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  1. But unlike the other professional teams In Carolina , the hurricanes actually go to the playoffs every year
  2. I feel like having a dominant run game is going to help Bryce out tremendously, then he will be able to make his throws. I feel he will take some steps forward this season
  3. Well, he looks the part, let’s see if that experience pays off
  4. He’s making a pit stop in Atlanta to visit the Falcons.
  5. https://saintswire.usatoday.com/2024/03/14/nfl-rumors-saints-sign-chase-young-panthers-jadeveon-clowney-titans-free-agency/
  6. I just read an article where it said Young left without a contract and will visit the Saints next. Not sure what to believe
  7. I mean, he’s pretty solid, maybe a little below burns, but he shows up in games lol. He kinda looks like burns too.
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