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  1. My cousin had a similar experience, he was a case worker and took a group of disabled people to see panthers camp, and he stood with people as they were getting things signed and when all his disabled people had gotten their stuff signed my cousin alan wanted to get his jersey signed... He said "hey steve" to him as he got up to him and steve just looked at him and said "do I know you?" and walked off right then... My cousin lost respect for him and never liked watched games as much after that
  2. -13 Amp-

    Steve Smith....lets put this to a end

    Boo to you sir...
  3. Trying to rip a man's eye out during a football game is worse than lying publicly about being mistreated by police... One is a horrible event that could cause lifelong damage and the other is just a lie and was busted and no one experienced life long damage
  4. -13 Amp-

    D.J. Moore Log Jam

    the NFC championship game was mic'd up and it showed Nick Foles on the sidelines talking to Torrey Smith and he says "I see how they're covering you, i'mma just throw one up and let you go get it"...next offensive series it was a long TD to Torrey Smith (around 40 yards), had 5 catches in the NFC Championship game and had 5 catches in the super bowl, its not a lot but he does contribute and shows up in big games and has 2 Super Bowl rings...he's not some old peice of poo player that has never done anything
  5. I love the panthers and hate the rainy city bitch pigeons
  6. i was gonna play that joke too but i double checked, the bible says you can get divorced and remarry as long as there was sexual infidelity, and the woman cheated on RW, so he's in the clear "I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another woman commits adultery.” ...i did wanna make that joke though
  7. 2008 correct?...and my favorite single Delhomme moment was the one play moose TD in the super bowl, the pointing and poo talking after that was just awesome i also loved how he be runnin down the field wavin his arms in the 2 minute offense, so firey and that video with him sitting beside smitty is hilarious, he looks like hes pouting and smitty is just goofin'
  8. -13 Amp-

    Music these days...

    lol at all these people defining what a "musician" is, when the definition of the word is a person who writes, sings, or plays music (http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/musician), all the people they said aren't musicians fit right into that definition... all music has its time and place, whether you like it or not...no one likes everything and everyone has their particular tastes in everything they are into, music included... for every bad artist that gets hyped, there's a good artist to be found, if you "hate" new music just because its new thats a personal problem rather than music problem i enjoy all sorts genres of music, but rap is my favorite and i write and record my own songs...i focus on lyrics the most in all forms of music, i am a sucker for a good writer regardless of the genre My music: https://soundcloud.com/13amp
  9. -13 Amp-

    AMC's Breaking Bad vs HBO's The Wire

    i really enjoyed both, i own both boxsets and all that... I dont really compare them, theyre different but both really really good... i re watched both shows this year actually and id say the wire is better for casual watching, as in you can jump to any season and watch where as with breaking bad its a building story about walter so it feels out of place to jump and just watch say season 3... the wires seasons (for the most part) had a "ending", they would work a case and by the end it was over and the next season would be them putting major crimes back together (seasons 4 going into 5 didnt have the marlo wrap up but the school storyline ended and that was my favorite and main focus of the season) i know they had running story lines throughout all 5 seasons but it was so nicely fit with the seasons you dont "feel lost" with it jumping seasons so you can watch a season of the wire for the most part and enjoy it for itself, where as with breaking bad i feel like you gotta watch it in order all the way through but as in best show ever, i dont have one, but theyre both 2 of my favorite shows i've ever watched
  10. -13 Amp-

    Browns new unis unveiled

    lol they even have "browns" streaking down their legs...
  11. -13 Amp-

    Browns new unis unveiled

    the big name across the front makes em look like college uniforms
  12. -13 Amp-

    Browns new unis unveiled

    fug it, they use the helmet as their logo now, so put the helmet logo on the helmet...
  13. -13 Amp-

    McCoy vs Kelly

    they missed the playoffs last year
  14. you all know damn well there is a Family Video in your town...and that ewok is clearly an Alf
  15. -13 Amp-

    NFL Free Agency Update Thread

    we're trying to get on the level of the Packers and we're crying about FAs... every one of the 60 players on the packers have been never played with another NFL team besides Peppers... maybe Gett is planning for a team like that one day with his drafting...