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  1. last I saw he was worth $16B. 36M is only 0.225% of his total net worth. Yeah, I doubt he's losing sleep about the money
  2. so tired of having to do this myself
  3. it insanely scary to me. I was messing around Sunday with these while watching the game to at least try to get a laugh (cause the game wasnt doing it). Upload a video and a single photo, 3 clicks and a short wait, and it spits out its result. too much potential for nefarious abuse.
  4. I just noticed that he tweeted about the trade request from my hometown. I wonder what the hell he was doing there... so random
  5. how much of this signing and bringing Deion Jones back after week one is because of the Vested Veteran Clause? "When a team signs a "vested" veteran after Week 1, the organization can sign that player for the league minimum with little risk. If the player is only good enough to last a few weeks or is just signed to fill-in for an injury, the team can drop them and their salary."
  6. essentially what was Preseason Game 3 a few years ago, but add on the 4thQ, plus you're playing for keeps.
  7. This the kind of logic that says that we would have never drafted Cam, because we'd have had Tom Brady already. I agree that we didn't give him any help.. To paraphrase someone on here earlier, Rivera ran Cam like he was Jerome Bettis.. That's what I perceive as mismanagement of Cam.... You're noting misses on the inexact science that is the NFL draft. That has nothing to do with Cam.
  8. Well hell I guess we should've let Rhule finish his contract too. Cam was busted. Shoulder, and legs/feet in his last year with us (well before coming back after his Single year in NE). People want to blame Rivera's mismanagement of Cam, but that was Cam's game.
  9. Sure Rhule was the assclown who did the mismanagement that I noted, and Tepper and Co deserve a lot of the blame for that hire, but it's not like Cam has been All World since we did move on... And you can't honestly say that Fans would have just held hands and everything would've been cool had we just let him go after his contract expired.. This place would have been that much more insufferable and NO ONE can dispute that
  10. Im curious when It would've been ok to release him, because as of this offseason, he was still clamoring to be on a team, and 32 teams still said "No Thanks". I loved Cam. I loved Jake. But I'm also not blind and can see when a player is broken and The Team needs to move on from The Player. TB2Gloves wasnt the upgrade, and sure, the position was mismanaged afterwards, but releasing Cam wasn't was bad as "Fandom" and "Hurt Feelings" make it out to be when you have the Team's interest in mind and not your own.
  11. Clearly you never watched https://www.imdb.com/title/tt10543784/
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