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  1. What he cover the TE like?
  2. ncfan

    Cmc for Fournette trade?

    CMC for Fournette, Calias Campbell, and Jalen Ramsey? Ill take that
  3. Yeah, DJ Moore It was said that Cam wanted us to draft Moore And that he liked Moore over Ridley, just like Norv did.
  4. I do But I also remember how he supported Nakamura and we stuck with him.
  5. ncfan

    Ron says we good at safety

    I mean This is the same Ron, who said Nakamura was fine and stuck with him
  6. Think everyone outside of Marty and Ron want him But of course Ron: "We felt very comfortable about the way our guys played" A good chunk of this fan base wants Torrey Smith gone and Reid in. Meanwhile, Smith continues to start and drop passes. And Collin Jones starts, gets torched while Ron talks how well they played
  7. ncfan

    Ron says we good at safety

    "We felt very comfortable about the way our guys played"
  8. ncfan

    I see you DJ

    Curious where these "stats" are. The dude had more than 1 hit him clean in the hands but he droped just this past game. Guess by those same stats KB catches 90% of his passes Torrey has 7 catches out of 15 targets. 4 have been deemed drops (27%) 4 have been deemed uncatchable
  9. ncfan

    I see you DJ

  10. But.........Kalil gets Cam killed How many times has Chris Clark's guy touched Cam Kalil's man hits Cam more in One half of most games as Clark has in 2 full games. Facts are Facts
  11. 22 penalties for 235 this game so far
  12. I feel the officials have WAaay too much of a impact on the outcome of games this year smh Over 19 penalties for over 200 yards tonight thus far
  13. I mean he was 30-41 3TDs 0ints in preseason But the dude hasnt looked bad in preseason before, and was a dud
  14. He touched him coming up but his knee wasnt down. Once that knee is off he's up. 28 was touching him when he was back on his feet=not down Bad reversal