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  1. Glad Lewis is gone.....
  2. Beau !!

    Like the pick......
  3. Dear Josh

    there= they are a few lives away= a few seasons away Sorry, had to do it :)
  4. Dear Josh

    ... and we will run, and run, and run...... and he will never see a ball thrown into his direction
  5. Dear Josh

    40 million with a ring (or two) or 50 million without one....... Endorsements with a SB ring vs endorsements without one..... Playing with Cam Newton and Luke Kuechlyor playing with....... sorry I cannot come up with something that even comes close.
  6. Dear Josh

    You do not know OP... you do not know him at all. I do not blame Josh for what he is doing (or for what he has done). He made a choice. Jared Allen made a choice last year.... he wanted to be on the roster of a SB contender... so did Boykin. They made the choice as they realized that being a Panther gave them a "fighting chance" to get a ring. Josh went, IMHO, in a different direction. I am not bitter, I just think that he might regret his decision in the long run...... just my $0.02
  7. Dear Josh

    not bitter at all.... he went for the money (and I have no issue with it)..... He was on a SuperBowl team last year and will not be on a SB contender this year.
  8. Dear Josh

    enjoy your money (really) .... and enjoy watching US in the play-offs next year (from your couch)
  9. The schedule

    kinda like it....but I dont see us going undefeated....
  10. Bayern Munich vs. Inter Milan on July 30th

    OK here is my 0.02 (and some corrections) 1) this will be like a "pre-season NFL game"... yes they are good, but it is a "friendly" 2) Bayern is NOT World Champion !! Germany is !! (and being Dutch it hurts to say that) 3) Bayern is NOT just strong "German Machines". Star player is Arjen Robben (and yes, he is Dutch) Despite all of this.... it might be a lot of fun to watch (and let's hope that Bayern loses)!!
  11. Tolbert returning for two more years

    Very happy with this decision. I don't like fumbles, I don't like dropped passes, I don't like it when my QB gets sacked, I don't like blown coverages, I don't like it when my QB overthrows a receiver....... but all these situationsarepart of the game and every single player will make a few mistakes during the season, whether it is in the season opener or in the SB. Mike was a very valuable player in our SB run and I love it that we have him back. Nuff said
  12. Tugboat Tolbert.... Does he return?

    I know ..... just don't like all these posts where individuals are singled out for poor performances in a game. I just watched the regular season Panthers-Seahawks game again...... man, we had a great season, a shame the SB did not go as planned. I still think that all the media hype (that I honestly liked) was a little bit too much for our rather inexperienced team. Next year we will be ready for it.
  13. Tugboat Tolbert.... Does he return?

    our team had a shitty SB.......
  14. This is crazy

    If I recall well, they were talking at halftime (or perhaps even before that) about how both team were "adjusting" their footwear