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  1. Please hang in there..You are dad and that means you are Superman and will perform as such no matter what. I pray your wife will soon be better and you will find peace relaxation and much strength. God bless you and your family in this time of need.
  2. Was he ever good or worthy of that big contract?
  3. Doug Marone and Andy Reid were both retreads. It has worked out okay for them and their respective second head coaching jobs.
  4. Burns injury is not made up injury as I saw him entirely half of the game on the sidelines with an ice pack attached to his heel area and he kept walking with a very gloomy looking face as he was in pain and worried
  5. Ummm that was Mingo's first game. I'd say give him more.ganes before you write him off
  6. No but I would George Pickens and Calvin Austin III
  7. Damn, was he that good? Maybe I didnt give him enough credit. I do think however Wilson still stands a chance however small of developing especially with Rogers helping him if he is a good listener and hard enough worker. I dont think his days are numbered just yet and I think he still has some potential left in him
  8. I like tadalafil better. Gives you great pumps in the gym, keeps your blood pressure down, good for the prostate and 5-10mg light dosage per day helps you absolutely slay that kitty when it starts purring.
  9. Im not intentionally trying to judge him but he sort of seemed to me as if he doesnt give a poo
  10. Carruth (trash of all trash and should have been electrocuted) Jason Peter Shawn Gilbert Kelvin Benjamin Kerry Collins
  11. Unfortunately I think Steve Smith played a part in Colberts failure. Did you notice during Steves hay day that no other receivers ever developed into much of anything at all. I think Colbert truly had it in him to develop but Smith hurt it unfortunately. Not saying I hate Steve Smith by any means as he was amazing but man his desire to hold onto his job and take out anything in his path even transferred over to his teammates I think. Years ago I spoke to Colbert upon meeting him by chance long after his career was over and he seemed like a really good dude. I asked him what happened and he said there were some things and some people in place that sometimes make it tougher on younger players to reach their potential. I fully believe he was referring to Steve Smith but he didnt seem like the type of guy to gossip directly and drop a name. Good guy all around.
  12. I hope he recaptures some old magic and can remain injury free while helping our offense. We arent signing him to sit on the practice squad obviously.
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