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  1. your delivery and flow are pretty bad....the rhythm is very mechanic and uninspired and the mixing seems to be off a tad, the vocals seem to be on top of the beat rather than mixed in with it....the lyrics were simplistic as could be, no complex rhyme schemes or really any fun writing like wordplay or even similes, theres a reason everyone is making fun of the way its written, its basic as can be...overall its not very good you can hate on me back at http://www.soundcloud.com/13amp
  2. hes only had 3 1000+ yard seasons, the last one being 3 seasons ago and only has finished 16 games 4 times...ive always thought he was overrated
  3. Josh McDainels got caught doing the same poo when he got the Broncos job...got fired and ran back to New England http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/spygate-ii-nfl-fines-broncos-coach-josh-mcdaniels-team-employee-videotaped-49ers-walkthrough-article-1.454047
  4. wentz was having an MVP year before he got hurt, so really the Eagles don't belong in that category since they have a franchise guy....Case and Blake are the only ones really, but non-elite or non-franchise QBs have been winning the Super Bowl since the start, theres plenty of em...you gotta have a complete team
  5. Why the hate on Wilks?

    He wasn't very good, if Cam was bailing out Shula, Luke and them bailed out Wilkes some times but other than that we were dropped passes behind our secondary away from losing games....it wasn't good play from us but just their guys dropping or missing plays
  6. well im banking on that whole "its hard to beat a team 3 times in a season" thing for the Saints in the playoffs, so that would in turn count for the Falcons if we sweep them... there isnt a team i hate worse than Seattle with Russell Wilson, so i dont want to see them do well
  7. http://www.tmz.com/2017/05/08/diddy-lawsuit-chef-sexual-harassment/
  8. Luke had 2 INTs that game and a TD, Coleman had the other pick 6
  9. Romo had completed a game the week before the game VS us and it was on a short week (thanksgiving) so Romo had taken hits the game before and had to play on a short week after returning from his injury....that is completely different than what Arod is going through...
  10. Jerseys

    that was only true with Reebok jerseys...Nike's Limited and Elite jerseys have a panthers logo patch on the arm, but its 100% better than the fake patches on the fake jerseys... the Limited jerseys do not have anything on the outside of the jersey screen printed, only the "keep pounding" in the inside of the neck the Elites have nothing screen printed at all, keep pounding is sewn in the neck
  11. shoulda went with the 07 Giants, they were 8-4 at this point in their season
  12. it could be another case of a QB being babied and then if they lose their coach, they look lost... Remember back in 2013 when everyone said Kaepernick was better than Cam when his coaches were cutting the field in half for him, only making him make one read, if covered run.....they babied him and then when he lost Harbaugh he looked lost because he was never developed to act on his own...
  13. We've been getting bailed out by people dropping the deep passes on our D, today included...the pass D is suspect and has been all season
  14. I love the panthers and hate the rainy city bitch pigeons
  15. i was gonna play that joke too but i double checked, the bible says you can get divorced and remarry as long as there was sexual infidelity, and the woman cheated on RW, so he's in the clear "I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another woman commits adultery.” ...i did wanna make that joke though