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  1. 2018 WRs/TEs

    James Washington improved at his proday, running a 4.43 and 39" vert
  2. He'll be around in the 2nd. Real damn good player. His 4.4 combine 40 is what really shot his stock up, most had him as a 3rd rounder prior (due to stacked deep safety class). He should be there at our pick, if not, move up 5-7 spots
  3. 1. Ebron 2. Breeland 3. Pryor 4. Adrain Peterso Pryor is a bigger body WR, we need considering Funchess is the only guy over 6'0 Breeland, Bradberry is a good #2 CB. But he is the Only legit CB we have. As good as EJ Gaines looks, hes a Nickelback. Another Munnerlyn at 5'10 Ebron- big athletic potential, 2 TE sets. Funchess, Smith, Olsen, and Ebron on the field atbthe same time is better than anything Cam has had since his Rookie year, and much better than his MVP season Peterson- we still need a Big body between the tackle RB to compliment CMC. Peterson Should come cheap as there isnt a bunch of people calling for him. He fits the between the tackle. If he is willing to be a complimentary role and come try for a ring, this is a perfect fit Reid sounds good- but I think just double up om safety this draft. Hit the DB group hard in the draft. This is one the more talented Safety classes that is real deep. With 4 picks in the first 3 rounds, you should find 2 serious starter talent. And still dreaming on drafting Josh Jackson, a Norman clone to top it off Give me Jackson, Justin Reid, Ragnow, Kyzir White
  4. 1. Sign Ebron and wrap it up for major offensive weapons. I know people will be like Fug no. We have major holes elsewhere that needs attention. Ebron has the upside and with the new offensive staff, he can be useful. Olsen, Ebron, Smith, Funchess, Bryd, Samuel is better than Rookie Funch, Brown, Ginn, Olsen, and Dickson which Cam had in his MVP season. You spend the money on Ebron too. Dont be afraid to get too tight in cap space. You know TD and Ryan Kalil are retiring afer the season plus Matt Kalil will be cut, which will open a ton of money following the season Biggest needs are at DB. Bradberry took a major step back and looks like a good #2 CB not a #1. And he is all we have besides Captain and a unproven Corn Elder who are nickelbacks Safety, all we have is a Old Adams. Who played about as well as Roman Harper his last season here. With TD not being able to cover like he once could, and Shaq not being to cover up to his hype. The center fielders ak the Safeties are HUGE for our D. Without them, we are going to have to bring the house blitzing getting pressure to cover up the msssive holes. Draft 1. Josh Jackson- dude is a JNo clone. Big athleitc. Shuts guys down in the zone, and reads the QB better the other teams own WRs. His ball skills are right there with the elite and outs fear in QBs shutting that side of the field down. One hole down 2. Justin Reid- he will fall, Deep draft at Safety. Reid is your new centerfielder. 3a. Billy Price or Ragnow- one will fall. Price's stock has fallen some with the injury. Either one can come in and start at LG this season then slide to C next year with Kalil gone. 3b. Kyzir White- again deep safety class. White is a solid SS. Trade up! 6th rounder, 7th rounder, and a 2019 3rd. Duke Ejiofor. The 3rd for next year was easy to give up with getting comp picks for Norwell, Star, and Dickson. Ejiofor is a Athletic DE who can redshirt this season unless needed. 5. Kalen Ballege or Bo Scarborough- trying for Chubb in the 2nd is nice. But not going down this road again investing too heavy at RB when only one on the field at once. It got Hurney in trouble last time with DWill and Stew, leaving too big of holes elsewhere. CMC is your guy. Your just looking for a big back to come in and compliment CMC. A Ballage or Scarborough is Perfect for this, later allowing other major holes to be fixed QB- Cam RB- CMC, Scarborough, CAP TE1- Olsen TE2- Ebron WR- Funch, Samuel WR- Smith, Byrd LT- Kalil LG- Ragnow C- Kalil RG- Turner RT- Williams DE- Pep, Hall, Ejiofor DT- KK, Butler NT- Poe DE- Addison, Horton OLB- TD MLB- Luke OLB- Shaq CB- Bradberry FS- Reid SS- Adams, White CB- Jackson
  5. Josh Jackson rd 1 Reid rd 2 and ill be real happy!
  6. What's left at CB

    Josh MF Jackson!!!!!!
  7. FA Signings

    Whats Poe and Torrey Smiths ties?
  8. The only way im trading Butler is if we 1. Get a 3rd round or higher pick. After that, your not getting a starter. Your trading a current backup for another guy who is going to come off the bench. 2. A Solid starter, not some Jag like a Amini who is starting for another team. Teams that could/would be potential trade partners based on needs at interior DL. Browns- plenty of cap space and picks where they can get someone else. They dont like trading those higher picks. They dont have any decent OG's theyll trade us. At WR, Josh Gordon is the only one I see them trading, and I dont want. He's one popped drug test or off the fieod thing from career being over. IF they draft Chubb in the top 5, Ogbah or Nassib could be available. Both edge rusher drafted in the 2nd the year we drafted Butler. But dont see them getting Chubb and cutting current guys Giants- Butler is Gettlemans guy, but he isnt trading a 2nd or 3rd rounder on him. Giants also have needs at safety and OG, so no trading for starter there. Only WR, could see them trading is Brandon Marshall. But dont see us grabbing the aging WR coming off a injury Colts- also not trading away a picks, and also have needs at OG, WR, and safety. So no trades for starter Denver- only possible trade would be for one of their WRs that we dont have cap space for Miami- but they also have needs at OG, safety, and WR. Redskins- same as above minus WR, but they aren't planning on trading away their starting WRs GB- again, same as above Chargers- again, same Dallas- only possible trades. Dez, but too much money. Or Byron Jones, but dont see them doing that Atlanta-? Vikings- what WR are they going trade away for Butler. Starting OG, their Starting OG is Remmers. Do we really want to trade a Butler fir a Remmers? KC-? Theres just no winning in trading Butler, unless someone is dumb enough to trade a round 2-3 for him
  9. Give me 2 Reid And White in the 3rd We need center fielders real fugging bad
  10. Eh, Was higher on him mid season but hasnt looked as good later in the year and post season. REAL stiff, reminds me of Quenton Coples in that sense. 5th or 6th round, id take a shot. No higher
  11. Just took a peek at the Falcons board. They are not liking the idea of KK and Poe in the middle
  12. Give me 1. Reid- ball hawking FS 2. Chubb- between the tackles compliment RB for CMC 3. Frank Ragnow- OG/C, starts at LG and moves to Center next year 3b. Kyzir White- SS 4. Trade back up for Duke Ejifor Ideally id try to trade down out of the first with a QB Hungry team and pickup another pick, and still grab Reid in the 2nd
  13. Give me 1. A trade down because Ridley and Josh Jackson will be gone, plus stacked QB class. Someone will want to move up. Pickup an additional 2nd or 3rd 2. Justin Reid- we need a centerfielder real fugging bad. 3. Chubb- big physical between the tackles RB that compliments CMC. Available in the 2nd. See how the Saints duo helped them last year, a CMC/Chubb duo can do the same 4. Frank Ragnow- immediate starter at LG and can be the future Center when Kalil Retires next year. 5. Kyzir White- SS our DBs are terrible. Adams looked good but partially due to how bad they were than the year before. Still felt he was worse than Harper in 2015. 6. Best DE or WR available with the pick acquired due to trade.