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  1. Jaylon Smith spotted walking to Cowboys facility

    And you thought my thread was bad...............
  2. Well, you can look at it from a human perspective or a sport perspective, that's common sense as well.
  3. I was trying to look at it from a positive perspective.
  4. Current Super Bowl Odds

    To be fair, the OP is a Lakers, Panthers, and Miami Hurricanes fan. That's up there as well.
  5. Ha, oh boy oh boy. I'm not a fan according to Mr. California. How will I ever survive?
  6. There is a good thing that came out of this. The kid is an incredible human being, and the grandmother is an absolute beast for raising him like she has. And he's a huge Panthers fan, and a Cam fan. That is the positive in this otherwise horrific story.
  7. Agreed. His name is Balko and here is the thread:
  8. This same exact thread was made on an OU forum, and the first response was the same thing you said. People are so creative these days.
  9. I don't think so, when I clearly stated in the OP offseason thread is offseason. But, honestly. I would say the George Seifert era was the worst from what I recall.
  10. LOL @ you. You're a funny guy.
  11. Madden 17 Carolina Panthers Ratings

    To impress a chick, do the helicopter dick.