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  1. redbuddha added a post in a topic My wife just said Matt Ryan is cute   

    You need to explain to her the rules and regulations!
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  2. redbuddha added a post in a topic PFF ranks Panthers O-line as 2nd best in the NFL   

    Did anybody notice this!
    30. Seattle Seahawks (19th)
    Pass blocking rank: 29th
    Run blocking rank: 28th
    Penalties ranks: 24th
    Stud: None of the starters have earned a positive grade this year, which is telling. But credit to Drew Nowak (-2.8), who hasn’t looked like a complete liability.
    Dud: Unfortunately, Justin Britt (-14.8) hasn’t looked any better at guard than he did at tackle.
    Summary: It’s almost like the Seahawks have a contempt for their offensive line. Either that, or they’ve got a little too much confidence in the powers of Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch, because not only have they seemingly turned a blind eye towards the unit, they opted to get rid of its best player (Max Unger) last year.
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  3. redbuddha added a post in a topic Could someone explain why we got rid of James Jones (GB)   

    I'm not bitching, just trying to make sure I had identified the correct player, and what was the reason for the release.
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  4. redbuddha added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Could someone explain why we got rid of James Jones (GB)
    I have not been as active on the huddle this year due to work, so maybe I missed what happened!
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  5. redbuddha added a post in a topic It's time to start getting Swole on the field   

    Nice article!
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  6. redbuddha added a post in a topic In case you haven't noticed we currently lead the division   

    I have to watch this movie now, what is the name!
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  7. redbuddha added a topic in NFL and Fantasy Football   

    Observations: Kenjon Barner
    So far this preseason 92 yard punt return td
    9 yard rushing td
    50 yard reception
    68 yard punt return td.
    Yet we could do nothing with him.
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  8. redbuddha added a post in a topic I need at least 3 Huddle friends to infiltrate the Jags website   

    You gotta have Deez Nuts, I mean the guy is running for president this year he got 9% of the vote in 
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