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  1. I beg to differ But at least its not the first time Christian McCaffrey's Name Spelled Incorrectly On NFL Combine Jersey (thespun.com)
  2. good first win. LOL @ the Falcons made it doubly enjoyable
  3. encouraged for certain. Agree that he started somewhat nervous but seemed to settle in. Happy as a whole tonight even tho it was vanillaball.
  4. Panthers Training Camp 2021 | Carolina Panthers - Panthers.com Are autographs available? Due to NFL-NFLPA protocols, social distancing between fans and players is required, and in-person autographs will not be available.
  5. you didn't know that Fields plays Corner too?
  6. yeah i saw that after I posted that he was used as hybrid TE in Seattle.
  7. @KSpan @WarPanthers89 I was bored, and this deserved video https://youtu.be/MnCVz2tiChI
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