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  1. Official Hornets at Heat Thread

    Same ole bobcats. 
  2. Derrick Rose injured during first practice

    He's a pretty dumb person on and off the court, I wonder if his injuries are really bad luck as much as just playing stupid and out control.  I'll also never respect him after he sat out the playoffs a couple years ago even though he was healthy. It was his last chance for any kind of playoff success, and it clearly hasn't helped his long term health in any way. Few players have let their teams down as much as Rose has. 
  3. Horry was so athletic and explosive. Maybe an old Spurs era Horry. To clarify, his game reminds me of Bargnani, not his attitude. I think he cares more and won't be the disaster Bargs was but he seems to have some of the same weaknesses. Only saw parts of the Orlando games so what do I know. 
  4. He reminds me a lot of Bargnani. 
  5. Kantor signs max deal with Portland

    Kanter makes Al look like bill russell. He is quite literally the worst defensive big in the NBA. He's also an atrocious passer. I don't know why anyone would want him, never mind for the max. He also has some worrying personality issues and seems like a poor teammate. I guess I can sort of understand this from Portlands perspective- they have money to spend, and aren't going anywhere any time soon. Kanter will help them tank for the next few seasons and they can hope that over time he is able to improve his defense from historically awful to merely bad.  For a team trying to compete for a title next year, I have no idea why they would want him. Even for less than the max. OKC is better off rolling with McGary and Adams. They should only match Kanter if Durant explicitly demands it, and I like to think Durant knows basketball better than that. 
  6. Hornets select Frank Kaminsky

    Love is/was a terrific athlete. Go check out his combine #'s. They are very impressive for such a "big bodied" guy. Every bit the athlete Michael Beasley was. Anyone who thought he was athletically limited was only paying attention to his skin color. Love was also several years younger than Kaminsky is when he came into the league. 
  7. Batum to Charlotte for Vonleh, Henderson

    It's a good trade if he can play like he did pre-injury, bad trade if he's damaged goods and sucks like he did last year. I worry Portland knows something we don't and we got fleeced, but I'll guess we'll see. He used to be pretty good. 
  8. Thank you Hendo!

    A thoroughly mediocre player and an even worse human.  
  9. Who would you want as a replacement for Clifford?

      To be fair, it's very hard to watch the horncats play, with their consistent ineptitude. 
  10. Hornets offseason

    Bad roster with limited future flexibility. It will be years before we have a chance to climb out of the hole of mediocrity. I agree that the only desperate hope we have to hold on to is the lottery, and those are some bad odds. 
  11. Thomas Robinson bought out by Nuggets... hmmm...

    He's not going to be "real good" anywhere. Maybe in the d-league or China. 
  12. Oklahoma City at Charlotte 7:00 PM Saturday

      Good shape for what? A 1st round sweep? We're a bad team, like always. Being a Horncats fan makes me want to kill myself sometimes. 
  13. Trade thread

    I'd be deeply upset if they traded away future assets like 1st round picks for guys well into their 30's. We're a piece away from being first round fodder, you don't mortgage your future for that. 
  14. UNC Academic Scandal

    Couldn't happen to a more deserving university. I don't think they are actually any dirtier than any other similar school, but it's nice to see their holier-than-thou shtick come crashing down.