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  1. Exactly what I said whether you agree or not its merely reading comprehension. You know what I mean but we can pretend we don't if you want to do it that way, I don't really care.
  2. But ive met plenty of poor and middle class people who are evil as hell too so that applies to everyone. As far as bosses in the workplace, ive had some fat worthless lazy sacks of poo who just boss and do nothing while taking advantage of things also so I know what you mean. On the flip side, I also had some very solid managerial types who led by example and were good people caring for those who worked under them. Glad I work for myself these days as well. I never could stand some moron telling me what I needed to do that day and what was expected of me.
  3. I assume you are kidding since soccer is pretty bad for riots and stupid poo in areas all over the world for sure but how many times does an NFL team win a super bowl and its select few of retarded ass fugging fans who will riot and loot any chance they get anyhow go burn their own damn city and cause mayhem?
  4. Poor goof ball is probably still trying to escape being tied to his brother's name Marv who used to enjoy holding hookers hostage in closets while biting them.
  5. I mean, you definitely arent wrong in what you said. Those two dominate the world in football and basketball no denying Lebrons son should not have been drafted where he was. A part of me cheers for Bronny though since he probably isnt even ready for the NBA and may never be. Im hoping he gets it and his skills greatly increase where he can hang to prove everyone wrong for whatever reason.
  6. I think you hit the nail right on the head there.
  7. I mean, you definitely aren't wrong. It does look that way!
  8. HAHAHAHA! Damn, this made me laugh hard! I think people make slightly too big a deal of Young's small size but this is just funny as it gets! hahahahaha!
  9. uh oh, this is one of those threads that the toyota prius boys come to on their soapbox to tell everyone how evil the rich are because they wont give them another stimulus check to get some super cool ground effects and a wing on the back of their toyota prius. Damn those evil rich people! If they are rich, they just must be evil because it makes me look all hip and modern woke cool if I say it!
  10. Oh yeah, if he has not learned by this season then he probably never will. I hope he has but I certainly would not put money on it that his ego will not get in the way.
  11. Im yet to see what Morgan can do as the head guy so I will hold judgement there. As far as tepper owning the team, all I'm hoping for is he learns to stay out of team business like choosing a roster. He is no idiot, hopefully he learns to now leave football to the football guys after years of unsuccessful meddling.
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