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  1. Wasn't it because he called it like he saw it and wasn't full-on homer? In other words, if the Panthers fugged up on a play, he would put the team/player on blast and the organization didn't like that.
  2. I never cared for Mick as an announcer. I'm sure he's a great guy and all, but he's very hard to listen to. I can't remember why the organization got rid of Bill, but he was 10x better than Mick ever was.
  3. Dude did literally squat in college and Myles Garrett was the DE on the other side of the D-line. Hall should have rarely seen a double team, if any at all. Hall should have had nice stats with Garrett getting all the attention and that was a serious red flag for me. Hurney? "Let's move up in the draft for this guy"!!!!
  4. I remember having to look Gaulden up as I usually only study the top 15-20 at each position. I think the site I like the most had him rated around the 30th best safety. Yes, another Hurney reach thinking he saw another diamond in the rough. Whew, I'm so glad that dude is gone. BTW, Hurney 2.0 was straight trash just as Hurney 1.0, although he happened not fug up the cap nearly as bad as the first time around. I will give him that.
  5. Darnold will surprise people if the offense can stay healthy and our OL can merely act like a fine sieve as opposed to a breached levee. Let's not kid ourselves, this OL isn't going to be great, but even better than average would be welcomed. Keeping Darnold upright and healthy will be key to any hope of success this year.
  6. My take on Christensen is he may be our best option at LT this season. I had my hopes for Sewell, but the Lions screwed that up. Next draft we take the franchise LT. Brady may surprise us, but I think he will at least be serviceable, more so than our other options. Will he give up some pressures/sacks? Sure, especially early, but as long as he progresses and gives up fewer pressures/sacks as the season goes on, I would consider that a win for for him. Right now, I have him beating out Irving, Scott and Little for LT. His OTAs and camp would have to be pretty unspectacular for me to
  7. Exactly. The AFC was hot last year and a 10 win Dolphins team was on the outside looking in and that was obviously still on a 16 game schedule.
  8. ^^^This. Any success with this team is brief, but we usually make at lot of noise in those rare playoff seasons. I'm still waiting for the back-to-back winning seasons. This year could Rhule's first one here. I'm not sure if we make the playoffs based on how other teams fare. If the NFC has a down year, I think we get in, but if the NFC is hot this year, some 9 or even 10 win teams may not get in.
  9. It all hinges on the offense. While it looks good on paper, that's just on paper. They need to produce on the field. In years we've had a good defense (this should be one of those years) as long as the offense puts up at least 24 points, it nearly always lead to victories. I have a feeling that our defense will keep us in most games and it's on the offense not to screw up (turnovers) and find the end zone 3x a game. If this team can just stick to that formula, 9-10 wins should be achievable. *As part of the offensive output, Joey Slye needs to be clutch in 2021; better than his 80% c
  10. I'm thinking 9-10 wins and either just missing the playoffs or getting a last wildcard spot. If we do sneak into the playoffs, we'll get bounced early. FYI, I called 6 wins last year, which oddly enough was considered optimistic.
  11. I historically exist about from 1.75-2.5 if you made this into a sliding scale. Why? I've been a Panthers fan WAAAAY too long to be solidly in group 1 and while not perennial playoff contenders, we aren't the doormats of the League either, so group 3 isn't for me. I simply go off gut feeling about the prospect for the team leading into each season. Usually I'm not too far off.
  12. I was here for that. Question...do you know why the archives here are absent from 2017-2019? I was going to prove a point to this dude (even though I shouldn't have to) but when I searched "draft" it goes back to the start of 2020 and then skips all the way back to 2016. Very odd.
  13. Clearly you weren't around during the 2019 draft or the months leading up to it. Greg Little leading into his junior year was a consensus first round prospect. After that season, his question marks started to show up. Then the college all-star game and combine happened as he slid to a late first round prospect. As the draft grew closer, the general mood on him seemed to sour further to falling out of the first round altogether. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that a guy whose stock falls steadily leading up to the draft is a risky prospect and the reason the draft-niks on
  14. -Greg Little, Mississippi: Looked like a pure RT running the 40 where he posted very pedestrian time of 5.33 with a slow 10-yard split of 1.84. Didn’t show much explosion in the vertical, but his short shuttle was okay. OL 2019 Combne notes Another disappointing assesment Losers These guys struggled on Friday, while also happening to all have significant concerns on their tape as well. Greg Little, OT, Ole Miss Owner of the second-worst 40 and the third-worst vertical jump, Little didn't impress in most of the drills he did do at the Combine, but it may have been th
  15. Why did he "fall" from the first round then? While I wouldn't have been thrilled with him at our original slotted pick in the second round, the questionable part was moving up to get him. That's what made a questionable pick even worse.
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