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  1. The 2nd round gems: Samuel on offense and Chinn on defense.
  2. Solid. I would be happy with that draft. My only critique would be Sermon was a luxury pick...a nice luxury pick, but needed some more help on defense (CB and/or LB).
  3. If Fitts is as smart of a GM as they say he is, he's gonna hard pass on Watson. I mean 2 firsts and a trade maybe, but 3 firsts just to get a foot in the door? Nah....
  4. I'm not sure how many of June 1 designations you get (it's either 1 or 2) but KK should definitely be one, if the only one.
  5. Designate him a June 1st cut and wish him well.
  6. He went to college in NC, but grew up in Alabama.
  7. Yep, he took a middling Colts team to the playoffs on his back, not in spite of his play. It's sad he didn't get out of San Diego sooner.
  8. Here's a good one. Yes I took two centers, Lindstrum moves to guard, but we have our backup center built in. That's how your double dip folks!
  9. Apparently OTC says we are getting a Daryl Williams comp pick now...again. They have flipped back and forth so many times on this. Wouldn't shock me if they retract it again. The Vernon Butler comp pick in the 5th seems solid though.
  10. We traded a conditional 7th round pick to the Bills for OT Millhouse? or something a couple years ago. The dude played a handful of snaps at LT and we ended up cutting him, IIRC.
  11. Totally agree, but the franchise will outlast the player. So the Texans can be as stubborn as Deshaun wants to be. Yes, they have to eat his cap, but it's not like they are going to close up shop if he decides to hold out.
  12. Dude, you know my mocks last year were legit. Now, It may have been a one-year wonder and Hurney may not have been the driving force behind all of the picks, but I was freaking ELATED with last year's draft.
  13. Newspapers are about as contemporary as using leeches to drain the bad spirits that are making you sick, yes, even online.
  14. The Tom Brady 6th round exception should get a thread locked. I'm just kidding, but you can only use an EXTREME OUTLIER as a base for an argument for so long.
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