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  1. 4 hours into my shift so this game is making the night go by faster. Feel yall's pain tho lol
  2. Facts. Combine Bryce Young is the same playing size as Philly Brown
  3. Rhule brought in Eason originally, tho Reich drafted him in Indy and lost him to Seattle trying to stash him on PS. second Panthers stint two days before Reich hire.
  4. "Inaugural Players All-Pro team" So this is voted on by the players like the Top 100 on NFL Network each year? Not the normal AP All-Pro Team
  5. Bozeman came here because of Campen. Better make certain he sticks around too while we're at it.
  6. when talking about cancelling games, you have to not only consider playoff seeding, but also draft positioning.
  7. Broncos absolutely massive Jim Harbaugh offer revealed Didn't see it elsewhere in this thread. Maybe in the other
  8. Bonus) Revel in the fact that we will (probably) never have to see him again
  9. Imagine if we had drafted Fields (I know horns hurt lol)
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