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  1. Shaq Thompson Involved In Head on Collision

    Waiting until the next day does not matter. It isn't like your body says, "welp, you slept for 3 hours, all alcohol GONE!". This is a very dangerous misconception. Due to the fact that metabolism slows during sleep, alcohol is actually broken down slower while you sleep than it would if you were awake, thus you are actually retaining more alcohol. Sleeping is dangerous.
  2. Shaq Thompson Involved In Head on Collision

    That is what most people think. "Hey, i'll go to bed for a couple of hours and all the alcohol will leave my body by evaporation." No....sleep does not help, coffee does not help, showers do not help. Getting on a treadmill and chugging water while you run will help.
  3. Shaq Thompson Involved In Head on Collision

    See my post on how alcohol is broken down.
  4. Shaq Thompson Involved In Head on Collision

    If you don't understand the way alcohol is broken down I will give you a very simple explanation. Breaks down at approximately .0175 g/100 g of blood per hour. 12 FL Oz. of 5% alcohol gives about a .02 BAC per drink. Thus, if you are up drinking even a 6 pack until 2 AM and you don't start until 12 AM, you will still have alcohol in your system at 7:00 AM. Your statement implies that he was up at 7:00 AM drinking and I highly doubt this is the case. After a night of heavy drinking, many of you would be surprised to learn that alcohol likely isn't completely out of your system until 3:00 PM or later.
  5. Top 100 players No. 86 Jonathan Stewart

    That top gif has been my profile picture for about 4 years.
  6. ESPN Post Draft Power Rankings

    Remmers was an above average starter for most of the season. Then the Super Bowl rolls around and he is going up against a once in a generation player and gets schooled which leads to the Huddle continuing to call for his head. There isn't a lot of logic in this line of thinking.
  7. Graham Gano reveals he rejected Man United as a youth

    You sound like the football team when I was in school. It's ironic because they won only one game and we only lost two.
  8. Draft or Hornets?

  9. Jaylon Smith?

    I have nerve damage that consists of issues with drop foot and the inability to swing my foot in a certain direction. Once the injury to the nerve occurred and after it was reconnected, I didn't even gain an inch of regular sensation in my leg. It is possibly that the nerve will never recover because once the sheath and nerve inside are severed, the cells begin to die below that point immediately and nerve regeneration is mostly science fiction at this point.
  10. 100% utter stupidity: CONFIRMED

    It's just marijuana.
  11. Geraldo Rivera nails it.

    Regardless of the inherent humor in this, i'm glad Carolina lost. The yuppies and Wal-Mart fans can retreat to their holes now.
  12. It's pretty simple: he did throw her on the bed that happened to have guns on it and maybe tackled her to get her to stop being as belligerent as he said she was and other witnesses said she was being. It doesn't mean he hit her, as many have suggested. Someone with Hardy's strength could cause those bruises simply by trying to restrain someone.
  13. Cam Newton "Forever I love Atlanta

    His social media presence is strong, that's why.
  14. Tolbert returning for two more years

    ONE GAME CLOWN! ONE GAME! ONE GAME DOES NOT A CAREER MAKE. We win when he is playing more often than not. Take one game out of context and you get a clown, an X-Clown to be exact.
  15. This is a terrible argument and doesn't refute the original point at all. He played in our losses, yes, but he also played in most all of our wins (17 in case you didn't know). In 2014 we won a single game without him in the line-up and 8 with him. If you are to say there isn't causation i'd like for you to present a more plausible argument for our struggles that coincided with Tolberts absence in 2014. I'll wait.