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  1. Week 12 Power Rankings

    Anybody remember this?
  2. Cowboys Week: Let's do this

    he said "chafed nipple"
  3. Even if we win the superbowl this year, I still think we haven't seen the best of Cam Newton yet. Talk about growth potential! I said years ago, he was capable of a 4-5 td passing game. Kid looks so relaxed right now!
  4. Stewart Plants a Redskin into the Field

    They need to plant a tombstone there!
  5. Some one will say he is Muslim!
  6. two things: 1. If he is dancing he scored! 2.  As long as he keeps giving footballs to kids, he can appear on dancing with the stars for all I care!
  7. Just like I have no respect for his Super Bowl ring, He doesn't deserve the credit.
  8. Cam is bigger than Woodyard
  9. Nikon 70-200 2.8 .... Saying goodbye if you need a rental!
  10. Gameday Menu

    Calories Be Damned!   Calories consumed during the act of tailgatiing do not count!
  11. At Fedex Office, the premium banner material is $13 a square foot. a five foot by 3 foot banner would be 15 sq ft x$13=$195, now they outsource their graphic design, so that could be where the rest of the charges came from.   Still racist though!
  12. Need your help naming a beer

    Funch Punch!
  13. Conversation with David Gettleman and Josh Norman: Dave: Josh you know we have this thing called a salary cap! Dave: So yeah there's that! (Gettleman gets up quietly shuffles some papers and walks out room!)
  14. Feel like I should be college credit for reading this! How many units was this worth professor!