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  1. ncfan

    Curtis Samuel ....

    Way faster and more athletic Agholor ran the same as Moore, which is fast at 4.42 But Samuel was faster at 4.31 I see Samuel as a Awesome slot role/do everything role much like Tyreek Hill
  2. "If I'm moving someplace and we're doing this in Carolina, the first thing I care about is winning. The second thing I care about is winning. And the third thing I care about is...you guys are smart. That's on and off the field. That includes the charity aspect, the community aspect and how we make a community better. You win in a lot of ways, and I don't like to lose in any way." http://m.panthers.com/news/article-2/Transcript-David-Tepper-press-conference/f60b71cd-3e23-47e8-8c60-da364ac1723e
  3. ncfan

    A Gettleman legacy

    Gettlemans legacy isnt what it had began to look 2 years ago. But Lets pump the brakes with that PFF top 25 and Gettleman Lets break this list down a little more and show what was left off in the OP. Correct there were 3 Saints 2 Bucs 1 Falcon The only one on there that id give in a Gettleman argument is Deion Jones for the Falcons The Bucs- Winston went #1 overal and Evans #7 overall. Gettlemans only had 1 top 10 pick and that was his last draft in CMC. His other 1st round picks were #14, #28, #25, #30. You would hope to draft the better star at #1 and 7 vs your rival at 28 and 30 The 3 saints were 3 rookies, yes after 1 year. Do we just forget the past here? I do think Kamara and Lattimore (11th overall pick) are going to be studs but lets wait atleast another year to crown them Do we remember once upon a time. There were guys by the name of KB on there, Bene on there, Tre Boston on there. KB after his Rookie season was up there with Evans if not higher and on this same top under 25 list. He came into the next training camp and dominated what ended up being the top DB in the league in camp. Then a ACL injury, then hasnt been the same. Bene Benwikere- Ill just leave this here "Over the final eight weeks of the regular season, Pro Football Focus rated Benwikere as the best cover corner in the NFL.[18] During the Panthers playoff victory over the Arizona Cardinals, Benwikere gave up only one reception for 21 yards for the game.[19] On January 13, 2015, Benwikere was named to the ProFootball Focus 2014 All-Rookie Team. He was also named to the All-Rookie teams for both ESPN and Sports Illustrated. For his rookie season, Benwikere allowed a rookie-low 72.9 opposing quarterback rating, no touchdowns, and was the third best in the NFL in the yards per reception allowed in 459 regular-season snaps." https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bené_Benwikere Bene was high on this same list following his rookie season. He was even on all the draft redo's the next year was top 20 on them. Bene went onto have a big injury fracturing his leg and just wasnt the same. So lets pump the brakes a little on some of these year 1-2 guys
  4. ncfan

    Burberry Bradberry

    Lattimore made plays on the ball. Bradberry made tackles on his man after the guy made a catch on him Lattimore caused more incompletions and ints Bradberry caused more 10 yards receptions You want a Norman Or A Melvin White? And Im glad he can play run defense but 80% of a DBs job is defense in the passing game. Thats why certain ones fall in the draft (example Ronnie Harrison who at one point was borderline 1st round prospect and a helluva run defender but couldnt cover to save his life and fell to the very bottom of the 3rd) weve had other DBs who could play run D but were quick to run him out of town. Heck Vernon Butler is great at batting down passes so why arent we crowning him so fast. And according to pff graded higher than Bradberry last year. https://www.profootballfocus.com/nfl/players/vernon-butler/10664 https://www.profootballfocus.com/nfl/players/james-bradberry/10696 Think we are just so high on him because his rookie season our front pressured well and Worley was so trash they picked on him (hence less throws Bradberrys way) and when that happened everyone lost their minds thinking Bradberry was great because few targets his way. Year 2, Worley improved some. Teams noticed Bradberry, and more blitzes left him alone with no help and exposed. Bradberry is about on the same Level as pther former 2nd rounder Ealy at this point, without the record setting game Ealy put up in the Super bowl.
  5. ncfan

    Burberry Bradberry

    Your crazy. That highlight video was guys making catches on him or getting open and having wide open drops There were only 2-3 plays that whole video where he even did anything. 1. The ball the the WR right in the the hands, deflected right into Bradberrys lap for a Int. Shepard wouldve even caught that. 2. A bad throw behind the WR and Bradberry was able to make a play Bradberry played decent his rookie year butbreally dropped off and has something to prove this year. Youve been sipping the punch too much and have some serious homer glasses if you think Bradberry is one of the top CBs in the league right now. Thats about as crazy of a claim as saying Funchess > Julio and ODBj
  6. ncfan

    Cam Jordan vs Matt Kalil

    hopefully Norv can call some plays to get the ball out of Cams hand quick. https://www.profootballfocus.com/nfl/players/amini-silatolu/7044 https://www.profootballfocus.com/nfl/players/matt-kalil/7010 That left side is going to need Major help
  7. Wide Receiver- way better. Moore has that Size speed combo, we finally have a deep threat slot in Smith instead of Shepard. And even though still recovering, samuel has a year under his belt learning the playbook after playing RB in college Tight End- better, Dickson wasnt bad but Thomas seems better at blocking. And as far as pass catching. He looks athletic and flights for balls Offensive Tackle- wash, nothings changed. Guard- Worse, easy to say. Lose a All-pro and brought no one new in Center- wash, nothings changed Quarterback-wash, Anderson wasnt what he was a few years ago. Running back- slightly better. I love Stew but he had lost a step. CJ Anderson is a little more explosive Offensive coordinator- Waaaaaaay Better, general manager- wash, still have Hurney Defensive Tackle- Better, Star was powerful and good at run stuffing. But Poe has the ability to rush the passer as well. Plus I think this couod be the year Butler begins to break out. After fighting injuries his first 2 years. Think if healthy he could be a factor this year Defensive End- slighty better. Lost CJ but he was done last year and didnt do much. We get Hall back who began to look decent in preseason prior to getting injured Linebacker- wash, nothings changed other than a few late round athletic LB who could be special teams guys Nickel- slightly better, get Corn Elder back who some were high on last year Cornerback- slightly better. Worley was bad but replacing with some pretty unproven guy. Cockrell has hardly been a starter, only times due to injury. People had hopes on him because his pff grade in zone which under Rivers we have ran. Now new DC seems to want to run more man. The addition to Jackson could be a boom bust as well. Played decent at LSU and most predicted him as a round 3-4 guy and to stay in school until he ran a 4.3 which always shoots people up. Big talker but got beat repeatedly by practice squad guys in mini camp. And Julio Jones, Mike Evans, and Mike Thomas are not Austin Duke either. Jackson runs his mouth then gets beat it could not end well. Remember thats how Smitty pretty much ended Smoots career Safety- wash, Coleman didnt seem the same after the injuries the last 2 seasons. Could barely jump. Bring in Searcy who has been a start in this league but not really known to be good in coverage vs playing in the box and tackling defensive coordinator- wash, like the new guy, but theres a reason the old guy is a HC right now.
  8. He has a 5" higher vert, quicker (shown in the 20) and plays more Aggressive
  9. I see more of a Mark Cuban of the NFL
  10. I disagree. The stadium downtown is awesome. Parking can be a headache. But instead of building a whole new place. Renovate it for waaaaay less, and buy up some of the remaining land downtown and help build some more parking. The stadium uptown just gives it a buzz. I get the feeling where some people feel that if it open out in a field tailgating would be awesome. Ive been to a few NFL stadiums like that and its no where close to what is being built uptown Charlotte Those stadiums its almost a slight disconnect. Unless you have a ticket. Your sitting your azz at home and watching it. There are tons of people now who, even if they dont have a ticket, come uptown for the pregame party and tailgate, then just go into bars and restaurants uptown to watch the game.
  11. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo We dont have a owner who cares more about making a few bucks or someone who will be super opposing fan friendly, and suck up the nfl with their shield at midfield? And cares more about winning and the fans? I feel Hurney is going to be on a short leash, because he doesnt take losing lightly
  12. True, Im really interested to see how Haynes is used. Im just not buying him being a straight DE. He has that quickness and length to be good in a Joker rusher which Beasly in Atl has thrived at. He does have power, we've seen it from his bull rushing Robinson the big OT some people wanted last year. Another thing, he stated in a interview that he is putting on 10 pounds and going to play at 245 this year. Thats just 5 pounds lighter than another DE people wanted to draft last year early Takkarist Mckinley. I think he has the tools its just if our staff knows how to use that weapon