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  1. Harper and Cotchery already gone?

    I don't know that it would be a trend. Regardless, I don't think Gettlemen cares about color. If someone can help the team he will be retained. Regardless, I don't think my comment was meant for you but i've read several posts that seem divisive instead of inclusive and that's more of what I was referring to than a rhetorical statement like you made. 
  2. Harper and Cotchery already gone?

    Also, it seems the race thing has made its way to the huddle. Glad everyone is turning against each other as is the status quo for Panther fans. 
  3. Harper and Cotchery already gone?

    Cotchery dropped three passes all season.
  4. This is a coaching staff problem. Not a Shula problem. Ron Rivera and the minions have shown that without familiarity with an opponent their game plan will be bland and have nothing to do with exploiting favorable match-ups or guarding against poor match-ups. Ron is a great defensive mind and it continues to show however Shula is an average offensive coordinator at best. The games that we had the least familiarity with the opponent were the games we struggled most in this year and that shows a lack of imaginative ability on behalf of the coaching staff.
  5. I agree with your points but in the same way that you don't call an African American man Boy, don't refer to the collective people of European descent as "the White man". I was born here however I wasn't born into the collective you refer to. Have a look at my earlier post on this topic if you would like. Cam is held to a higher standard for more than the color of his skin. His accolades to this point have set the bar so high that if you slip, you fall at your peril. Of course the criticism for his actions is related to him being African-American but the between the whistles judgments are all based on Cams performance. Junior College National Championship BCS National Championship NFL Rookie of the Year Offensive Player of the Year MVP 3X NFC South Champion National Football Conference Champion Most games in NFL History with a passing and rushing touchdown. Second to only Dan Marino in total TD's through first five seasons. The list goes on and without having time to research all of Cam's accolades i'm sure someone would enjoy adding them.  If there was ever a player on the trajectory to Canton, Cam is on it. The more Cam stays true to who he is as a person, the more people will come to understand him. Until then, the issues you speak of are but a microcosm of a society ruled by race, and divided by those who are either ignorant to the issues people face, or are in a battle to maintain the status quo. Your own politicians actions speak louder than their words. Remember that. 
  6. TOUGH, but in that situation, to call out Cam and not call out the receiver (though to expect Ginn to make that catch is like expecting Fozzy to come in and be adequate in blocking in max protect situations), is unfair. I've seen Ginn make ONE catch like that in his time here and that was against the Saint's in 2013 which put us into striking distance for the winning touchdown. Our first third down conversion of that game as well. But still, that was the second turnover on their half of the field and Tolbert tried to give it away and additional time.  So the next question: What was going on with Tolbert. He doesn't have fumble problems yet fumbles twice in one game. 
  7. 265 yards on 19 completed, 14 yards per completion. Factor in Cotchery's 3 drops, Brown's 2 drops, Ginn's 2 drops including the interception that went off of his hands and you get a different picture. 
  8. Except on the ball that hit him in the hands and was picked off. We had TWO turnovers in Denver territory. Ginn just isn't made to catch those high and away balls on crossing routes. If it's Funchess or Benjamin they can make it but Ginn needs to have the ball on his body. Given the way Cam was hit all game, getting a pass off like that is a wonderment in itself. It's Ginn's job to bring it down. 
  9. I think that this is a lot less about Peyton being white but the media sticking to the narrative that they began back in the 90's. This is not only about maintaining his status but self-preservation on behalf of the media. Even in the segment on NFL Network discussing Cam leaving the press conference the only person who stuck up for him and brought up Manning not shaking Drew Brees's hand was none other than HEATH EVANS. That's right, of the three african-american men discussing Cam, it took Heath Evans to come out and say, in passing because he was defending Cam and was jumped on immedietely, "I can't sit here and judge Cam based on this because I never had to prepare as much and as hard as he did, so I won't judge him for walking out." That said, if Cam or Famous Jameis had been in a similar situation to what Manning did in college they would've been jailed certainly. Especially in the southern states that they were enrolled in college. There is a double standard as the article states but the thing about Peyton is that self-preservation is intertwined between the media and him. The media preserves his character and in doing so they preserve their "credibility".  Full Disclosure: I am "white" aka of European descent and even further back, if science is correct, of African descent as is everyone. Regardless, i'm not oblivious to the issues that exist or the double standard within the NFL. As evidenced by the Riley Cooper incident, Manning teabagging a trainer, and the Jameis case that was dropped including the civil suit. Those are three things I think are important because they differences in how long the narrative has continued. Furthermore, even Broncos fans think that Cam committed multiple felonies and was kicked out of UF and think that the only thing he does for the community is give away footballs to kids. If anonymously asked to give opinions of all quarterbacks and given true or false to questions about charities they have or don't have, I would imagine that people would answer that most white QB's do have charities while african american's would likely show a less % for the same questions, when in fact it's not true at all.  This is an issue ingrained not only in sports but in society in general. A microcosm if you will and until it's something that NFL Network, ESPN, Yahoo!, Sports Illustrated, and all major outlets refuse to drop because it makes people uncomfortable, it will continue. This article won't see the light of day because it shines a bad light on those who already started a different story. 
  10. The first time I saw Rivera with any "killer instinct" so to speak, was the second half against the Cardinals. Not once have we had a game we he didn't let up. Those of you who remember the 2011 season know that we led almost every game at halftime and some by several scores. Those weren't player deficiencies but lack of recognition on behalf of the coaches. We saw the same thing this season in a lot of our wins. The Cardinal's game needs to become a blueprint for how this team operates in similar conditions.  The Super Bowl reminded me of the first few times we played the Seahawks. Their match-up's were better and their coaching was better. Shula and Ron finally found the confidence they needed to call a game the right way to win and unfortunately for them, it seems that familiarity with an opponent is what they need to develop a game plan. They aren't able to think outside of the box to make tweaks to things (as stated by the Broncos players) and they aren't able to anticipate the game plan of the other team without having faced them before. YOU HAD TWO WEEKS to prepare for this opponent and you drop the ball on the max protect we had been using all season long and decide that the best way to counter act a speed rushing team is by running plays that take four seconds to develop. This was a sign of some of the same issues Ron has had from the beginning and the only way we will get over that hump is if they are able to anticipate better what match-ups to exploit and the ones you need to prepare to change your style for.  
  11. JNo - To Tag or Not to Tag?

    Tag, bring back Hardy on a one year deal. Start using Shaq the way he was drafted to be used, as a safety/linebacker ala Kam Chancellor, bring in some CB depth and the defense will be as stout as they have ever been.  
  12. If Cam Newton wasn't a Panther...

    Simply because one doesn't fit the archetype of a leader or a group does not mean that he isn't a leader. Cam being so down about the loss can impact the locker room in a positive way. If people respect him the way they say they do then they will feel more personal responsibility not only for someone they look to for leadership but for their own actions. Cam gave the locker room speech for the Arizona game and you see what followed that.  The team with the better match-up won and Sunday and that is all. Moving forward, people should not be turning on Cam but embracing the fact that he was upset after the loss. The continuous losses to the Seahawks propelled us to where we are now. Losing the Super Bowl will be the motivation for the work Cam puts in this off-season. Expect more 2015 Cam next season. This wasn't a flash in the pan season for him, this was a preview of what's to come.  
  13. If Cam Newton wasn't a Panther...

    I like Brees as a person and a player. I don't like Kaep as a player but i'm sure he has reasons for the way his is in post game press conferences. I do't dislike Manning as a person or a player but I don't like hearing the way he discusses things about football. I really don't have any issue with any player as a person because I don't dislike people for their personalities. People are different and I think that should be embraced but people seem to enjoy having categories that they can be lump into. There's a definition in Psychology for this but I don't remember it right now.  At any rate, Cam is our quarterback and I respect him as a player and even more so as a person. 
  14. If Cam Newton wasn't a Panther...

    The problem with your question is that he is the Panthers quarterback. You call them antics which carries a negative connotation which may have an impact on the answers you receive. I have no problem with his actions. The same way I don't care that Peyton threw his teammates under the bus after the Super Bowl or ran off the field without congratulating Brees (which Cam did by the way).  People have their moments and in this case it's a matter of recency bias. People take his answers out of context after press conferences and don't add context to the other press conference situation. Before information came out that the Bronco's were in the same room giving answers NFL Network had already aired a knee-jerk segment on him walking out. This without doing any prior research for similar situations of "poor sportsmanship" from other QB's, namely Peyton Manning.  Now if Cam is going to be upset for losing, so be it. This isn't an "I take this poo seriously" moment. He was upset, he was probably upset he didn't dive for the ball (see Roby head hunting when Cam clearly slid feet first at one point in the game). The good thing, is having a player as visibly upset as Cam is, he is hurting more on the inside. The only way to correct that discomfort is to drive yourself to be better and I think in the same way that losing to the Falcons was a good thing, for our future, losing this game may have the same effect.  So SUCK IT OP.
  15. Jeremy clearly missed the boob in this picture

    Seriously though, egregious fouls involving twisting someones head and bringing them down that way need to be penalized more severely. It was clear that Talib wasn't going for a legitimate tackle there and went straight for the helmet which in my opinion warrants and ejection. If one of our guys did that I would say the same exact thing. To preach player safety and then have a player deliberately twist and pull someone down by their head is outrageous and far more dangerous than a horse collar tackle.