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  1. 0-17. Anything more than that deserves a second look. I mean, were told by Tepper and Rhule not to expect sh*t until year THREE--it is a process.
  2. The fact this is even being discussed is the very reason I wanted us to being in another RB. I was told nooooooo, Blackshear is a hidden gem and Chuba would be better. Chuba is Chuba--mediocre, and Sanders isn't a world beater (we all knew this) being the very reason why we should be deeper at RB. There was decent FA RBs we could have had for cheap all the way up to the regular season. If that meant Hubbard got bumped to #3, so be it. Blackshear is a PS guy and if he got poached had we bumped him for another RB, then oh well, not a big loss.
  3. No, but he can be a game manager and that's all we need in winnable games. The idea that #1 picks especially at the QB position can't sit a portion of the season is moronic. They AREN'T ready for the NFL and rushing them out there only shakes their confidence.
  4. So a rookie QB was supposed to be 2-0 right now? If anyone thought this team was going to be better than marginal this year with a ROOKIE QB, that is delusion all its glory. Granted, I thought we'd be 1-1, but crap happens. I knew better than having us win Bryce's debut in Atlanta where we are utterly hexed even with good squads and staff in the past. I thought we'd squeak past the Saints, but it was the other way around. Point being, we aren't getting our doors blown off and the rookie QB...well looks like a rookie QB. So trying to sh*tcan the HC two games in is utterly moronic. Considering the OP, that's par for the course.
  5. Can't just hand Chicago the #1 overall pick. We got to win a few games. Dalton is the best, short term solution to at least have the Bears to trade up to the #1 pick.
  6. Exactly. The coaches can't run the plays for the players, they can only call them and expect them to execute the play. Our WRs suck. If Thielen ends up being our best WR, then that's a major issue. Too many people are giving TMJ slack. He's bad and I don't see him getting better. Put like this, he's the WR comparable to Ian Thomas as a TE.
  7. Hated the trade. Assuming they were honest and didn't know who they were taking at #1, I STILL hate the trade up.
  8. Hopefully we aren't wearing the white pants as Byrce sh*ts himself in the face of a pass rush. if all else fails, toss the ball on the ground to avoid the pile on.
  9. RB trades don't set a franchise back in today's NFL, but trading up to #1 overall for a so-called football wiz kid in a 13-year old's body is definitely suspect.
  10. Lol, you got Burrow and that's it. The rest struggled. Rookie QBs need to sit, period. The higher the draft pick the fewer game they sit, but throwing their arse to the wolves is, and always has been, a bad idea. That is unless you are FULLY prepared to take on a losing...sometimes UGLY losing season. In today's NFL, HCs have about two years to turn it around. That being said you can hope the rookie is forged by fire after a brutal rookie campaign OR start a veteran an ease the rookie in if the things aren't going swimmingly after the first several games.
  11. Life is hard on Bryce because he's a rookie. Think about the guy trying to call plays for the rookie, pretty hard for him too.
  12. So Brown can cough up the ball and miss WRs?
  13. At this point you go with Dalton or prepare to go 0-17. The kid needs time. If the staff wants OJT for Bryce and are willing to suffer beat down after beat down, then that's fine. Hopefully Bryce is strong enough mentally to endure loss after loss. It's something he's never experienced.
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