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  1. If you listen closely, he actually said a few “minutes” ago. That’s why there was no blow up on twitter
  2. It would be great to get kind of a fresh start like the Panthers
  3. Nvmd. From the side it does look like a turkey lol. Good catch @panther4life
  4. I’m all for a retractable roof! Open it up on those gorgeous Sunday afternoons and close it in the winter time when the weather is miserable or when it’s raining. Plus, a dome opens up more chances for hosting a Super Bowl.
  5. I won’t play it because that fat fug still roams the sidelines
  6. Won’t see the real video game version of Bryce until the new madden drops in August. These are just player created mods.
  7. But will he be old enough to get those calls?
  8. And the Winston-Salem dash also play at truist park as well
  9. Young Vs Stroud…. matchup of number one versus number two, it has to be a Monday night game or Sunday night game. It’s at home, as well
  10. I’ve waited for years for one of those to fall out
  11. Man, no, Brady, no Rodgers, the NFC just got a little weaker, I think
  12. Don’t worry. Our beloved Hornets will sign him. The fugery that is our franchise
  13. I will lose my poo the first time I hear Dick and Ball in the backcourt
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