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  1. Jets waive Quentin Coples

    Alexander done for a year.  Come on down Coples!
  2. Frank Alexander - Suspended for 1 year

    Come on down Coples!
  3. Last night a good thing for us?

    True but with as much scrutiny as they are getting from everyone today.  Think the last thing Goodell wants is them to blow something or something to come down to any questionable call on one of the biggest NFL days in front of the national stage.
  4. I was expecting the cowgirls to get the calls more than anyone this week.  We had some horrible calls late in the Greenbay and Indy games combined with the Cam vs official early this season.  PLUS you figure Goodell would LOVE to see the almighty Romo come in and knocks us down leading the girls to the playoff hunt.   After last night the more I think the Cowboys won't be getting all the favored calls we expect. 1.  Even though Romo and the Cowboys had one of the biggest fan bases out there.  There are a Ton of people that have jumped on the Cam bandwagon, the comparison to Lebron in that aspect is real.  See ESPN having him on directly following the Pats MNF football game while doing his charity thanksgiving dinner.  Not sure Goodell wants him dropping down in the NVP race right now. 2. The biggest one.  The blown calls in last night game, including the Phantom blowing the play dead.  The media has been ALL over this today.  For them to follow that up with the National thanksgiving game (which has about the biggest audience outside the conference title games and the superbowl) to come down to questionable calls, would look very very bad on Goodell.   Oddly enough I think this could be one of the more fairly officiated games we've had all season.
  5. CJ, Allen, Ealy: Who starts and does it matter?

    Think it will still be Ealy and Allen being CJ's first game back.  The next week will be the question who starts
  6. Cowgirls (and it's not even close, their fan base and jerry jones are a perfect match)             Pats            Seahawks Greenbay Oh and did I mention the Cowboys  
  7. Coming from a fan base thats thumping their chest after beating the Dolphins
  8. GETTLEMAN freaking MAGIC!!

    Im just going to leave this here   Several liked the pick, but many were not to happy we got Ealy over Moses.  And many were upset how the saints grabbed Corner Stanley-JP (the corner the cut early this season) prior to falling to us.   Watching Ealy work Moses made it so sweet knowing we have Gettleman in charge.  Hurney would have picked up and gone straight for need (see Everette Brown, Dwayne Jarrett, Armanti, etc)
  9. Along the Sidelines - Redskins at Panthers

      Some people liked the pick but many were unhappy.  Its hilarious how most threw a fit when SJP (the Corner they cut early this season) was picked up by the saints before us then.   ill just leave this here
  10. Rivera needs to post this on every locker in the locker room, and put it on the back of every head rest on the flight to Dallas. this game is going to be Huge, us vs the world.  We're 10-0 but need our guys to want this Bad. 
  11. Jets waive Quentin Coples

    He would be a Huge pickup.  The guy has massive upside and many had him with one of the most potential in that draft.  He can play outside at 4-3 DE but is pretty raw (which where else would be a better fit than putting him under CJ and Allens wing).  He was solid coming out of UNC.  He really only had 1 Good standout year, but not many other players would standout being shadowed by Robert Quinn.  His final year, he was solid at DE but pretty raw.  The big thing about him is he did real well at UNC was move inside at DT in those NASCAR type packages, like we did with Hardy.  So Coples would help at DT and DE.  Could be a steal for us, as a #4 DE and NASCAR DT.
  12. GETTLEMAN freaking MAGIC!!

    Not sure which quote is the best in there this one: "James Hurst in the 6th S Henderson in the 7th maybe Morgan Moses over Ealy (Everett Brown 2. 0) in the 2nd round. Again no team in a NFL HISTORY has went into a season with more Un-drafted Olinemen then drafted ones. And no team in NFL HISTORY has went into a season with no drafted OT on the roster.. So Dave made history with this poo..... clap clap clap...."   Or the ones laughing at the poster saying Norwell and Turner would turn out to be solid OG's
  13. What this guy has done is unreal.  They were talking about how we lost all our WR's and most of the OL, and now look at us a year and a half later.   the best was seeing Moses getting WORKED out there.  Many out there wanted us to get him over KB and every other talking head said how Dumb Gettleman was for taking Ealy over him.
  14. Bu Bu But we should've drafted Moses over Ealy!
  15. Can Gano ever get it into the endzone?  We need to look for a kicker this offseason