality. First of all, we should’ve went for it on fourth down and goal against the Bills. Don’t you remember in 2013 when that same exact thing happened, and we lost to the Bills? If Zay Jones caught that ball, we’d be 1-2 right now. I mean don’t you remember what you said after that 2013 Bills game? “I finally figured out what I had been doing was going by the book, taking the points on fourth down–and it wasn’t working.” Why don’t you listen to your own advice? Probability wise, we only would’ve lost 5% on our chances of winning. If we missed the touchdown, the Bills start from the two yard line. Considering how dominant our defense has been all game, it’s very unlikely that they muster anything to get to the red-zone. I mean if anything else, the Panthers possess the greatest red-zone weapon in the NFL in Cam Newton in the 2-yard area. If all else fails, just run something to get his legs moving and smashing into the end-zone. More than likely, Cam Newton will get the touchdown. Now, you decide to punt it on the 35 yard line? Is this a joke? I mean I’m looking at your explanation and trying to process how that’s a valid excuse for that pathetic call. Seriously? “Didn’t want to give Saints momentum.” I mean by that time they were up double digits, it should’ve been obvious punting wasn’t going to change anything. It would’ve been around a 52 yard field goal if we at least go for a field goal. That would’ve given us a better chance to win the game. But no, you punt it, and force Palardy to have such a short field to try to pin the Saints in. As a result, the punt went to the end-zone and only was a difference of net 15 yards from where you originally punted it. In football, you can’t play scared. You have to roll the dice sometimes and reap the rewards. Remember the success you had in 2013 to the point we nicknamed you “Riverboat Ron?” Panther nation loved you, and likely could’ve cared less if even half of those failed. Nowadays, you never seem to go for it. From management during the Chiefs game in 2016, not going for it during the Raiders, and in 2017 the Bills and Saints, you’ve played scared and cost us far too many times. All we want is a good team. We know this offense has potential. We know this defense is much better than their performance against the Saints. But it starts with you, Ron Rivera. You need to make tougher decisions and riskier choices. Otherwise, Panther fans everywhere will be very happy to see you off to another team if nothing changes. You can fix this. This Panthers team has too much potential, and we’ve seen what you can do when you play aggressive. Please, don’t let this be another season of mediocrity. Sincerely, Panther fans everywhere
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    Peppers stays in the locker room during the anthem because J.R. must have given the order 'no kneeling'. He fires D.G (who brought the team back from the dead, like him or not), to bring back Hurney (who destroyed our cap and in the process the team), and tries to slide him in as temporary ( he isn't going anywhere). The coaching is terrible in most phases of the game. IF you think this team is going to get better this year, next year or any year, your dreaming. Until this whole group moves on and they start with a fresh outlook and new ownership, management, and coaching, expect the misery to continue. Seen it all before. That is the truth with this team.
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    fug you ron and fug you JR for keeping him around.
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    Coward move. Give your team a fuggin chance man.
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    Do you ever feel like the Panthers have never had a decent Offensive Coordinator? Rank these guys... Joe Pendry (1995-1997). You think Shula is predictable? Players made cracks about going up against a Joe Pendry offense. Average finish 19.6. Gil Haskell (1998-1999). Took his first Coordinator position with the Panthers and immediately began lobbying for head coach positions, notably the Raiders. Worked the booth in Capers last season and Seifert's first one, then bolted for Seattle to reunite with Holmgren. He didn't suck, actually. Under him we had an average finish of 8. Bill Musgrave (2000). Took only one season to drop the number 4 offense all the way down to 21. Actually, it wasn't really his fault because he quit after three games, replaced by ... Richard Williamson (2000-2001). Our longest tenured coach in franchise history, Williamson is the guy who's responsible for all the receiving talent we developed over the years. He took over playcalling duties after Musgrave quit, and managed to keep the job in 2001 for some reason. If you hang 2000's 21st place finish on him, then his average finish is 25th (yeah, we were the 29th ranked offense in his lone full season. Dan Henning (2002-2006). Foisted on Fox by Hurney, Henning had a good history of calling plays and was actually better than his 19th place average finish would suggest, as he got better every year until his last, when we started five quarterbacks including Vinny Testaverde. Jeff Davidson (2007-2010). Master of the confused look, Davidson was hired through the American Disabilities Act to give JR a tax credit, and Fox didn't realize he was actually on the staff until sometime around game 7. His offenses average finish was 22, crowned by the coveted 32 of 32 spot in 2010. Rob Chudzinski (2011-2012). With an average finish of 11.5, he's one of the better one's we've had. But like the only other good OC to walk the sidelines, he started looking for a head coaching position almost immediately. He got one in Cleveland and unwisely took it, which leaves us with... Mike Shula (2013-Present). Has it been five years already? With the exciting brand of football Shula brings, it seems like he was hired only yesterday. Thanks to the 2015 squad, his average finish has been 14.25. Ever wonder what it would be like if we found and KEPT a good OC?
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    The same people that hated on The Golden Calf of Bristol for kneeling are applauding these people for kneeling. Hating on JR for not releasing a statement is short-sighted and ignorant. If you care that much about how he feels then perhaps this isn't the place for you.
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    I watch sports to escape work and life. Last place politics should be in is sports and places of worship. Idgas if you stand, sit or curse this country. It is their 1A right but I do prefer a nonpolitized game and I know who not to interact with. TB this thread.
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    Everyone in the stadium should take a knee for the disgraceful excuse for a President we have put in the white house.
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    Who cares!!! Sick of hearing about this sh*t. I'm a 15 year, retired/disabled vet and still don't care if someone wants to worship a flag or not and am actually glad they can do it if they so choose.
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    Yeah we're injured. Yeah play calling can be poo. Yeah offensive line is garbage. Receivers can't get separation. Cam is not in his 2015 form etc. However... In the past I would have said nothing will change and we'll keep doing what we've been doing. I think today was the turning point. Whether it's coaching, management or personnel changes something needs to give. Yeah I'm upset right now and I know all of you are too. But we've got some very good young players and it's not the end of the world. This fan base deserves a change though and I think after today we're going to get it. Maybe Shula. Maybe Rivera. Hurney may want to make a statement to show he has the balls to run this franchise again. Also did you see the anger Cam showed on his TD run? Who remembers Cam's TD against the Giant's in 2013 and the yell that occurred afterwards? I think we're on the verge of a major shift.
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    Hey remember last year when Rivera ran the ball 3 times trying to run the clock to play for OT... and then proceeded call timeouts for Tampa which let them drive down the field and win the game? or when Rivera called a timeout right before half to let the saints get a field goal in? I'm not surprised at all by this. Garbage coach.
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    can't believe i waited all week to watch this poo show
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    I'm pretty sure we could go the rest of the season like this and nobody would get fired...unless someone hurts somebody's feelings.
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    Lmao I hope with everything I have Cam kneels today. He should.
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    If players had problems with a liberal President, it wouldn't be news. The players would be seen in the bad light, not a positive one Dis Trump ? Oh you are a hero
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    zero instinct for ebb and flow. it's been obvious for a long time but now that cam is t playing at a high level it's becoming unmasked. this coaching staff adds absolutely nothing to this team
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    I can't even..... This is beginning to look lIke John Fox all over again.
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    We lost momentum on our very first drive and never regained it Ron. You may want to pay attention there Ron.
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    All goes back to coaching. Bring someone like Sean Payton calling plays. See what happens
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    I think the Panthers as an organization have ruined him. Ever since he's been here he's been stuck behind terrible offensive lines, offensive coordinators that refuse to coach to his strengths, mediocre players at skill positions. We could go on and on.
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    I cant believe we draft cmc and samuel, and people are still saying personnel problem lol Keeping Dorsey and Shula are ruining Cam and our offense
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    I'm here for the football...not the politics.
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    ARMAH IS ACTIVE!!!! The Cargo Shorts of our offense!
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    Finally, the thread that I've been waiting for lol. made some charred corn and roasted tomato and jalapeño salsa with black beans. Made it last night to let the flavors meld.
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    How many little Asian boys died to make your iPhone though? You monster. But you didn't think about that did you? No you only think about yourself.
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    I really hope one day I can root for the failure of my team. Seems like the way to go, just can't get over wanting to cheer for them. Sux, but I think I can get to where I really hate them some day.
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    I want to see the more of Curtis Samuels in the offense. I'm fine with him playing receiver but more carries running the ball wouldn't hurt. Shula has to find more ways to get our speed guys open and I don't just mean screens.
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    Well, our offense is ranked 58th in the league...

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