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  1. (Long, drawn out, grammatically incorrect) Question. Would it be cool, with the intention that "To Hell with it, it's just a fifth" and then said player that we talk to signs with another team, and the NFL finds out we came calling too, and we lose that fifth for nothing? Still worth it? I think they should've dropped the hammer to enforce the rules in place personally.
  2. It'll kill an industry. one of many
  3. Was looking for a good breakdown of the scheme that Evero runs, and found this breakdown. Thought some of you may enjoy. Not certain how many teams are implementing this stuff, but I'm not mad that we are investing in the running game (no matter how boring it may be to play Fox Ball)
  4. probably already seen here but a pretty good breakdown imo. This was posted after Week 9 it appears. Found it looking for breakdowns of Evero's scheme of all things.
  5. yeah would've been nice to be able to catch the game over there
  6. will be the first game I'll probably miss in a long while. Going to Munich with my brother for Oktoberfest this year. Hoping they have some German themed Panthers merch for the locals and not just the standard fare that you can buy off the rack here
  7. that was my thought when I read it. Maybe they want more Panthers fans in house for those games and the idea is to make it harder for them to justify selling those games to opposing fans, or rather the opposing fans justifying paying the higher base cost for those tickets.
  8. don't care to go back to being the Hornets of the NHL.
  9. I bet you eat it while you read a couple chapters from your favorite book
  10. It is Morgan's buddies that did it. I personally doubt they had anything nefarious in mind working the deal.
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