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  1. I was just talking to my son last night about this same thing, I have watched him get better every season, he’s got a nice stroke from the three-point line and he’s quiet as a church mouse, he just goes out there and handles his business. He’s the type of player I would just wanna keep around
  2. Just to piggyback on this thread. Our city jerseys were leaked earlier. These will be unveiled mid November. Pretty damn smooth imo
  3. Hurricanes won today as well. Still undefeated. A Hornets victory at home and Braves World Series title tonight will make everything right in the world lol.
  4. Technically Martin is from Mocksville. which is where I reside. Good ol Davie county. He and his brother worked here at the local Walmart for a while. But we are also like 10 minutes from Winston, right down I-40
  5. Ashley is hot and all, but fug that…Stephanie was sexy as hell before she started popping kids out and gained all that weight. She also knew her basketball as well, considering she’s coached
  6. I remember going to an opening day game against the eagles. We got smoked 33-13 I believe. That started the end of Jakes career. He threw like 3-4 picks. But that was coming off the previous year’s playoff game where Arizona came in and buttf****d us all over the field and went to the Super Bowl and lost to Pittsburgh f I remember correctly. Someone help me with the year….that was my last memory of the Eagles
  7. I didn’t think he was ever gonna make it to the end zone lol
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