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  1. Damn near every mock has us taking him at 13
  2. “I am effective immediately moving the Panthers to San Antonio” -jk
  3. Hopefully the swarm fellas can get some actual burn now. Did he happen to take Plumlee with him?
  4. What are these playoffs you speak of?
  5. Very true, he wasn’t the ACC defensive player of the year for nothing, he is block machine
  6. Kevin Costner proved that well. Bunch of pancake eatin’ motherfugers lol
  7. I think Silver has a soft spot for this team
  8. Truth. Even with the Hornets every 4th or 5th game poo game….they are still trending upward. Get us a legit big man, and we are in there consistently. Speaking of which…do the Hornets have Plumlee past this season? Not sure. If Mark Williams is there in the second round, do we take him? Great size and will battle on the boards and has a nice shot. Pair him with Trez and Kai, and I would think we would have a nice front court. Just not sure where he is projected. Tired of watching Plumlee get blocked and acting too scared to bring it back up to the basket.
  9. Common trend with our football team up the street
  10. I really want him to be good….meh
  11. It’s pretty simple logic, and this coming from myself, a Duke fan, Duke was hot at the beginning of the year and stumbled midway through the season and then found their stride near the end. A lack of rebounding and defense did us in. Carolina on the other hand, was kind of back-and-forth until the last several weeks of the regular season and got insanely hot at the right time, and carried that momentum into the tournament. To me, they were playing like a one or two seed, not an eight seed. It’s all about the momentum, and UNC had the talent to beat Kansas, I just can’t believe they blew a lead that big. And I think that Caleb love had himself a very nice tournament and probably upped his draft stock immensely. That’s just my .2
  12. I really don’t know why, it’s not like he’s gonna play them or anything. Hope I’m wrong though
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