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  1. Let us not forget...

    Yeah you never know Were 4 and 3 But one Wide open Zay Jones drop and a clutch KB catch at the end after a blown lead from being 2-5
  2. Come on. You know even if we end 4-12, this staff will be retained. Look what just happened to our GM situation. Rivera and Shula are nice guys in Richardsons eyes and no chance of being canned this year. He is going to use the excuse just 2 years removed from superbowl.
  3. Because our OC is such a bum he cant ever get the play down to the field until under 10 seconds left on the playclock The other 30 seconds are spent eating crayon in the box The other team knows the call before the QB, and thats sad
  4. The Pit of Misery

    Need lots of beer after this game
  5. Pay Attention to Post Game PC

    "Missed opportunities"

    We need another "identify that man" thread to find the dude who always spends the whole game trying to get the wave going in to stadium Start a go fund me for him And pitch in to have him spending the whole next home game getting the stadium to get a big Fire Shula chant going
  7. The dude has Alzhiemers Thats the only explaination for it. He thinks Mike is Don back in the day And thinks Hurney is the Hurney he originally hired back in the day. Not the one he fired for being the worst GM in football and having this team worst than the Browns with the #1 pick. The old man is probably wondering why Steve Smith didnt have a catch today and people have to remind him over and over hes long gone
  8. Going into the 4th quarter Here are the playcalls of the 1st play of the drive Shula first play of drive trend Run Pass Run Pass Run Pass Run Pass This staff is the most predictable staff i have seen pro or college Then the forcing it to McCaffrey as if they are trting to prove some point
  9. That But also there offense isnt so scripted that our dbs can pretty much just run a route straight to the ball placement without even lookong at the WR
  10. Whats the obsession to forcing the ball to McCaffrey like we're trying to prove something drafting him
  11. Updated shula first down calls 15 handoff 8 pass drop backs 1 read option pitch Shula first play of drive trend Run Pass Run Pass Run Pass Run Pass My guess is Run play 1 of this next drive
  12. Who didnt see that coming? The drunkest passed out dude in the nose bleeds called that play before the snap