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  1. ESPN's GIF of Cam Newton seems a bit off to me...

    It's only racist if they have a gif of Peyton doing a really smooth and intricate pop and lock routine.
  2. I Disappointed Cam Newton

    Rule number one about parody threads : don't do parody threads.
  3. Mzee Peyton Manning

  4. Yeah, the game day thread will restore your faith in this place.
  5. Brian Urlacher....he mad

    Brian Urlacher (to the Panthers celebrating offense)- "act like you've been there before!! Jake Delhomme's reply- "Hey, Urlacher! Guess what?! We have been there before, and you ain't!!!" my favorite Jake story. Lol, Brian's still salty.
  6. You wouldn't know beauty if it was out in the parking lot taking a dump on the hood of your car...
  7. Scott Stapp wants to Creedbomb our players

    Please find this!
  8. Oh hey...A future signing

    Leave it to Gettleman to generate the 1.21 gigawatts necessary to activate the flux capacitor.  Making deals that haven't even happened yet. My mind is blown.
  9. They're scared

    I know. I was being sarcastic. People can justify anything to make themselves feel better
  10. They're scared

    Because of the field conditions! (in the first half)  There is always an excuse.
  11. All my love Superb Owl Pie

    The Pie! It's so good, when it touches your lips
  12. Panthers turned Carson Palmer into 2008 Jake Delhomme

    Hell yes!!!

    keep pie-ing!!