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  1. got our asses kicked all day just to get screwed by the refs in the end
  2. didn't see this anywhere. My son sent it to me earlier.
  3. all CTE related Helmet memo (espn.com)
  4. The only "rational" to trade more assets for Mayfield is to try to extend Rhule's coaching career in Charlotte.
  5. trying to find players to field a men's basketball team next season probably.
  6. ahh gotcha. Yeah that place was annoying.
  7. easy GOTY. Loved every bit of it. did 100% completion on Xbox.
  8. buy the lantern you put on your belt.
  9. cant imagine what Smitty would have to say. He seems to really like the guy Steve Smith destroys Baker Mayfield after Browns note (nypost.com)
  10. Sister in law sent me this, found it pretty humorous. Figured someone here might get a kick out if it
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