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  1. Unless he's a first rounder, he'll be 30 by his second deal. That's not old in QB years.
  2. The ACL is a lot more worrisome than his age. He's not 36-years old. It's rare to hit on a QB in the draft and even rarer they stay with their draft franchise their entire career. To that end, being a few years older isn't that big of a deal. It also means he's more experienced.
  3. The ACL is the only reason Hooker will likely not go in the first round. Hooker is a more complete QB than AR at this point.
  4. Honestly a veteran WR corps would be best for a rookie QB, versus playing with rookie WRs too.
  5. Would have liked to get a NT, but went really heavy on offense with some defensive depth.
  6. Only if you hate four seasons. Some people do. I love it.
  7. I thought a Burns extension would be one of the first orders of business this offseason considering how much cap space it frees up. That and Shaq's reworked deal.
  8. For job security. His cap numbers the next two years are such that we won't cut him.
  9. The elephant in the room is Burns. If he gets a new deal, a large portion of that $16M gets freed up.
  10. If the young pups would have stepped up to the plate, the team wouldn't have needed to sign grandpa to show them how to play. Per normal, gotta show the kids how things are done.
  11. Suspensions, injuries, inactives. All the above. He's on the decline too, so I'll pass.
  12. You mean the guy who missed 15 games the last two seasons?
  13. You mean the guy which turns 31-years in under three months? They are only two years apart.
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