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  1. Obama kills...

    I LOLed
  2. Obama kills...

    Any president could do it. Just ask W. wait..maybe not
  3. Obama kills...

    I hope the next POTUS is as soft as this one
  4. Obama kills...

    ..Taliban chief I'm surprised all of you "hawks" on here missed it
  5. Freddie Gray

    And what is your opinion?
  6. Trump vs. Hillary

    You're making us laugh
  7. Much Ado?

    White "native Americans" are all the rage back home
  8. Own a piece of history

    See, it's both sides. One got a coffin and another one got 140k
  9. Much Ado?

    LO Look at these same defenders lose their minds
  10. Trump's USSC nominees

    I like one of the names on that list lol
  11. Let's not even talk about Nordic socialism
  12. Trump vs. Hillary