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  1. Yes, but isn't there like 8 vacancies right now? Even if Payton takes a year off, there isn't any certainty a vacancy will be open next season he would want. Historically, the Bears, Vikings, Broncos and Giants are not bad franchises despite their recent struggles. The Raiders have a roster that can win now and the thought of Vegas could be appealing to him. Same with the Dolphins, the cabinet is fairly well stocked there and living at South Beach isn't too shabby. Unless he's rolling the dice that McCarthy is booted next year in Dallas, I can't think of a club that enters next year with coaches on the hot seat . I doubt he's waiting for Rhule to get canned here.
  2. I was listening to a sports talk show a few days ago and they were speculating that with Brees gone, no cap room and a good deal of key players up for free agency, the Saints were at the threshold of a rebuild. That being said, they speculated...and this is rare, some team could poach Payton for right amount of draft capital. The Saints hit the reset button, create some cap room and stockpile future draft picks in a deal for Payton. They can't keep kicking their cap hell down the road and without a franchise QB to keep the SB window open, all they are doing is throwing good money after bad just to stay an average club.
  3. Eh, once he's here under Rhule, he'll become a McAdon't.
  4. Funny, people act like he doesn't have a ring or Super Bowl MVP on his resume' just because they don't like him personally. Weird how bias overshadows facts. For a few people that have popped in here from the abyss, it's politics as usual tempered by innuendo because they are in the main forum.
  5. I bet many in the Buc's fan base felt that way personally about Tom Brady before he signed with Tampa. Heck, for a SB or two, I could even have tolerated Brady being here. I'm sure it's revisionist history now down there. But for years outside of the northeast, Brady was not a very popular person.
  6. Right now we are the Browns and Jets of old, no player wants to come here and would even only consider it for 'get rich' deals. To that extent, we aren't even cap rich. In short, we are screwed folks.
  7. I'll take a winning a-hole over a polite loser...especially in the short term.
  8. Eh, he took his ques from his predecessor apparently. People forget how much of a utter diva Favre was in his last season or two with the Packers.
  9. Aaron said he has zero interest in be part of a rebuild. We are still 5 more seasons away according to Tepper's "Rome wasn't built in a day" comments and sealed it with a used car salesmen who convinced him it would take up to 7 years to achieve the undertaking.
  10. Rhule gloating after the 7-10 season, 'see, you have to trust the process...next year we are shooting for 8 wins'.
  11. Tommy is going to be better suited as a H-back/blocking TE. I'm not sure he will develop elite hands or not. He looked better catching the ball as the season went on, but nobody is going to confuse him for Travis Kelce or our own former Panther Greg Olsen.
  12. No, no, no! Icky is a sleeper man. Everyone stop talking about him!!! I wouldn't be disappointed with Cross. I think long term he's going to better than Neal, he's just greener at this point.
  13. He'll be there at 20, but I think they take Howell over Strong. Willis may still be on the board, but he's a huge project and will need to sit. Not sure the Steelers want to red shirt a QB a year or two.
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