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  1. I'm sure not too many random draftable guys would be better than Sanders but I sure would keep my eyes open and evaluate random draftable guys in case we can find one better because Sanders looks like he can only play behind Phillys dominant line.
  2. Seems like a well spoken very nice and friendly dude. I don't know much about him but can he ball? If so wonder what round he could be had in? Later rounds? I bet he can outplay our overpriced backup RB from Philly so I'm all for him coming here.
  3. Who is Kraft to judge? The guy pays to get jacked off in seedy massage parlors thus supporting human trafficking and helping it continue yet he is judging others? Belichek may be a real doucher but Kraft judging someone especially after how much that someone did for HIS organization? Seriously?
  4. I will take the center if he falls as well. I would be happy with a good center locking things up for 10 years no doubt! People say that is the most important position on the line so would be cool to have a first round center fall to us who turns out to be a solid piece of the puzzle here
  5. Probably cant fix it all in one off season unfortunately but hopefully better than last year at least
  6. This! I feel like unless we get a kings ransom that it would be absolutely stupid to trade back. We could acquire two very solid picks at 33 and 39 especially since Fitt. will not be involved in making in making the choices. We need to use BOTH picks and keep them to draft the very best players possible with each pick.
  7. Is he pretty good I take it? Dont know anything about him personally. How is his durability?
  8. This exactly. No sense in moving down for some 2025 draft pic when we need help in that spot at that pick right now. We will live to regret that move if we trade down I have a bad feeling.
  9. I do as well. I don't want to trade down a d want to select our best available player at that spot.
  10. I mean, I come here for stress relief. I come to talk a little poo, tell some bad jokes, debate some, bitch some, laugh some, vent some and in the end get some updates before I read them on other websites because this site is good for that. It's a little of everything and so hard to understand those who seem to get even more down coming here. Life is hard enough, I don't see why they need a website to make them even more sad.
  11. Shirtless? Dude you are making me sprout a teepee just thinking about your idea!
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