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  1. I'm wanting to build through the draft. I hope Fitty moves back some in this draft. I'd rather have 10-11 picks than our current 7 and have to rely on bottom tier FAs. Like you said, cap space opens up in 2024, but I don't want to go shopping like a trophy wife with a brand new credit card. Build the core and fill in with serviceable FAs as needed and stay away from the big price tags.
  2. Been saying this for a couple months now. Extending Burns gives us the most breathing room of any potential moves. Extending Brown gives us a little more too.
  3. No sir, no flaming here. That is my M.O. this draft. I honestly feel we are out of the Stroud/Young sweepstakes and felt that way as soon as Rhule was fired. I have been moving back to accumulate more picks. Why? Almost no cap room for significant FAs. We have 7 picks and need at least 10. Overall, not bad. Not too sure about a DT with out first pick, but like the Penix selection, TEs, and LBs. Pretty good first stab at it.
  4. A Panthers wet dream Then reality hits you
  5. I have, but too detailed and most people will TL/DR it, lol! In a nutshell: -FA QB on the cheap, Darnold or other (no Baker)--Walker on the same deal as this year (insurance policy) -Bozeman will have to take a hometown deal or Cade Mayes will be our center next year. -Burns, Brown and Luvu extended. Haynes extended or cut. Elflein and Wilson cut. -That's the short version and didn't even touch the draft or take a deeper dive into FA.
  6. Lateral moves are pretty rare these days and someone is stupid to pass up a promotion because they aren't assured a ideal situation. If said newbie OC gets looks in 2-3 years for a HC job, that's okay, it means the Panthers should be a playoff team. Worry about the future as it approaches, worry about the present...now.
  7. Richardson is a HUGE gamble and he needs the Jordan Love career path to be successful. As a day 1 starter, dude's career will never take off; set up for failure. Funny that the 'raw' tag is used/avoided depending on bias. Even though the dude is wildly inexperienced, proponents are staying away from that label. McKee has the prototypical size, but lacks production. McKee is not a first rounder in value, I don't care if he gets drafted there. I'm not sure Pennix makes it all the way into the first round. Hooker would have been my 'Lamar Jackson' pick this draft, but the ACL injury hurt his draft stock. The value is later on. Pennix, Ward, DJ U., Jefferson, McCall, Duggan, Tune, Rogers could all go between rounds 2-4. Again, this QB draft is not top heavy, but there is value in the middle. Build known studs at other positions and stop mind-numbing forcing of the QB situation.
  8. Uniform threads in late November? This is usually a fluff/filler thread in May or June.
  9. Levis scares me. He has the arm, but arm strength isn't everything. I want weapons and several of them. We lack weapons. If we forego a first round QB this year then so be it. I say that because Stroud/Young should be out of reach and honestly I have serious reservations about both. Honestly beyond those two and Levis (whose stock should be in the teens honestly) other QBs will be taken this draft in the first round, but honestly should not. QBs will be severely overvalued early in this year and I hope we aren't one of the teams caught up in that mess. A correction in the value of QBs will take shape on Day 2. If we take a stab at a QB, that's where it needs to happen. In the mean time, get a weapon to help out whomever is at QB and take some pressure off of Moore.
  10. For you Clemson fans, what is your take on DJ? Why does he seem struggle? He's got all the athletic traits, so what is he not doing on the field? Does he not process things fast enough, unable to go through progressions, lacks field vision or not have enough touch on his passes? I am generally against big school/elite program guys because of the talent all around them. He had so much hype coming out of HS that I wonder why that hasn't translated to college?
  11. And I'm okay with that. Stay put or move back a little, get more draft capital and take WR or TE with that first pick. We need more reliable targets and QB that won't lose us games. Walker and Darnold has shown even with this swiss cheese roster we can win if the QB merely play mistake-free football. Games with 4 TDs tossed and 300+ yards are pretty for the stat sheet, but aren't always necessary to get W's.
  12. There will several intriguing QB prospects in the second/third round. At this point, I'm almost determined not to get a round one QB this year. Move back, get some more picks and use said house money on a flyer pick on one of these QBs. If it doesn't work out, no big loss. If it does like Philly's flyer pick on Hurts in the 3rd round? We hit the jackpot!
  13. You nailed nailed it. After looking at this roster for next year, seeing our cap situation and seeing that this draft lacks super stars at the top but has good depth, I have come to same realization. Build the team, find a competent HC, where that HC finds a stud OC and stop chasing franchise QBs for the time being. When the time is right, snag the QB and stop forcing it. I'm thinking of the Pittsburgh situation when they drafted Big Ben. He had success because while he played good as a rookie, the surrounding parts made him even better. We could go this route or continue the failed Matt Rhule model or sabotage a brand new staff as we have seen in Denver when they sunk most of their resources into Russell Wilson.
  14. We have to after not trading him. I just hope he doesn't break the bank.
  15. Yup, this is Colorado's last several games versus top competition (tied for worst 1-win team in the Power 5) Now here are the Texan's results--the worst team in the NFL: They are not getting blown out. They only lost by 12 points to Philly who has the best record in the NFL.
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